The Round Table Service Review

Created by a tipster known only as Jack and currently marketed under  Bet Kudos (a part of the Betfan group), The Round Table Service is a relatively new horse racing tipster service.

What is the product?

The Round Table Service is a new horse racing tipster service that is yet another graduate of the Tipster Planet website that Betfan operate. The service is pretty straight forward albeit with a high volume of bets each day (seven a day doesn’t seem to be that uncommon). Bets themselves are a combination of different types with Jack mainly looking at single bets with some doubles and trixies thrown in to boost the winnings. The selection process is not something that is discussed in any detail which is rather unfortunate. Instead Jack and Bet Kudos spend a lot of the sales page talking about how so many punters lose because they follow a random tipster or lack a firm investment plan and strategy.

There is some suggestion that The Round Table Service draws on a network of informants as Jack refers to other services lacking the “genuine contacts to beat the bookies”. A tone that finds its way into a lot of The Round Table Service’s sales material. In terms of the numbers, The Round Table Service follows the usual Betfan staking plan of 1-5 points with staking advised when selections are sent out. The strike rate for The Round Table Service is particularly poor having achieved an average of just 19.2% since the service went live at the start of December.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Your first month subscription to The Round Table Service is available at a discounted price of just £24.50 (plus VAT on top of this). Once the first month has elapsed the price does go up to £49 per month (again, plus VAT) for a 28 day period. As Bet Kudos is a part of the Betfan group, the usual money back guarantee (or lack thereof) applies. They state that they do not typically offer refunds however they will review reasonable requests. In terms of the income from The Round Table Service, the points profit currently stands at 139.24 points to advised staking. This does however represent an almost 50% decrease in the betting bank since February with The Round Table Service profiting in just one month since then.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I don’t believe that The Round Table Service provides value for money at all. The service seems to be overpriced and far from consistent.


The Round Table Service is expensive. With VAT you are looking at almost £60 per month for the service. Had you joined the service in the new year, you would now be down by over 100 points. The recommended betting bank. This kind of performance simply isn’t good enough from any tipster service.

Whilst I am sure that this is the point where Betfan would argue about long term profits, the reality is that Jack and The Round Table Service show no signs of being able to achieve this. With that in mind I would recommend giving The Round Table Service a wide berth.



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