Rank Cracker Review Matt Woodward

Created by Matt Woodward, Rank Cracker is a piece of software that provides you with the same backlinks that your competition use and how you can replicate them.

What is the product?

Rank Cracker is a simple enough tool that has a job to do that it does well. Rank Cracker is a piece of software that will scan a list of a websites backlinks, it will then take the list of said links and ultimately show you what services are required to use said backlinks. If for some reasons there aren’t any backlinks available Matt Woodward says that Rank Cracker will try to find an email link instead. The core idea behind Rank Cracker is that by copying the backlinks that other websites use you can get similar rankings to them on Google. Rank Cracker will identify a number of different programs that will help you to copy the same set up for your own website.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Rank Cracker is free which is definitely one of the most appealing parts of the software. That having been said there may be additional costs included through third parties that are required to make Rank Cracker work properly. In terms of potential income, this is a very difficult thing to gauge as realistically it will depend on a huge number of different factors. If you are able to get into the same position as your direct competition then there is definitely some potential to see more sales.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the fact that it is free, Rank Cracker does represent value for money however this isn’t the full picture.


Rank Cracker is far from bad and Matt Woodward has created a product that helps to streamline a process that can otherwise be rather tiring and long winded. That having been said, Rank Cracker is a long way from a must have tool. If you are really struggling with your rankings and have some money to invest, then backlinks can be a good starting point however they are not the be all and end all when it comes to SEO and this is sort of the issue with Rank Cracker. There are other more important factors when it comes to SEO than backlinks and whilst Rank Cracker is free, you may end up having to shell out for other products that are again, very focused on a certain way of doing things. This is a problem when there are broader examples available online.




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