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Profit Sensation Review

Created by Bill Driesdale, Profit Sensation is a binary options trading bot. To get a copy of the product you have to open a new account with Amber Options.

What is the product?

Profit Sensations is a trading bot that deals with binary options. Creator Bill Driesdale claims that Profit Sensation is guaranteed to trade profitably although frankly the evidence of this is not exactly concrete. According to Bill Driesdale Profit Sensation is built on the back of some software he received from his brother who was trading full time from home. After an encounter with a programmer friend of his sons, Profit Sensation was born. Outside of this information is scarce other than the fact that to get a copy of Profit Sensation you have to make a deposit with binary options broker Amber Options. Read more

Scopius i-Marketing Review

Created by Tony Marriott, Scopius i-Marketing is a product that allows users to search certain keywords and get all manner of information back on them.

What is the product?

Scopius i-Marketing is a pretty serious piece of software that allows users to make searches based on keywords. The program then uses theses keywords to search all manner of sites such as Google, Bing, ebay and Amazon, it then returns advising on a number of things with arguably the most appealing being how saturated this term is. This allows you to then identify niches where there is room to make money. As well as this it allows you to group other searches that people make related to your keyword term (e.g. in the promotional video Tony Marriott searches for welding as his keyword. The software then generates a number of things like welding tutorials and cheap welding gear). Topping all of this off is the ability for Scopius i-Marketing to provide users with affiliate marketing schemes also related to these keywords. This essentially means that in a single day you could identify a niche, create an SEO website and have links to affiliate products. Read more

Survive and Prosper Review

Operated by Rodney Johnson, Adam O’Dell and Harry S. Dent, Survive and Prosper is a website that provides insight into financial markets based on their research.

What is the product?

Survive and Prosper is a blog/newsletter created by known personality Harry S. Dent with Rodney Johnson and Adam O’Dell. The website itself contains 2 main aspects, the first of which is the blog which is free. This contains the musings of Harry S. Dent and his team on various aspects of the financial and global markets. It is also essentially acts as a sales funnel for Survive and Prosper’s paid services. These are much more in depth than the blogs and are based on persona research carried out by Rodney Johnson, Adam O’Dell and Harry S. Dent. As a user you can utilise this insight as a method of guiding your investments if you so choose, hopefully with a profitable outcome. Read more

Goal Power Review

Created by Svend Johannson, Goal Power is an investment betting system for football that covers on over/under goal bets for a number of leagues across the world.

What is the product?

Goal Power is a system that provides users with selections based on a very strict criteria developed by Svend Johannson. Selections cover all kinds of different leagues and cups from well-known examples like La Liga or Premier League to Singapore and Columbia. The strike rate is claimed to be a respectable enough 58% which using the staking method Goal Power recommends, you should see a profit. Selections are based on mathematical formula developed by Svend Johannson that is based on historical records going back as far as 15 years as well as a number of other factors. One of the crown jewels of Goal Power is the staking system that uses compound interest and percentile staking rather than level stakes. Read more

The Betting Machine Review

Developed by Benjamin Street, The Betting Machine is a piece of software that provides users with tips as well as betting advice.

What is the product?

There are two aspects to The Betting Machine. The first is that it is a tipster service with Benjamin Street sending tips directly to the software. The other is more of a supporting role in which The Betting Machine advises you on what stakes to play. This plays a larger part as a recovery system should you incur losses. This sounds well and good in theory but actually I find it curious as to why a successful tipster would opt for this kind of set up rather than simply using an email based system and providing a calculator as a bonus. This comes under further scrutiny when you realise that Benjamin Street shows no results for tips that he provides. Considering this is pretty essential to the service I do not like this one bit. Read more

Racing Ruby Review

Created by Ruby Archer, Racing Ruby is a horse racing tipster service that makes selections based on a piece of software she developed.

What is the product?

Racing Ruby is a tipster service providing users with daily tips for horse racing. These are back to win and there are typically 2-4 selections. All of this has an alleged strike rate of 72% with average odds of 7.1. The selections are made based on software that creator Ruby Archer developed after leaving university (allegedly with degrees in equine science and computer science). She says that she developed the software for owners and trainers but found that it could easily filter out winners based on previous performance. This all seems rather doubtful for me and I remain cynical. On top of these tips you receive various manuals that provide additional information on betting methods and staking. Read more

Tipster Planet Review

Created by Betfan, Tipster Planet is a website dedicated to giving new tipsters a chance to prove themselves and their systems.

What is the product?

Essentially Tipster Planet is an academy for budding tipsters covering all manner of sports. Anybody can register to become a tipster where all services are fully proofed , providing an opportunity to get your foot in the door. How this works out for punters is that it gives you a chance to access a large number of tipsters for a very reasonable price. More than this, Tipster Planet gives you access to the same tipsters who may well go on to join the Betfan stable. There are downsides to this, for example, there are over 100 tipsters listed on Tipster Planet, many of which are no longer active but this is easily resolved as you can search by the most profitable tipsters. There is also the fact that you don’t know how long a profitable system will remain on there. These are very easily outweighed by the cost though. Read more

Forex Profit Crusher Review

Created by James Collins, Forex Profit Crusher is a set of Forex indicators that are claimed to help users trade profitably.

What is the product?

Forex Profit Crusher is a piece of software that provides users with trading indicators as well as email and sound alarms when a profitable trade is identified. According to creator James Collins Forex Profit Crusher is designed to work through Meta Trader on any currency pair and time frame. If you are unsure of what to do with Forex Profit Crusher there are also a number of training videos provided as well. In terms of how Forex Profit Crusher works, there is a claim that it follows trends by exploiting trade secrets (James Collins claims that he once worked as a trader on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. On top of the min software users will receive a bonus copy of Forex Trend Killer which is claimed to find “Forex waves” that identify the general trends. Read more

Member Site Creator Review

What is the product about?

Created by Alex Albert, Member Site Creator is a piece of push button software for creating membership websites.

What is the product?

Member Site Creator is a piece of software that Alex Albert has made with the intention of making a membership site cheaply and easily. Member Site Creator is designed to allow users to offer upsells to customers, build buyers lists and much more but really, all that is on offer is summed up in the phrase “add instant value”. In terms of the machinery inside Member Site Creator, there is simply not enough information available. Especially when you notice that he doesn’t use any of the traditional methods of building a membership site such as MySQL databases (or databases of any time real)? There are also 3 bonuses in the form of ebooks detailing methods of increasing profitability etc. which should prove handy in conjunction Member Site Creator. Read more

The Forex Guy Review

What is the product about?

Previously operating as DnB Forex Price Action, The Forex Guy is a website created by Graham and his partner Scotch that provides users with tips and news.

What is the product?

The Forex Guy is a website that is dedicated to educating users about Forex trading strategies and general information pertaining to the Forex Markets. Graham and Scotch draw upon their combined knowledge for The Forex Guy. The information is presented in a number of different formats including videos and articles. There is a section dedicated to newbies to Forex trading as well as a paid section, The War Room, for experienced traders. It is this paid section that is the core of The Forex Guy. It is here that Graham and Scotch share their own trading methods in the form of The Price Action Protocol Trading Course. They also provide a large number of special features including a chart of the week which dissects a trading chart over the course of a week pointing out key events and the cause and effect as well as a number of chat rooms with other traders. Read more

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