Newspaper Profits Review Warrior2008

Created by Warrior2008, Newspaper Profits is a product that aims to educate users on marketing and selling their products through newspapers.

What is the product?

Newspaper Profits is a product that walks users through the process of setting up a business empire that uses marketing through newspapers as its basis. It is a rather unique niche and Warrior2008 seems to know it well having claimed to have made a profit for a decent period of time. In terms of the training, Warrior2008 will use Newspaper Profits to teach users how to select their products for sale; the best places to advertise and how to copy write the best adverts. According to Warrior2008 a big part of the reason that newspaper advertising has an advantage over a web based operation is that newspapers stay in circulation creating a theoretically huge pipeline.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Warrior 2008 has chosen to make Newspaper Profits available for $77. This price includes a 60 day money back guarantee as the product is sold through ClickSure. In terms of a potential return on your investment, Warrior2008 says that he can make over $440,000 per year using the Newspaper Profits methodology.

Does the product provide value for money?

I don’t believe that Newspaper Profits does provide value for money for reasons I shall outline below.


Newspaper Profits is an interesting proposition but the fact of the matter is that newspapers are a slowly dying industry with many larger publishers already making the move to online. In terms of the capability of the product I don’t doubt that there is some potential to make money simply because of the niche that you operate in. My question is whether or not it is sustainable over the long term and if so, is it enough to really reward your time and efforts.



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