Upto1000percent.com Reviews AITradeSafe Andy Ireland Forex Trading – a Must Read

If you are new to Online Forex Trading, then you will more than likely have come across Andy Ireland, and his revolutionary Upto1000percent.com AITradeSafe system. There are not many reviews about this, but early indications are extremely positive. We have been sent a sample of this information, and all is looking very interesting indeed. It is definitely not a scam. Read on for further details on how this brand new Forex Trading System can potentially make some serious financial gains.

Who is Andy Ireland, and What is AITradeSafe?

For many years people have been trying to make money on Forex, without success, although it was also obviously that people HAVE been making huge gains using the platform, Andy Ireland has now brought to the table a brand new course that will teach people interested in this subject.

Andy has fin tuned a profit system that he has been using for a long while, and has now been convinced to teach it to some select people. It was not easy to convince Andy, because as you can imagine, such profitable techniques are extremely difficult to find. Yes, there are many courses that will teach Forex Trading, but 99% are total tosh, and will never lead to a profit. AITradeSafe is different.

How is AITradeSafe Forex Training different?

The reason this is different to what you may already have read, or even purchased online before, is because Andy uses these very same techniques himself, to make serious amounts of money online, and if he is prepared to teach you to do the same, then you REALLY should sit up and listen.

When a man is prepared to teach others to make the same kind of money that he himself makes, and that income pays for his own lifestyle, then only a fool would discount such an offer. Seriously, most successful people who make it out there, would not even attempt to show others; why would they, UNLESS they are in such a financial position where teaching others the same skills, systems, and methods will not bear a negative affect on their own incomes. This is exactly what Andy is now doing.

What will AITradeSafe teach me?

You will be held by the hand and shown EXACTLY how to make money using Forex, and explained the techniques that are safe, hence the name Trade Safe. There is no coincidence there. Andy knows how to make money, and he will teach you how to do this, as if he were sat right next to you.

So what is Forex?

Forex is an international money trading market that trades in currency. Depending on how high or low trading is for particular currencies, will depend on the actual value of that currency. This is the reason why the value of say the £ goes up and down, or when you go on holiday and have to buy Euros, only to find that you will not receive as many as you did last year. This is all dictated on the international currency trading markets; together with a few other variables.

Where people actually make money (simplified version) with Forex, is by predicting which way the currencies will go, higher or lower, buying and selling, and by making a profit on the choices being made.

OK, so Andy Ireland will be teaching us how to do this?

Yes, Andy will teach you tried, and tested methods which consistently make a profit, and the system he is using to teach this, he is calling the AITradesafe method (Andy Ireland Trade Safe).

Conclusion, and does AITradesafe actually work?

With the system you are given a quick start guide in pdf form to print off, which will teach you the basics, and on top of that there are weekly webinars where you can follow Andy Ireland in live trades, which also take live Q&A sessions from users of the AIT system. This will help all those are have maybe never traded on Forex before, because if there are parts you are unsure off, then at least you can then watch Andy Ireland going through the questions live on screen.

We have been fortunate to have a sneak preview of what is being offered by Andy, including live profits being made, and what we will say is, that if you are genuinely serious about making profits using Forex, then this will be the best training materials you will ever come across – seriously. This guy really knows what he is doing, and the fact that Andy is prepared to show others these techniques is amazing.





  1. Eric Southport says:

    It has been a few years since I traded using forex. I stopped because I could not really understand it. This may be different, but it would need fully teaching, as you can quickly become lost in it all.

  2. heather whitson says:

    Hoping this works better than another course I bought in 2011, which just lost me money.

  3. Ellie says:

    Thank you for another informative blog post. Forex has always been an interest of mine, so looking forward to seeing what other people use.


  4. Whalley says:

    Looking forward with interest to this. I tried bonus bagging which worked well, and this could be worth looking into.

  5. Darren Carr says:

    I am very interested in seeing how this works. Do you know when the actual launch date for ai trade safe is?



  6. Kathleen D says:

    How is the different to other forex tutorials out there already? I have many a time been tempted to indulge, especially now that there are literally no interest rates on our savings, and myself and my husband have been searching for a while now on better ways to invest, instead of shovelling our nest egg in the savings account at our building society, which is doing us no good at all, and is being eroded by inflation. Kathy x

  7. Op Buyer says:

    I have not heard of Andy Ireland in the Forex arena, but then again why would I. I have small traded for a few years and I am in profit, but never made the big bucks.

  8. SEO Pimp says:

    Great blog you have here man, are you looking to sell it, if so how much?

  9. Clive says:

    I have not traded Forex before, but this system does look good. Can anybody tell me if it is guaranteed to make you money?

    • Hi Clive,

      The website explains that it does guarantee to make you money, but as always make sure you read the details.


    • Chris says:

      What is ‘guaranteed’ about this course is that you will be trained to stick to the ‘trading plan’. If you do this much, you won’t go far wrong. Best course any of us are likely to come across. Honest, reliable, powerful back up and is very sensibly priced. Five Stars.

