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Ultimate Lotologist Review

Ultimate Lotologist markets itself as a memorabilia trading site for lottery scratch cards within the UK although this seems to be nothing more than a crude cover.

What is the product?

Ultimate Lotologist is a very dubious product in my opinion. The creator of Ultimate Lotologist starts by talking about memorabilia and the commercial call for this before ultimately fixating on lottery tickets as memorabilia, more specifically scratch cards. The notion of limited runs etc. is touched upon before the whole thing take a shift towards the financial with Ultimate Lotologist claiming that this represents a chance to get in on a great thing and make lots of money. Ultimate Lotologist achieves this by using a suspiciously similar setup to a pyramid scheme. The big difference is that there is no cash changing hands, rather “memorabilia” in the form of scratch cards. Scratch cards that you send unscratched allowing your recipient to play. You start getting your scratch cards from further down your downline ultimately having the potential to receive scratch cards from 4 levels down from you (but never the person that you induct into Ultimate Lotologist). You can opt to be part of a group trading lottery tickets at anywhere from £1 – £10. Read more

Amway Review MLM

Amway are a US based multi level marketing company that now operate in over 100 countries. They specialise in supplying their customers with “lifestyle” products.

About The Company

Amway started in 1959 and since then has gone on to become arguably the largest and most successful multi level marketing company in the world. With annual income in the tens of billions and millions of distributors working across the globe and a huge range of products available, Amway represents an opportunity to become a part of a massive corporation whilst working for yourself. Read more

Binary Pro App Review

Created by Travis Cane, Binary Pro App is a binary options trading robot that can allegedly make guaranteed profit trading binary options.

What is the product?

According to Travis Crane, Binary Pro App is a piece of software that can trade binary options on autopilot for an almost guaranteed profit. Binary Pro App comes with a number of loss prevention with the ability to shut down trading once you have lost a set (by you) amount of money. Binary Pro App allegedly utilises Travis Crane’s claimed 10 years of trading experience and is a combination of lots of different aspects of binary trading systems that he used in this time. Unfortunately in terms of how Binary Pro App actually works, information isn’t really forthcoming. It is worth noting that in order to use Binary Pro App you must sign up to Option Financial Markets, Travis Crane’s chosen binary options broker. Read more

The Video Induction System Review

Created by Joey Xoto, The Video Induction System is a training course that teaches you how to use videos instead of text in your marketing campaigns.

What is the product?

The Video Induction System is a pretty straightforward training program that is designed to teach users not just how to create high converting marketing videos, but also offers step by step guides for the technical aspects. This makes The Video Induction System perfect for those that are new to this kind of thing. Joey Xoto has broken The Video Induction System down into 24 videos with 13 of these being dedicated to the marketing aspect and the other 11 showing you how to use the relevant software and where you can get access to it for free. The two modules appear in depth and seem to cover everything that you would need to know, no doubt in part due to Joey Xoto’s alleged experience in this field. Read more

Betting HQ Review

Betting HQ is a subscription based multi tipster service that seems to be backed by the same people who operate Tipster Warehouse and Betting Gods.

What is the product?

Betting HQ is actually made up of a number of different products. At the core of this are a series of in house tipsters/services. These are comprised of the following: Read more

Mantra Marketing Review

As a part of the Appco Group, Mantra Marketing are a part of one of the largest direct marketing companies in the UK.

About The Company

Mantra Marketing is Bristol based company that specialise in providing direct marketing for their customers. This is handled via a somewhat peculiar set up that brings new members on board selling at ground level with the opportunity to work their way up the ladder. Mantra Marketing represents an odd kind of multi-level marketing in so much as the focus is on direct commission rather than earning based on your subscriber base. As a company Mantra Marketing are a part of the larger Appco Group that are in turn a part of the Cobra Group. A confusing chain of command to say the least, and one that becomes more confusing as you look at the internal structure. Read more Review

Created by Heiko Häusler, Thomas M. Duda and Tobias Knoof, provides a combination of products in a multi level marketing format.

What is the product?

Honestly, figuring out is something of a chore as there seems to be rather a lot of conflicting information provided by Heiko Häusler, Thomas M. Duda and Tobias Knoof. First and foremost they say that is a blogging platform which is stated in the “about” section. They then also advertise as being made up of a multi level marketing aspect and a traffic generating aspect. Unfortunately neither format is really explored enough to extract information. What is pushed very hard is that you can use to “go viral”. This is apparently done by following the same principles that make up any viral content. Unfortunately, Heiko Häusler, Thomas M. Duda and Tobias Knoof don’t actually explain how to achieve the process, but instead settle for presenting the process as some kind of factual representation of what to do. This was rather disappointing. Then there is the multi level marketing side of which doesn’t actually explain what you are selling simply stating that it is high ticket items at costs of €1000 to €5000. All of this is rather mysterious and slightly suspect to me. Read more

Arbs2u Review

Created by Francis Smith, Arbs2u is a piece of betting software that identifies and automatically places arbitrage bets for users.

What is the product?

Arbs2u is essentially a betting robot that rather than relying on an underlying system instead takes advantage of arbitrage. The creator of Arbs2u, Francis Smith says that this eliminates any complex staking calculations and the constant need to check your prices as Arbs2u does all this for you. Naturally being a betting bot, Arbs2u is fully automated and appears to cover a number of different sports. Whilst Francis Smith doesn’t provide a comprehensive list it seems that if a sport isn’t covered he plans to do so in the future. In terms of the ins and outs of Arbs2u, Francis Smith isn’t particularly forthcoming. I would usually consider this problematic but given the set up that is used, I can easily overlook this. The software itself seeks out low risk arbitrage opportunities and comes with a stop-loss feature to minimise any losses. As Arbs2u progresses Francis Smith says that it is his intention to expand compatibility of the software. Read more

Momentis Review MLM

Based out of the US and Canada, Momentis are a large multi level marketing company that specialise in providing energy packages to customers.

About The Company

Momentis was founded in 2010 by Andy Williams, a man with a background in the multi level marketing field having worked in the industry since being 19. Since then Momentis have become something of a multi level marketing powerhouse. Momentis appear to be linked with US energy company Just Energy, something which is backed up by the fact that Momentis itself was built on the back of energy deregulation in the US. A model that they seem keen to utilise in the UK as well. Read more

Kleeneze Review MLM

As one of the largest multi level marketing companies in the UK, Kleeneze represent a chance to start your own business in recruiting new members and selling their products.

About The Company

Founded in 1923, Kleeneze have been a long term adapter of the multi level marketing format. Since their inception Kleeneze have expanded hugely and helped pioneer this method of marketing, culminating in helping found the Direct Selling Association in the 80’s (an organisation dedicated to ensuring that ethical business practice is partaken in the industry). Since the boom of direct marketing in the 80’s and 90’s Kleeneze have continued to grow to become one of the biggest names in multi level marketing. Read more

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