Reviews From George Montagu Brown. Is It Worth The Hype?

We have all heard about George Montagu Brown, and the success he had with his Google Sniper Programme when it was launched a few years ago. Now, George is about to launch his offering under a wave of publicity. Is it a scam? Probably not.

The better question to ask, is whether it actually works, and if people who will no doubt pay for this system will make any revenue, because no doubt the promises will be coming thick and fast. What you DO need to know, is that George’s previous product, the Google Sniper System no longer works as advertised, and this could be key, especially if you are planning on taking up this latest offer with the cash.

 PredatorSystem Turned Out To Be A Scam Webinar


***Please see the update at the bottom of this post for updated details on why you should avoid investing in George Brown’s Predator System***

***Please note, that personal information not available in the public domain has been removed from this thread, also personal information from tickets, that may have confidentiality clauses have also been removed. The rest if the thread is the original content on the Predator Software, and genuine customer experiences***

Who is George Montagu Brown?

George Brown is mostly known for his Google Sniper product, which made him a multi-millionaire, and the system worked to varying degrees of success, although from what we have read, most people simply (for whatever reason) could not make it work. The idea was that by targeting EXACT DOMAIN MATCH domains, Google would push you up in the searches for the terms you were looking to attract traffic from, and then you were advised to place a product on the page, for sale.

So, Did Google Sniper Work?

It worked for some more experienced marketers, but now Google Sniper does NOT work, and the reason it no longer works is because Google have changed their algorithms to deduct value, or even ‘kill’ websites that took advantage of the exact domain match (EDM’s), so hoards of these websites have now vanished of the face of the earth – well, at least out of the search engines. But it definitely worked for a while, no doubt, and the process was taken advantage of by countless internet marketers, no doubt in the same way that PredatorSystem will be.

What exactly is Predator System?

The product has not launched yet, and we will be adding a review of it as soon as it does, BUT, we would be surprised if it is not similar to the sniper system, because that is what George knows. George knows that trying to manipulate the searches is an attractive proposition, and he could be looking at the local SEO angle with the Predator System, when local business owners are approached and asked if they would like help with their local search engine rankings. It is fairly old hat now, but maybe George has a different angle. We shall see.

George did send out an email a few months ago mentioning local marketing for local companies, so maybe this is the product he has been working on, and then called it Predator. If this is the product, then it is absolutely nothing new, because ‘local marketing’ has been hammered to death now, and every marketer on the planet has jumped on board with some idea, or another, as a way to tap into the market. The problem now, is that local businesses are tired of being contacted regarding their SEO, so George may have missed the boat here.

Should I purchase The Predator System?

Our advice would be definitely not to jump in head first, because if, as we suspect, this is based around SEO, and local marketing of businesses, chances are that you will obtain limited success. There are now just far too many people, and products trying to achieve the same thing.

We will add to this as, and when The Predator System launches.

Update after the predator ‘webinar’ was launch:


Was The Webinar By George Brown a Scam?

Well, it was actually all smoke and mirrors, a pre-recorded webinar, with fake scarecity thrown into make the viewer believe there was a limit on the amount of sales (similar to the false advertising on The Warrior Forum),and Predator turned out to be a glorified email scraper system (at least that is what was shown on the ‘webinar’, as nothing else was demonstrated). The problem is, scraping emails and sending bulk email is illegal and likely to get your IP banned by your internet service provider. Very dodgy indeed, and definitely not worth the $797 that the Predator system is being sold for.

Sure, there is probably some use for Predator as a marketing tool for scouping together names, address, and emails, but the problem comes when you use them for email purposes. There are now rules, and regulations in most countries that would FINE you for spamming the public in the way that George Brown promotes the tool.

Also, here are a few other problems you are likely to come up against when using The Predator:

1) Craigslist, etc. could very easily, and probably will ban the software.
2) Your country probably already has laws against spamming.
3) George Brown could disappear as he offers NO money back guarantee.
4) The shear number of people that will buy this will saturate any potential Predator had.
5) George Brown has shown ClickBank money amounts that did NOT come using Predator.
6) There are far too many pitfalls on this software, and illegalities!

The way it was marketed also shown a total lack of respect for potential buyers, and this fact has also not gone down well with a large majority of internet marketers, most of which did respect George before this launch; although now, after the launch of Predator, many of the marketers feel George has tried to pull the wool over their eyes with this highly dubious launch.

What now for George Brown?

George obviously makes a lot of money from his products, but just how much his CUSTOMERS make, is debatable. Google Sniper is now all but finished after Google changed the rules on manipulating the SERPS, and marketers will NOT forget what George has tried to pull off here. Also, most people will not be impressed with a launch that took almost 2 years (predator system), only to be perceived, when launched,  as nothing more than Predator being just an email scraper system, and one that could get your internet banned!


Our advice is NOT to purchase The Predator System by George Brown.


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Please add your comments, and thoughts below, of the PredatorSystem.



  1. Gino G says:

    I could not make google sniper work, but not sure why but I am interested in George Browns new Predator System just to see what all the hype is about. Not sure I would buy it though,


    • Robert says:

      After everything I read about George Brown, I thought that his products would be the only genuine articles to buy. How wrong I was. George is a con artist in my view. I bought the Beta version of Predator, and, after sending out over 50,000 emails (still unsure about the legality of that) in at least 20 diffrent niches I havn’t received one single reply. I have submitted several tickets to the help desk, and guess what, not one single reply. Please don’t waste your money on this heap of rubbish. Also if I ever see a product in the future with George Brown’s name on it, I won’t go near it. I want to write to George to show him my disgust at his behaviour over this product but can’t find an address for him. Anyone got it I would appreciate it.

  2. Darren says:

    Predator seems to be a whole bunch of hype. I got an email from George asking me to enter details of when it goes live, and it all seems a little hush hush and cloak and dagger.

    Chances are that George will make a bunch of cash with this, far more money than any buyers of predator will make.

    I would be interested in what everyone else thinks about it? I have been trying to make money online for years, and I even bought google sniper when it was launched, and it did NOT work for me, so why should this predator work then?

    I am smelling a rat to be honest.

    If it is making as much money as george says then why would he decide to tell the world about it? George stats that he is making $100,000 a month, so why is he selling the information??

    If I had some kind of system that was making me that kind of money, I would not be telling people.

    I think George is making the money from predator buyers, and not the predator system itself.

    Think before buying this!!

    • Jon says:


      During the presentation he showed us some income “proof” from clickbank, theese where all fake, I got a that confirmed from Clickbank. It is easy to manipulate income reports from CB.

  3. Colin says:

    I have to say, I did make money from Google sniper. My first website grossed $1000 in a month. My second (which was an adsense site, use GS methods) grossed $3000 in year one and in year 2 is still earning a monthly income. What I will say is that the GS methods are not as powerful anymore due to Google’s recent changes, but some of it still works. You do have to try harder to get those page 1 rankings.

  4. The predatorsystem webinar went live last night, and it was said by George Brown that it would NEVER be repeated.

    Actually…. the webinar DIDN’T stream, as George stated that his host limited the amount of ‘viewers’, which is VERY unlikely indeed.

    Looks like a ploy to sell some memberships, and then re-show the video of the webinar to very many other people, thereby creating far more sales….

    “Unfortunately, there were ‘technical glitches’ with the webinar, due to the amount of interest, and there is a recording available for a very limited time… blah, blah, blah”

    The above is a basic marketing scarcity ploy (lie), and this alone should NOT be trusted.

  5. Colin says:

    I attended the “Re-Stream” last night.

    Firstly, I have to agree with admin of this site on this one. The tactics seemed to be devious. I do believe that it was done on purpose. The technical glitches that George described I felt were all fabricated and used to create a “buzz”. Dissapointing.

    OK, the software is basically a e-mail harvester and mass mailer program. For a start, there are lots of products on the market that do this already, so nothing new. Secondly, it brings into to question the ethics of this software. E-mail harvesting and mass e-mail spamming has been around for many years and it so much annoyed people that laws were brought in to try and control it. From what I can gather, this software can potentially put people in the “Black Hat” of Internet Marketing circles.

    The demo consited of George Brown waffling on for 30 minutes about how good it was and showing how much money he had made by using it. I have to say, he must be doing some “Serious Spamming” to get these figures. He states that he has operated it as a business meaning that he has probably outsourced the process to 100 people to mass harvest and spam people via e-mail using predator. In my opinion these tactics are unethical and annoying for the recepient.
    Besides this, there have been court cases in the US in order to close down operations like this. I certainly won’t be buying into this business model.

    Sorry George, but whilst I made money with Google Sniper, I won’t be following you on this one my friend. Best of luck with your black hat methods!

    • Thanks for your comments, Colin. Much appreciated.

      I think for all internet marketers out there, the majority feel very let down by this, after the big anticipation for the last 2 years.

      In our opinion, spamming is never a good way to go, and although you might make a few £$ initially, it is definitely not a sustainable business model, and there is always the risk of that ‘knock on your door’ for doing something you should ‘not really be doing’, and against the rules.


  6. Feels like a sucker says:

    I attended George’s ‘live’ re-stream.

    I was up all night to watch it, and quite tired, which means my sense of judgement was down the tubes.

    The following day I tried replaying the video, and the part at the end, in which George says to buy it fast, since theres just 50 copies being sent out, was the same, with the exact ‘BUY IT NOW’ link appearing. By clicking it, again, I saw it was possible to buy it, even after about 12 hours passed.

    Which means, as far as I’ve seen, that anyone can just buy the thing. Theres no 50 ‘exclusive’ beta keys being given to the program. Which also raises many questions about George’s integrity and credibility.

    And now, I can’t help but feel like a sucker, for actually paying $800 I barely have for a spamming program, which I’m not sure is even legal.

    I contacted support and asked them about this.

    So far, no reply from them.

    And…I did not see any ‘refund’ options, which gets me even more worried.

    I really can’t decide if George Brown and various other internet marketing ‘gurus’ are somewhat genuine people or just a bunch of rich scammers trying to get even richer off of people’s desperations.

    It seems they have very elaborate methods of hijacking google’s search pages through various sniping sites. So criticism, such as this page, is barely visible.

    • Thanks for your comments.

      Actually though, this page is getting a lot of traffic, as it is position 2 on Google.

      Take Care.

    • Colin says:

      I wouldn’t feel like a sucker dude, besides, you have ways of getting your money back. Firstly, if you paid by credit card, charge back the transaction through your CC company. Secondly, although George seems to live in the far east, he actually resides here in the UK, in Bournemouth, so report him and his website to the UK trading standard authorities.

      Good luck with the refund, sure you’ll get it if you try hard enough.

    • Dan says:

      Good afternoon

      Just wondered could you a copy of predator as I review it and talk about the legalities of it in an SEO magazine I own and im collating feedback and will be looking to track down George to get this sorted.
      Kind regards

      • jessica says:

        George Brown recently lunch the BETA tester of Predator last Aug. 25, 2013 Los Angeles Time. and it is suppose to be “LIVE” but I research it on youtube and I found the same video and it was uploaded last year 2012. And I am one of those people who dont have knowledge enough before buying it. 🙁 I hope I will get my refund. We are just trying to make money online because of financial situation but with this kind of people who take advantage to us… I feel so disappointed about it, that there are people who just want to earn & scam people for there own sake… 🙁

    • Clayton says:

      I had the exact experience. I paid with PayPal. I have reported to the Resolution Center. Geprge has 7 days to respond then I will go to the next level with PayPal where they will do an investigation. PayPal will with hold funds until it is resolved.

  7. Janica says:

    Those that believe in shiny objects, and shiny marketers will always be left disappointed……….

  8. Sam says:

    After purchasing Predator, I found that the training videos don’t work. Now, I can’t even log into the member’s area due to “authentication error” and I can’t access the technical support because I can’t even get into member’s area. All my previous support tickets are still not answered. When I run the system, it doesn’t harvest emails from google, only craigslist. What a letdown.

  9. John says:

    I have seen a few reviews about this Predator software now, and not one of them is positive, and nobody has made any money.

    My own review is also negative.

    All George Brown seems to be doing is putting out fires, and only communicating with buyers of the software through the warrior forum, which is a joke. How about him contacting his customers direct if there is a problem with the software, which there is.

    I bought the software and all it really is, is a scraping tool for Craigslist, or a tool to collect information from Google maps to phone people up. Not exactly the way George Advertised it, and I would like my money back.

    I am not going to spam people!

  10. Colin says:

    I sent an e-mail to George and Anthony asking them clarify the legal position of this software in relation to “spamming” people with scraped e-mail addresses. Four days later, still no reply.
    Based upon the silence, I can only presume that this means that the answer is along the lines of “Yep, it’s illegal, but you’ll make a few bucks along the way”.

    I don’t think they have cash machines inside the cells of westernised prisons, however I may be wrong, so I won’t be able to to spend those “few bucks” whilst doing time.

  11. Rank Man says:

    It looks like we have all been duped folks. So much for the ‘beta’ release, George Brown has just stated that he is selling another 40!! But the reality is, he is going to try and sell as many as possible.

    This was from a message on the Warrior forum showing the latest email George Brown just sent out.

    I feel scammed!

  12. Roberto Carolini says:

    Thanks a LOT for that awesome unbiased review.

    I was about to buy PREDATOR at $797. That is what an entire Bolivian family earns in 11 months of very hard work.

    You saved me from the hell.



    Roberto Carolini

    • joanna says:

      Hi Glad youve been saved , ive bought it , so have no idea if i can get my refund as support is non existent , so someone has my money !

      • Hi Please contact this website support ar contact page he will help

      • John Watson says:

        Don’t worry about the refund because our modern world doesn’t tolerate scammers and the banks are always (mostly) happy to get your money back. If you paid by credit card even better just chargeback etc. If PayPal say the product doesn’t work. I don’t understand how he could have mad emuch money from this because every single post has got a refund lol. Hell I didn’t even pay for Sniper I downloaded it from TPB, no way would I fall for such garbage. Almost $800 for any program and I lmao, not a chance even if it wiped my ass for me.

  13. Steve says:

    Hi all,
    George Brown has lost the plot here.
    Its a real shame to see people treat
    the whole world like they are stupid.
    Anyway some good news everyone.
    George only released 50 copies. Then
    another 40 were released for sale I beieve I read in some e-mail:-)

    If you go to you can still buy a copy !!!
    Actually you can change the amount like I did to over a thousand
    copies and if you want to proceed and pay over $500,000 GUESS WHAT?

    Yes you guessed it.. You can !!!!

    You have to laugh at his effing cheek and his own stupidity to
    ruin any good name he had with people.
    I would imagine he has lost 99.9% of real credible people from
    his list in a matter of days. I will stay on it just to see what
    rubbish he sends but would NEVER TRUST HIM IN THE FUTURE.
    Naive & Desperate to make money or making money out of naive desperate percentage of people … Which one do you think???

