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As reviews go, this one is very interesting. It is about a new trading system, offered by Matt Fyles and Tim Lowe, called Matt Fyles explains here how you can make as much as £11,000+ per month using his trading methods.

Matt has now retired from trading and is going to show you how he made his month, and mentor you into doing this same. This is a must read, for anybody looking to generate a tax-free income, that is guaranteed. Very rarely does something like this come along. Read this, and grab it with both hands today.

Ok, let me first start off by claiming that Matt Fyles is offering the following facts:

  • A trading system that GUARANTEES to make you £11,000+ or you do not pay a penny.
  • A guarantee, that means if you decide against this offer, you are still guaranteed £500.
  • A system offered by a trader who made his money trading.
  • This is 100% risk-free, but can still make you a lot of money – tax free.

Interested in making as much as £11,000+ a month? With £12,000 guaranteed?

Of course you are. This is exactly what offers you, but we have a very special offer for you, so keep reading..

Matt Fyles has made his fortune, trading the markets, more specifically sporting events, football, etc. BUT, he does not gamble. Everything Matt does is by way of a scientific formula he created whilst trading himself, and he has now used this formula to create more money for himself, than he could ever spend. Matt is a professional trader, and he is now willing to transfer his knowledge to you.

So what is the V-System, and how does it work?

The V-System is a trading format, created by Matt, that when used, can create as much as £11,000 a month. Yes, a month, when used correctly, and exactly as he explains. This is NOT gambling, but a proven trading system that anybody can use to make money from the internet.

Do I need any experience?

You need no experience to make this money, and again, there is no gambling involved. All money is protected, and proven to make a return over the long term. All you need, is a computer and access to the internet to make the trades, as Matt will teach you. All you need to do, is follow the instructions as presented by Matt, and the results will follow, as night follows day. The system is proven, and not advertised.

So Matt Fyles really guarantees that I will make money?

YES. If you have not made at least £12,000 using the system in the first 12 months, then you will not have paid a penny for it. Not only that, but if after reviewing the system, you are not convinced, then you will STILL receive a product that guarantees you will make at least £500. This really is a no-lose situation, and one that we advise you take today.

Here is a video explaining how the money can be made:



What’s the catch, then, be honest?

No catch, as mentioned above, Matt Fyles is a retired trader, and a very wealthy man, and now makes a little extra money teaching people how to do exactly what he did, to enable him to retire in a very comfortable financial state. If that is attractive to you, then you REALLY need to investigate this offer, because it really is not that often that somebody who has PROVEN to make serious money, decides to open his doors are teach others how to do exactly the same.

Can I have some more details on this offer?

Of course you can. But not only that. But we have negotiated a discount off the investment price of £250!! So not only are you guaranteed to make money, but the investment price is now also considerably reduced using a special link below.

The V System has now closed. The latest product offer, from Tim Lowe, and his business can be found on the following website:

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Review for Trading System Matt Fyles, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


  1. 60 Stone Roses says:

    Sounds good. The wife would kill me for spending the money though..

  2. geoff harriman says:

    couldnt seem to access the 250 p saving and extra info

  3. Besty says:

    The concept is interesting, but will it work for somebody who has no experience in trading?

  4. Gary Thomas says:

    Just waiting for payday, then I am definitely going to be ordering these dvds. Looks good.

  5. Chris says:

    I ordered the V System DVDs a few weeks ago, and have been studying the videos. Very, very interesting, and I am going to be testing everything on paper first, but I am very excited by this.


  6. Adrian Bramley says:

    I’d like to know where the special link is to get £250 off the purchase price of The V System please,

    Many thanks


  7. Simon Morrison says:

    I have Scottish ancestry 🙂 so I’d love to know if anybody is actually making any money with this. Because you know what they say about something that sounds too good to be true… Not knocking it at all just wary…

    • Tim Lowe says:

      Simon, on the website are comments from people who attended including two experienced people who have made money with Matt’s previous system and are now making much more with the new V System.

      On other forum type sites a number of people have said that they are making money in line with the plan we gave them. All of that said please remember that this is a long term plan, 12 month’s minimum, and we are only a little over 3 month’s from when the first people started and only a few week’s since launching the home study programme.

      Tim Lowe

  8. Glen says:

    Hi Tim

    how long do you think it will take to get my investment back?


    • Tim Lowe says:


      This is really a long term plan and must be approached as such. Please do not expect bigger things than the tables in the sales copy show you. You will not be best advised to withdraw anything for about 6 months and really ought to assume no return at all for a few months whilst you practice the main system and get to grips with it.

      However the ‘Quick Start’ methods should get you a maximum of £2,500 in about 2 months and it is this that you seed the main system with. If you wanted to you could take the cost of the system from this but that would mean it taking you much longer to get to making the bigger money.

      Tim Lowe

  9. Glen says:

    Just far to-much money “to start up” at this very hard time to make ends meet!!!!


    • Hi Glenn,

      Just to chip in here.

      As with any business opportunity, the start up will probably relate to the potential returns, the V System is not any different.

      Also, from what we have read, there is a guarantee of a certain amount of money £500 in the first month I think it was.

      Good luck


  10. Geoff says:

    My research of this informs me that on top of over a grand to actually purchase the plan, I also have to stump up 6 grand and nearly 200 a month in support fees.

    So lets look at it this way, in the first year I will pay the supplier of this plan (Tim Lowe?) nearly £10,000. This means I have to make a profit of £10k on this sytem to BREAK EVEN!

    Are they guranteeing that I will make more than 10k in a year?

    • Hi Geoff,

      From what we read they are guaranteeing that you will make a minimum of £12,000 in the first year, or your money back, and the DVD set is no where near 6 grand, that was for the original workshop, the DVDs of the workshop are much less, but still with the guarantees.

      So if that is the minimum you will make, there has to be confidence that the V system works from the promoter’s point of view that this will make much more.

      Hopefully Tim will come along and confirm these details, although the sales page states this, too.


  11. Tim Lowe says:


    I am sorry but your research is off beam.

    As Admin says, the original course was a live workshop which was indeed heading towards £6k with the VAT added in, but now we market a Home Study Programme which is what you have been looking at and which is much less. You don’t have to pay for the workshop as well, especailly as it is no longer available. Yes we guarantee £12k in year 1 providing you actually use the system and stick to the trading plan (for example taking wild gambles because you are ‘on a run’ and losing your shirt is not covered and neither is not actually doing anything at all!)

    Tim Lowe

  12. Gina Brown says:

    Hi Tim. After two deductions from my card it is full. I have another card to use. Please let me know If you can change it to the other one.

    Thank you

    Gina Brown

  13. Stan says:

    I was searching for this and now find it not available?

  14. Flo says:

    Can anybody tell me who is using the system: ist the trading platform for this system Betfair?

    Thank you!

  15. Ray says:

    Hi Stan/Flo

    I have been trading using the V System since November and really pleased with it and the results. It uses Bet Angel which is the best trading software that works with betfair.

    Stan – I think Tim Lowe has sold out of this system but you can always call his office and ask at waverley media – 01252 784390.

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Review for Trading System Matt Fyles, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating