GoalAdviser.net Reviews or Scam? Kimberley Lloyd-Owen. GoaLAdvisor?

There is much talk about GoalAdviser.net at the moment, after it’s owner Kimberley Lloyd-Owen was featured in The Sun newspaper for her success with betting on goals in football matches,

But, just how successful is the website, and can you make a profit with it? We look at some of the facts, and try to filter some reviews based around this website/service.

What is GoalAdviser.net?

GoalAdviser.net, is a website owned by Kimberley Lloyd-Owen, a 23 year old young lady from Wales, which she used as a membership/subscription based service to her clients. Twice a week, the website will offer forecasts on the amount of goals particular matches will create, and then you are advised to bet on these predictions.

Ok, but does GoalAdviser make money?

We have not tested the website, or service ourselves, but the owner mentions that she now has over 9,000 subscribers to the ‘tipping service’, and although subscriber lists always go up, and down, depending on results, this is not really an indication of success for the subscribers, and without testing the service ourselves, it is difficult to see if the profits are being made.

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The initial review indicates that punters have made up to £100,000 from the tips offered by the GoalAdviser.net service, but does not stipulate if this is a global figure amongst all 9,000 subscribers, which would actually equate to £11 profit per customer.

How much does it cost to subscribe to GoalAdviser?

The subscription is actually free, although to receive the ‘bets’ you need to purchase credits, which indicates perfectly, that although 9,000 subscribers maybe an accurate figure, only subscribers who pay the credits get to review, and see the bets for that day.

The prices for the credits are £1 per set of credits, with £5 being the minimum that you can buy, and all payments are taken through paypal.

Do people really make money with tipping services like this?

That is a great question, and one where we would usually say that there will usually be a MINORITY of people who make money through gambling, on football, or anything else, and this minority will usually make a lot of money, with the majority losing a considerable amount.

The other consideration with ‘tipsters’ is the runs they have. For example, we could give you a system of backing the second favourite on horse races, and you could easily go for a full 7 days of very good profits, and then get wiped out on the 8th day, and even be in a large deficit, which is usually the case.

UKDropshop Conclusion:

If you ever did decide to try a tipping service, of any kind, then we advise to be ULTRA cautious, because, GoalAdviser.net or not, we have seen many instances where many people have lost a lot of money on gambling tipsters, and we just advise you to use caution.

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  1. John the gambler says:

    I have tried goal adviser and it didn’t really work for me. I don’t think anybody can acurately predict the amount of goals per game to any degree of profit. Having been betting for a good few years I have tried most services, and never made a consistent profit overall.

    Just saying


    • Thank you for the reply, and feedback, John.

      Gambling can be fickle, and there are definite ways of making money in it, especially now that betfair have taken a large chunk out of the market.

      The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating, and thanks for letting us know of your own experiences with GoalAdviser.net.

      Now something that is similar, but guaranteed to make money from betting, as recommended by our members is the link posted at the bottom of the article. You may want to take a look.


  2. Alan Dean says:

    Hmm. I was very tempted to try GoalAdviser, thanks for the warning.

  3. James Pugh says:

    Hi ive used the site religiously since last May – and currenty off £10-20 stakes am up £4,500.. Obviously gA cannot see the future but some of the tips blow me.

    (Edited by Admin – It has been claimed that James Pugh is not a genuine user of GoalAdviser, but the figures he mentioned false, and fabricated)

  4. Salvatore Scarpato says:

    I’ve used Goal Adviser and where the website is poor the her tips do make sense. But as a professional gambler myself no one is right 100% of the time.

    She is probably right around 70-80% of the time which makes her regualarly in profit.

  5. Jackson Lume says:

    No one is ever right 100%. The Tips provided are good for the last 3 weeks, I also like it as obvious tips are picked. I have been following her PB’s which are posted before the game and am now up £360. So I only at the moment have good things to say about this website.. will let you know how Im getting on in a few weeks

  6. Jonny says:

    I have seen GA in operation and they have removed some losing bets, offered winning bets never given. Do not post P@L and have not posted results for a while. If you joined on 23rd December for 1 day you would have been hit with a massive loss. The “company” behind this have huge power re the media and are using a famous sports PR company. The problem is the model does not work because when bets lose the facebook followers talk and so do the twitter folk. Anyone who questions anything gets blocked. As a football data analyst. The level of knowledge offered is similar to any site such as soccerstats. If I had the money I would personally give the directors the money as people who pay £1 and say bet £100 cannot afford even £1 and the media created a “betting messiah” and in truth there are thousands of people with much more insight but no PR team behind them.

  7. Jonny says:

    PS james PUGH is what we call a STOOGE and has been circling twitter to stop negative publicity. IE James Pugh is a GA operated account. Shows how sad in terms of what they will do to make £££££

  8. Jonny says:

    Very sad as must have a media type behind this as investing thousands in PR.
    They were on the radio again . The advice re qpr v sours is to trigger beg stimulation
    “I’d be nad not to go in play as goals +2.5 /spurs
    +1-5 goals in play with that team ” create someone who is a betting
    Messiah and people who are less capable of understanding data are hooked.
    I showed the bets to my wife and she had no clue what they meant
    And she is their target audience 0-0 ft and bets lost followed by next bet BA to score anytime
    For chelsea loses . I am a writer of football data so I can see how their
    Simple strategy of backing goals will lose long term as you need to
    Factor on the price . Regulate the Industry and make them all
    Show the Profit or loss . If we find out who is behind this we could
    Be shocked . PR costs must be at least £10 000 with estimated
    Turnover £500 000 year one and 2 million year three so they are a big player
    At £1 a bet . Pay £1 but could lose your home and your family because the chap in the Sun
    And on the radio says so.
    The sun not surprisingly did not respond to my email .
    In conclusion someone very powerful in the media industry
    Is behind this . Very sad times .

  9. Jonny says:

    James Pugh is an invention and has not won £4500

  10. Jonny says:

    The only thing blowing Pugh’s mind is one that they
    Probably do no exist . Google James Pugh . 2. If they do then they work in the media .
    I am sad because the media think that the average person is not
    Bright and can be easily manipulated . They are correct as we allow them to.
    Get goal adviser to produce full profit and loss details of
    Every bet since inception so we and new potential clients
    Can make a considered opinion . Today as I understand a losing day
    but please advise if not correct . They have had some big losing days
    Dec 23 rd every bet lost followed by the advice to not bet on everything .
    Lose twitter quiet . Win and they tell everyone . This is selective perception . Shows
    How powerful the media is

  11. Jonny says:

    This has become very painful. i have no proof but i think lloyd owen worked in the media after leaving university. You have people like Melissa Chappell who worked at sky and looks after lee dixon etc saying on twitter how brilliant goal adviser are. ditto talk sport. There was a promising footballer who was a youth player who killed himself recently because of gambling debts.

    This industry must be regulated. Fairly depressing how much has been invested in goal adviser. The owner of goal adviser shows as lloyd owen and a chap who is a solicitor of many failed companies that have been dissolved. The people that are really behind goaladviser have invested a considerable amount of money using the top sports PR company. Everyone saying how brilliant goal adviser is being paid to do so with a commercial contract such as talksport and various ex players who are attached ti the PR companies are being paid to say how brilliant they are. People are going to get hurt and that is the people who lose money. If the people behind goal adviser need the money that much i suggest they do something more constructive like working with the homeless as they could easily make a few clients homeless. Very sad how far people will go to manipulate people. I cannot wait for the day goal adviser is dissolved. Looking at Lloyd track record may not be that long. We can only hope.

    • Thanks for keeping us updated, Jonny.


    • Nile Thomas says:

      Jonny is a Fantasist – who seeks and craves the attention by the looks of things that others have in his field. A girl beat him to it!!! lol.