    • Ron says:

      I’ve been off his list for a while. He’s let alooooooooooooot of people down, including me..big-time !!!

      Probably the only people he can sell to now are newbies who’ve never heard of him. what a shame for someone who spent YEARS building a good rep. only to have destroyed by “I don’t care anymore” marketing, or something.

  14. aiza says:

    I received email today from James Brown with payment plan.
    We can buy the predator with paymant plan,pay usd397 now and the balance within a month.
    I think nobody want to buy the software after read all reviews.I also not found positive review so far.

    • Yes, George Brown does seem to have shafted people by using the ‘BETA’ angle, when it is fairly obviously that was just a muse to lure in as many unsuspecting punters as in possible.

      George won’t care, a few million will have been made by this launch, and he has been protected by the WarriorForum.

      Which is a shame to see really. This is a lot of money people are paying, and it seems that the WarriorForum have stopped people from reading genuine reviews.

      The fact IS, that George Brown stated he was only selling 50 of this BETA version, when it was a blatant lie, and the subsequent emails he sent after the launch, and is still sending, proves this beyond any doubt.


  15. Allan says:

    I opened another post at WF titled:-
    Predator George Brown honest reveiw please

    Hoping to get some actual reviews of the Predator software. So far I have none. Luckily I got a link to this post from it.

    Not want to stray from Predator but, there is another program I came across which seems to be identical called “Power Leads Pro” Any one have any info on it? Price is very high for it as well.


    • Hello Allan,

      Yes, Predator seems to be almost a replica of Power Leads Pro, and although lower in price, Predator will STILL give you the same spam issues.

      The other problem, is that the chances are, that George Brown has THOUSANDS of this product, meaning the chances of all the websites, like Craigslist, etc. catching onto Predator, and disabling it’s manipulation is extremely high.

      Our advice would be to avoid Predator for the following reasons:

      1) George Brown has lied to potential customers about the amount of software downloads of Predator he was going to sell, and is being protected by the WarriorForum.

      2) The spam issue could easily land you in deep trouble with the authorities, and the websites that could easily link the IP/traces back to your PC, or the venues you are using to send these emails out.

      Good luck.

      • Allan says:

        Hi Admin

        Yes I totally agree with all you have to say.


      • Aldelene says:

        I purchased GOOGLE SNIPER 2 last 2 weeks ago.
        I am new to online and have just recently started doing some research to find options.
        I am moving to Europe in June 2014, so was looking to find a program/system, that I could promote products.

        Then I joined online marketing MLM and an Regular MLM, which I was wanting to tap into online marketing to attract prospects.
        I purchased GOOGLE SNIPER 2, which made alot of sense to target the specific keywords and build a website around it. I started with the training but have not built any yet. SHOULD I just reverse my Credit Card payment. I bought it 2 weeks ago.

        I keep hearing about this List Building stuff but I don’t open these emails, they are pretty annoying, I have around 400 unopened.

        Would appreciate opinion from novices 🙂

  16. Jason USA says:

    Dont waste your time with Predator >

    Here is a review from the warriorforum before they deleted it:

    I’ve purchased Predator, and I’ll give a bit of feedback.


    So like most other people here, I was sucked in with all the hype. I watched the webinair, and yeah, I was actually quite impressed with it.

    I’m a long customer of Google Sniper 2.0, and have been on George’s list for well over a year now. I’ve always respected him, and found him one of my most looked up to internet marketers. Because of this, I didn’t think twice about buying the Predator software. (yeah, stupid me…)

    I now have access to the software, and there is a lot of walkthroughs and guides in the members area. the members area is very similar to the Google Sniper 2.0 members area. Although, what i was disappointed with is that NONE of the guide videos are created by George – they are created by his partner instead.

    To the software now…

    Firstly, I need to say I purchased the software over 24 hours ago. And to this time, the software physically, DOES NOT work. The emails just refuse to be sent, and the software simply does not function currently. You can see from my screenshot, from the bottom area the g is cut off from the end of the .org part of the emails. Due to this, the software doesn’t currently work.

    Yes, I have sent in numerous support tickets so far – with NO response. I’m abandoned here.

    Although I watched the webinair and thought it was a great idea, it’s a spam tool. I’m the first to tell you that, and I definitely regret buying it. It’s only a matter of time before this is COMPLETELY saturated.

    I haven’t made a cent with the software yet, due to it not working for me. I have no doubt it can make money. But I’m very skeptical of the long term method – simply because I can see places such as Craigslist cranking up their rules and restrictions very soon.

    Also, $110k to make this software? Dont insult my intelligence. it’s the simplest software ever. If you paid $110k to make this software then you have went crazy. Theres nothing special about Predator – other than with all the hype that comes with it.

    Another thing, 50 copies for sale? Firstly, over 48 hours ago, at the END of the webinair, you say there’s something like only 4 copies left. Funny how I easily still managed to buy my copy about 14 hours after the webinair was done. So i received an email saying all copies are done this morning from George, and the order page has been taken down. Ohh, but guess what – it’s NOT. What a surprise eh? Predator w/ Membership Area Mabe just another mistake, I guess. Now hes also saying that you can sign up to another list about if someone ‘credit card gets declined’, you get an email about it – so you can buy it. No doubt there’s a follow up email for that aweber list in about a few days time sending me to that link!

    Also, about that webinair and the servers getting overloaded? For some reason I find that hard to believe… But I’ll save that for another day. Makes perfect sense to keep people drewling for the webinair. The webinair is on for like 2 and a half hours, and nowhere is it mentions in the webianr about servers being down. BUT, if the servers WERE down, then how is there all of these LIVE comments on the webinair about how all the people watching it were being SHOCKED in real time. Thats impossible if the live stream was down. Not to mention all of the emails I was getting from ‘George’ while the webinair was supposidley getting recorded, yet nowhere in the webinar do you see him sending any aweber broadcasts.

    Furthermore, I have also see the webinar with the income proofs AFTER I purchased it, and yes, the income proofs ARE fake. here is a screenshot from the webinair: It’s all Google Sniper sales. Definitely NOT Predator sales.

    And it gets worse. I’m also on George Browns JV list, and a week before the release of this predator, he done a affiliate content, obviously to give a big boost in his sales. And guess what? In his webinair he shows income proof of this massive JUMP in income from using ‘predator’. And guess what? this big jump also just happens to be on the first day of his JV contest for Google Sniper. Coincidence, ehh?

    Look, don’t waste your money. Dont get me wrong, I am completely PISSED at George Brown now. and I think I was crazy to fall for his sales pitch. Don’t waste your money, it looks like George is trying to get a quick buck with this.

    George has lost the plot with this release. Seriously…

    I hope I’ve helped a lot of you here, and saved you a whole lot of money.

    Here’s an update from the same warrior user: Domino:

    The Predator software is a scam, and (in my opinion, im no lawer), illegal.

    I have requested a refund, and initially received a reply, I then responsed again, and now they are just ignoring me.

    I have called up my bank, and it seems I will be able to get a refund that way.

    Dont waste your money on this software, not unless your already a millionaire anyway (kind of defeats the purpose)

    I won’t be going near it!

  17. S says:

    I bought the Predator system, my observations from the first LIVE event they had on Monday. Very unprofessional, half information, no time to ask questions about issues as mics were muted and none of my questions were answered. I am going to check a few things out today with the software and then if I am not happy I will ask for my money back and I have already checked with my CC and they said if the company will not honour a refund, they will take it as a dispute and get me my money back. So all in all IF you do decide to buy it. I can’t say its all bad but be very cautious.

    • Thanks for the information. Again, we feel sure this will help prospective buyers to learn what they can expect (or not) from the live events.

      Good luck with getting your refund.


    • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

      I also watched the Monday training webinar , what a %*&^ng idiot I got out of bed at 2 am to watch that crap…Like you my question was totally ignored , I think every single person who bought this will look for a refund …

  18. Ray Ray says:

    I really appreciate the unbiased honest info that is heing shared here. I almost jumped on this but I’m glad I didn’t. If you notice his presentation room was so fake. He had nothing else to promote his $797 piece of junk. Have anyone even tried google Sniper 2. I bet its just as bad. Scammers are all over and it appears George Brown is one of the worst people to invest in. I’m thankful for conferences like this that tells the real truth. I was ready to buy it. But if you notice he comes out with some of the scarcity tactics that he seen other marketers use. “Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, cause you missing out on the best thing ever offered.” There is limited copies and I’m going to shut it down when I sell these few remaining copies. That alwayls opens a Red Flag with me because how in the Hell are you going to you out of digital copies of a software product.

    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your comments.

      In reference to Google Sniper 2.

      I would not waste your time now, because since Google has changed their algorithms on using exact domain match domains (edm’s) Google sniper is no longer really effective, as this was their main criteria for ranking.

      Google Sniper longer works.


      • Colin says:

        Agree 100%. Google Sniper use to work, but is pretty much dead now. Works in small niches with small traffic figures and search terms that a more localised to regions. But with small traffic amounts comes small returns….

  19. Jerry says:

    A week ago, I was mad payday was today. Now, I’m sooooooooooo glad lol.

    Can’t believe I trusted George so much – I’ve followed him for years – and he was in a pic with Richard Branson for gods sake. RICHARD BRANSON.

    Right now, I feel like a kid being told Santa doesn’t exist

  20. Steven says:

    I posted earlier on the webinar LIVE event. I wanted to add something to my previous point. btw im smkmarketing on warriorforums.

    After watching the webinar on Monday. Aside from the debacle it turned into. I thought O.K. I want to check this out a little futher. Now we were giving some “coaching” on Monday with a sales technique. The only problem is we were shown, what to do with the software and some other programs, but never shown how to deliver the finished product to these clients, which was told at the beginning we would get.

    Anyhow, its Wednesday. I have yet to see any additional material on the website which is just saying to me, this was all just bull in the first place.

    To get back to my point. The software was presented to us as online marketing miracle, which myself as a newer member of the online marketing world, did fall, however this product to me after this webinar and further study of the course material says its more for offline marketing and even then it seems extremely limited and basic. Things you could yourself accomplish by doing some ground work.

    Hope that helps folks. I have emailed a request for refund. I hope this additional info helps folks, make there own decisions. If this product works for you, then I will say congrats. Best of luck to everyone.

  21. Maja says:

    Hi people! I was purchased predator,and latter upgrade new
    version and my key dont work for new wersion,and i was request another key before 2,5 days and nothing from support…then i was contact a swerg company and ask for refund…and they replay to me that they send my ticket to seller-george…so if he dont waqnt back money…can i do something?? can my bank can do something?? what about swreg…can they something and give back my money???
    this is all unprofessional from george i cant belive! 800$ is a big money for me and he must give bac

  22. Mike says:

    I have been following George for a while now and respected him because I did make a lot of money with his Google Sniper method, although with the recent algorithm changes I’m barely making anything.

    After hearing all the hype and watching his “re-stream” and seeing how fast the 50 beta spots were selling, I decided to give in and try it. His scarcity tactic scared me and I thought I had to hurry if I wanted in….

    But apparently it is still being sold, and you actually get the advantage of a payment plan now too! So there was NO benefit to being one of the first 50 buyers.

    After buying it, there are tons of bugs and the software barely works. Apparently George spent 2 years making this, but still hasn’t fixed some major problems with it…is he REALLY using this? And I was disappointed to find out that it is just a spamming software.

    I will try to contact support and see if I can get a refund. But I have sent a couple support tickets in so far and they have all been ignored. This week has been a big disappointment, and while I used to respect George Brown I have lost all respect for him now. 🙁

  23. J says:

    To be honest with everyone who’s read and/or bought this, I’ve never trusted George Brown.

    He’s always seemed somewhat dodgy to me with some of his marketing tactics for previous products.

    I know G Sniper was actually a decent product for the time, but it always seemed like he just got in with the right people (Jani G, etc. who I also would never trust) who were just great at pushing sales to products like this with fake scarcity, big promises of success, etc.

    I can’t remember exactly what else he did previously with his marketing tactics for maybe GSniper 2 or maybe it was another product, but watching him fairly closely a couple years ago it just never felt right with him.

    Be very, very careful who you buy from. In the end you’re an adult and the responsibility is yours.

    Of course I have sympathy for those how are misled by basically, outright lies, but c’mon, if it doesn’t feel right then don’t take the risk. There’s no easy button folks. Doesn’t exist. You will have to work damn hard to make it, and you won’t get rich with some BS amazing software that’s supposed to make you very rich with limited work. Just not reality.

    You can be mad at G Brown but you should also take a look at yourself for getting duped by something that in no way smelled right from the very beginning.

    • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

      Hi J …
      Clearly hindsight is 20/20 , I agree with you about being taken for fools…However there are some marketers who really are genuine people ,Chris Farrell ,Russel Brunson , etc etc …
      Brown was on the periphery of this list …I hate to admit I was taken by a 2 bit cheat but we have to accept at times we all **** up …I will do everything possible to stop him getting away with this…I am still shocked at Brown , he probably has a list of 100 k + … A million a year easily ,as we all know internet news travels at the speed of light…
      He may have actually committed fraud with this , he will realize that a quick short term gain could become a long term stretch …Lets face it the US authorities stamp on cheats like him , it won’t be a 3 month stint either…By the way this is all hypothetical ,George has still time to redeem himself …Lets hope he comes to his senses and sorts this out quickly…

  24. Chuck says:

    I did buy George Brown’s original Google Sniper and made a TINY bit of money from it – so little it was no worth the effort involved.

    I then lost all respect for George when he started promoting useless other products and then decided to bring out Google Sniper 2. He was a bit careless as in the original sales video he showed an income screenshot live, but managed to show the account name for less than one second. Some keen eyes noticed the account name was actually the name of a previous product of his, and NOT down to his Google Sniper 2 methods/superior intellect. Clear FRAUD.

    I knew Predator would be a SCAM but continue to stay on his list for amusement more than anything else.

    Has anyone/will anyone file complaints with the FTC? It’s time marketers like George got taken down in my opinion.

  25. John Lefler says:

    Be sure you really want this software before you hit the buy button. George Brown said he would give a refund for this software if requested on the Warrior Forum on 10-27-12. That thread has since been deleted by the moderators of the Warrior Forum.

    Here is how my refund request has gone to date. My first refund request was submitted on 10-25-12. I got the response from a Predator support tech downplaying my concerns and ignoring my refund request on 10-26-12. I responded stating that I appreciated her opinion but was unwilling to risk using Predator due to legal concerns and would prefer the requested refund. My second support ticket response, along with my original refund request, was promptly deleted by someone in the support team within 5 minutes of posting my second refund request. Instead of giving me the courtesy of a response the entire ticket was simply deleted. I have pdf copies of all tickets and a screen shot of the deleted ticket. I took that as a clear message that refunds would not be honored.