  10. Online Jobber says:

    I am very tempted. I got the letter this morning, and it is like most sales letters that I get sent, but I always look for the guarantees more than anything, so like I say I am tempted to give this ai tradesafe a go.

    Anything else I need to know bout it?

  11. Stephen James says:

    I HAVE traded Forex markets before, and even though I have seen this type of software before, this looks a little bit different, which is telling me to take the 30 day trial that is offered on the website.

    I am sure that there will be days when the system loses money, surely not every day can be a profit day?

  12. Lee says:

    I must say I am intrigued by this. I need to make money at the moment, after being made redundant.

    Does anybody know if there is a way of testing it before using real money?


    • Hi Lee,

      Yes, you can paper trade before using money, to make sure that you are totally up to speed with how the trading works.

      This is probably the best way, because you don’t really want to be using real money until you have learned exactly how to make the profits.


  13. Ben of Spurs says:

    I have just gone for it, and will spend a day or so looking through the aitradesafe website that they point you to.

    It all looks good so far, even for a newbie like me, but the proof of the pud, as they say, will be in the easting.

    Optimistic that this will turn my finances around…………..

    Ben ; come on you spurs 🙂

  14. neil says:

    Is this red light green light thing just for the first month to get the ‘gurantteed money, and then will we learn a different way to forex?.


    • Rich says:

      Exactly what I was wondering. Anyone know?

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hi there Neil, Tim Lowe’s office here.

      The AITradesafe indicator is not just for the first month – you will continue using it for as long as you continue with the course. There are however many different ways of trading once a trade has been entered, and it is these different techniques that Andy will be teaching as the course progresses.

      I hope this is helpful!

  15. Nas Shamir says:

    this does look like something that can be followed, although for someone who has not done this trading before are there video tutorial and techings?

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hello Nas,
      Tim Lowe’s Office here. The system is aimed at beginners as well as those who’ve already had some experience with Forex trading.
      Each month you will receive tuition in both pdf and video format. There are also a twice-weekly webinars to attend (which you can watch the recordings of if you aren’t able to attend the live webinar). There is also a helpdesk where you can ask Andy any questions you have about Forex trading and what you are being taught. You definitely are just left on your own to ‘figure it out’.

      • Evarne says:

        I do hope we AREN’T just left on our own to ‘figure it out'(your reply of 14 Feb)! Not exactly a comment which inspires confidence!

        • Graham Morris says:


          Everyone seems keen to comment, but as yet no one has corrected what I assumed was a typo….. I am not thinking it was not a typo…

          Can someone confirm if we are indeed left on or own to work it out or not?

      • Tim Lowe's Office says:

        whoops! You are quite correct – you are NOT just left on your own to ‘figure it out’!

  16. Cam says:

    I watched the video on the sales page and all it shown was winning trades but what about the trades that lose, they cannot all win surely?

    Has anybody got any details on that?

    • Hi Cam,

      They do NOT all win, but more win, than lose, which is why the page guarantees that you will make a certain amount of profits.


    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hello Cam, Tim Lowe’s Office here.
      If you take another look at the sales page, and watch the video, you will see that we don’t skirt around the issue of losses.
      Take a look at the video at time point 2.42. You’ll see that Andy had some losses the previous day. He says “a slight blip yesterday, it does happen from time to time, but just move on and forget it.” In the prose, we also say the following:
      “Anyone who tells you that there is 100% zero risk with any trading system is not telling the truth but with AITradesafe, as long as you follow what you’re shown, to begin with, there is absolutely no risk to your own money!”
      Firstly, I should explain that we have a special deal with a Forex broker to the effect that, for the first 30 days of live trading with them, they have agreed to underwrite a £300 deposit. This truly means that there is no risk to your £300 – if you lose money, they will match your losses up to £300. Because of this ‘safety net’, Andy will show you an aggressive trading method which you can use to make up to £3350 from your initial £300 deposit, in the first 30 days. This is a great way for you to build up a substantial trading bank from just a small deposit, with no risk to your own money. Once that special offer is no longer in place, Andy will show you how to trade on a less aggressive basis, so that you are trading with a minimal risk.
      Now Andy’s method is 60-75% successful. This means that some of the time, you will experience losses. It’s just a fact of trading that not all trades will be profitable – there is always a risk that you will make a loss (and if you look on our disclaimer on the AITradesafe website, you will see that we state that). However, so long as you follow Andy’s method, the majority of your trades will be profitable, so overall you will be ‘up’.
      I hope this answers your questions and that I’ve intrigued you enough that you will consider purchasing AITradesafe. Remember there is a 30 day money back guarantee so really there isn’t any reason to not give it a go.

  17. Sam says:

    In the last response from Tim Lowe’s office it mentions that there is a special deal with a Forex Broker to underwrite a deposit of £300. I assume therefore that a credit search will be carried out, and if they note that I have previously been bankrupted within the last 6 years, that they will decline to underwrite the £300 deposit. In that scenario, would I still be able to set up an account with a Forex Broker, but use my own funds without being underwritten…or will they decline me an account completely?

    Thanks in advance for your reply, Sam.

