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Offered under the Betting Gods tipster group, The Sports Guru is a sports betting tipster service that offer tips for a huge range of sports from across the world.

What is the product?

The Sports Guru is a sports betting tipster service that is rather broad in the number of sports that it covers but seemingly contradictorily in so much as they are all rather specialised selections. As touched upon The Sports Guru covers a huge number of sports ranging from American staples like baseball and football to more common examples like golf and tennis and in a first for me, selections for speedway racing, a type of motorbike racing. Selectons are sent out on an almost daily basis with bets advised as win bets and accumulators in the main with some bets also advised as each way. In terms of the selection process there is very little information provided however Betting Gods do make reference to all selections being “very well researched” suggesting a combination of form examination and statistical analysis.

It is worth pointing out at this point that The Sports Guru is a high volume tipster service with an average pf 320-350 selections each month (8 or 9 per day on average). This combined with the staking plan of 1-5 points per bet (advised with selections) means that costs can rack up. This is somewhat offset by the fact that The Sports Guru has achieved a very reasonable strike rate of 53.25%, a figure which I feel reflects the fact that the odds that you will be betting on are rarely above 2.0.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

As with all their services, Betting Gods do provide a 14 day free trial which doesn’t involve signing up for anything. Once this has elapsed there is a monthly subscription available at a cost of £19.95, a quarterly subscription at a cost of “49.95 and finally a lifetime of access for £129.95. On top of the 14 day trial all of these options come with a 60 day money back guarantee as they are sold through the Clickbank platform. In terms of the profitability of The Sports Guru, the service has made an overall points profit of 119.8 points since May this year.

Does the product provide value for money?

On Balance, I believe that The Sports Guru does provide value for money. The service has had a solid start and you are well covered if it fails to meet expectations. That having been said it isn’t for everyone.


My biggest worry about The Sports Guru is without a doubt the number of bets you are expected to place. With a losing streak of 11 bets, The Sports Guru would wipe out half of a starting bank which is recommended at just 40 points.

That having been said, The Sports Guru doesn’t seem to really lose that often and losing streaks are rarely that long, but either way it will require a disciplined bettor to really get  the most out of this. With that in mind, if you are a newbie to sports betting I would seriously consider looking elsewhere as The Sports Guru will take time and a decent understanding of betting to really work but otherwise, it is probably worth a look.



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