    I then resubmitted a new third refund request because George Brown posted the following on the Warrior Forum in Post # 58 on 10-27-12, “However, yeah if [you] really want a refund, you can have one. I’ll try to help you as best I can first, but if there really isn’t any helping you. There’s a refund policy, of course there is.”

    In my third refund request I told support that in light of this promise from George I would again request that they please refund the transaction back to my PayPal account. I said that I truly apologized for the inconvenience and would appreciate their accommodation in this matter. They have not deleted this latest refund request but have simply ignored it to date.

    After being ignored for nearly a week now it seems clear that it will take the Jaws of Life to extract a refund, in spite of George’s promise on the 27th. I will now need to go through the hassle of having my credit card company dispute this as an unauthorized charge and it could take anywhere from one to three months to get a refund that should have taken an hour or less to issue. Even if a seller got to keep the money I think this is a losing strategy. But when you consider that he will get to keep the money for perhaps 30 to 90 days and will have to return it anyway, I just do not see the wisdom in treating customers this way. For a “millionaire” he sure is clinging to this money with a tight fist. Especially when he claims that he was going open another 40 spots for 1,434 people who signed up on a waiting list in the first 72 hours hoping for this offer to reopen. And now he has further opened the offer with a payment plan to even more buyers. This tight fisted policy seems to be very short sighted. I have purchased three of George’s products and he had an excellent reputation at one time. I don’t see how trying to forcibly keep a few purchases from unsatisfied customers will be worth tarnishing that reputation, in the long run.

    • Hi John,

      Be sure to put a chargeback in with your credit card company.

      No doubt George Brown will get a lot of charge backs for this product, and as to not put his merchant account at risk, he should not dispute them, but you never know.

      Keep copies of any tickets you have with them, print them off, as this will help your case with the credit card company.

      This is where the Warrior Forum have protected Brown, by deleting the threads where he stated he will refund customers.

      There is more that goes on behind the scenes at the Warrior Forum than I think most members realise!

      • John says:

        Hi UKDropshop admin,

        Thanks so much for the kind words and excellent advice. And thank you so much for giving a platform for responsible people to give fair and reasoned reviews of the Predator software and their support system.

        I have copies of the entire process and am well prepared for my case with my card provider. They assure me that I will prevail. One shouldn’t have to go through this much tome and trouble for a simple refund.


      • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

        Thanks for the info on this , just want to know how do we put a chargeback to the credit card company ???.
        My system never worked once , and they ignored all support tickets …

        • Phone your credit card company up, and telling them you wish to dispute the payment for a product that was not as advertised, never worked, etc. etc.

          They will have a procedure for this, it is common practice.

  26. Stephen says:

    Damn, and i just started working with google sniper 2. Got it a little late, yall saved me. time to close my domain account. any real programs out there?

  27. Brandon says:

    First off, with regards to GS 2.0 working, I am a success story, however, I have not used the strategies since last year and would probably agree to some extent that it is not as effective as it was. But I had a site that was generating around $700/mo. and than I sold it to the company who’s product I was promoting for a nice 4-figure sum. So I can say that at the time, the product was not a scam.

    I have been on George’s list since GS 1.0 came out and had a ton of respect for the young guy. I was very impressed that he was able to build his business at such a young age of 19. Now 21, he has done very well for himself.

    So when Predator was announced, I was very excited and anxious to see what all the hype was about. I was unable to attend the “live” event since I was in the middle of a move. But as we all know, there were major “glitches” with their hosting company, but they were able to record the event. I do find it hard to believe that this was a made up issue. Why? Because he clearly bashes the hosting company (LiquidWeb) and I don’t think he would do this if there wasn’t an issue. He could be sued for libel.

    Anyways, so I watched the 2nd “live stream”. I was definitely impressed and thought about the different ways that I could benefit from this software. Yes, I was definitely concerned about Spamming people as you can get fined. But that’s a separate issue as to why I’m writing here.

    So I purchased that night and made the lofty $797 payment thinking that I would make that money back, even if I was only using it for my offline business. I received my login information and an email stating that I would be receiving my activation code in a separate email shortly, but that it could take a little bit of time since their security team has to send them out manually. So I waited and than almost 24 hours went by and I have yet to receive my activation code. So I sent a support ticket requesting it. This was on October 26th.

    As most of you have already guessed, today is October 31st and I still have yet to receive a response from their support team.

    Here’s what pisses me off the most about this whole situation…I have been reading numerous comments on the internet about support not answering their support questions. Setting aside the whole “we are only selling 50 copies”, which is a bunch of B.S., when they first closed it down, it should have been REALLY closed down. I was still able to purchase through another link after they claimed it was shut down. By the time they had shut down, there were already people complaining about the lack of support on the WF. Even George responded a couple of times, like John mentioned above. I can vouch for that since I read the same exact thing.

    On the 26th, George announced that they had closed. And that they had “completely sold out all 50 ‘beta’ copies of the software.” Again, a bunch of B.S. When the actual live stream was going, he kept counting down and saying that their were only like 8 copies left. So basically what he is saying is that from the main event which took place on the 23rd, to when it officially closed on the 26th, they only sold another 8 or so copies. Whatever George!

    But wait, theirs more…Than 3 days later on the 29th and after receiving “hundreds of support tickets”, he decided to let 40 more licenses be sold. Wow, how nice of him to do that. Geeze, he sure does have a lot of people on his list that he’s sending the email to. 1,434 to be exact. I better get in while I can. But what if I can’t afford the whole amount? Well, as George said days earlier…”sorry, we will not be offering a payment plan.”

    But I guess George had a change in heart and now, officially starting today, he is offering a payment plan. Damn, it sure would have been nice to only be out $397 right now instead of the entire amount.

    So having said all that and allowing even more people into their support ticket system since they sure as heck couldn’t handle the flood of tickets with the first wave (when I submitted my ticket), I have decided to throw the towel in on this one. I have sent yet another support ticket demanding a full refund. I do not have time for all this crap and waiting for something that I have yet to have the opportunity to use. Since I know a number of you have been requesting refunds, if you have an attorney, which I do, you might want to put them on notice that if you don’t receive a full refund within 2 or 3 days, that they can expect to get a letter from your attorney.

    Personally, I have been very patient waiting for my activation code and now I am through. I am sad that George has placed himself in this situation. He has basically destroyed his reputation with not only all of us, but I have also received emails from other gurus warning me NOT to purchase. Unfortunately, it was too late for me. But I WILL get my money back and this will be the last time I ever purchase anything from George. Sorry George, you blew it man. You really F’d this launch up big time.

    • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

      You put this well , I am the same as you …I have complained to SWREG Digital River about this and am awaiting response …I am also going to contact the European Consumer protection agency as they will follow this up …I know they will hold SWREG responsible for refunds …I am also going to contact my credit card company and see what happens there…This crap system has not worked once for me ,to totally ignore all support tickets nmeans Brown may be planning a runner …As you say he has destroyed his reputation with this.

      • Brandon says:

        It’s so unfortunate that in today’s society of people losing their jobs and having to find anything they can to get ahead, people like this have made the blatant choice to let others wither in their desperation.

        The part I left out of this story was that my Mom, who has had, along with my Dad, a very difficult time financially with this recession, decided to purchase this software based on my recommendation. I was going to do the work and help with their retirement.

        They just do not care about those that they have screwed. I absolutely cannot believe that George…the guy who has helped me make money in the past with GS, has just alienated us all.

        He should just recognize that he made a HUGE mistake in creating this software and just pay for his mistakes. Why is it that we all are having to pay the consequence?

  28. james says:

    George is just a one hit wonder. he got lucky with google sniper and it went downhill after that. before the predator launch i received an email about a google sniper 2 jv contest. He was pushing google sniper 2 for one final push cos he knows the technique is all but dead. and warrior forum is protecting him cos my thread got deleted and all i asked was, “is anyone still succedding with google sniper 2” i mean seriously?

    anyway, george may have started out with good intentions at the start but he has turned into another scammy mug who has put money before customers……….his name is now tarnished

  29. Steve says:

    Hey UKDropshop admin,

    Just a word of thanks for letting people have a say on such important issues as spending $800 on some highly inflated spamming software.

    I haven’t and probably wouldn’t have bought it but up until now I have always checked out the warrior forum for opinions and usually to find out exactly what something REALLY IS.
    I read the posts on w/f that have all been deleted from the night before his BS launch and was not amused to see peoples thoughts about someone obviously cheating people out of money DELETED and called abusive.
    I think people need somewhere online where they can speak thier mind about people like George Brown without jumping through hoops and being sensored.

    Thanks from everyone,


    • No problem Steve,

      Like you say, this is not a $25 e-book people have purchased, but a serious monetary value product, $799, and the way it has been handled, and the product itself, people need to know what is happening.

      We are all in the same business, after all, to increase our incomes in the best way possible.


      • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

        UK Drop Shipping Admin…Well done for doing what the Warrior forum has tried to censor …I thank you for really doing your best to advise in what is looking like a very serious scam a lot of us will have stronger opinions that this…However my old man used to say …
        Don’t get mad ! Get even …Guys any of you caught by this scammer and living in Europe should contact your local European consumer office …They really will help ,in the UK it used to be trading standards …I was scammed by the biggest car rental company in the UK..
        After returning the car in perfect condition they charged over £800 for damage to paintwork on the vehicle ..Thanks to Ann Neville in European consumer office in Dublin ,she contacted her UK colleagues and the charges were dropped ..I also received a £250 car rental voucher for the trouble..

  30. Maja says:

    Hi people! today im go in member area of predator and find new video…and new version predator and i was upgrade him again…and i was normali turn-on predator softwer!
    So i was tested a softwer and find people from cariglist and offer them a free e-book,and after 4h when predator finish sending emails…i was sing-up in gmail acc and see this….Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently! for every sended mail…so i can say that softwer dont work properly 🙁 so apsolutly i want my money back,so tomorv im going in my bank see what they can do for me!

    • Hi Maja,

      The problem is, even if 50 people had purchased Predator (although the reality is, thousands have probably purchased the software), but even with 50 people all sending spam to Craigslist, the owners of Craiglist would very quickly learn how to block and place a spam alert on the abuse from Predator owners.

      Good luck with your refund.


  31. Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

    I purchased this last week ,it has not worked since day one …I have to say I think this is Brown having a final blast and is happy to scam people …Those words were the sterilized version of my thoughts on George Brown ,they do not answer support tickets at all .
    I am disgusted with this a$$hole ,let him issue a lawsuit if anything I have said here is untrue …I will be pushing daisies waiting for it…Folks keep ell clear of George Brown , you have been warned..

  32. Charlie says:

    I’m starting to become saddened about forking out nearly a thousand dollars for predator. I live in the UK, so I had to pay the VAT on top of the 797.

    If Predator works like it should, then I know I’ll get my money back. Today they’ve stated in a new update video that the new version should sort every bodies problems out with a new download.

    But, they have neglected to include the new download link and still show the version before it, which simply doesn’t work!

    As for the support, well – there ain’t none! I submitted 3 support tickets in the last 5 days and have got nothing back. They don’t have time to answer support questions, but they have got time to read and delete comments which I submitted asking for some sort of help!

    What gets my goat, is that they’ve opened the doors 2 more times since the launch, and even now offer a payment plan. I had to borrow the money to buy predator, which I’m starting to feel a little embarrassed about now!

    I’ve seen comments on the predator members site that they are making money, which is great – so it does give me some hope that I’ve not wasted my money, providing they fix all the bugs.

    • Hi Charlie,

      Thanks for the comments,

      Just be aware though, that any comments you see on the ‘Predator Members’ site, could be fabricated to make it ‘look’ like there are some ‘successful’ members, to avoid giving refunds; or to make it ‘look’ like other members are failing because it is ‘their fault’. It is a well known tactic to avoid blame with an inferior product.

      I think it highly unlikely that people are making any money with this.


      • Mike says:

        I don’t know if they are faking comments, but they sure are moderating comments! Most of the comments I see under the videos are “this is great training” or crap like that.

        But I put a related comment with a question under one of the training videos since it seemed important and could help other people too…but my comment was deleted instead of approved.

        They delete comments, they delete support tickets, and apparently they can even delete threads on other websites(wf)!

    • Steve says:

      Yeah. I bet. Comments from Georges false accounts and friends I wouldn’t doubt. He can do what he likes in the members area as he controls everything and he has proved he will stoop pretty low already.
      Just an opinion !!

  33. Susan says:

    Well…I’m chiming in here because I like all of you have been duped!

    Even though I was tied up on multiple projects I purchased the software last night because I believed it was going to be closed too. And, I like others have been anticipating what I thought would be a great program George would be rolling out. Boy, was I wrong by the reviews on the net.

    Today, the site is still up and working. What a joke!

    I sent a support ticket in last night that I had not received an email with the software link or license key. Over 12 hours later I still haven’t heard anything. Sent another ticket. Started thinking maybe I had done something wrong and went in search. That’s when I went to the trusty WF and got directed over here.

    Just went back in on George’s support system and requested a refund. Stated if I didn’t hear from them by tomorrow I would be calling my bank.

    So disappointed in George Brown!

    • Brandon says:

      If you read what I wrote above, I am in the same boat…and I purchased over a week ago. I have placed them on notice and have threatened them that if I do not receive a refund by the end of day tomorrow, they will be receiving a letter from my attorney.

      This is absolutely the most ridiculous action from someone that I held in high regards for several years. What a shame!

  34. Maja says:

    Im interesting if the company “Swreg” have some responsibility to us buyers??!! We must take some action and refund our money!

  35. Pissed Buyer says:

    I can report the same here.
    No need to repeat much of it. I solely purchased because I trusted the name George Montagu Brwon so far. Did not see anything bad in his so far products. Nor die he ever aggressively market to his list.
    Well.. that was his advantage now to pre-sell Predator.

    Interestingly he was so often emphasising now, how Predator is a great product just like all his previous ones, because those were so ethical and valuable. Then he emphasise how he did not market much to his list, because he had no need, while making 100k per month with Predator.

    THEN later in the webinar he CLEARLY SAYS that Predator is NOT a spamming tool, and we shall not believe it would be anything like non-ethical, because we are JUST sending emails to people “interested” in a topic…

    AND he emphasized several times, how Craigslist is just ONE example, but Predator would be capable of doing so much, much more. He deliberately shows the drop down menu, where one can see those other options for finding leads, but he keeps showing Craigslist examples. HOWEVER he keeps promising how Predator is such a crazy big machine, you can do so crazy much with it…

    Bottom line, I solely purchased based on a) TRUST and b) THE PROMISE PREDATOR WOULD DO A LOT MORE – beyond Craigslist!!
    I would NEVER purchased for Craigslist alone! That is the only thing why I would NOT have pruchased!!