    • Hi Sam,

      Why would you be credit checked if they are underwriting the losses anyway? You would be depositing £300, and THAT is the total amount of your liability, I would think, so no need for a credit check.

      Maybe ask Tim Lowe’s office again to clarify.

      Even if this were the case, it still does not stop you testing that the methods work for the month in the demo mode, which all trading software offers you.


      • Sam says:

        Thanks for the comment. The reason ‘credit check’ came to mind was because Tim’s office was talking about ‘underwriting’ your £300 deposit… I certainly hope that what you have said is the case, as I am definitely interested in looking at Andy Ireland’s training. I am a complete beginner to forex, but it is something that has always interested me.

  18. Paul says:

    I made the purchase of aitradesafe subscription yesterday, and have to say on first impressions, it definitely looks doable. Clear instructions, and you are advised to test demo everything first, and my first tests on the demo have already shown profit *well they would be profit if I was live which I am not*.

    I am extremely optimistic about this now, will be doing much more testing before the months out, but looking good, and I may add that I know nothing about trading, and the likes.


  19. nico says:

    hi. a quick question. Is this another one of those schemes that seems relativley simple untill you sign up, but then becomes so complicated and time consuming that you give up and put it down to experience. sorry to be sinical, but once bitten………..

    • Hi Nico,

      Forex is not a scheme, it is a fact, people make money with it, some do some don’t. Andy Ireland does.

      The guarantees protect you, should you change your mind and find that what was advertised was not delivered.

      If you look at the videos on the sales page, it shows you what you will get after you sign up, so surely there is no harm in testing it out for a month, and if it does not work you get a refund.

      If it does work, ? , then you have an income that you would not previously have had.

      You are protected on this, both ways it seems.


      • nico says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply.Having looked at the video and read the comments on this site and others, I think i will give it a go. As you said, no harm in testing it out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
        Thanks to all for your comments, great site, will keep you posted.
        Keep up the good work

  20. Joogy says:

    Hi all,

    I work 9-5 so would I still be able to use this system?
    Is this something you can do in the evenings or are there specific times where it is best used?


  21. Camron says:

    Hello, Does this system guarantee to work? I have read the page, and Andy Sounds like he knows what he is talking about, but still there are lots of systems out there that promise profits but dont deliver, do you guarantee this?

  22. Tim Lowe says:


    Sorry for the short delay.

    You can trade anytime the markets are open which effectively means almost anytime however the best time is probably early morning (7:00am – 8:30am).

    My advice is to get the product and see if it fits in with your schedule, if not then no harm done as you can get a refund inside 30 days.

    Tim Lowe

  23. Joogy says:

    Thanks for that Tim.

    As you can probably tell from my questions, I am a complete novice to all this so does that mean I would have to be infront of my PC for that duration? Reason I ask is that I leave my house at 8.00am so could I put a trade on and then leave it or check via phone later on?

  24. andrew says:

    hi i tried email Tim lowe”s office i had a question ,what is the platform? and another question is this binary trading? do you have
    proof of earnings?

    ps you email address doesnt work on your news letter

    many thanks.

  25. Tim Lowe says:


    You could do as you suggest. You would put a trade on and set a stop loss and take profit point so that you know your maximum liabilty and maximum profit. This is to protect against not being able to use your phone to access your account for some reason like being on a train in a tunnel. The system will email you at the point that you ought to exit but if you do nothing the automated stop loss/take profit system will protect your account.

    Tim Lowe

  26. Steve says:

    Can anyone tell me where to get more info about this product? When I go to the website (http://www.upto1000percent.com), it’s asking me for a password which I obviously don’t have…
    Thanks in advance

  27. Lynne says:

    How do we get the password to sign up for this£

  28. Dave Roberts says:

    I have signed up for this course, First impression I get from Andy is he is Genuine and its not a scam! I am looking forward to the future and Im sure Andy will teach me to trade properly but only time will tell. The good thing about it is, he is teaching me in Installments just the way I am paying him I can leave at anytime. Okay Tim Lowe’s advertising makes out it is simple as red and green, easy peezy stuff but I have to disagree, the system does work but much better with the knowledge that will be taught to us over the next few months. After saying this I think most attendancees will Fail because it is not all done for them they have to put in effort, it not the holy Grail, there are rules, and they will have to think for theselves. For those who want to learn I suggest you join for a month its basically free, if its not for you so What. For those who think its sitting back hitting the 2 buttons on your keypad and your bank account will be flooded with money think about this, If this was the case the way things go viral these days the whole of the UK would be sitting at home pressing green and red buttons and the whole world would come to a financial crisis within a month.

  29. Tim Lowe says:

    Hi Steve/Lynne

    Please use this link which will get you set up with your own password:


    Tim Lowe

  30. Gary g says:

    Looks interesting on the surface. I am going to wait until the end of the month when I get paid if that ok.


  31. Pro trader for real says:

    Haha, indicators for forex are ten a penny. I visit forums where 90+ percent are losers n the forex game, and most have tried indicators similar to this, some even gone bankrupt.
    Tell me, how is the different. Pro forex trader.

