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Created by Alex Sealby (a self-confessed pen name), The Pasang System is a method of making money online that is offered through Streetwise Publications.

What is the product?

The Pasang System is one of the latest offerings from Streetwise Publications that claims to be able to offer substantial monthly income, allegedly taking just minutes of your time each day. Alex Sealby (for want of a better name) says that The Pasang System simply requires logging into a website, doing some basic math and you can start profiting instantly. In fact, he compares the method to having your own top secret online ATM.  The Pasang System comes as a manual that shows you where to go, what you need to do etc. and most importantly details the algorithm that Alex Sealby says will allow you to use The Pasang System.

There is nothing in the sales page about what The Pasang System is or how it works which instantly strikes me as suspicious given the claims made. There is plenty of hyperbole about how it is like hacking into an ATM and using loopholes and the like but this seems to have more to do with copywriting than the product itself. What information is presented is that you will use the algorithm to generate a code, you then enter this code on a website daily at a given time which will present you with a 70% chance of successfully getting access and therefore making money. To build on this, the website that The Pasang System  uses is entirely randomised in terms of when it will pay out and there is just a 10 minute window to do this. This to me seems awfully suspect and suggests that The Pasang System is going to be extraordinarily simple or incredibly difficult.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Streetwise Publications are marketing The Pasang System for a one time cost of £245. This is backed up with a vendor backed 30 day money back guarantee. In terms of the income potential, if you believe the copy Alex Sealby makes as much as £20,000 per month. He also claims that The Pasang System has produced a £10,000 day. Not surprisingly there is no evidence to back this up.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the high costs involved and the lack of evidence or explanation, I don’t believe that The Pasang System does provide value for money.

Conclusion about The Pasang System

There is plenty of talk from Alex Sealby about how great The Pasang System is but there isn’t enough walk for my liking. The whole focus is  on how this is allegedly easy money and anyone can do it and given the claimed income, this seems rather unlikely to me. One of the worrying things that is glossed over rather smoothly is that the website that The Pasang System is linked with charges you if your code is unsuccessful with Alex Sealby saying that this can cost you as much as £128.

This just doesn’t bode well to  that I would recommend. me and the whole thing just seems off, especially given the high initial investment cost and the potential to pay to lose. With that in mind I don’t see much about The Pasang System worth recommending.




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