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Instant CPA Cash Review

What is the product about?

Created by James Knight, Instant CPA Cash is a training course that teaches users to use CPA marketing to sell affiliate products.

What is the product?

Instant CPA Cash covers a lot of different aspects of CPA marketing although the primary focus seems to be what creator James Knight refers to as instant cash methods. These cover topics like choosing which offers you should take advantage of, how to generate traffic and even marketing your newly developed mailing lists. The information is presented in a 5 step plan over 10 videos. James Knight says that because of the nature of information available through Instant CPA Cash users are provided with an advantage as they are not reliant on the algorithms used by Google. This means that when Google update you are not going ot be left with an unranked website. Read more

My Post Magic Review

As mentioned, My Post Magic is a WordPress plugin that allows you to capture information via Facebook by linking adverts to videos that you post. The videos must come from YouTube which isn’t really a huge concern as this is undoubtedly the largest video database online. Nor do you have to upload your own videos although I believe that to get the most out of My Post Magic, this is advised. Jeff Long provides full training for My Post Magic in the members area which is in video form and this really teaches you what you need to know about using My Post Magic. Read more

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