Simple Spare Room Profits Review Patricia Higgins

Created by Patricia Higgins, Simple Spare Room Profits is a guide to importing items and then reselling them on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

What is the product?

Simple Spare Room Profits is a DVD guide spread over 10 DVD’s. Creator Patricia Higgins has split Simple Spare Room Profits down into 2 different modules, one dealing with the eBay side of the business model and the other dedicated to showing you what items to import, where you can buy them from etc. in order to maximise profit. Named for the fact that Patricia Higgins allegedly runs her business from her spare room, Simple Spare Room Profits is touted as something of an introductory guide to getting started with an eBay business. Whilst Simple Spare Room Profits recommends certain products and niches (many of which come with information on suppliers), many of which seem to be pretty low priced with a focus on volume sales. That having been said what you are taught in Simple Spare Room Profits can be applied to any kind of products.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Simple Spare Room Profits is sold for two instalments of £197.50, one when you first purchase the product and the second 5 weeks later. Patricia Higgins provides purchasers of Simple Spare Room Profits with a 60 day money back guarantee. In terms of potential income from this, there is definitely money to be made. Whilst Patricia Higgins claims that what she teaches in Simple Spare Room Profits makes her £1,000 per week I am not sure that this figure is easily attained, namely as when you are starting out you are unlikely to have the funding to set up a substantial product range.

Does the product provide value for money?

Because of the high purchase price of Simple Spare Room Profits when compared with competitor’s products which offer similar information, I don’t believe that Simple Spare Room Profits does present value for money.


Simple Spare Room Profits is a solid product which makes it a shame that it rather out prices other products with a similar set up. With websites like SalesHoo offering their database for $67 per year you can see why Simple Spare Room Profits simply isn’t an attractive proposition, especially when the training in setting up an eBay business can be acquired for another £50.



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