Trendsignal Review Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee

Created by Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee, Trendsignal provides users with a complete training program as well as the required tools to become a successful Forex trader.

What is the product?

At its core Trendsignal is a training course however there is a little more to the product that this. Everything is based on Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee considerable experience in trading which amounts to around 47 years in the field. The training itself is a combination of various methods of teaching including a complete training manual as well as seminars  and workshops that users are invited to. Trendsignal also provides extensive one to one training in which one of Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee’s team will help you to build your own personal trading plan as well as providing full mentoring services through interactive support.

Also included when you sign up for Trendsignal are the tools that you will require as a trader including  specialist proprietary indicators showing you when to trade as well as stop loss points to help you to minimise and manage your risk. As well as this practical side of things, Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee dedicate a portion of Trendsignal to teaching you the psychology of successful trading. In terms of the details of the methods used, it is a difficult thing to explore, mostly down to the fact that the personalised nature of Trendsignal means that no one person will be using the exact same strategies. That having been said I can reveal that you will be trading on the correct commodities, currencies and timeframe that is best suited to your circumstances.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There aren’t any prices listed for Trendsignal with the only comment being that in order to gain access you have to fill in an application form whereby a representative will contact you. I did try to find this information out but the only details that I could find were a few years old. Nonetheless, the cost then was £3,600 and I can only see the price having stayed around that point at best so I potentially expect a higher cost. Trendsignal  does come with a money back guarantee for 14 days however this is highly conditional and you must have made 5 trades and followed all instructions. In terms of income, Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee do not make any specific claims however testimonials generally suggest a high income with one example claiming to have made 2800 pips in just one month.

Does the product provide value for money?

Based off the price I have seen I don’t believe that Trendsignal does provide value for money and I actually believe it would need to be a lot cheaper to be considered this.


At its core Trendsignal isn’t a bad program. The training is decent enough and the methods aren’t bad however I feel that it is perhaps oversold. The fact is that there is plenty of information on trading on Forex that doesn’t cost in excess of £3,000 that is there or there about on par with Trendsignal. The only thing that I can see that I would consider realls special is the one on one training which is something that can be hugely beneficial however it is worth noting it isn’t an on call situation so there are some restrictions. Personally, I would have a good shop around instead of going straight in for Trendsignal however this is mostly down to cost rather than the quality of the product.




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