      Note by Admin – Please read Admins post below this one, before taking this users comments into consideration, as this user has created multiple/shill accounts.

      • Unfortunately, ‘Nile Thomas’, above, and The poster below ‘Sony Williams’, are the exact same person, so please discount their comments as nothing other than an affiliate, meaning somebody who ‘may’ have an interest in Goal Adviser generating a good reputation.

        Here is the proof that they are the same person:

        They have the exact same IP address – Therefore are the same person.

        Only the dishonest would have a reason to create multiple names and post immediately after each other.

        Please refrain from doing so, it does not help the cause, or the reputation of the company/business you may be trying to protect.


        • A Tech Dude says:

          Just reading about stuff related to a site I run, saw your comment and had to reply… It almost certainly is the same person but Your statement above “Same IP address – means same person” is wrong, totally wrong.

          Yes I know this post is older then the hills but when I see something like this I can’t control my urge to respond.


          (edit by admin – In this context/relation, the IP statement is correct!)

  12. sony williams says:

    think u need to get a life joony.. obviously jelous you’ve not made it big time in ur field and a girl beat u to it. Iv made £100 this week alone using GA tips.

    Note by Admin – Please read Admins post above this one, before taking this users comments into consideration, as this user has created multiple/shill accounts.

  13. Shawn P says:

    Scam, they remove losing bets from what I can see.



  14. Jonny says:

    I cannot believe they have gone to such lengths to create bogus twitter accounts and then bogus accounts on here. I am indeed a published writer on football and not a tipster and I have watched football for 41 years now. I am aware they have a number of commercial contracts with the media which is not a problem . I wish the media would stop ramping them as this could result in a new crop of gambling addicts. If they are that good then why cannot we see their full profit and loss and why have they removed losing bets. The betting industry needs to be regulated. Goal advisor have spent a few hundred thousand on PR so obviously I am a threat to their earnings but I am more then happy to stand up and be counted. I have had hundreds of published articles on football and they have had none. I do not work in the same field so they are not a threat to me . I am an obvious threat to their ability to create new clients. Legislation should stop this from happening instead of a few number of people who will stand up and be counted, They have very powerful friends in the industry but they will not stop my ability to write articles although i will never be accepted by the mainstream even though my articles get massive viewing figures. If you look on twitter you will see that most of the responses to goal adviser are by twitter account that average around 20 tweets and all to goal adviser. If we think logically then they cannot be as good as they think if they need to be in loaded magazine and on the radio for the second time but we must accept that the industry has spent a big sum of money in promoting them so I expect to be advised that I have not made it big and i need to get a life.

    As it happens I have made it big and I have had a wonderful thus far which gives me the freedom to step forward to say that the chap who was a youth goalkeeper at Plymouth killed himself because of gambling debts and GA and the media are acting like gambling is a money tree. It may be for them and not their clients. I investigated further and I suspect that Lloyd owen worked at sky which is why she was chosen as the front of GA. I do not have proof but i am almost certain that she ha worked in the media. Again I have no proof but i think a “trading house ” are really behind goal adviser. Total investment thus far must be around 500K with expectation of 2 Million turnover in year 2. In 2014 we can all look at the accounts. They have used the top sports PR company who created the Terry venables story. My motivation is to stop people thinking that betting is a pastime and i went on facebook and tried an experiment with GA. I presented myself as the female who had a daughter who looked up to goal adviser and wanted to understand what betting was and what 2.5 goals meant etc and the response was “i will talk you through the information” “dont worry i will help you”

    1) no warning you can lose money 2) no checks that GA are not in fact talking to a minor.

  15. Jonny says:

    Dont laugh chaos but goal adviser is based in Cardiff. The IP address is in Cardiff. Caerphilly and the phone has just left the leisure centre and is no in small meadow court. People forget that technology can easily trace people 5 OAKMEAD ROAD
    CF72 9FB Registered addressed. looks like the phone lives in small meadow court. My raw data skills are very advanced.