    If so good then why not let people just buy the indicator, instead? I have tried loads of indicators in the past,mine main forum I frequent GIVES THEM AWAY for free.

    Please, if to are confident the indicator works, sell it to me, instead of a yearly subscription.

    – a real trader –

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hi there,
      if you read the sales website, we make it clear that this product is intended for the ‘everyman’ and also the complete beginner. The course has been created to help people who’ve never traded before (or who are at beginner/intermediate level and still learning).
      It would be quite remiss of us to offer the indicator to people who’ve never traded before without any kind of tuition.
      By the sounds of things you are a pro trader, so of course it wouldn’t be of interest to you!

  32. Waves dave says:

    Everything is advertised as easier than it really is, are there people on here that have used this system yet, or not.

    I’d rather just hear from people who have used this before I commit

    • Hi Dave,

      The system only launched just over a week or so ago, and therefore, as advised the majority of users will be trialling in what is a ‘safe mode’ until they have understood how it all works, so no doubt it will be a few more weeks before any results have been shown by users.



  33. Gregg says:

    Excellent web site you have here.. It’s difficult to find good reviews on anything Forex related, unless it is written by the promoter, so this does interest me.

    Can I definitely cancel my subscription to this course after the first month, even if paying by debit card, because I have had a few issues in the past with subscriptions that just kept on paying out, and want to maybe give this a trial.

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hi Gregg,
      yes – absolutely you can cancel your subscription at any time. You simply let us know by email or telephone and we cancel any future payments being taken.

  34. howdy says:

    Having never even seen a forex platform before are you saying I could easily pick this up. Yeah yeah, I know you said a child could do it, but really, I have never traded anything, not even sure how I was on your mail lost, but it sure would be great if I could do it, and it wasn’t a scam.

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hello there, absolutely you could pick it up. The vast majority of the customers who have purchase the product have never traded Forex before and are picking it up quite nicely.
      Andy gives twice weekly webinars which show you exactly how to trade, and there is a full helpdesk on the site for you to ask any questions you have.
      Remember you have 30 days to trial it in any case, and if you decide it isn’t for you, you can simply ask for a full refund of your first month’s payment – so there really isn’t anything to lose by trying it out.

  35. Picky Geezer says:

    I have ordered this ai. Trade safe and just cannot get to grips. The videos just go too fast and not in enoughh detail for me. Not done nothing like it for and the ad said it would be easily but just cannot understand help please.

    • Hi,

      There are actual webinars, details ones in the members area, that will probably give you a better understanding on how this all works.


    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Do watch the live & recorded webinars, and don’t forget to make use of the support site to ask Andy any questions you have. He will be more than happy to help out with any questions.

    • Dave Roberts says:


      I have never traded before problem I have is, we are going over things in the webinar that people really should have learnt by using the quick start guide. if you cant get to grips with the simple starting guide what hope do you have?
      I have not traded too mcuh because I work away alot but I have increased my £5000 demo account to £5241, I have had some nice trades so far.

    • Vivien says:

      I haven’t purchased this yet as i’m waiting to get paid first but will defo try it.
      i always believe in going over the same info over an over again until it eventually sinks in.
      Also theres alot of free stuff on the internet where you can pick little bits up from different people to give you more of an understanding.

  36. Ray Williams says:

    I have bought the V Sytem from Tim Lowe and it does what it says on the tin and so I will probably give this Forex system a go to boost my trading across the day. It probably isn’t quite as easy as the copywriter suggests, but Andy seems kosher to me and Tim does check these out before putting it to his list. 30 days trial, its worth a go.

  37. Rams departed says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give try this system. I already work so I am right in thinking that it can be done before going to work?? I mean I don’t have a great deal of spare time, and myself and husband have looked at it all and seems to be what we need, but we both work, s yea we just thinking if we have enough time that this program needs to make it worthwhile. We could defy do with the extra money, and we are always looking for ways to make extra money like most people. If you would please let us know for sure if we could maybe fit this in around our jobs then we thank you.

    Sue & Pat x

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hi there,
      Just like you the majority of our customers have full-time jobs, so they need to fit it around their every day lives. Most people choose to trade Forex before they go to work, between 6am-8.30am, or in the evenings when they get back from work. The markets are active 24 hours a day (except at the weekends), so you can trade anytime that suits you really.

  38. Edward Hardy says:

    Hello, would I be right in thinking that no previous experience at all is required to trade? And if this is correct then how long should it take to get to the levels advertised in terms of income made?

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hi there,
      yes you are quite correct – you don’t need any previous experience, in fact this product is specifically aimed at beginners. We generally suggest that you trade in ‘practise mode’ for the first 2-4 weeks, so that you get to grips with the system. Then you should follow the trading plan in order to make up to £3350 from £300 in 4 weeks.

  39. trendsetter says:

    OK, i invested in this service 2 days ago, and finding that it is a little difficult to understand, but sure i will get there. i am going to watch the seminars today, which are a few hours long when i get the time as the manual does not provide any real details for a novice which I need.

    What i did want to ask was in demo mode on the software does it still show you profit and loss, so i know if what i am doing is working correct?

