Speedy Equines Horse Racing Review

Created by a tipster who goes by Sandi, Speedy Equines Horse Racing is a horse racing tipster service that provides a subscription based as well as a free service to users.

What is the product?

Speedy Equines Horse Racing is a tipster service that provides selections for races both in the UK as well as Ireland (with Sandi saying that the speciality is becoming Irish racing). Speedy Equines Horse Racing is not a daily tipster service as Sandi says that she prefers to send out selections when certain that they stand a chance of winning. In terms of what this selection process entails, Speedy Equines Horse Racing is based around Sandi’s analysis which looks at a number of factors. These include the form of horses and trainers, the course, distance and going as well as a number of additional statistics. This means that the selection process for Speedy Equines Horse Racing allegedly takes several hours per day and is based on information compiled over a number of years.

As mentioned, there are two different aspects of Speedy Equines Horse Racing, the first of which is the free service which offers the occasional free selection however if you want to take full advantage of Speedy Equines Horse Racing  then you will opt for the Exclusive selections. These are available for English and Irish races and average over 150 selections per month (sometimes as high as 200) with an average strike rate of 26.4% to date for 2015. Irrespective of whether you are backing Speedy Equines Horse Racings free or Exclusive selections, a level staking plan of one point per bet is recommended.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Although there are limited free selections I feel like the crux of Speedy Equines Horse Racing is the Exclusive package. This is offered at £1 for a day of selections, £5 for a week or £20 for a month. All transactions are handled through Paypal and unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee in place (although this is the case for many tipster services). In terms of the income potential, Speedy Equines Horse Racing has made an 87.25 point profit so far for 2015 with just 2 losing months so far.

Does the product provide value for money?

I believe that Speedy Equines Horse Racing definitely has the potential to provide value for money however I would still recommend exercising some caution as I shall explain below.


On the face of things, Speedy Equines Horse Racing is a solid looking investment. The service is profitable and hasn’t really had too many losing months however that is not the case historically. According to the proofing on Racing Index, Speedy Equines Horse Racing has lost money for the last few years, year on year. Whilst this isn’t necessarily and indicator of future performance and there is a lot to suggest that Speedy Equines Horse Racing will make money this year, there are no guarantees hence the reason I believe that Speedy Equines Horse Racing should not be considered a dead cert.



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