  16. Chris says:

    Goal Advisor is a scam. How can they constantly get away with frauding people out of money? I joined for a month and lost £200. The bets that lost were removed so they could not be seen. We need to let everybody know what sort of cowboys these people are

  17. Jonny says:

    Small Meadow Court, Caerphilly, CF83 3RT

    Now I wonder who lives there ?

  18. Jonny says:

    Things are getting worse. Welbeck starts against Real Madrid and GA advise on twitter that Valencia should of started followed by Welbeck goal and “i said welbeck should have started”. Heavy losing days on tuesday and wed followed by this as an example russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser Can’t wait for the weekend,Bet365 are wondering what’s going on,my account keeps growing. Soon they will be suspending my acc!!

    This acc has tweeted 34 times (new account) and i assume a GA account as all 34 tweets made to GA. In my eyes this is making me feel sick that an entity would go so far to deceive to make a few quid but we are to blame as no legislation and we as individuals are not coming together to say enough is enough and lobbying our MPs to say please pass a motion to make tipping regulated

  19. Jonny says:

    12 hrs russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser Can’t wait for the weekend,Bet365 are wondering what’s going on,my account keeps growing. Soon they will be suspending my acc!!
    View conversation
    13 hrs russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser it’s not just Joe Allen there’s Sterling and Downing there right donkeys!!!.
    View conversation
    13 hrs russell ‏@Russie1966
    @lee88348829 hope your bet comes in,Liverpool need that away. Goal!!!
    View conversation
    13 hrs russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser good call thanks,bad result for Liverpool!!!!.
    View conversation
    13 hrs russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser come on Liverpool get that away goal!!!!.
    View conversation
    14 hrs russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser got 7/4 +1-5 fingers crossed
    View conversation
    14 hrs russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser thanks your star

  20. Jonny says:

    russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser morning Kimberley,thanks for yesterday great tips,thanks.

  21. Jonny says:

    russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser morning Kimberley,thanks for yesterday great tips,thanks.

  22. Jonny says:

    russell ‏@Russie1966
    @GoalAdviser morning Kimberley,thanks for yesterday great tips,thanks.

  23. Jonny says:

    FREE BET Madrid +2.5 goals 11/8 This is a great example of a GA FT 1-1 v Man UTD

    1) not a free bet as LOST
    2) do they mean Madrid to score +2.5 goals or the game +2.5 goals … I believe this was an in running advice with people trying to work out where the 11/8 came from but at the end of the day what exactly is the bet ?

  24. Jonny says:

    @GoalAdviser Is there no way you can include a points system to indicate how much you are putting on each PB? i.e 3 pts win on this one etc? Would be great if they could show their profit and loss as wel but would be difficult as people who have joined are not sure what the advice is ie the bets because as i saw on facebook if they lose then the advise is “oh no we dont want you to bet on all our advice “

  25. Jonny says:

    just been confirmed that lloyd owen father is the other director and he is the ‘brains’ behind this although i have noted he has been involved in a number of dissolved companies. My thought it there must be private investment and they must have been confident of breaking into the market and i have been advised of repeated removal of losing bets and draw a conclusion that GA must be losing money even with their commercial contracts and their business model does not work as they cannot attract new clients at a cost that is viable as betting is a niche market. Their venture will certainly have an effect on the hard working tipsters as the industry is getting a bad name.

  26. Dennis says:

    As others have said on here, all is not what it seems, some of the trading figures are missing it looks like to not show all the losses.

    I stopped using them after losing money.

  27. Jonny says:

    Very even in Cardiff.1 of the best teams iv seen at CCS.Few scenarios can’t see Cardiff not scoring but Brighton look dangerous from counter lose 2-0 and i am not certain but a losing day appears to have been made into a break even day with this

    Just re-evaluating tonight.Maybe not as bad as I thought 7/10 Championship Blog Bets & the 2.9/1 double landed & the Bayern win advised 6/5

  28. Jonny says:

    goal adviser were created by paul ridley pr and are what is called an illusion. Read up on Larry Jacoby who did an experiment re becoming famous overnight. Goal adviser incorporated oct 2012 but PR company now use the familiarity card by getting the Terry Venables story in the paper.

