The Racing Insider Review Jenny K/Daniel Soulsby

Created by Jenny K/Daniel Soulsby, The Racing Insider is an email based horse racing tipster service that provides subscribers with daily selections.

What is the product?

The Racing Insider is a fairly typical horse racing tipster service on the surface of things. It offers up to 5 daily selections (usually sent out before 11.30am) direct to you email. The tips that The Racing Insider offers vary from 4/7 right up to 25/1 although the highest winning bet appears to be a 12/1 choice. This all comes together with an alleged strike rate of 32.96%.  The interesting part of The Racing Insider comes in looking at how the service works. The Racing Insider is allegedly authored by one Jenny K, an ex-backstretch worker who has over time developed an extensive network of informants that notify her how horses will run, etc. The Racing Insider is also linked with one Daniel Soulsby, a well known Clickbank marketer. It could simply be that he handles marketing for The Racing Insider on behalf of Jenny K, but I feel that this does need to be highlighted.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

You can subscribe to The Racing Insider for a very reasonable £14.99 per  month or alternatively there is an annual subscription available for £149.99 saving you around £30. Because The Racing Insider is sold through Clickbank there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place for both options. In terms of winnings there are no results available and information is actually rather scarce outside of what seem to be choice screenshots. There is one that shows an overall profit that “Jenny K” has allegedly made that amounts to a little over £22,000.

Does the product provide value for money?

I am rather conflicted about this as The Racing Insider is much cheaper than most tipster services. That having been said with no results or proofing there seems to be little to compare that to.


The Racing Insider is definitely cheaper than most tipster services and if you are the type who doesn’t mind a gamble then there may well be something in this for you. Personally I have a lot of concerns regarding the authorship of the product as well as the lack of proofing. Personally I would consider The Racing Insider a no go, however the low costs and money back guarantee may be enough to entice some people.




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