    So his Sales-Webinar is completely misleading – I wonder what FTC would think about this…

    Secondly, I was absolutely disappointed to find nothing in the members area besides tutorials for solely the Craigslist method!!

    Thirdly, to not be a complainer, I tried to find some potential ways to make money. But soon figured it is impossible without spamming!! Why? Because you can really not find people on Craigslist actually LOOKING for your offers!!! On the contrary, most people are selling something, or most of it is job offers, or offers selling somethings (e.g. pianos). And there is NO WAY do separate a search to clearly separate people OFFERING something from those LOOKING FOR somehting! I did not find a way how to find this on Craigslist!!!

    Next – all I found is SPAM WARNING INFO ON CRAIGSLIST!
    On Craigslist users are clearly being warned to pay attention and report receiving unwanted advertizing!!!
    They even clearly say, that people shall beware of such emails BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY WITH AFFILIATE LINKS!

    NOW GET THIS –> On Craigslist I found how they encourage annoyed users to report people, because the spammer can easily be identified by his affiliate ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DO YOU GET THIS????? Sending an email even with a free offer, to someone who did NOT ask for, is not only clear spam, it can annoy that person so much, that you get reported and your affiliate network shuts down your precious affiliate account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to emphasize the above, because there is NO WARNING in Predator’s training about THIS POTENTIAL RISK! They don’t explain how far the border of legal or grey hat goes nor do they care at least giving a hint to be AWARE what you are doing when using Predator!!

    Imagine how many newbies go blindly use the tool and lose all their business accounts potentially…!!

    So people – STOP WONDERING IF IT IS LEGAL – IT IS EXTREMELY BLACK HAT AND DANGEROUS, AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE IT, YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE WAY MORE SECURITY STEPS BEYOND FAKE NAME, FAKE EMAIL, even your own DOMAIN can be tracked back. Remember that. And like said, the affiliate URL usually reveals your Affiliate-ID of the network in question!

    These are more than enough reasons for me, to run as far as I can!!

    As soon as I realized within Predator that only Craitgslist is explained, and then not even Craigslist search let me do it properly (= finding legit looking for offers..!!)

    People who sell a piano (demo example they showed) will NOT be intersted in BUYING a piano lessons course! How irrational to send them “hey, before you sell your piano, you might want to check out those free lessons..” — this is exactly what the Predator tutorial is suggesting!!!

    I was hoping that was just a stupid example. And I could figure better ways to find potential buyers. But it is impossible to do without massive spam!

    They left people out in the dust, playing with the software, keeping everyone busy trying to make it work – while the initial 24hour-limited-sale went on for a FULL WEEK!! Still open today 31st October! And now with a weird payment plan. Which btw…. has a BUG!!
    If you want to buy in 2 payments the payment process tells you that you will be billed A MONTHLY $794 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys, HOW can there be a BUG in the payment process now????????????????
    Another gimmick??

    This whole Predator System thing is so trough and through full of CRAP it makes me sick how much time I am wasting on this!!


    BUT – they do read blog comments!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go ahead, and write a comment in the training area – you will see that the comment is “pending” approval. GOOD!
    I saw 2 of my comments as “pending” for 2 days. THEN they dissappeared! The GOOD about is – this means, they have READ IT and then deleted.
    So if you want to tell them what you think, while they do not respond to support tickets – go post a comment and say all that bothers you! At least, someone on the team will read it!

    And finally– THE REFUND!
    The sales page is bogus all the way through! No legal disclaimer, no privacy, no terms!, no refund policy there!!!!!!!

    And support not responding anway..

    But HERE IS HOPE! –> For refund you have to FILE A CLAIM WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY!!!!!!

    I have called my credit card company, and they cannot block the biling, but they sent me a COMPLAINT FORM!

    Your credit card company will then work on a charge back!

    This is the process.

    I will file mine tomorrow, right after the billing occurs!

    If we do this in masses, the scam artist will be stopped, and money refunded.

    Please share this credit card claim info on the web, forums, on youtube to let people know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck!

  36. William says:

    Hi, Thank you all for honest discussion for this product.

    As you know the thread on the warrior forum has been close down yet once again for no apparent reason.

    They have yet to delete it, which is soon i guess, but till now not many peiple having success to with the software even in the latest thread.

    Warrior Forums clearly favors George by helping him close down thread. I wonder how much more other scammers they help to clear up?

    I think it time to boycott Warrior Forum and not trust all their WSO bullshit and they people in Warrior Forum are a bunch of sarcastic, narcisst bunch anyway.

  37. Colin says:

    Hi Folks. Firstly, big thanks to admin for providing this open “non-deleting” forum.

    I have done some research around the legal aspect of this software (as George and Anthony have failed to clarify through my support ticket).

    In a nutshell, every civilised law abiding country in this world has law or policies protecting people from receiving unsolicited e-mails. So irrespective of where you operate this software, chances are, you are breaking the law in your country and the law of the country where the e-mail recipient resides. Now due to the collaboration of countries combating crime ad joining forces, chances are, you’ll get caught through the collaboration of law enforcement agencies anyway. For those that want to take the chance of using the software well all I would say is GOOD LUCK!

    Checking out a few of these policies it seems that just by “scraping” e-mail addresses and sending unsolicited mail breaks the law. So that essentially makes George Brown’s Predator unusable in most, if not all countries on the globe.

    As for getting a refund, well I would forget contacting the Predator support team this is the process I would follow:

    1. Log a complaint with your local trading law body applicable to our country (i.e. USA – FTC, UK – Trading Standards) state that you have purchased software that promotes illegal activity on the Internet, but you were not advised of it doing so prior to purchase. Ensure you give them as much detail how to contact the vendor George Brown (company address/phone no/e-mail). If you can, gain a log reference number.

    2. Go to your bank or credit card company and file a dispute. State that you have filed a complaint with the applicable trading law body in your country and advise them of the same details as in point 1, but also provide them the reference number provided by governing body.

    I hope you all get refunds guys as the people on here seem to have all fallen foul of this scam.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks Colin! I have been in business for quite some time and I am not the type of person to just sit around and not do anything about some ass taking people for a ride with their money. I am appalled by this whole thing. And in almost 3 years in this industry, I have never had to go through this before.

      I will be filing my complaints over the next couple of days since I have placed them on notice threatening them with a letter from my attorney. I sure hope they don’t test me, since I am a man of my word. People who steal from me (yes it’s theft since I never received my activation code and have been waiting for it since I purchased on the 25th) will not be tolerated and they have forever tarnished their image.

      • Colin says:

        Brandon, I’m confident you’ll get your money back. I have a feeling that George is going to be getting quite a few chargebacks on his merchant account with all the disputes. He deserves that for the poor customer service alone, never mind a product that no one can use!

        This will hopefully teach someone who used his good reputataion to swindle a bunch of hard working folk out of nearly $800.

      • Sanna Hellstrom says:

        Hi Brandon!

        Thanks for your straight forward attitude and your determination to take this all the way.
        I´m sitting in Sweden and will first thing in the morning, Monday November 12, take this to my bank and see what happens. I´ve also sent in a support ticket to Mr Brown as of yesterday, claiming my refund. This is such an insane story. I bought the Google Sniper and found it to be such an excellent material that when the Predator came, I listened to the “live” webinar with my finger on the buy -button. Buying this product with a sense of catching a prey. Chosen and with a determination to pay it back this very month. Well, it all looks different now. The money was on credit and the program is scary. Who the hell wants to spam people? And who the hell want to create FB Fanpages for nail salons? Not me anyway! Brandon, you seem very knowledgable. Could you state what the exact proceedure would be in a matter like this? I´ll do my due diligence today and try help some other people along the way! Thanks again and let´s stick together and help one another in this. I still can´t believe George did this. And I certailny don´t understand why? Sincere greetings from Sweden, Sanna

  38. Chuck says:

    Has anyone who has bought from George filed complaints with the FTC?

    It’s high time an example is made of these disgraced internet “marketers”.

    Don’t usually like to focus on the negative but George being arrested the next time he tries to enter USA would be a Kodak moment!

    • Sanna Hellstrom says:

      Chuck, I agree 100%.

      How many internet marketers get away with just about anything and there´s nothing one can do.
      But here, it seems MANY PEOPLE can act together and DO SOMETHING!!

      I´m all for it and I´ll do what I can.

      First, I need to file the complaint for a refund.

      I used my credit and is ashamed like a dog………:(

      Sanna Hellstrom

  39. Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

    Hi Colin,
    Well put and appreciate your helpful post …I contacted SWREG the processing provider yesterday …I advised them about the problems
    I was having and the total lack of response from Brown …they then contacted Predator support with a copy of my email and they forwarded a copy to me…They have asked Brown to contact me (pigs will fly)…So I am awaiting a response from the ECC european consumer office where I have filed complaint against Mr Brown …
    They are helpful and will advise me on the best solution …
    I think the Credit card angle should help also…A s someone advised on an earlier post I used the secret access door to buy Predator..When the invoice came up I entered quantity 200 !!!
    No problem $159400…I was going to say Brown is just a cheapskate 3 card trick scammer …But I am wrong he is a major scammer ,this is serious money he has taken.

    • Colin says:

      No problem Dermot. Involving authorities and the merchant will get results. The more people complain, the more chance he has of losing his merchant account. That way, no one else can be ripped off, at least for the time being.

  40. Colvin says:

    Also purchased on “Launch-DAY” Firtsly the Method seems solid and should work fine. But after buying and digging deeper in the process i realized that this is a “POWERFULL SPAM MACHINE” which even doesn’t work atm 🙂

    As I’m from Germany and paid via Paypal Account without a credit card behind I only have the chace to sispute a coomplain via PayPal itself. Has anybody made a paypal dispute with Predator already. The more complains are coming to paypal the easier and faster we all get our $$$ back.

  41. The amount of interest this thread is creating is extremely high, which shows the amount of people who are seriously not happy with this purchase and the promoter, George Brown.

    I think what needs to be realised, is that chances are George Brown has made over $1,000,000 on this product, judging by the amount of people he claimed were on the ‘waiting list’, so he will 100% try and protect this life-changing sum of money – it is a retirement fund at least.

    Put in all your disputes, because the more people that do, the higher chance that the payment processor/s will look closely into Brown.

    $799 is a lot of money to lose.

    Let us all know how you get on with your claims, as this can also help others, who also cannot afford to lose that money.

    There is no shame in being taken by the allure of this product, as it did look to be a serious tool, but then again, if YOU had control of such a tool, would you really offer it to all and sundry.

    We have all fallen for such claims and products over the years, at one time or another, but the focus should now be on regaining that sum you all paid out.

  42. Allan says:


    Yes the last post I put on WF has now been closed for no apparent reason.
    The post is still up but is closed to further comments.

    This is the post title under my WF name knightal
    “Predator George Brown honest reveiw please”

    With all buzz about Predator I’m wondering how another program called ‘Power Leads Pro X’ fairs. I mention it because it is a duplicate of Predator(Probably Predator is the copy)anyway it cost about the same and does exactly the same CL email thing so I ask how is it different? Anyone have any experience with it?

    And yes thanks Admin for keeping this post alive.


  43. Anne says:

    I’ve bought this and feel terribly let down. Sat for ages today trying to get it to do something but it seems just as others are saying that it’s pure spamming. I also feel very angry and disappointed with George for the false hype and ‘urgency’ to buy as he was ‘only selling so few copie’s.

    I paid by Paypal so hoping I can get my money back.

  44. Anne says:

    I’ve just spoken to Citizens Advice and they are passing it on to Trading Standards, this is what they have told me to do:
    send George Brown an email with ‘Breach of Contract’ in the subject line then:
    Explain what the contract was for
    when it was taken out
    how much was paid
    what the issue is with the contract ie not as advertised/illegal etc
    and then write ‘I am holding you in breach of contract and require a full refund by (set date).

    Hope this helps

  45. Confirmation of George Brown’s Guarantee to refund if not satisfied with the
    Predator Software:

    Proof of Warrior forum page offering refund – Click here

    Best print the above off in case Google removes the cache.

    And just in case Google do remove the cache, here is an image of that thread:

    Image of Refund Promise – Click Here

    Once the image has loaded you need to click on it to go full size, as it is a very large image, then print it off.

  46. Anne says:


    Paypal are contacting George Brown and he will have 10 days to answer but on 11 day, if it’s not disputed, Paypal will refund the money.

    They said to encourage everyone who’s in the same boat to report it.

    Good luck everyone

  47. Peter says:

    I have one problem with all these gurus. I have bought many programs and you can never get hold of any of them personally. Especially George Brown.

  48. Maja says:

    I have recive this email from swreg today…i was waiting 2 day that g.b replay to me and nothig from him…so i was again contact swreg… and they are replay to me this…

    Thank you for contacting SWREG.

    We understand that you would like to refund your order for Predator.

    “As a third party reselling company, we need first to notify the vendor
    regarding your refund request and we need to allow 2 business days for
    them to contact you directly. If you do not receive a response from the
    vendor within 2 business days, let us know so we can go ahead and refund
    your order”

    so people dont give up…and send email directly swreg company!
    [email protected]

    • chris says:

      Yup, just reached out to SWREG and told them I have been patient to this point (I contacted them about a refund approx 5 days ago). I went on to state if my refund request was not performed or at least acknowledged that I would be forced to file a charge back with my CC company and contact the appropriate regulatory bodies in regards to this softwares function and claim…

      20 minutes later I got a response that my refund is being processed and please allow 5-7 days.

      SWREG appears to be the ones handling refunds as Georgey Boy is MIA…My recommendation, is request refund through SWREG and NOT the support desk. After submitting through SWREG follow up with them in a few days…

      • Cam Mack says:

        Have just done the same thing, Chris.

        When the Predator support site still refuses to respond to tickets, SWReg is the logical place to chase this up.

        I’ll also be contacting my credit card company to lodge a transaction dispute.

        Thanks to all the great info supplied in this thread, I’ve got plenty of files to support my claim.

        I’m just “happy” I only went for the $397 plan and not the full price!

      • Miodrag says:

        Hi Chris,
        Can you tell me how did you contact swreg? When I go for refund, and fill up the form they redirect me to the George Brown support..

      • Philip says:

        Like most of the people on this tread, I too have had my request for help from George Brown’s support desk ignored. I’ve been submitting request since Nov 1st when I purchased Predator and could not get access to the software or members area.

        So 10 minutes ago I submitted a refund request to SWREG, lets hope they respond favourably.