    1. No one had thought GA was terry venables as they never existed and 2. we now have familiarity as you now associate ga as a tipster (familiarity) even though you have never heard of them (becoming famous overnight. ) Brilliant work by paul ridley. They are not breaking the law, We can only highlight and hope they do not hook too many and close down. I would think they will be close to giving up otherwise they will need to invest thousands in more PR and going back to repetition of how brilliant they are will wear off. I think i have done a good job of highlighting and i am now confident they will dissolve the company in the next few months, They must be losing money as they are losing clients quicker then they get new ones and they are not getting what is called un marketing which is free new clients from recommendations as no one is doing that. Mainly complaints followed by blocking people.

  29. Jonny says:

    or those who subscribe to Blog 39. Been flying in the Championship lately. #JoinUs #Bringontheweekend (link to promoter removed by admin)

    Actually no data to suggest that is true. I recall them saying Back cardiff in a game and they lost. Their knowledge of championship football is no better then any non tipster

  30. Jonny says:

    Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser Well done GA. Shame about Chelsea (Fat Frank) . Still a good return so far. Hermandez FSG/Anytime? pic.twitter.com/dkehQetQUf
    View photo
    Feb 23 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser Shame Charlton not score also! Good tipping GA pic.twitter.com/tJ1BxyVIZ1
    View photo
    Feb 23 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser need aanother at Carror Rd for £600 too
    View conversation
    Feb 23 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser Ta & got it. Hills were only 75. I did liverpool last wk v Swan at <34min before Gerrard pen in 33min X secs, so scraped in!
    View conversation
    Feb 23 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser Hi. Which bookie is doing <79min on AV goal please. Thanks
    Feb 18 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @Brett_AC @GoalAdviser Thanks
    View conversation
    Feb 18 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser Are there any PBs on the Manu Game?
    View conversation
    Feb 18 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser Half times looking promising
    View conversation
    Feb 17 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @Brett_AC @GoalAdviser Im happy with that. 2-1 Torino. Only serie A BTS
    View conversation
    Feb 17 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser 1 more goal need for +3.5 bet
    Feb 17 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser Torino v Atalanta. Torino F14 A14 at home and Atalanta let in 19 on the road. 11/10
    View conversation
    Feb 17 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser HOw much delay on this broadcast!!
    View conversation
    Feb 17 Brett ‏@Brett_AC
    @GoalAdviser Lots of slips by chel in the shaded part of pitch. Maybe stay on their feet other end. God help us if we need rely on Torers
    View conversation

    new twitter account and 24 tweets and all to goal adviser

  31. Jonny says:

    Even worse is i noted a tweeter called “tippingscams” who is basically acting as a protection racket re tipsters by trying to expose what they consider to be scammers and protecting others. Tipping is obviously a very shady area. There are a few tipsters who dominate the market and they are very well protected and it is like a turf war. From a point of interest.Tippingscams and their henchman do not have an interest in GA so they must not consider them a threat. I feel sorry for anyone who has try and make a living from tipping as it is not regulated and is a jungle.

  32. Danny says:

    Noticed today they are claiming another sensational weekend on twitter yet one guy has replied asking how as half of the bets lost!

  33. Ocean lover says:

    Do not touch goal adviser with a proverbial barge pole. I tried it for over a week, and lost about £300 quid!!!

  34. Jonny says:

    I am a football data analyst and have no interest in GA but think from a commercial point of view this will kill the industry. I am not sure if I care enough to worry about this any more. They will close down within a year. The tipping industry is not regulated . All i have done is used my data analysis skills and discovered how they operate. That simple.

