Make Cash Monthly Review

Created by “Jean”, Make Cash Monthly is a product in which users are provided with a money making website and taught how to leverage it to earn an income.

What is the product?

Make Cash Monthly involves Jean having her team create a website that is allegedly optimised to be accepted for AdSense and Clickbank use. As well as providing the website itself, Jean says that there is a team behind Make Cash Monthly who are on hand to provide advice on keeping your new internet business profitable. This includes a number of services including linking your page up with 300 plus websites to help with SEO. Obviously the financial aspect of Make Cash Monthly comes courtesy of Clickbank and AdSense and involves people going from your website to another and then generally speaking, making a purchase from them. Because Make Cash Monthly is a “business in a box” type product it should be ideal for beginners however I feel that Make Cash Monthly glosses over the work involved in running a website that makes money in this way.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Starting out at just $2.95 for a week of access, Make Cash Monthly seems very cheap. There is however additional costs in the form of 2 $49.50, one after the initial week and the second a fortnight after that. It is worth noting however that there is a refund policy in place for 60 days as Make Cash Monthly is sold through Clickbank. In terms of income, whilst Jean mentions a number of different figures in the sales material for Make Cash Monthly, the key figure seems to be between $5,000 and $25,000 monthly.

Does the product provide value for money?

I don’t believe that Make Cash Monthly does present value for money for reasons I shall explore below.


Put simply, I am not entirely convinced that Make Cash Monthly works. There are plenty of claims made about how easy it is to get a business of this nature up and running but the reality is overlooked. Also I can’t help but feel that the SEO tactics mentioned seem to be rather old fashioned and I don’t see how they would work under Google’s latest algorithms. All things considered, $100 can be much better invested in making money online than Make Cash Monthly.




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