    • David says:

      Hey Maja:

      I was also one of the buyersof the Predator “Beta” project, and I have to say, that buying this softwarewas the worst decision I could have ever made. Today I contacted SWREG and explained to them my reasons for requesting a refund for this product, and one hour later, they refunded the USD 797.00 I had paid for this crappy product, to say the least.

      • Philip says:

        Hey David:
        Did you request via email or phone?
        I sent a request via email but could not find a phone number for SWREG.

        If you have a phone number can you post it on this board?


        • Maja says:

          Hey David!

          Thats excellent news to hear! yes swreg must protectself in this case because is tomany unhappy people with this product! i was traing use the softwer…al sended mails are faild…so if emails faild…i cant use softwer and earn money!

        • David says:

          Hey Phillip:

          Sorry for responding too much late, but I tell you that my refund request was done via email. You need to send your refund request to the following email address: [email protected]. I could tell you that any staff member of SWREG is going to help you with your inquiries, based on my own experience with them.

          Hope that helps you.

        • David says:

          Hey Philip:

          Sorry for the following mistake, the exact email address that you need to contact to request a refund is: [email protected]. (NOT [email protected].)

          Sorry again for the mistake in the email extension.

          But there is another route as well, and is the following:

          Go visit this link:
          then, under the “Payments and Billing” statement, you need to click on the the clickable question Where’s my refund?. then, when you are going to be redirected to another page where you are going to type in all your personal details. Then, click on the “search” tab. After that, you are going to type in your reasons for requesting a refund. Finally, you need to click on the “send” tab, and you are done.

          It’s a little bit extensive my explanation here, but that is the larger route. I recommend you simply sending them an email through the email address ([email protected]) I gave you lines above.

          Hope that helps.

      • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

        Hi guys,
        A little thought entered my head abut Brown, what if we all contact Aweber Get response etc and just make a general complaint about the guy..These companies do not like it when more than a few make complaints >>>Just a thought.

  49. Colin says:

    Great to see the progress here! Thanks admin for the SS of the refund statement from George. BANG! LOL.

    As George has kindly shown the software working at it’s best on Craiglist, then may you finally be convinced that the software is not only illegal but also breaches the terms of use of the Craigslist website. I quote from the Craigslist terms of use section 5, UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS AND ACTIVITIES:

    “The collection of craigslist users’ personal information (including but not limited to email addresses, IP addresses and telephone numbers) is not allowed for any purpose”

    Now, if you had invested $100,000 in creating a piece of software to do something, wouldn’t it have been a really good idea to do your due dilligence prior to shelling out this vast amount of cash? I feel a Homer moment coming on for George. DOH!

    Forget the reviews, forget the hype. The laws and policies say it all…..

  50. Colin says:

    Sorry guys, not spamming the forum, but forgot to add in the next paragraph from Craigslist section 5 in their terms of use:

    “Any access to or use of craigslist to design, develop, test, update, operate, modify, maintain, support, market, advertise, distribute or otherwise make available any program, application or service (including, without limitation, any device, technology, product, computer program, mobile device application, website, or mechanical or personal service) that enables or provides access to, use of, operation of or interoperation with craigslist (including, without limitation, to access content, post content, cross-post content, re-post content, respond or reply to content, verify content, transmit content, create accounts, verify accounts, use accounts, circumvent and/or automate technological security measures or restrictions, or flag content) is prohibited. This prohibition specifically applies but is not limited to software, programs, applications and services for use or operation on or by any computer and/or any electronic, wireless and/or mobile device, technology or product that exists now or in the future”

    In other words, ytou can’t create a BOT or piece of software to manipulate the website by any means (yes, including scraping of content).

    Not sure I need to expand on this point anymore! I’m sure we now know we’re we all stand with Predator….


  51. Alvin says:

    Sometimes it is good to run out of cash. I watched the streaming of the sale pitch for GB Predator and it seemed like a winner. I was so elated and was convinced that finally I am going to make money from IM. I had a few doubts about its tactics to scrape emails from Craiglist because I know Craiglist owners are far from stupid to allow a software to do such a thing on a large scale.

    Although highly tempted I did not buy GB Predator because #1. I was broke at the time of launch #2 I learn now following Internet Marketing for years that 95% of IM make their money from the ‘selling’ of the product rather than the ‘using’of the product so the ‘limited’ time offer and the ‘limited’ quantity is all crap. Do you believe a marketer would create a product for sale and in turn prevent the product for selling one million copies if it could?

    The problem is not George Brown, the problem is us. We are too gullible to every sale pitch. Something inside tells us that something is not right but we constantly ignore it. We do this because we want to be rich without doing any work. That is the type of emotional needs people like George Brown tap into to implement their trade.

    These sales pitches are so good that even experienced Internet Marketers who use the same pitch end up falling for them. One good bit of advice whenever a new product is launched give it another full week before you purchase. Two things usually happen, the deal will be better after one week because if the product is crap they will have to reduce the price or break it up into payment plans or it may end up on Ebay for pennies on the dollar. Never, Never, buy a product on Launch day. Tell me one product which was close down on launch day and never reopen again? We fools!

    • The same could be said for 99% of the crap that is sold on the Warrior Forum, but how many people do you see buying the WSO’s? And how many people do you see reading the WSO section at any given time of the day or night.

      It is crazy really, that so very many people buy the garbage that is sold in WSO’s.

      When a WSO is launched you then have all the promoters mates saying “great”, etc. when it is all lies.

      The Warrior Forum ALLOW these lies to be told on ALL WSO’s

      • David says:

        Hey Colin:

        I have to agree with you about WSO, I do not know if 99.99% of the products listed in them are crap, but I could say that at least the vast majority of them (perhaps 80%) are pure crap!!!

        I would like to know if you have had success in obtaining a refund for the predator “beta crappy” project.

  52. Now here’s a thing. Just searched ‘George Montagu Brown Bournemouth address’ and the following came up.

    (Personal information that is not in the public domain has been removed)

    D.O.B.: Nov 1990
    Age: 21
    Nationality: British
    Company: George Montagu Brown Ltd. Role: Company Secretary. Appointed 18 May 2009. Company dissolved.
    Hope this helps, folks.

  53. George Montagu Brown Ltd of 23 Worthington Crescent, Poole, Dorset, UK, BH14 8BW was dissolved 24 Oct 2012.

    (This information is in the public domain : )

  54. Colin says:

    George Brown has an active company, set up this year:

    Mr George Montagu Brown
    Mr Thomas Julian Miler

    Registration Date: 01/08/2012
    Registration Number: 08164884
    Type: Private Limited Company
    Registered Address:
    BS1 6AS

    If he won’t refund your money then go to the companies house website in the UK, order the company reports, get his home address and hire a UK solicitor to place a county court judgement on him.

    (This information IS in the public domain)

  55. Brandon says:

    There is another thread on the WF where someone provided the thread that was shut down that clearly shows George talking about their being a refund policy. What I would highly recommend you do is go to the site and make a copy of the entire thread and save it for your investigation file. Your bank may want to see it. Here is the link:

    (Link removed, it is now as a PDF below)

  56. Jason says:

    I really had to laugh when George said it cost him $100,000 and 2 years to make “Predator”. Honestly you could have a working (though not pretty) version of this software done in less than a week.

    As soon as he said that I lost all respect for the man, and I feel sorry for all the people who get sucked into all the hype and stripped of their hard earned money.

    Don’t give up on making a living online though, not everyone out there is trying to rip you off (not quite everyone anyways).

  57. Brandon says:

    I have just submitted my claim through Paypal dispute center. Basically, if you submitted your payment through Paypal, you need to login, click on “Resolution Center” at the top and go through the process. Since the payment was sent to SWREG, Inc., they will be notified of the request and I’m sure they will have direct contact with George. If my memory serves me, SWREG is his merchant company.

    I don’t think George wants to risk his merchant account over this, so by notifying them directly, this should resolve in your getting a refund. Good luck and I will keep you all informed as to my results.

  58. Allan Andersen says:

    Hi All

    After purchasing GMB´s predator i never recieved a license key or access to members area. It just said no subscription when i logged in. After trying to reach anyone for 3 days i contacted the SWREG and requested they deliver or refund. 3hrs later i got this mail:
    Dear Customer:

    A full refund has been submitted, as requested. Please allow up to
    several business days for the credit to post to your account.


    SWReg Support

    Original Message Follows:
    Order ID: U4837612801

    Hi Have made and order for purchase off software from George brown.
    I have not received software or license keys. Actually got nothing but a
    receipt for my 500$???
    Have also tried to contact support for 3 days without other that
    autoreply back.

    So i quess there is hope 🙂

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks Allan! I just submitted my request for a full refund through Paypal, which in turn contacts SWREG, Inc. So it is encouraging that they are responsive. Please update us when you actually receive the money back on your card. That’s when you can breathe a sigh of relief. 🙂

  59. Simon Morrison says:

    If you google ‘Julian Miller George Brown’ you reach comments from 2010 very similar to those here regarding Predator…

  60. Kieran Robertson says:

    Great news. I’ve been pushing for a refund to both George Brown, and SWREG, and I’ve received confirmation that I will infact receive a refund:

    Thank you for contacting SWREG.

    We have received your request for a refund.

    We are processing your refund for order: U4818163901. Please allow 5 – 7
    days for the credit to be applied to your credit card. Due to billing
    cycles, the refund may not appear on the same credit card statement as
    the original charge.

    Ma. Christina M.
    Customer Service

    If you want a refund, you need to contact SWREG, and say you are going to chargeback via your credit card. Once you say that, they will give a refund.

  61. Miodrag says:

    I give a chance to the software, I was working like hell last 7 days and there is no progress, not even cent earned.
    From Monday I am using Anthony’s Facebook fan page method, i have build 100’s of videos, send thousands emails, and without even one response, people don’t even look at videos! I have follow instruction to the letter.

    Half hour ago I ask for refund, take a screen shoots, and now I’m thinking about contacting swerg.

    Really disappointed, with his Google Sniper I was start my IM journey!

  62. Steven says:

    A very good friend of mine bought Predator without my knowledge the day after launch date 1 week ago for $797. She also bought a secondary key for me for $397. Total $1194. She is now requesting a full refund through and I will explain the problems here.

    1. The software does not work correctly and is full of bugs, way too many to list here.

    2. For some people it does not work at all, they have no access. Just paid their $797 and did not even get an activation key.

    3. After submitting 10 different support tickets over 4 days we have had ZERO responses. The ticket priority was marked either medium, urgent or critical.

    4. Customer support is not in their vocabulary. You can submit tickets which they will not respond to but there is no other way to contact them and they do not contact you. We are not sure that they read the tickets or even if there is anybody there. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!


    5. After spending many hours exploring the “features” of Predator it is very obvious that it is no more than a glorified email scraper. IF they ever manage to fix all the bugs in Predator (very doubtful), it would allow you to commit serious illegal spamming offences which are very likely to result in your ISP banning you, getting fined by the authorities or even worse. There are laws against spamming and you can be held responsible in your own country and also in the country of the spam recipient.

    6. The launch was supposed to be limited to just 50 beta users but we have since found out that there are many many more who have been allowed to part with their money. The launch was a “One time only offer for the first 50”. After the 50 were sold the orders continued on. My friend watched a replay of the sales video the following day and purchased at that time. When the orders finally stopped George Brown then offered a further 40 copies but I think you can always add a zero to any amount that they say they are selling. Then they opened up a payment plan of 2 payments of $397 to make it accessible to even more people. There is obviously no limit to the quantity of copies they will sell and it has been suggested by many that Predator already has sales exceeding 1,000 copies! That means over one million $$$$.

    7. Craigslist is obviously the main target for Predator. Harvesting emails from CL and then spamming their users was shown in the Predator sales video which I watched the replay of. George also suggested that CL was only part of the many functions of his software but he only used Craigslist to demonstrate Predator. What George failed to mention was that Craigslist have measures in place to detect and stop spam bots like Predator. Many have tried before and failed because Craigslist blocks them. The larger the number of people using Predator, the faster Craigslist will block them and I know CL has already done so.

    8. Using Predator for anything other than CL is pointless. Google maps, Yahoo local, Bing plus some free ads websites are all accessible through Predator but are also available FREE on Google without spending $797. There is very little or no advantage of using Predator for these even if it did work correctly.

    Sorry about the very long post but I think it is important to let people know from somebody who has really explored Predator. Many people have fallen prey to George Brown’s underhand tactics. He has used his past reputation as credibility to make people think they are one of only 50 buying a piece of software that will allow them to easily make significant income legally. Every single post or comment that I have found from Predator buyers on the internet has been very negative. Everybody is trying to find out how to get a refund because they do not get a response from George Brown. Very very disappointing.

    George Brown IS the Predator!


  63. Chuck says:

    According to Colin’s comment above the directors of Georgey’s new company are:-

    Mr George Montagu Brown
    Mr Thomas Julian Miler

    If that is the same Tom Miller that is mentioned here:-

    then looks like two dishonest people joining forces to rip people off.

    The Traffic Revolution software nobody could get to work apart from George and he made $3.5k using it – it must be true as he said so 😉

    (This information IS in the public domain)

  64. David says:

    What really bothers me about all this is the fact that this “guru”, has used his past credibility to sell a complete crap and harm honest people that believed in him, before the launch of the “beta crappy” predator software. What a shame really. It’s really sad to see how this guru has broken his reputation into pieces. It’s well known for everyone that it’s very difficult to build a good reputation in the IM field, but obviously, it’s really easy and only takes days, if not hours, to destroy it with a BS launch like this.

    But what really makes me LMFAO, is the fact that “hordes” of people are going unsuscribe from his lists. In no time, I think he is going to cancel his Aweber account (and any other account that he could have with other autoresponder services) because no one is going to remain in his lists. It’s really funny all of this.

    In order to finish, I have to say that this halloween must have been the most terrible one for Georgy……LOL

  65. Jim says:

    here is my email and an answer from swreg.


    This purchase was a scam, and the product owner did not fulfill this order.
    He did not deliver the product, and refuse to answer and support tickets.
    I have made a total of 3 support tickets and they all been deleted.
    I want to address you as you processed the money through my Visa card.
    Please issue a refund of my money and also stop the second payment to go through.

    If you fail to do this in 1-3 bank days i will file a complaint to my bank and to the VISA department as FRAUD attempt.

    I will also contact my attorney and you will hear from him after these days stated above has passed. I will then prepare to go to court with this issue, and that will just render more cost for you!

    So to make things right, please refund this purchase as soon as possible. i am 1000% sure you have a bunch of emails and claims like this for this product. The Internet is right now spammed by people getting ripped of by this seller. you should not handle his other products in the future.

    I have attached my receipt in this email.