  35. Trainee Bill says:

    When I first joined goal adviser the first 2 days results went ok, then the next 2 days wiped out the profits, and then continued a loss.

    I gave up in the end, as I cannot afford to lose the money.

  36. Jonny says:

    If you look at the site I think this tells us all we need to know as it looks like it was built by Stevie Wonder. Results never updated and some losers missing. No profit and loss. No attention to the website given by them and all the focus is on PR via Paul Ridley. I am confident they will not be in operation next season. I would think they have 150 clients now as a max. They must be losing money. I was watching with my nephew a recording of Man UTD v WBA 3-5 FT and he said ” football will never be played as good as that game ” . The media have killed off football as the ££££££££££££ is extracted from the game using every angle. There is no passion in the game and we can look at broadsheet writers and listen to the radio and watch match of the day knowing that bookmakers control the content. GA are part of the media circus which is why i am so passionate about them leaving the arena.

    There is no place for former footballers and talksport saying how brilliant GA are. It is not true and at the end of the day this is about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Time to regulate the industry and ban all advertising of betting on TV and on the radio .

  37. Jonny says:

    GA had another terrible day yesterday. I would think they would have 100-200 max clients now. My interest is now to advise that the tipping industry must be regulated as a few people control the industry. If you have ever read about ice cream wars etc where a chap parks his van and gets moved on then tipping is very much like that. A very dark world. There is nothing to stop one person having control over 1000000000000000000000000 of sites. If a site does not do well then just set up another.

  38. Jonny says:

    The Goal Adviser ‏@GoalAdviser 18h
    Apolgies on behalf of @Official_CPFC all. Like most couldn’t a) couldn’t see Palace not scoring b) Bham scoring 4 without reply #MysticMeg
    The Goal Adviser ‏@GoalAdviser 18h
    The only Bible you are going to need this weekend.
    GA’s BTS guide – What the bookies don’t want you to see!! pic.twitter.com/xvE4X4sUyb

    more chance winning betting on snakes and ladders then both teams to score.

    What GA fail to discuss is the price struck when bet placed .

    bet at the wrong price and value is taken away

    people bet to win dont they ?

  39. Jonny says:

    If a bet loses GA are not mystic meg and if wins then it is scientific .

    laugh or cry ?

  40. Uri B says:

    Jonny, You are spot on with your conclusions. I too have lost a fair bit of money following goaladvisor it just not stack up. And then they try and wheedle their way out of their selections. It is not on really, and something should be done to stop what they are doing.


  41. kev says:

    a fool and his money are lucky to get together in the first place.
    it has taken me over 30 years. its about discipline and control.
    this is not a game or something to be done for enjoyment.
    the margins are small and mistakes based on ” the pull of the action” can be very costly.
    amounts really dont matter because its all relative.

  42. Jonny says:

    GA had another terrible weekend.

  43. Atty says:

    Been there, done it, worked for a while, then lost money.

  44. Callum says:


    Its a total con she claims winners when she says check out the prices on games, when they come in she claims she backed them. but when they dont come in she doesnt, when she said to me that she would show the winning slips and i said no(this was on twitter by the way) as i pointed out to her or them that i could back these bets and show slips that win to anyone and hide the loseres. when i pointed out that if i was charging punters what they are id be able to produce these winning slips as well as id also cover them with the losers.

    guess what, my thread and i was deleted within a minute of my last comment.

    i lost money following ga, thats my fault, guys they are frauds dont do what i did.

  45. risflo says:

    All, I hope that a honest review will help clarify a few things. I have used GoalAdviser for a while last season, and it is neither a scam nor a goldmine.
    GA has a good knowledge of football, and sometimes surprised me by correctly predicting outcomes that even the best specialists would not have seen coming.
    But GA have bad days, everybody does. And obviously, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANYBODY OR ANYTHING TO PREDICT AN OUTCOME WITH 100%CERTAINTY.
    I am not a big gambler, but I will keep using the website for one thing: a £5 weekly accumulator on at least 5 events selected by GA(where cumulated odds give an opportunity to win big). That is all I do. Some might think it is too much, others not enough.
    The secret of gambling (unless maybe for professional gamblers)is to gamble with SPENDING money, not with an investement.
    In conclusion, GA give a good insight of what happens in football, as well as a big source of information and statistics.
    But in the end, it is too relative a matter to be able to say that it is a scam or not. GA give its opinion on events to come, and it is pretty good at it. Check Kimberley’s twitter posts, and you’ll see the reality of it, sometimes she will post free tips.

