Tams Racing Tips Review

Offered by Pro Betting Club, Tams Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster service that provides email selections to subscribers for races across the UK and Ireland.

What is the product?

Tams Racing Tips is a service that offers subscribers daily for UK and Irish horse races. The number of daily selections can vary from one all the way up to four with bets taking advantage of a variety of odds, some going above 15.0 BSP. When combined with some more measured selections Tams Racing Tips has achieved an average strike rate of 30% with a win streak of 3 and a loss streak coming in at 15 losses. Whilst there are no details on the promotional material about the selection process behind Tams Racing Tips, it seems likely (based off of Pro Betting Club’s statement that the unnamed tipster spends up to 5 hours per day making selections)  that there is a lot of form and statistical analysis although this is only speculation.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Pro Betting Club charge £39.50 per month for Tams Racing Tips (with VAT applicable if you are in the EU). There is also no mention of a money back guarantee so it seems unlikely that this is the case. In terms of income, Tams Racing Tips stands at a points profit of 249.77 pints since May. This works out at 49.95 points per month on average however this doesn’t paint a truly accurate figure as I shall explore below.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I don’t feel that Tams Racing Tips does represent value for money.


To be perfectly frank about Tams Racing Tips, it seems like a very risky proposition. I mentioned that the monthly average is 49.95 points however the breakdown is actually a lot more varied. Tams Racing Tips has one month that made 145.47 points of profit. The month before that it lost 42.51 points. When you look again at that 15 loss streak it paints a slightly different picture, especially when you think that advised stakes can go as high as 5 points per bet. That having been said Tams Racing Tips is still relatively young with Pro Betting Club operating the service for just over 5 months. With a few months of over 100 points of profit there is definitely potential in Tams Racing. Tips but I would personally wait to see how consistently this can be achieved.




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