Spicy Auction Templates Review

Created by Andrew Minalto, Spicy Auction Template is a website that provides users with a large number of templates for eBay listings as well as a few additional resources.

What is the product?

Spicy Auction Template is a website that contains over 800 different templates to make your eBay listings stand out from the crowd. These templates are spread over 37 categories to allow you to use the right template design for your listings. Andrew Minalto says that the fundamental idea behind Spicy Auction Template is that by having better looking listings you are able to increase your sales which is a pretty sound principle. Spicy Auction Template gives you more than just the templates though with Andrew Minalto offering users a number of additional extras. Included in this is are a number of training videos on implementing Spicy Auction Template’s designs and how to best use them. There is also information on carrying out your own image hosting for listings as well as a full forum in the member’s area in which you can discuss anything related to your eBay business. As a final bonus Andrew Minalto draws on his considerable knowledge and understanding of running an eBay business to bring you “20 never before released auction insider’s strategies” which he claims will save you hundreds of hours.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Buying membership to Spicy Auction Template is a one time affair and will cost you £29.99. What is of note is if have already purchased or are considering purchasing Easy Auction Business, Andrew Minalto’s guide to running a successful eBay business, access to Spicy Auction Template is complimentary. There is a conditional money back guarantee in place whereby if after implementing Spicy Auction Template you do not see a “significant increase” in your sales then you can claim a refund. In terms of your income potential, very little is said. There are a few examples in the testimonials for Spicy Auction Template where users are claiming to have seen increases in sales that range from 80% all the way up to 300%. Without context however there is no way of knowing what this really translates to. Personally I feel that an increase is likely although I wouldn’t expect the figures listed.

Does the product provide value for money?

If you do a lot with eBay then Spicy Auction Template probably does represent value for money.


Andrew Minalto is pretty on the mark with Spicy Auction Template with the fact being that there is rather a lot on offer for the money, particularly if you trade in any kind of volume. If you only sell the occasional product then Spicy Auction Template is definitely not for you however if you run a shop through eBay for example, then the templates here could be what takes it to the next level. What Spicy Auction Template  boils down to is the fact that people want reassurance that they are buying a quality product from a major seller and eye catching and relevant templates can go a long way to making that happen. Does this make it a must buy product? Absolutely not, this kind of thing is far from required and if you are happy with what you have, then Spicy Auction Template isn’t worth paying for. Personally though, I am of the opinion that you will not have to sell too many products at a profit before you start making money back on this.





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