  46. risflo says:

    And to those who have lost their money, as they said, I do not understand how one can follow blindly a tipster thinking he will get rich. If you lose so much money that it makes you complain about it, you obviously don’t understand gambling. Regular gambling will never be profitable, otherwise bookies would not exist.

  47. risflo says:

    Lastly, I would like to add that it seems some people here spend a lot of time damning GA for what they do (probably paid by upset bookies). They might not tell the truth, the whole truth, and so God help them, but that’s what the world has become, which business never hides bad results, or arrange figures to make them look better?

  48. Jonny says:

    GA statistics . That is a joke . They were invented by Paul Ridley who is a PR Guru who used to work for the SUN.

    Smell the coffee.

    Have you ever read any articles by Kimberley on stats or betting ?

    Not one because she has never written any.

    Yes the sun did write about her.

    She has a zero background in betting and her father is behind this venture and she is what you call the “front”

    This is another nail in the coffin of the tipping industry.

    No one has any idea of the loss that the site made for clients as they dont post it up.

    Often taking away losers and inventing winning bets

    This is not betting but a massive PR project.

  49. Jonny says:

    99% of accounts that respond to GA on twitter have had less the 100 tweets and they are all about GA.

    What a Liberty.

  50. Jonny says:

    in answer to rsiflo the sun described her as the “betting messiah ” she is not .

    Tipping industry should be regulated to stop this

    GA had or have a commercial contract with talk sport so a talk sport presenter invites her on the show not once but twice and then says ” he made money following her tips ”

    hang on there is not one person on the planet that has made long term profits from following GA

    That is the idea is it not ?

  51. Jonny says:

    and Risflo even more laughable is GA have a very strong relationship with the bookmakers and are basically pushing them into their both teams to back den.

    Bookmakers love GA and I would think have signed commercial contracts with GA,

    Why dont you ask her yourself.

  52. Jonny says:

    Not one GA follower has ever been banned from the bookmakers

    The words MUG client would be on their account .

    • Anonymous says:

      You can find this jealous Lad @jonnygrossmark(on twitter) and you can see his website here sotdoc(dotcouk)

      And also here http://betontarget.com/ in which he charges for himself, so this is a case of putting services down, so he can have less competition.

      In the right Jonny? i think you know who i am, you tried to sue me remember on twitter, but did not have a leg to stand on.

  53. jrio says:

    Jonny, very informative posting. I only heard of this young woman last night as she was interviewed on TalkSport around 12.45am. She claimed her betting was at odds of evens to 4/1. She claimed to have backed Cardiff to win the title before last season at 20/1 each way. There was a claim to having around 18k subscribers(the Twitter account has around 17k followers).

    Your postings have made the reality behind it very clear. It is a massive PR project.

  54. Jonny says:

    I understand that GA were in the Sunday sport . I would think they have around 200 subscribers.

  55. jrio says:

    Jonny, a weekly columnist with The Sunday People newspaper as mentioned on the Twitter header.

    The followers have increased by about 400 in the last few days.

    Weekend tips were largely doubles. Very surprising that it would include a testimonial game(Liverpool v Olympiakos). I’d never bet on those – they’re not real games.

    Best guess is it’s a front propelled by B365 or SkyBet.

    The real tell is that it’s ALL bets on goal scoring. Actual tipsters bet on results.