    Another problem is that on the manual does not explain id details any great details about how to make the profits or i am missing something somewhere.

    Lots to understand and the manual did not explain very much so hoping the videos will do it for me.

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hi there,
      if you’ve purchased the system the best way to get answers to these type of questions is to submit them directly to Andy via the Support Centre on the website.
      All the information you need is in the manuals but if you need anything clarified just ask Andy via the Support Centre.
      The demo mode will show you the profit & loss just like a live account does.

  40. Barry Mercher says:

    Does anybody actually know as it is not mentioned in the sales material if this indicator avoiding what is known in the trade as double painting? a lot of Forex indicators are blighted by this, and even though I have read and seen loads of systems like this one the guarantee is catching my eye Please let me know then I will probably order and give this a trial Thanks Barry

    • Tim Lowe's Office says:

      Hi Barry,
      I have checked with Andy Ireland, and he has told me that this is a real-time indicator so should avoid double painting.

  41. Andy says:

    @barry Mercher

    I was going to ask the exact same question as you. I too have read and see a lot of issues with the double paint on other signaling systems.

  42. trev p says:

    Should u wish to cancel during 30 day guarantee period what phone no. or email address do you use many thanks trev

    • Tim Lowe says:

      Beacuse it is usually it is a bad idea to put phone numbers or email addresses on open forums I will have to answer like this: the email address you would need is on the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the AITradesafe customer helpdesk.

      Tim Lowe

  43. Shelby says:

    Has somebody got a password to gain entry to the website please, it is asking for some kind of password that I just don’t have.


  44. Darren says:

    It would be fantastic if it works like the copy sells it. I’ve never earned a living without hard work, responsibility & stress.

  45. Robbie says:

    Having working online for a while, obviously Forex is one subject that gets mentioned a lot, so as long as the garantees are genuine, I think I’ll give this a go.

    I will let you all know how I get on. Rob

  46. jason says:

    Hi there,

    Has anybody got any results from AITradesafe yet? Also how much pips can you make weekly on this easly.


    • Tim Lowe says:

      Jason, please note that the very first customers have had this just TWO weeks in total so any results should only be with a practice account.

      That said we have had some good feedback, I have copied the saliant points here from a few people:

      I joined on the 25th of February and started trading on the 26th (dummy account) My results so far: 26th 6 pips 27th 46 pips 1st of all let me tell you how refreshing it is to find someone who is really willing to help others succeed.

      Hi Andy. Just quick note. About me age 64. Been trading for a few years now. You have done what all the other courses have not. Live trading. Well done.
      {On Monday}…traded EUR…{made} 31points
      Traded Aud….sold at 10 points profit. So total for day 41 points.

      Here are my results:
      Euro/Dollar to 21st Feb
      23 trades, net = +247 {points}
      Pound/Dollar to 20th Feb
      27 triggered trades, net +330 {points}

      Tim Lowe

  47. jason says:


    The 23 trades and 27points from what dates?? can you give the brack down on both euro/dollar and pound/dollar and how many points you made daily and what times so we all know when it would be best to trade.


  48. jason says:

    Hi there,

    Can you please enplane how you achieve the trades below was this in one day or over a pried of a week??

    Here are my results:
    Euro/Dollar to 21st Feb
    23 trades, net = +247 {points}

    Pound/Dollar to 20th Feb
    27 triggered trades, net +330 {points}

    • Tim Lowe says:


      Please note that I, as I said before,I was copying and pasting customer comments from our webinars. It was not the customer posting here.

      I do not know the answer specifically but as at the time of writing the product had only been released two weeks prior then 2 weeks is the longest time frame those results could have applied to. That said I recall that it was more than one day’s worth, so please assume it was 2 weeks.

      Tim Lowe

  49. Andrew says:

    Skeptical.com. Reminds me of Sky bet, place a free (recommended) bet, you win, you become hooked and eventually lose.

    • Andrew says:

      Money back promises are also just for your peace of mind. What they don’t tell you is that very few people although unhappy will not ask for their money back and carry on subscribing. If people like this who are already Millionaires really care about the average man making money they would give you a real Free trial such as 3 months without taking a penny from you just to prove that it really works then take a larger monthly payment from you, they would have nothing to lose! So why don’t the already wealthy put their money where their mouth is? This post may not get published or i will get a sarcastic reply. The products are all online so really there is no loss associated to let people try for Free.

      • UKDropshop admin says:

        Hi Andrew,

        Your comment IS published, we have no allegiance to this product, or services, so no reason not to publish, unless the comment was untrue, or placed just to cause a reaction.

        Unhappy people will continue to pay £89 a month and carry on subscribing?

        Why on earth would any intelligent person do that? It is a nonsense to suggest that. Although people ARE responsible for their own actions, and this would not be the fault of any promoter.

        Also, why should anybody who is training you to earn a living offer a free trial? Like you would get a free trial to sky tv?Again, that is a nonsense statement. Nobody on this earth owes anybody else anything, just because it is asked for. Everybody has the option to click the advertisement off, if they don’t like what is offered, or the terms by which it is offered.