    Hope to hear from you soon
    answer in 12 hours
    Dear Jim

    Thank you for contacting SWREG.

    We show your order was refunded on 2012-11-03. Please allow 5 – 7 business days from this date for the credit to be applied to your account. Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same credit card statement as the original charge. If you are unable to locate the applied credit, please contact the issuing bank for further information regarding when it will be applied.

    Maria Corazon C.
    Customer Service

    • Brandon says:

      Great to hear that you took a proactive approach and even threatened them with you attorney contacting them. This is sometimes necessary to get a response.

      One thing is for certain, my threat to George Brown’s support desk 3 days ago that I would have my attorney draft a letter to them threatening them with a lawsuit has still gone unanswered. Today is day 3 and still nothing. And if you look at the whole scheme of things. I purchased 9 days ago and have yet to receive my activation code and 8 days since I sent my initial request. Just a ghost town and crickets.

    • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

      Well done Jim,
      I am delighted for you , I hope we all learn a very valuable lesson from George Brown …

  66. Chavez says:

    Jim, did you send your request to [email protected]? I sent them a request for a refund for predator as well and I got an automated message telling me not to reply and directing me to GB’s support page.

    • Brandon says:

      Chavez, I sent my request to that address and it did not redirect to GB’s support desk. What you need to do is send you request directly from your email program. If you think about it, how does SWREG, Inc. know that you are contacting them about GB? The only reason you are being redirected is probably because you entered the invoice # of your transaction. In doing so, it will look up who the merchant is and redirect you to their help desk.

      So send directly from your email program. That should solve your problem.

    • Jim says:

      I sent it on their website, but the sender is that one.

      I have not got a full refund!!

  67. Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

    Hi again ,
    I do apologize for so many posts , it’s just I am furious with Georgie boy !!!..I know what I would like to do to the ba$*ard…
    I have copied an email I have just sent to SWREG…

    Hi Veronica…

    Thank you for forwarding my refund request to George Brown…I
    appreciate you are trying to resolve any problems…
    However I am certain the support at Predator will not answer your
    request ,the reason is simple they have ignored all my requests for
    support…Having checked various internet forums many others have the
    same problem…
    I would like you to refund my money for the following reasons…
    1. The software never worked from the first day I installed it…
    2. The support for the product was totally non existent …
    3. George Brown sold this as a Beta testing product with a maximum of
    50 people getting it…This is complete lies ,I entered through the
    secret access he gave for a few more people…I followed through to
    your invoice part of the process ,I entered 200 units
    and sure enough up came a price of $159400…
    4. This software is illegal to use ,it is nothing more than a email
    scraper (spammer)…
    Brown tried to address this by saying as we were only sending one
    email per person
    it was not spam…It is spam !, apart from that the modes we use to
    gather this info
    Craigs list /Gumtree etc etc strictly forbids information gathering…
    I would never have purchased this product except for the fact that it
    was George Brown
    a person who I thought was trustworthy…You know how many units have been sold
    Brown said on the Warrior forum he would refund anyone that was
    unhappy with Predator…I will provide links to this thread and also
    his original webinar…
    The one where he has blatantly lied to us the customer ,should you
    request them …
    I am deadly serious on this issue and may even get together with
    others on the forums
    to take action jointly against Brown and possibly SWREG as the processor…

    I do not want to go against SWREG but you folks have inside knowledge
    of what this guy has done…
    Sincerely Dermot Mc Glinchey
    Guys if you think any part of this is wrong please advise < I think I have been as honest as possible..

  68. Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

    Back again!!!..
    Just had an email back fro SWREG informing me that if he does not respond to my refund request within 2 business days they will refund my money…
    Again my sincere thanks to UK Dropshop admin …

  69. Colin says:

    I downloaded the report from companies house. It seems George and Julian have registered a service address in Hong Kong against their contact address at companies house. That’s suspicious in it’s own right! Directors based in the UK are obliged to use their home addresses to register as directors of a company, unless they can give good reason to companies house why they can’t (i.e. celebs, politicans, being stalked). I guess George classes himself as a celeb!

    I was suspicious of George’s activity on Predator, however this just makes me suspicious overall of all of his activities. Period.

    By the way, they each of 50% of Unlimited You Limited, so I’d probably avoid purchasing any products of any nature from this company.

  70. John says:

    Hello again,

    Here’s an update that may be encouraging news to some of you. After submitting several refund requests and starting a disputed charge process with my credit card company I finally got a refund from George today. His support tech said she was swamped with tickets and that was what delayed her getting back to me. OK… if you say so. Anyway, to their credit, I did finally get a refund. It was MUCH harder than it should have been.

    Good luck,


    • Brandon says:

      I’m glad to hear that you finally received a refund. Since I submitted by request right around the weekend time and to 2 different sources (Paypal & SWREG), I am confident that I hear back from at least one of the sources. We’ll see what happens.

      • David says:

        Hey Brandon:

        I wanted to know if you could get a refund from SWREG. They normally attend the customers within 1 or 2 days at max. Just in case, the email address from SWREG is: [email protected].

        Hope that helps.

      • Brandon says:

        That’s the email address that I sent my request through. I haven’t heard from them yet. If I don’t hear back from them by tomorrow, I will send them another request. I just want to be done with this whole mess.

  71. Colvin says:

    Haha, just got an Answer from George Brown ([email protected]) 24 hrs. after I requested a Refund via SWREG ([email protected])

    BUT it was not was I’ axspecting, Could you pls Advice what to do: Here is the Original Mail from Predator Support :


    Wow – we are really surprised to get this ticket. How can we help you or what questions do you have?

    We KNOW that there are bugs and if that is what you are experiencing and is why you are asking for a refund, please realize that this is part of the beta stage. The Predator software hasn’t been tested on this many computers until now and it was developed originally just for George’s machine. We sent out an email yesterday that explained that the newest version of Predator solved many issues that existed in previous versions. Please follow the information in that email to get your new software!

    For Mac users – the wait is over! That email also explains how to download and install your Mac version of Predator as well!

    We hope that you remember and understand that there was not a refund policy advertised on the presentation. This is due to the fact that this is a Beta release of the software and a special opportunity to get and use the software before the public gets a chance to next year. It was an offer for those that were willing and able to dive into this opportunity to get their online business jump started. Please let us know how we can help you! That is what we are here for!


    George Brown Support

  72. Colvin says:

    “We hope that you remember and understand that there was not a refund policy advertised on the presentation. “

    • George Brown has already stated publicly that he will refund any customer who is not satisfied. A link to this is on this thread,


      • Colvin says:

        Off Course I knwo that, but that is what he is saying in the Support Mail i just got:

        Information that is not in the public domain, or from a ticket with a privacy policy has been removed

        • Yes, I know, he has back-tracted, and totally contradicted what he said on the Warrior Forum.

          I mentioned it, because you can use it as evidence that he DID offer a refund initially, even though they are now stating otherwise is emails.


          • Colvin says:

            OK, just replied SWREG with my refund request 2. Time (attached the PDF from WF)…I’ll keep you updated

  73. Andy says:

    I purchased Predator the day after it was supposed to have been closed after the first 50.

    I had said on the WF that I would not be requesting a refund as I wanted to give George a chance to sort out the bugs.


    When I did get the software to work as it ‘theoretically’ should, here are my comments:

    1. I’ve wasted almost 3 working days on this thing
    2. I’ve had 5 Gmail accounts shut down
    3. I’ve tried 3 different type of product campaigns on Craigslist without a single hit on any of my affiliate links.

    My best guess on that would be that CL have already caught wind on the type of emails predator users are sending and they are simply going to CL’s junk/spam trap.

    4. I spent all day yesterday trying their suggestion in the first training webinar, but I won’t get a response from any of the 94 people I contacted over a 12 hour period.

    (I didn’t want to send out the number of emails which they recommend, is about 30 emails per hour from each email account. So I turned it down to only 10)

    And I got that Gmail address shut down for spamming by none other than Google themselves.

    5. Today I have requested a full refund from SWREG (thank you someone on this list for providing me with their contact information).

    So I have to hang me head down low now, because I am ashamed to say that George Brown took me for the ride of my life with this thing.

    If you spend that much money on software ($110k), I would have expected that the owner and developers would have made sure it worked on all versions of windows since xp or vista and even have a mac version already set up, BEFORE releasing it to the ‘privileged’ people, as George and his side-kick are referring to us poor buyers!

    Never again will I trust that boy!

  74. Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

    Hi again,
    Amazing how Brown’s support comes to life as soon as the sh^t hits the fan…In fairness to SWREG they informed me yesterday evening that my refund was processed …They also apologized profusely for the distress caused …I have berated this software on the Predator
    website , I told them Brown was a liar and a conman…I think I will be pushing daisies before Brown sues for libel…Anyone having problems now just contact SWREG they will process your refund…

    Thanks to all you good people on here for the advice and determination to fix Browns scam …I wish you good fortune…

    • Andy says:

      Dermot, I am happy you’ve got your money back.

      Can you tell me when you contacted SWREG please? I am still waiting for a response.


      • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

        Hi Andy,
        Sorry for the delay in getting back …I first contacted then last Wednesday ,they sent me a copy of the email they had sent Browns support (or lack of it).
        I then contacted them on Sunday morning…They came back within 20 mins and said they would refund me with 2 business working days if Brown did not respond…
        I emailed again and said that was ok but I had already waited 2 business days for reply from Brown..
        Within 1 hour they advised me a refund was being processed and apologized for the poor service offered from Brown…If you are still struggling with this I will give you all the emails I received…
        You are certain to get refunded SWREG know this is a disaster and looks bad for them ..
        Best wishes Dermot

        • Andy says:

          Thank you Dermot.

          I will contact them again, as I’ve had no response yet!

          • Andy says:

            I’ve just had confirmation from SWREG that I will receive my refund for the full amount within 5-7 days.

            Lets put this predator-blip in our lives behind us now!

            Good luck to all those who are also applying for refunds. Like Dermot said to me, I’d say to you – don’t fret, you will get your money back by contacting SWREG.

  75. Colvin says:

    Hey again,

    just got an e-mail from paypal, that my Case is closed and the mopney has been refunded by SWREG. Guys, thanks a lot for your help here on this blog, as WF is a total mess when it comes to “FREE SPEACH”


  76. Mike says:

    I am starting to worry I won’t be able to get a refund. I emailed SWREG at [email protected] and still haven’t heard anything from them. It’s been a couple days now…

    • Dermot Mc Glinchey says:

      Hi Mike,
      Get back on to SWREG ,I am surprised because I found them very helpful…Advise them that you bought this in good faith but it never worked and the support never answered your emails…
      Also tell them that you have learned from various forums that
      SWREG have already refunded many people…They even dealt with my refund last Sunday…Stick in there SWREG are a part of Digital River a $450 million a year company …They wont let pr*cks like Brown destroy their good name…
      Hope this helps Dermot

  77. Richard says:

    Hi everyone,

    It’s unbelievable how many people have become the victims by purchasing the predator software.

    The income which he showed in his webinar were from sales of Google Sniper and not results of using Predator software.

    Look at this screenshot:

  78. Mark says:

    Hi everybody, if you would like proof that George was using sales from his GSniper products sold by affiliates have a look at this YouTube video of the sales pitch. have a look at around 1hour and 40 minutes, his screen is not blurred for a second or two and you can see it is affiliate sales for GSniper that he is showing us. The same thing if you go to 1h 42min 06sec. He is did not even filter out his refunded sales in this section.

  79. Mark says:

    By the way: When you download the Predator software the license agreement advises that “This not free software, Subject to the teams below, you are hereby licensed to use this SOFTWARE for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 30 days. If you use this SOFTWARE after the 30 day evaluation period a registration fee is required”

    This might help.


  80. Diana Gascon says:

    Well, I’m a customer of Google Sniper 2.0. Because I’ve always respected George as one of my most looked up to internet marketers I didn’t think twice about buying the Predator software. Was I wrong. I couldn’t use the software because non of my perfectly well configured Google e-mails worked on Predator. I have been on George’s list for well over a year now. I feel so disappointed and betrayed!!! I admit I didn’t see this coming by GB!

  81. Diana Gascon says:

    Although The bill (CAN-SPAM act) permits e-mail marketers to send unsolicited commercial e-mail as long as it adheres to 3 basic types of compliance defined in the CAN-SPAM Act: unsubscribe, content and sending behavior compliance… The scary part is when/if it becomes a matter of legal opinion.

  82. Richard Stephens says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I have got a refund as well. SW Reg seem to be quite on the ball with this one. I was waiting for an email from them, but for some reason I didn’t get it. However, I checked my visa card this morning and I have in fact be refunded. I have lost out a little on the currency conversion, but at least I’ve got most of it back.

    What a learning curve!!!

    At the end of the day, this has been a lesson to us all. Push button solutions still don’t exist (at the moment anyway).

    I just filled in the contact form on the SW Reg site.

    Good luck to everyone still fighting this garbage and I wish you every success for the future.

    Richard Stephens

    • Sanna Hellstrom says:

      Hi Richard!

      Thanks for sharing your success! I´ll get to it immediately.
      This has been a nightmare and as you say, there are no push button solutions to success online.

      Many thankful greetings from Sweden,

  83. debs says:

    Hi Mike,

    You need to address your request for refund email to [email protected]
    and not [email protected] my refund request was taken care of there.

    I’d like to say a very “Big Thank You” to the admin here for all the support given to the very many of us that have fallen foul to this predator episode.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks debs, I have been sending my emails to their support email since logically “support” would be the most obvious and “info” being for generic emails. Whatever!

      I just sent my 3 email to their “info” email address. Thanks!

      Also, I haven’t attempted this phone number yet, but has anyone tried contacting SWREG on the phone? If I don’t hear back from them by tomorrow, I will be calling the following number:
      952-253-1234. I found it here: Click here

  84. Brandon says:

    I have finally, after numerous attempts with not only George Brown’s support, but also with Paypal & SWREG, Inc., received a full refund. My requests were ultimately fulfilled via Paypal dispute methods. But I believe it was a combination of contacting both SWREG & Paypal that ultimately resulted in a favorable outcome.

    I was very demanding to SWREG & informed them of that having not received the activation code, this order was by law a fraudulent transaction since I did not receive what I had paid for.

    I also made reference to this site if they cared to get a full preview of what other customers thought of Predator and the sh*t they have been through.

    All I can say is that you just need to be persistent and follow-up. And although it never came to it, you might even want to call SWREG directly: 952-253-1234 (this is unverified and I found this on the web, but it’s worth a try)

    Although I had contacted

    • Colin says:

      Brandon… RESULT!

      Well done.