  56. Jonny says:

    One of the bookmakers has certainly “invested ” in the venture but i am not sure which. Signed with PR agency Paul Ridley who was at the sun so he gets them in the sun. Signed commercial contracts with talksport so they are on talksport and a presenter advises he made money following them (no evidence to back up).

    They are doing what is simple bet stimulation and looking to effectively send the clients to the “front” ie the bookmaker(s) to increase turnover .

    I am willing to wager that they have contracts with one or more bookmakers.

    Bottom line is do they make a profit for clients ?

    Key would be P and L on all bets last season but they will simply not show you that .

    They would if they show a profit but they show a lost so it is a conflict between being hyped as a betting messiah when the results suggest that this is not the case.

    The case would be for regulation of the industry,

    GA have massive contacts in the industry but it does not give them the right to project something which they are not .

    They are not expert tipsters and they dont have a track record .

    They have one strategy which is to bet on expectation of goals.

    If goals come the bet wins and goals dont come and bet loses.

    This is not a strategy that will lead to long term profits for clients.

    GA may make long term profits and bookmakers certainly will be their clients will be lambs to the slaughter

  57. Jonny says:

    GA tonight

    https://twitter.com/GoalAdviser/status/367709310345682944/photo/1 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BRpdq2hCIAAwDXl.png:large
    This is pure betting stimulation for bookmaking profits . One did win but not even a mention of all price with every other bet losing tonight. No doubt will be tippexed from their memory.

  58. Jonny says:

    Interesting development . i wrote an essay on Liverpool v Stoke in early July


    and look at GA essay on game https://twitter.com/GoalAdviser/status/368106211943522304/photo/1

    They have what we call lifted my work.

  59. Jonny says:

    The biggest development so far to data is GA claim a 67% return on investment last season on their site and zero data to back up.


    and they have now changed the results around. I wish i had taken a screenshot.

  60. Jonny says:

    A professional gambler would expect on high turnover 3-5 % ROI . 67% and I am joining.

  61. Jonny says:

    Goal adviser this season so far a loss on PBs X 2

    (link removed Jonny, for obvious reasons)

    the latest news. I think it means they are looking for other people to boost their exposure.

  62. Interesting read with no real conclusion. Most of the comments sum up the service though. Gambling has it’s ups and downs, but what i’ve found is following the right person betting on matches in leagues the bookies have no clue how to price is the best way to bet. I’ve followed the same lid for the past couple of years and while he’s had a couple of bad months i’ve made huge money and my stakes have increased to such large amounts i have to use numerous accounts to place bets.

    Take last night for example, the whole group of 500+ (well the 100 or so that were online at the time) scooped up a huge win on St Kitts & Nevis Women U20’s because the bookies didn’t have a clue how to price it and had them starting on a +1.5/2 handicap and they won the game 5-3.

    This Kimberley girl just appeared in our group out of the blue last night, probably in here because she’s down brains on her own bets but has her page open as some form of income to fund her bets.

  63. Andy Hayward says:

    Hi all,
    Where I work there’s about 25 of us that use GA, but only one of us pays for the credits and we just email each other the tips, it cost’s each person pence per week! We have never made any profit what so ever.

  64. jack edmunds says:

    Came across this site. Been on the last few PBs which same to be making people money . I only bet small £10 per bet – but think the last 18 GA PBs have returned me £150 odds quid so ver happy. I also follow GA world- an excellent tipster on there called SotDoc
    Good service. You have to take betting on the chin you’ll win and lose some. Bookies wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t make money. I bet just for social

  65. Fool Observer says:


    I stumbled across the Goal Advisor site at the weekend, looked at the predictions there after the Premiership games had finished and it was woefull. If last weekends predictions are anything to go by…..AVOID

    That’s all.

  66. Bertpunter says:

    For a tipster this ‘woman’ is shocking, the tips are rotten. When she does finally accurately predict a game she is all over twitter retweeting her winning tips, the fact that all her other tips are rotten is lost on her.
    I do rather well by betting on the opposite of what she tips.
    Steer clear

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