Wayne Bailey Racing Review

Created by Wayne Bailey, Wayne Bailey Racing is a horse racing tipster service that specialises in providing subscribers with daily lay betting selections.

What is the product?

Wayne Bailey Racing is a lay betting tipster service that provides selections for horse racing for races staged around the UK as well as Ireland. One of the big pulls of Wayne Bailey Racing is the name attached to the service as Wayne Bailey holds and has held a number of high prestige jobs related to betting and Betfair in his native Ireland. He is a writer for the Irish Independent’s horse racing section and has previously held the title of editor for Betfair’s Irish blog as well as being an accredited trainer for the firm. In terms of his tipster service, Wayne Bailey Racing draws heavily on this knowledge which is then combined with a special rating system that looks at jockeys.

In terms of the details surrounding Wayne Bailey Racing, the selections are sent out before 11am with 10-15 bets being offered each day. All staking is a level affair however it is worth noting that Wayne Bailey Racing uses a staking plan that is based around fixed staking rather than maximum liabilities with £10 recommended per bet. Selections are for place betting and this does have an impact on the strike rate which stands at 56.6%, a figure that some may consider low for a lay betting service however this is in line with previous years from Wayne Bailey Racing.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Wayne Bailey offers his services on a subscription basis with three options available. These are a weekly subscription for £10, a 30 day option for £25 and a 90 day option which sells for £70. Unfortunately there is no money back guarantee however this is typical for a tipster service. It is also offset by the fact that Wayne Bailey Racing releases 1 in 5 selections to the public for free. In terms of the income, at the time of writing profits stand at 168.66 points although this is on the back of a particularly bad month for Wayne Bailey Racing.

Does the product provide value for money?

Whilst Wayne Bailey Racing is inexpensive enough given the nature of the product and the profits are pretty decent which means that whilst Wayne Bailey Racing is fundamentally value for money, I have some reservations.


One of the key problems with Wayne Bailey Racing lies in the fact that you have to have a pretty substantial betting bank when you start out as losses can run up to as high as 60 points for just one bet. Whilst not a problem for long term subscribers who have built their betting banks, it is easy to see how this is problematic for those who are just starting out. The thing is, Wayne Bailey Racing is a decent laying service and probably one of the more profitable examples I have looked at. It is just something of a shame that you need to have deep pockets to bankroll it.




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