        Just out of interest, and thinking about that comment, it is a well known, and proven fact, that when something, a service for example, is offered for ‘free’, the tendency by the user, is to often devalue the information, which they would not do if it were a paid option; or that a user will not place the required emphasis on it’s merits, and thus will not place the needed emphasis to achieve results

        That is just human nature, although not a progressive trait.

        Actually though, the fact that you can get your money back at the end of the first month IS a free trial.

        Why don’t you give it a go, let us know the results, and then you can be as skeptical as you like. It is like all business opportunities, you read what is on offer, and if you don’t like it, you click it off. If you do decide to continue with the offer, then, look at the guarantees, and in this case, the guarantees offer a full money back guarantee in the first month AFTER you have seen the system in action.

        I don’t think potential customers considering this service can ask for anymore than that: and to claim the only potential downside is that a user might ‘forget to cancel’ is just clutching at straws, really, and looking at any angle possible, not to try something that has already guaranteed you cannot lose out.

        It has also not been unnoticed that every comment you have made so far on this website takes a negative stance.

        If you have no intention to try anything, and are just intent on migrating your own negativity onto others, then this is not the website for you, and is probably indicative of your results so far.



        • Michael Jenkins says:

          I have to agree with the admin on this. Having read the description, the guarantee looks plausible to me. I plan to do for the first month rigorously, and then consider if I works. If not then I would cancel and get my refund. Seems fair enough, especially as I have never done trading before, and hope to give it a fair crack of the whip once I have understood the tax side of things, which I have been looking into online for the last hour or so.


  50. jason says:

    why is nobody replying to my post.


  51. Jay says:

    I am teetering on the edge of joining this, and the profits advertised look good. After the first month there is more training yes, but lets say after 4 months of this training, how much should the student then be making?? Should the profits go up every month after each module of training, and if that is true, then what is the scale of profits month on month after learning the new skills taught in each monthly module, because if I am learning enough in month one to make £3000+ every month, then what incentive is there for me to keep paying, unless more profits are made with what is being learned??

    • Michael Jenkins says:

      Hi. Good question, I would be more than happy with 3000 a month, so why would we have to continue to pay the subscription after the first month, or would we be able just to pay for one month if we are happy with that level of income??


    • Tim Lowe says:

      As the sales copy says the aim is to take newbies and teach them multiple methods so that they have an armoury of tools good enough to make them a professional trader if they wish.

      The more methods and skill you have the less likely you are to make a mistake. I would prefer a heart surgeon who had allsorts of techniques in his bag that he would probably not need for my operation rather than a bloke who only knew how to do the exact operation I happened to be having. Its just safer!!!!

      We do not say and I would advise against believing that you can make £3,000 EVERY month from the initial startup system.

      There is nothing inherently wrong with it BUT it uses the fact that the brokers will guarantee any losses you make for the first month of having a live account, therefore it is ‘safe’ to make trades with large amounts of your starting bank at risk because you cannot lose it BUT after that it would be your money at risk so we suggest much smaller amounts of risk to the bank.

      The trading methods are identical but for smaller percentages of your bank.

      That said, if you had traded your £300 into £3,000 you should then be able to trade £3,000 into another £3,000 with very little risk.

      Obviously you should expect to make more each month as time goes by but how much depends on how much effort you want to put in. Many ‘full time’ tarders actually only trade a few days a month, ist your choice.

      There are three reasons to stay subscribed, (1) you will learn more advanced methods and work towards that highly skilled and therefore more likley to succeed long term professional status; (2) everybody will always want questions answered and help because as your knowledge grows and develops situations crop up or things occur that you will want advise on – this is part of what you get and; (3) the trading template that works with the trading software is only licenced to you for as long as you are subscribed so if you choose to unsubscribe then the template will stop working. This is still the case after you are fully trained but then the cost drops to £29.95 monthly.

      We feel that this is a tiny price to pay for what the template helps you do as it gives you signals you could not obtain in any other way unless you were a real 10 year ‘city veteran’.

      Tim Lowe

  52. Michael Jenkins says:

    Can somebody please explain to me how the tax implications work with the profits that are created? Is trading classed as actual gambling, and therefore completely tax free. Currently I am employed, and slightly concerned how this would work with Inland Revenue and taxation?


    • Tim Lowe says:

      Forex trading is usually taxed as ‘Capital Gains’ on the basis that if you held a sum of money that went up in value that would be a Capital Gain. However we use a ‘spread betting’ brokerage which is slightly different software classed, as you say, as ‘betting’ (which is odd but the way its done) hence no income tax, unless it is your sole source of income.

      Tim Lowe

  53. Moran says:

    Can this be paid with paypal?

    • Tim Lowe says:

      One off payments are easy enough with Paypal but subscriptions like this are a nightmare to monitor and cannot be easily automated with websites so I am afraid that no you cannot use Paypal in this case.

      Tim LOwe

  54. jason says:

    no you havent repled to my quctions below

    Can you please enplane how you achieve the trades below was this in one day or over a pried of a week??

