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If you are considering options to make some easy money, then Bonus Bagging has been mentioned a lot on the internet recently, especially and whether it really is possible to make up to £1000 for free. The reviews on Bonus Bagging have been flowing fast, but if you really want to know how this works, then take a read of what we think.

It has probably never been easier to make over £1000 just by clicking a few time with your mouse, BUT, there is a procedure to follow, to get it right. And this is what we are going to help you with, in this review.

You are probably as skeptical as most people when it comes to making money online, although sometimes an offer comes along that is simply too good to me, and this is one of those times. Not often are you presented with an opportunity to make some really easy money, although we are about to show you a procedure that will see you banking up to £1000 very quickly, and with minimal effort.

You can make up to £1000 with this system very, very quickly..

The system is called bonus bagging, and it is being talked about all over the internet as I type this. People, like you, are consistently placing amounts of up to £1000 in their bank accounts, just by following instructions in emails that this particular service sends them on a daily basis.

No gambling involved, your money is 100% safe… read this..

The free money is being offered by bookmakers all over the UK, who are giving millions of pounds to the public just for opening certain accounts, and following certain rules. The reason the bookmakers give this money away, is because they are hoping that you will spend your own money with them, which of course you are not going to do.

This bonus bagging is totally safe from risk..

That’s right. Have you ever been offered a money-off coupon, by say, a supermarket, for a product or service? Of course you have, and the reason that such supermarkets do this, is that they are hoping you will continue to:

  • Continue to shop with them
  • Continue to purchase the product, again, and again.

So really, when you think about it, the supermarket has nothing to lose, because it is tax-deductible to them, and in the process they are guaranteed to generate some long term customers.

Bookmakers are now offering the same…but with FREE MONEY.

Yes, bookmakers, nearly all of them are now offering you their discounts is pure cash, but you have to now where to look, and the procedure to follow. Get this right, and very many people, just like yourself are banking amounts of up to £1000 in a matter of weeks. Could you use an extra £1000 in your bank account, to pay for a few luxuries? Of course you could.

How can you start bagging this money yourself?

Easily. There is a new service being offered by a particular company in the UK, who charges a very small fee to show you where this free money is. Don’t worry, this small fee will be covered as soon as you bag your very first amount of money from the bookmakers, and there is NO GAMBLING involved. You are simply provided with the money for opening certain accounts.

What do I do now to start getting this free money?

This service will email you when they have found more, and more new opportunities to bag this free money, and all you do, is simply go to the recommended website and take the free cash. It really is that simple. You can start this RIGHT NOW, and be bagging this free money very quickly.

Please click the link below, for more details, and to register an account with the website:

Click here to start bagging up to £1000 a week for free – Do this now.



Author: Ben James

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Rating: 10.0/10 (6 votes cast)
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Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)
Reviews for Is it a Scam?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings


  1. Darren says:

    I started bonus bagging about 6 months ago, and easy made the money mentioned in the post. It works, yes, but it is easier when people are finding the money for you, as you say above.

    Great post. darren.

  2. UKDropshop admin says:

    Thanks Darren, much appreciated.

    We have been in the industry for a long time, and very many use our experience to help themselves.

    Good luck, and remember to visit often 🙂

  3. Christopher Small says:

    This works folks. I, and a few mates of mine do this all the time, and the money is always paid out.

  4. David Foster says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this, I need the money, and will try it in a bit.


  5. Tom says:

    Thank you for the review about bonusbagging. I will look into it.

  6. Shibbles says:

    I was emailed my first cash website yesterday on bonus bagging, and it landing me £100 Great!!

  7. Morgan says:

    I am currently testing this, and at first glance it seems good.

  8. Kleoz says:

    Bonusbagging is great fun, and rewarding. I use it, and I know a few other people that use it too.

  9. Just a lurker says:

    I have got loads of bonuses from bookies over the years, they do give them, so knowing where new ones are could be very useful. Thanks.

  10. JohnJ says:

    I made my first 50 quid today using this, try it and see/

  11. Phillip Corse says:

    Tried it, it works, bonusbagging is well worth using.

  12. Raynor S says:

    Bonus bagging is not a scam. Many people in the betting industry do it. Been around for ages.

  13. Cliff says:

    This just WORKS. Always done it, and there are always offers. Never used bonus bagging service though, but if it saves time, could be a welcome bonus to me.


  14. Dre says:

    Bonus bagging works, simple as.

    I made £1300 and counting. Doing very nicely with it.

  15. Macca says:

    This bonus bag stuff works wonderfully. It has made me £140 in about 3 days, and came at the right time, as the MOT on my car was due. I can see this working for a while.

    Easy money.



  16. Computer Man says:

    This is some of the best information I have ever read when it comes to making some money on the internet. I started the system last Monday, and I have already made nearly £400.

    Thank you for putting the information together, the best money I ever spent!!!!

  17. Claire Jones-Smythies says:

    It is genuine. This actually works. *shocked at something actually working*

    Claire 🙂

  18. Matthew says:

    hi is there a money back guarantee or a refund policy with this, also how long will it take to make my first amount? thnks

    • Hi Matthew,

      There is no need for a money back guarantee, simply because this just works. Maybe it would add confidence to sell more, but hey, it works, and if people need to make some money, then they will not ask for their money back anyway, not when they will be making £1000+ pretty quickly enough.

      How long for first amount? It could easily be the first day, once you have digested and understood the simple procedure to follow.

      Best Wishes,


  19. Matthew says:

    Ah ryt i suppose ill go for it, will these gambling sites ever stop these offers making the method useless, or is it something that you will be able to do continually? Thnks for replying

  20. Ben Carlisle says:

    I have been at this for about 5 weeks. And once I understood it, the process of (removed by admin for confidential reasons) it was easy peasy, and now I have made some good gains and money on it.

    Interesting too!

  21. Matthew says:

    Who can i contact for help on this method?

  22. David says:


    I’m really interested in making some cash with this system, but first off, I wanted to know if this system only works in the UK? Or does it work worldwide? I want to know this especific issue because I’m not based in the UK, I’m based in south america.

    I would be more than pleased if you could shoot me an email, answering this question of mine.

    Best regards and thanks!!!

  23. sati says:

    I purchased the bonus bagging and made some money with it.For some strange reason my password stopped working on the members area.I sent several emails for support but never received a reply for the reason.I have asked for a refund but still no answer.What is going on I think I have been scammed!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    The above Bonusbagging link is showing all the Bonus Scooper
    Info instead!

  25. Jon says:

    Does this system only work in the uk?

    • Hi Jon,

      Yes, this is mainly UK.

      The offers are UK based on the whole, but works every time without fail.

      We have never had a customer claim this did not work. It guarantees to make the money advertised.



  26. Caino says:

    Defo just UK for this. I did it in February and it is easy money to be made 🙂

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Rating: 10.0/10 (6 votes cast)
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Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)
Reviews for Is it a Scam?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings