The Glorious Goodwood Battle Review Betfan

Offered through the Betfan group, Glorious Goodwood Battle is a specialist tipster service that brings together Simon Holden and Andy Bell to provide their selections for the festival.

What is the product?

Glorious Goodwood Battle is a new product from Betfan that has been created to divert the attention of two of their longest running tipsters specifically to the upcoming Goodwood festival. Simon Holden and Andy Bell are handling the selection process and with both of these tipsters claiming to spend their time at the track and mingling with “those in the know”, it seems quite likely that Glorious Goodwood Battle will draw heavily on their respective contacts (however this is rather speculative on my behalf). The service is only for the week that Goodwood is on however during this you get the selections of both tipsters with Betfan cleverly labelling Glorious Goodwood Battle the battle of the egos. I would expect staking to be the usual Betfan fair of up to 5 points whilst bets are likely to be a combination of each way as well as win bets however I wouldn’t rule out a few accumulators too. Simon Holden and Andy Bell will be notifying Glorious Goodwood Battle subscribers of their selections on a daily basis with each day providing a selection for each race. Due to the fact that Goodwood hasn’t yet stated, there is no proofing available to analyse however I would anticipate a strike rate to sit around the 20-30% mark based off previous tipster services from the pair.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Betfan are charging a simple one off cost for Glorious Goodwood Battle which is £25 for the week however this amount unfortunately does not include VAT.  Nor does it include any money back guarantee with Betfan stating that whilst refunds are not generally offered, they will consider reviews however this realistically means you shouldn’t expect this. In terms of income, having looked at Andy Bell and Simon Holden before, I would expect there to be some profit here however I wouldn’t expect the world to be set alight with the results.

Does the product provide value for money?

In many respects I feel that Glorious Goodwood Battle does provide value for money, particularly for those who simply want an edge for casual betting.


If you have a serious portfolio of tipsters then you are very unlikely to find much use for Glorious Goodwood Battle but this isn’t really what this service is about. The focus seems to be on fun (whilst still obviously having a view to generating a profit) and this makes Glorious Goodwood Battle much more appealing than a full time service that sees itself as an investment.

As I have said before, if you are a casual bettor then I feel that Glorious Goodwood Battle is probably one of the best options open to you if you are looking for an edge for this festival. Otherwise, you will likely be paying over the odds, particularly if you already have a tipster in place.



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