    Here are my results:
    Euro/Dollar to 21st Feb
    23 trades, net = +247 {points}

    Pound/Dollar to 20th Feb
    27 triggered trades, net +330 {points}

    • Tim Lowe says:


      I have told you everything that I know alreday. You need to scroll up to your original question which is where I posted this answer:


      Please note that I, as I said before,I was copying and pasting customer comments from our webinars. It was not the customer posting here.

      I do not know the answer specifically but as at the time of writing the product had only been released two weeks prior then 2 weeks is the longest time frame those results could have applied to. That said I recall that it was more than one day’s worth, so please assume it was 2 weeks.

      Tim Lowe

  55. Needman says:

    Hey there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know I have joined, and even though I have never done this type of stuff before, I will post results back as time permits. I am excited by it.

    • Good luck,

      Let us know how you get on.



    • joe mcdermott says:

      if you could, would be interested to hear how the man off the street gets on whom hasnt as much done anythink like this before. a bit like myself.

      • Tim Lowe says:


        Obviously you caq try it for a month and see how you get on, if not for you then you can have a refund so nothing to lose really.

        I have also pasted these customer comments which might help:

        This past week has resulted in my having trades that have produced an overall profit at the end of every single day. In total, I have made 51 points. Considering that I only joined just over 2 weeks ago and have never traded before, then I am pleased with my progress.

        In my opinion, AITS does exactly what is claimed & I shall be more than happy to continue my subscription.


        Personally, I am finding that AITS is doing what is claimed. Today I had not a single unprofitable trade and ended up with 12 points profit. Yes, it does take some practice to get to grips with the QuickStart technique – but it isn’t difficult & you simply MUST stick to the rules.



        For what it’s worth, I decided to give it a whirl at the end of last week and it seems feasible so far. I’m still in the learning stage and have made trades not in line with the rules, but, even so, I’m at a 60% success rate and in “profit”. I’m slowly getting to grips with it, though.


        I joined on the 25th of February and started trading on the 26th (dummy account) My results so far: 26th 6 pips 27th 46 pips 1st of all let me tell you how refreshing it is to find someone who is really willing to help others succeed.


        Hi Andy. Just quick note. About me age 64. Been trading for a few years now. You have done what all the other courses have not. Live trading. Well done.
        {On Monday}…traded EUR…{made} 31points
        Traded Aud….sold at 10 points profit. So total for day 41 points.


        Here are my results:
        Euro/Dollar to 21st Feb
        23 trades, net = +247 {points}
        Pound/Dollar to 20th Feb
        27 triggered trades, net +330 {points}


        Just come of the 3rd webinar and several people even newbies ARE making money AND there are some experienced traders on the program, i am new to this but i can say that Andy Ireland is a genuine and helpful guy, i got stuck on the template not downloading correctly and Andy rang me up on the weekend and talked me through it, great guy.


        Tim Lowe

  56. sandra blattmann says:


    Can you help me please? I subscribed to AItradesafe thanks to your letter, and duly received the welcome pack. I have managed to delete it and have no idea how to get back to the site. I have sent an email to the admin off but fear this is just an automated mail box. Please help.


    • Tim Lowe says:

      Hi Sandra

      Oh dear!!! The admin@ email address goes directly to the young lady in charge of admin so she will deal with it for you!!!

      I have emailed her to look out for your email as well.

      Tim Lowe

  57. Gary Park says:

    From what I have read so far, I am interested in going forward with this. Is there a one off price otion instead of paying monthly, and if there is does it come at a discount rate?

    • Tim Lowe says:


      I am afraid not, it is priced to be fair and reasonable but many parts involve us in an ongoing monthly cost, for example the software company we employed to develop the template based on our formulas know it is valuable so wont do it for a one off fee, they get a percentage every single month the template is in use.

      Tim Lowe

  58. joe mcdermott says:

    when people state i made 49 pips ot ticks, how much is a pip or tick worth actually and are these pip/tick the same thing

    • Tim Lowe says:

      Points and pips are the same thing. How much depends on how much you place to trade for each pip. So you MIGHT say that you will stake £1,000 per pip and be a millionaire next week… but no system is perfect so sometimes you lose (with this maybe 30% of trades lose a little) so sensibly you stake small amounts per pip, say £5, so that to begin with at least, the odd losses don’t scare you into quitting. Its great when you make £500 but if you lose, say even £100, most beginners get worried.

      By the end of a few months you would maybe be using as much as £20 a pip BUT that is entirely down to you, practice and how confident you feel in what you are doing.

      Tim Lowe

  59. joe mcdermott says:

    even points are sometimes mentioned

  60. GT says:

    I’m watching this site like a particularly excited hawk!

    Keep the results coming guys :O)

  61. Badass Norton says:

    You actually make it appear really easy, but is it easy and foolproof just to follow the red and greens shown in the vid. If the win rate is 70 percent, then the red and greens cannot always be right, is that correct. I read up on forex markets and it looks tricky to make money from but this looks like it does the work for you, and wondering if it is foolproof.

    • Hi,

      No system will win 100% of the time, although, as you probably realise that is over 50% is a profit.