      Good to see that the war against ripping people off is going to the right side for a change.

      contacting your bank, credit card company or if you have paid through Paypal will 99.9% time go in your favour. These organisations have a duty of care towards it’s customers and based upon the number of refund requests that have gone through, I’d say they’ve realised that there is no choice but to refund customers who request so.

      My advice: If you want a refund from George Brown of your Predator Software purchase then go yo your bank/credit card company or Paypal. Don;t mess around wasting your time with the Predator support desk….

      • Brandon says:

        Yes, I would agree with you 100%. Don’t mess around with their support desk. It is futile. Since I had used Paypal, the funds were deposited directly into my Paypal account.

        To those that have yet to receive their refunds, contact SWREG, Inc. at [email protected]. I didn’t have any success with their support email address.

        If you used Paypal, open up a dispute, type out your message like you are contacting SWREG and they will get that email. I opened my dispute last Friday and I received my refund yesterday (Wednesday). Considering that it was the weekend and that they probably don’t do much with refunds, I would say that it took them 3 days for my refund to arrive.

        Good luck!

  85. Steven says:

    REFUND FROM SWREG for $1197.

    I posted here on this site on November 3….”A very good friend of mine bought Predator without my knowledge the day after launch date for $797. She also bought a secondary key for me for $397. Total $1194.”

    1. Email to [email protected]
    I would like to request a refund for invoices Uxyzabc123 and Uxyzabc124 for a total of $1194.00. See both receipts at bottom of this email. The product was supplied digitally but does not work and is not fit for purpose intended.

    I have contact George Brown’s Support ten times in the last 4 days and have had no response from them. Please refund as soon as possible.

    2. At the same time she sent the same message from SWREG website. Go here and search for your order and submit your refund request.

    3. She also contacted PayPal to inform them of the dispute and they in turn also informed SWREG about this. If you paid by credit card then you should contact them and they will do exactly the same.

    These 3 actions were carried out on Saturday and the full refund was received by Tuesday. There was no further contact needed to SWREG. Pretty good in my opinion.

    She NEVER contacted George Brown to request a refund because I advised her that she would be wasting her time and that would just delay her refund.

    Very simple and straight forward. I hope this helps anybody who is looking for the best way to get a refund quickly without further frustration.

    Thank you very much to UKDropShop Admin for doing a great job here. It has made me think twice about Warrior Forum and their “rules” and ethics. It has also made me see UKDropShop in a glowing light. Good job, keep up the good work. 🙂


  86. Diana Gascon says:

    Guys if you think any part of this is wrong please advise < I think I have been as honest as possible… Dermot Mc Glinchey

    We're right on being upset but you said it right Dermot "Georgie Boy" …He is 22 after all!

    It is often taken for granted that these are the years of carelessness and not those of serious thought.

  87. Lee says:

    As others have done, I would like to express my deep appreciation for this thread. I emailed SWREG this morning from the UK [at [email protected]], and within 1 hour I received a positive response to my request for a refund (though they said it can take 5 – 7 days to process the refund)! I am delighted and relieved.

    Power Leads Pro
    Over the last few days I have done some digging, and found out that Predator is an attempt (albeit a dreadful one) to copy “Power Leads Pro”. Amongst the misreprentations GB made, was the assertion that Predator was somehow unique. It isn’t. It is, in fact, a (dreadful) attempt to copy Power Leads Pro, whose site is here:

    Although I don’t know anyone who uses this program, here is the WSO thread for the “lite” version:

    I sent a list of 9 questions to the owner of the software (using the Contact Us page on the .net address above yesterday), and received a personal reply to all of them, barely 12 hours later … and direct from the owner!

    To be honest, I am not sure whether I am going to go ahead … I may very well not do so. The potential spam issues etc remain the same, but taking the now 2 year old WSO thread and the .net site, and the personal reply from the owner together, I do get the sense that at least it is a real working program.

    SO …
    In conclusion . Many Thanks to all again. I think it unlikely that SWREG would have responded positively to me so quickly without all of YOU contacting them before me, and in effect doing the hard ground work.

  88. Maja says:

    Hi people. Swreg is back my money and it was very fast for 1 day after they send mail that they will be a refund me! So my story with predator and swreg is over now. Thankyou people for all and this thead 🙂

    • Thomas says:

      Hi maja, how did you do that, i have request refund by swreg but they resend me predator support team letter and that’s it? They asked me what issues with predator i have.

  89. Logan Brinsmead says:

    I now sit here with egg on my egg, good thing as I’m red with embarrassment, form purchasing Predator from this GMB person.

    All that I wanted to say has already been said here. I too have sent a refund request to SWREG, time will tell if I’m successful in my refund attempt.

    The only good thing that I can say that has come from all of this, is that I have meet two very good people in the process. As they too have been stung by the deadly GMB poison…..


  90. Alesha says:

    I too bought Predator and have done 3 campaigns and each one has returned over a quarter of the emails as ‘undelivered because of suspected spam’ by Gmail. Also I just want to say to Charlie that I read all the positive comments on the Predator website, and my first thought was that they seemed to be all written by the same person. And that was before I had any issues with Predator. Now after reading Admin’s post that any comments you see on the Predator Members site, could be fabricated to make it look like there are some successful members, I remember my strong instinct which at the time I dismissed – which was that all these comments have been written by the same hand.

  91. Alesha says:

    BTW if you see in the video the way George is sending CPA offers to craigslist, this is also against all CPA Networks that I know of.

    You are not supposed to contact classified ad sites and all emails sent are supposed to be from your own list, have an unsubscribe option, usually have an approved subject line and text, as well as follow CAN SPAM compliance etc etc.

    It struck me straight away that he is not doing any of that, and he makes it look so easy. But I thought maybe he had found his way around it with permission somehow. But when I questioned it over a week ago I received no reply.

  92. Carlo says:

    I bought the Predator system because of the scarcity ploy. Saying it was earning George $100k/ month and it was really a limited opportunity. Turns out, even after I bought it full price for one lump payment of $797, he re-opened the offer making it possible to purchase with a payment program – 2x $399. So right there, he’s not trustworthy.
    The training is OK. Antony Lee talks like a retard.
    The Predator program in itself is an interesting piece of software, but it is not ready yet. I’m sure within 12 months, someone else will have come up with a much better program code.
    The webinars are a pile of junk. The methods suggested to make money are full of holes and you end up with more questions than actual answers.
    Customer service is unresponsive.
    I complained loud enough to get attention and got a refund, thank you very much.
    George Brown’s future? My guess is he’ll have to work under a new alias from now on.
    Too bad. The kid got it right with Google Sniper. He’s blowing his reputation away with his one.

  93. Chuck says:

    Maybe whenever we comment on internet marketers we should try to link GMB in there somehow with the term ‘disgraced internet marketer George Brown’. Of course that won’t be allowed on the Warrior Forum as they don’t hold product owners to any sort of account whatsoever but at least everywhere else people who read it will instinctively ask themselves why he is disgraced and in so doing save themselves money and hassle from purchasing his ‘frauducts’.

  94. Dan says:

    Just wanted to add my voice – I got tricked by the deceptions in the sales video as well as most folk here and feel totally let down by George. Google Sniper worked great a few years ago and so he’d built up a lot of credibility in my mind. But that credibility has gone now…

    Got my full refund today. After being ignored by both George’s Support and SWREG, I got my cash back by opening a PayPal dispute. A few days later, I escalated to a claim and a few days later I got my money back.

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this but I’m pretty sure (forgive me if I’m wrong) he said in the sales video that the money was needed to pay for support people and their training – it seems to me that there are only one or two people manning the support desk! Another example of George being economical with the truth?

    Anyway, now I just have to unsubscribe from George’s list…


  95. Mike says:

    Like Dan, I was finally able to get a refund but it wasn’t easy. Contacting George’s support team was useless, and I sent several emails directly to SWREG and they ignored me too. But yesterday I opened a dispute with Paypal and a few hours later I had a full refund. So if you ordered through Paypal, use them to get your refund!

  96. Matthew says:

    Anyone fancy giving me a license key for a small price?

    • Don’t you also need the actual software for the license key to work?


      • Matthew says:

        Yeh i’ve already got it, just need a license key 😛

        • AJ says:

          You’d be wasting your time and more money Matthew, i’ve had a refund but still have access to the software.

          I’ve run another 2 CL campaigns just to reassure myself that i’d done the right thing and, well…

          Not a single hit on an affiliate link. No real surprise really. I am positive that CL have very tight spam trap!

          Good luck though, me I’m back to real internet marketing!


          • Matthew says:

            I still want to try it out for myself, george bigged it up a lot and i though it sounded good, anyone got a spare license key?

  97. Homel says:

    Believe it or Not, i personally red all the comments here. painful…painful…painful painful…painful stories.what all these people went through. incredibly devastating.

    “UK-DropShop” is a resolution. “UK-DropShop” is changing the world.

    “UK-DropShop” allows all voices the freedom to be heard. Thank-you.

  98. Thomas says:

    Hi, is there any one, who knows how to refund predator if it was purchased by credit card?

  99. PJ says:

    I submitted my request for a refund this morning, and received a notice that my refund has been processed (it hasn’t been 10 hours) and allow 5-7 business day. (I used my CC to purchase).

    I sent my letter to predator with a cc to SWREG. I also mentioned the refund from WF.

    I quote “Your order has already been refunded as promised by George,…”

    You should have no problem with your refund.

  100. James James says:

    I too watched the ‘alive stream’, and did have some trust for George, and did post on WF in defferance of no bashing… according to the rules on WF. Thankfully I didn’t purchase.

    Why I’m posting here though is that I received an email from Mike Filsaime promoting google x A fdifferent take on google sniper with some either mentoring or webinars.

    Would have thought George would have his hands full with what’s happening to his software.

    I didn’t purchase( bought google sniper way back)… Has anyone else received that email.

    It is sad, that a reputation, borne of some good products, now lays in ruins.

  101. It seems that George Brown is now trying to hide the facts about what has happened with The Predator, by claiming copyright infringement (DMCA)on this very thread.

    Firstly, no copyright has been infringed up on.

    George, there is no law in the land that I know of that can stop anybody using a domain name in the thread of a title, and if there was, the only people that would try to use such a law, would be the very people that have something to hide…and maybe the very people that try to sell spamming tools.

    Maybe we should just send a video of your ‘webinar’ to Cragslist, together with all your contact details, and see how they react to YOUR threat of illegal spam against them?

    You might have made a few quid, son, but you are still an a*sehole, who sells spamming garbage to gullible newbies. I bet your parents are so proud.

    Send us your legal details, and let’s see if you are brave enough to discuss Predator with the whole legal world. Now THAT would be interesting…

    Just to edit, what I HAVE removed is information that is not in the public domain, or ticket details that may have privacy clauses, but no, we will not be removing this thread without a court order; the legalities of which we are happily to be involved with, as the expense of such, and our OWN costs will also be placed as a counter claim, if we have to go down that route. Not a problem.

    • Chuck says:

      Looks like disgraced internet marketer George Brown doesn’t like playing with the big boys in the real world. Bottom line is ANY product has reviews of it online both good and bad (just that in this case nobody rates it at all for making money with) – I really don’t see the threat of legal action working for the reasons UK DropShop admin has detailed.

      I am probably not the only one here interested in knowing how it turns out.

      Perhaps a counter strategy is to report George to the FTC for knowingly selling a spam tool?

    • Colin says:

      Oh dear, I think the “Truth Bunny” has finally arrived on this thread. Threatening legal action against this site isn’t going to increase your popularity George, by far, it’s going to dramatically reduce it. You see, the forum talks about “Truth” something that you have failed to convey in your business transactions with the people on this forum. Ask yourself George, what is in it for the admin guy of this site? Money? nope, he’s just doing the honorable thing and letting the truth be known…

      George, why don’t you post to this forum and explain to your customers what went wrong? Have the balls my friend, you never know, some people may understand and in the long term, may forgive…

      • Chuck says:

        I am still on George’s list – I am interested to see how he plays it going forward now that he is a disgraced internet marketer.

        I will keep this thread informed of any new messages from George.

        There must be some software industry award where we can nominate Predator for the worst ‘beta’ software ever?

  102. Crush George's Predator says:

    Site admin,
    Let’s report George Brown to Craiglist, facebook, google, bing and federal police and see what they say about his “legal software”. It only takes a few emails, right?

    No one can kill the internet, I’m sure there will be plenty of web masters out there who are willing to join the league of hunting down the real bad blood predators!

    Well done, admin, for opening up this thread for people who have been lied to! Keep up the good work!

  103. Helga says:

    Hey guys,
    I am also going for a refund (have written to [email protected] plus to the helpdesk of predator plus started an argue at paypal). I am hoping deeply, I will be able to report a positive reply soon!
    This predator software doesn’t work as described…it is worthless by now! Maybe they’re willing to make it work… but when will it work? Can’t wait that long! I want my money back!

    • Helga says:

      More than one day later:
      Nobody has contacted me until now! Not swreg, not Predator support 🙁
      SWreg has emailed to Predator support desk… and they (and for that I in cc) was informed by an automatic reply that they will ..get back to you as soon as possible ….
      This “predator case” is like a nightmare.
      Hopefully looking forward to get my refund soon.
      Sending my best greetings to all!

      • Helga says:

        Finally, after asking more than four times for a refund at [email protected], I got an email (today), that they have written some emails to the “software author” but got no answer also, … they now will refund my money!
        Thanks to all of you! To know that I was not alone with this crappy software and the misbehavior ot the predator support has made me strong.
        Good luck to all! Don’t give in!

  104. Robert says:

    Hi I received notice of my refund for Predator on 16/11/2012 and it has been credited to my Paypal account.

    I initiated the refund procedure through SWREG using the [email protected] address. They forwarded it on to the predator support desk who sent an acknowledgement email on the 14/11/2012. On the 16/11/2012 I received notice of the refund without further communication from predator support.

    Here is the email I received from [email protected]
    Personal ticket details that may have privacy clauses have been removed

    I really wanted this software to work. George Brown said several times during the webinar that he has dropped all others forms of Internet Marketing and was using Predator as his sole means of income and was making $100,00 a month. This was obviously untrue. In a email sent from George he was excited to get another $600 in income from using the Facebook offline system creating fan pages for people. This was puzzling to me considering he was turning over $100,00 a month with this software. His trainer Antony was saying that he would concentrate on the facebook aspect for the next 3-4 tutorials? And maybe in the next few tutorials he would take up CPA offers? Why didn’t George show us exactly how he was turning over $100,00 a month using his amazing software? He didn’t have to show us his campaigns just put us on the right track. The answer is he was not making this sort of money or anywhere near it. The training with Antony was amateurish and drawn out. What he showed us in some of the tutorials could be shown in 10 minutes and he waffled on for 20 minutes. I am now off any list connected to George Brown. So anyone else sitting on the fence go ahead and get your refund.


