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Accumulator Generator Review Mike Cruickshank New Service

accumulator-generator-produCreated by Mike Cruickshank, Accumulator Generator is the latest product to be released by the betting system creator that generates profit for users whether their bets win or lose.

What is the product?

Accumulator Generator is a rather interesting proposition from one of the finest minds in betting products currently working. As you would expect from any product that Mike Cruickshank has had a hand in, his latest opportunity is designed to be no risk and accessible to anybody, whether you have never had a punt in your life or you’re a hardened bettor who crunches numbers every day. I won’t go into too much detail because it would take too much time to explain everything that goes into Accumulator Generator because all the stuff that happens in the background is actually rather complex (although you won’t have to worry about that). Read more

Each Way Sniper Review Does It Work?

Created by Mike Cruickshank, Each Way Sniper is a betting system for horse racing that allows you to identify certain betting opportunities where you can’t lose.

What is the product?

Each Way Sniper is a new betting system create by Mike Cruickshank (of bonus bagging fame) that claims to be able to offer users a 100% guaranteed betting strategy with the sales material referencing “no lose bets”. Each Way Sniper is taught via an online member’s area that comes equipped with full video training in which Mike Cruickshank shows you everything from what an each way bet is (a crucial part of Each Way Sniper) to how to identify your selections. You will be making your selections yourself of which Mike Cruickshank says you can probably expect 2-3 per day based off around 10 minutes or so of work. In terms of how Each Way Sniper works, put very simply it is based around arbitrage. Whilst I cannot give away too much, Each Way Sniper uses a special method of identifying certain each way bets that can be betted against on an arbitrage basis successfully. Read more

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