Paul Gargan Racing Review

Created by Paul Gargan, Paul Gargan Racing is a long standing horse racing tipster service that provides subscribers with both paid selections and free selections.

What is the product?

Paul Gargan Racing is a horse racing tipster service that on the surface of things, seems to be rather atypical. It offers selections on most days (missing just the odd one or two) which are sent out directly via email. There is also an option to receive these as text messages for a small premium. The selections for Paul Gargan Racing are all a direct result of Paul Gargan’s long standing involvement with the sport of horse racing. There is plenty of talk in the sales material for Paul Gargan Racing of contacts and informants (which wasn’t a surprise) as well with Paul Gargan actually going as far as to say that these are necessary to the selection process.


This isn’t however built upon and there isn’t anything that I would consider as evidence to back these claims up (although that doesn’t mean that I have reason to doubt tem either). In terms of the details of the service, there are two aspects to Paul Gargan Racing which are paid selections and free selections.

The free selections are much more frequent and cover much more straightforward bets (although there is a strong focus on value throughout).

The paid bets however become much more convoluted featuring some rather high odds accumulators (including one that was supposedly over 17,000/1). The paid side of Paul Gargan Racing also counts for some of the more well known festivals and events. In terms of numbers etc. there aren’t any details provided for a staking plan, nor are there any details provided for a strike rate either.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Paul Gargan Racing is technically free, however this isn’t the be all and end all.

Whilst Paul Gargan may give away some of the selections for the service, some are charged for. When Paul Gargan Racing charges for something, it isn’t cheap either. In fact, recent posts on the twitter feed show that £32 has been charged for an accumulator bet (albeit with 17,100/1 odds) whilst the cost of selections for the recent Newport festival was £89. In terms of the income.

There aren’t any claims made about how much you can earn, but there may be some potential here to win fair amount.

Does the product provide value for money?

I suppose on reflection that Paul Gargan Racing does generally perform value for money however this is mostly in reference to the free selections.


There are plenty of horse racing tipster services out there and it takes something really different to catch my attention these days. In the main, I don’t think that Paul Gargan Racing really does anything incredible (although it is a free service which means that this is hardly a deal breaker), however the big accumulators are an interesting proposition, especially if one actually comes in.

I just don’t think I’d be willing to spend too much money on them. All things considered, I can think of much worse free tipster services than Paul Gargan Racing, and so whilst I wouldn’t be inclined to stake too big, it is almost definitely worth following.



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