  105. RF says:

    Guys, watch out, I got a refund for this product through my cc company and now over 2 weeks later they are telling me that GB is trying to re-bill me for the software! Oh hell no….I contacted GB and SWREG. I DON’T WANT THIS CRAP. Waiting to hear back….

    But just so you know, keep an eye out on your cc balance…..

  106. Mark says:

    Hi everybody,

    I also got my refund, Thanks again for all the advise.

    On a side note: Has anybody noticed an increase in Spam emails since they bought Predator. I an getting an increase in them since I bought Predator. Now saying that it could just be a coincidence.


  107. David says:


    After havung received my refund on november 5th, the only thing I could say is that this product is a complete GARBAGE, it’s a complete piece of CRAP. This piece of junk never should have never been invented. This junkie piece of crap only has served to destroy GMB’s reputation and harm the confidence of many people. That’s all I could say. Many thanks.

  108. David says:


    After having received my refund on november 5th, the only thing I could say is that this product is a complete GARBAGE, it’s a complete piece of CRAP. This piece of junk never should have never been invented. This junkie piece of crap only has served to destroy GMB’s reputation and harm the confidence of many people. That’s all I could say. Many thanks.

  109. Thomas Mehiar says:

    It s sad to see all of this comments lol I ask to be refund 3 weeks ago today I call paypal also I sent refund request to SWERG now I m waiting a reply.

  110. Thomas Mehiar says:

    Oops I sent refund request to the predator support desk help page!
    Hope that will work.

  111. Hi I just got refund! if someone need help just askme!
    Thanks for this Website who give us a great help!!

    • Liam says:

      Hi Thomas

      I have just recently purchased the Predator system and saw you name on the comments list on the predator website. I have seen all the reviews for this site and I am becoming very worried about this program. How did you get your money back because I want a refund. Can you help me please!?!.

    • Ed Spater says:

      Hello Thomas,

      I too made the mistake of believing this con artist and purchasing Predator. It has never worked since I purchased it earlier this month and after reading most of the entries in this blog, I’m almost glad it doesn’t. I had no idea the campaigns suggested are illegal. Any help you can provide me with how to get help with a refund would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      Ed Spater

  112. SWREG most do somthing to prevent from this kind of product!

  113. Frank Chamendi says:

    The TRUTH is that making money online is as challenging as making it offline . I tried “Predator” (which is simply a KNOCK-OFF of POWER LEADS PRO for a few weeks . Ask and got my refund . The impression I was left with was that a bunch of high school drop outs are running ‘this’ , whatever ‘this’ is – is not clear .

  114. dusty says:

    Just as well I torrented this lunatics software.What a joke lmafao!

  115. David Parker says:

    George Brown has gone down in my estimations. Too greedy, software is crap and have to admit I regret getting it after being sucked in by the hype. Never got the software to work. I think George Brown is finished as an internet promoter, no one trusts him now. Still he has made his millions selling to gullible idiots like myself.

  116. Kiran says:

    Great site, i really appreciate the fact that i could find ONE decent site with REAL HONEST information on this product after the load of horse-sh*t i waded through claiming that the software is incredible (probably affiliates looking for bucks)
    Great work admin, this page deserves the no1 spot on Google so more people don’t get suckered in

  117. Lincoln 9 says:

    It seems that George Brown has relaunched Predator after promising his last customers the promotion would be closed.

    That in itself is a scam.

    The amount of complaints about predator software is staggering.

    Stay away everyone!!!!!

  118. James Bradley says:

    Do not buy it do not buy it. I wasted six months on this program to be simply told to use it as a Facebook fan page company source. It is complete S. they pull you in and spit you out don’t buy it. The tutorials are simplistic rubbish and will rot your brain.

  119. Denise Allen says:

    Why oh why did I fall for it? Ive never done it before but I really trusted George. I have a license version of Predator for sale at 25% of what I paid if anyone is interested LOL!

  120. Colin Hat says:

    I did buy Predator when it first came out October last year and went through many if not not all the issues others have mentioned here. Eventually I decided enough was enough and went for a refund, January this year. I got a refund from Swreg, they initially told me to contact the vendor which I had done, but after I had demonstrated to them over a few days that I was getting no response via that route by showing them my Predator help desk ticket requests with no replies then Swreg presumably contact George/Predator because I got a response along the lines of there is a no refund policy, which I also forwarded to Swreg then Swreg refunded me a few days later.
    So if you contact Swreg and demonstrate to them that what you are asking for is reasonable and the vendor is being unresponsive/ unreasonable then they will help.

  121. Pavel says:

    Even almost all the truth about Predator has been said here I just want to share my thoughts on this scam. I just watched the “unique” and 100% “live” (LOL) webinar just on 21.5.2013 while George said in his video that this “only” and ever made live stream is happenning after 2 long years of waiting for it and that he never did such a live show and that he will never ever do it again. What a surprise after his “show” that he has been showing this one exactly recorded video since 2012 and he repeated it several times, even probably more then 10x so far. He was showing in recent May 2013 and the same old video his figures from 2012 of his Clickbank account showing the exact dates if his reports, while he was showing his last report which he claimed is his last current report (so must be at least April 2013) but the dates in this report he covered so nobody can see them. Of course because they were not his current data but last year data.

    I was lucky and did not buy it, but I must honestly admit I was seriously considering it. After the video I have made some research on the internet and guess what I found 🙂 Software which does nearly exactly the same thing which Predator is supposed to do, you can even download it and try it for free for 15 days, and if you still like it beside all its spamming legal problems, you can decide to continue to use it under either a monthly subscribtion plan of USD 5.67 or yearly 29.87 per year. Its a big difference from 797 USD, isnt it? It is software from company Cubix Solutions and the software is called Craigslist Automation Software. Just for those who would be interested to look at it, go to cubixsolutions (dot) com. I am not affiliate of this company, or anything like that, I am just showing what I found, is available at the same, or maybe even better level for nearly free in comparison with the criminal sale of George Brown. Good luck to everybody with getting refunds from this big scamer.

    • Tommy D says:

      I feel so stupid for buying it. Seriously what was I thinking? I felt like GS2 was such a comprehensive program that had a lot of good info I figured this product was selling for 800 bucks for a reason. If it actually worked like it does in the video he shows then who knows, but the product I got was a piece of s*it…this guy is nothing but a scamer. Have no idea how this hasnt been shut down by now. I just sent a refund request and threatened to report him to the FTC if they didnt refund it…but from everyone els’s posts look like that may not work.

  122. Chuck says:

    Disgraced internet marketer George Brown does seem to have got very “lucky” with the internet marketing thing, and I too would like to seem him arrested but scammer internet marketers just seem to get away with what they do whilst enjoying the high life pretending they are entrepreneurs with their “frauduct” systems.

    I suppose we can take some comfort in the fact that more people are aware of him and his “talents” now.

  123. Hammilton says:

    It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button!
    I nearly fell for this, and reading your review has saved me a bundle, cheers.

    Predator my ar*e

  124. Aline says:

    Hi, just a couple of days ago I purchased G Sniper 2 and Traffic Ultimatum and as a newbie who is trying out a lot to get the hang of making some money on the internet it is not looking that bad: easy to follow etc.

    The first thing I do after a purchase like this is to test the respond of my email. With this George I haven’t even received an answer back.

    Now I read here that this Sniper 2 cannot work because ‘Google has changed their algorithms to deduct value, or even ‘kill’ websites that took advantage of the exact domain match (EDM’s)’
    Great………I’m still learning.

    Right at this moment George is still gabbling in my headphones (laying down next to me) about this predator system.

    I have to admit his emails about this webinar made me to join this webinar, even I had no clou what it was about and I thought it was strange that this webinar was first on a monday and then suddenly on the next wednesday.

    After 20-30 minutes or so listening to this webinar I found out…whow this is no fun…this is just ‘steeling’ email addresses for creating spam…. and it was obvious not a live event….

    I’m a real newbie and eager to learn and this was a domper. Well I learnt something: wow what a smooth marketeer and copywriter are behind all this; I have to give them that. Remember this line in the video: “know that these people are eager to purchase an Iphone and are welcoming your mail” or something in that line, you can fall for that if you like.

    But if you listen carefully you can hear some contradictions which made me thinking. Thank you all for your posts: it just confirmed my suspicion. I’m gonna keep on learning and success to you all!

  125. Andreas Shiindi says:

    i almost bought this just because my empower network up-line Simon Stepsys send me the invitation luckily enough there were issues with the bank and the payment didn’t go through , thank you guys for all the stories now i know predator is all bs

  126. Anonymous Friend says:

    I know this thread is now old, and has slowed down, but if there is any chances that anyone is reading my comment, enjoy what I have to say.

    I was almost fooled by the predator re-stream a month ago october 2013. What amazes me is how dumb everyone is, even the people who have commented here saying that its just ” a spam and email extractor” when clearly anyone with half a brain could tell from the demonstration in the stream that is what exactly what it was. Just a tool to get emails, and then send out mass emails from the sources you have gathered them.

    Heck, my mail is now considered spam due to me trying the technique on craigslist WITHOUT THE PREDATOR SOFTWARE. I just went through sending email after email promoting a job offer and other stuff and pretty muxh got only 3 or 4 responses out of like 400 I sent AND KEEP IN MIND PEOPLE, THIS WAS WITHOUT USING SPAM SOFTWARE.

    Ok, after doing heavy research on the internet, there is email extracting, and email mass sending software out there, some of which got free trials. The ones I do recommend tho is the atomic email hunter, and atomic email sender softwares, both of which are just $80 dollars or so. I was lucky to find a cracked version of the email hunter and cleaned the malware or trojan off the file, but I got me the atomic email hunter, and it does what predator does which is extract emails from sources, even with craigslist.
    I found atomic email sender cracks on piratebay after typing it in, however, the problem with the cracks they offered was it wouldnt send emails due to there being NO TLS encrption option on those, I seriously hope they come out with a later version t.
    hat includes the TLS ncription like demostrated in the videos
    If you really want, you can buy atomic studio, that has the hunter, the sender and tons of other stuff combined with it to help you gather sources, send emails, track your statistics and more… Email hunter lets you save the extracted emails to your computer so you can open with a mass email sender program even if its not atomic email sender.

    Ok, so with that said, does anyone seriously know a good way to make money online other than email spamming? I really would like to know honestly.

  127. Fredric says:

    I did my first Google Snyper blog yesterday. Ask for the address if you want to see. Anyway, is there anyone who will see The Predator Live Event on Tuesday, 8th November 2013, 9:00 pm (GMT-5: 00) New York Time?

  128. Nicolas says:

    I got scammed by this predator launch. Great info on here.

  129. Ben says:

    Be careful with this guys, it seems like George Brown is back trying to promote this!!

  130. Norman says:

    Hi to all,

    Like most of you, I was also scammed by George Montagu Brown. I watched the “live” webinar last February 7, 2014 and yeah… I bought the product! From the very first time that I used it, it never, ever,ever worked properly!

    I am very angry to George Brown and his team for doing this to people who just want to earn decent money online. That 797 USD was half of what I am earning and I have to cut on some things to make ends meet for this month.

    I made the payment by UAE Debit Card, I hope someone here can help me on how can I refund my money.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Jozef says:

      For getting the refund send your request to [email protected], explain to them that the software does not work and that the producer of the software is not responding to the support tickets and the SWREG (his payment processor) will refund it to you.

      I also almost bought this scam, even trying to borrow money as I expected to earn it back as soon as I send out one campaign, however my credit card was completely drained. Only about 2 days later I awakened from the snare this guy placed upon me so I stopped trying. I thus don’t have to request refund for this piece of crap but just 2 days before I bought Google Sniper and I bought also one of his upsells (the case study video) but after learning what crap this Predator software actually is (and ILLEGAL), I decided that George Brown does not deserve the $97 I paid for the upsell, asked Clickbank for a refund and as a reason I stated that “the seller does not respond to tickets” and “the seller is selling illegal software called Predator” and also provided links to this thread and also one review to prove my point. I also asked them to cancel the Sniper X trial I took because I completely lost respect to this guy after all of this. The only money he is going to have from me is that $1 I paid for the Google Sniper because I actually found it quite useful (even when according to this thread it might not be very effective anymore).

  131. vidente says:

    If I was you I wouldn’t touch anything george brown offers after this. I got royally shafted on predator.

  132. Sally says:

    Stay away from this product, it does not work.

  133. Norman says:

    Thank you guys for your replies. I was able to refund my money last March 2014. I contacted the consumer council of Hong Kong since George’s company is based there. I was amazed on how fast the HK Council responded, they are really, really helpful.

    I summarized the ideas in this website about the 3 different ways to refund the money if you bought Predator. I hope this will help other people who like to get their money back. You can read it here

    Thank you UKDropshop for posting this thread.

    • Tina says:

      Please give me the contact of the HK consumer council and what dod you write. I am struggling to get the money back. What is the George’s HK company’s name. Please help!

  134. Tina says:

    Hello, O have the same problem. No one is responding to my Predator refund requests. I bought it via clicksure. They do not respomd eighter. Can you give me the contact of HK council , i went
    To their page and you should
    Weite the company’s name. I do not habe it. Please help.

  135. Rob says:

    I agree with comments before mine. I was gullible enough to buy Predator 2 years ago for nearly $800.00. I sent 100,000 emails and guess what, not single sale made. I had forgotten all about Predator until this week (Jan 2015.) I thought I might give it another try but got a message that because I am now on a different computer, I needed a new activation code. 5 days later and I still havn’t received a reply from the support desk and I doubt I ever will.

    George Brown should be ashamed of himself. He is taking money from people under false pretenses. He should be charged with fraud. Don’t go anywhere near this man or his products. He is only interested in taking your hard earned cash and giving you over hyped rubbish in return.

  136. Brian says:

    Well, tonight, April 4th, 2015, George unveiled his “new” product 2 years in the making. I’ll admit, it took me a bit to realize the “live” broadcast was anything but, and that was initially thanks to a poor wireless connection on my tablet. A live broadcast shouldn’t pick up exactly where it stalls for a minute or two. The real kicker on that, however, was when he talks about the date, saying it’s 2013, when it’s now 2015. I’ll also admit that it took me a good hour before it actually hit me that it’s just a spam tool. And I’m a smart guy, lol. Hype is all it is. And if you live inthe USA, you have a good chance to wind up as a guest of the Federal Bureau of Prisons for a few years, as I was (for a totally unrelated matter, mind you). Thinking back, I remember meeting a few guys that sounded a lot like George while I was there. I’m pretty sure that if he decides to step foot in this country, the FBI will probably be meeting him at the airport to escort him “home” with some fancy silver bracelets and chains.

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