      Tim will probably confirm, it is the amount of wins, and the amount of losses (in pip/point terms) that will decide the overall profit.

      IE: A loss of 5 pips one day, could be superseded by a win of 22 points the next, which would cloud the win percentage’s favour over and above the win/loss percentage ratio.

      IE2: again, if over a week the 30% of losses lost 5 points (when the system lost), and the 70% of winning trades made 10+ points, then the ratio of win/loss even though 70%, could still mean an overall higher profit margin than it seems when comparing percentages.



      • Tim Lowe says:

        Yes, you have got this about right.

        In essence we aim to have winning trades 70% or more of the time just using the 4 light template (some of the later month’s training will fine tune some things to get the wins at more than 80%).

        We also want losing trades stopped out for small losses and wins well managed to be bigger so that the effective return on money traded is much more than you might expect with a 70% strike rate. The holy grail would be no change in account value 30% of the time and big gains 70% of the time. This is unlikley but ultimately what we aim for!!!

        Tim Lowe

  62. Nick says:

    Hi – loving this system, and am about to take the plunge, will let you know how it goes. BUT one question hope you guys or Tim can answer:

    Q:Do we trade via our own spread betting accounts (IG Index etc)or do we trade via Andy’s site/platform



  63. Keith says:

    I joined on Feb 19th as an absolute beginner, after a difficult start in understanding the rules of the system I have stuck with it and practiced on the demo daily I have now become efficient and now winning 80% of my trades. I will definitely be continuing into the second month and very shortly going live. Andy is very conscious of the newcomers with no experience and during webinars will not let the more experienced members, who want to speed things up, over rule those who are finding it more difficult to grasp. Overall I am more than very confident that if I stick to the rules I will make plenty of profit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  64. Shaz Q says:

    I joined last month. Finally I’ve got something I can sink my teeth into. I’m enjoying every moment. Its about patience and discipline, money will come. I’m chipping away at learning the rules at the moment and there is no doubt once I’ve made entering and exiting trades the aitradesafe way second nature big money will come. Im so glad I joined.
    Andy is genuinely interested in teaching people to trade safely and efficiently. The course is delivered in chunk sized monthly modules perfect for anyone who has zero knowledge of Forex trading.
    I see myself as Andy’s apprentice. Everyone knows a good apprentice has a good chance of becoming a master.
    Aslong as one is willing to put the effort in and has the ability to control emotions and manage risk then success is assured.

  65. GT says:

    I’m still reading through the recommended reading list and enjoying learning this new subject whilst feeling encouraged by the recent positive reports on here.

    All the best to everyone!


  66. Tracey H says:

    When people have finished the years subscription course with Andy
    Ireland, how are people to make money from this? Also what indicators will people follow then to make a profit?


    • Tim Lowe says:


      After a year you will know how to trade without needing anymore help from Andy. You will have allsorts of tool at your disposal by then but if you still need the indicator it costs £29.95 a month

      Tim Lowe

  67. Chris says:

    Can this be traded on the 1 and 4 hour timeframes, and how many pairs are you trading

    Many thanks


    • Tim Lowe says:

      To begin with you trade the 15 minute chart, taht is what teh indicator is geared up for. Any pairs taht meet Andy’s criteria.

      Tim Lowe

  68. Keith Arnold says:

    Sounds good and I’m tempted.
    One slight disadvantage that I can see is that if you practise trade for a whole month,then cannot make money when you go live, your money back guarantee has expired.

  69. GT says:

    I’m half way through the Japanese Candlestick book recommended on Andy’s website and can now see some interesting similarities between the author’s four levels of criteria which identify certain possible patterns, and the four lights indicator of Andy’s.
    I shall continue reading this eye opening book until I have the funds to invest in Andy’s course.
    This is becoming almost believable.

  70. PJ says:


    You stated earlier that we can get money back after first 30 days. Is that the £89 or the £300? Bearing in mind that if we paper trade for the first month we will not know real results until after 60 days. I assume the safeguard on our £300 bank is during the time we actually go live trading?

    • Tim Lowe says:

      You can get a refund of your £89 for the first 30 days.

      The £300 safeguard is when you are live trading so don’t open a live account until you are ready to use it!!!

      Tim Lowe

      • PJ says:

        Hi Tim

        Yes I realised that we could get a refund of £89 in the first 30 days. That’s clear. But if we are advised to paper trade for the first month then it will be 2 months before we know if we are going to be successful at it or not and by that time one would have paid 2 x £89 without any chance of a refund. That was the point I was trying to clarify

        • Tim Lowe says:

          Well if you make money in practice mode, then if you do exactly the same things in live mode you’ll make money, surely?

          Many people do struggle with live mode at first when it is real money, for some reason they become excessively cautious OR start gambling but the system cannot help you with that, you need to stick to teh rules yourself.

  71. Solo says:

    Hi Tim,

    I tried emailing you on one of your websites, but got no reply. I am trying again.

    Could someone who has no real interest in learning the full package just carry on trading with the four lights indefinatly?

    The profits gained are enough if they are as stated.

    Finally, what kind of precentage gains could i make if trading full time just the lights/indicators?

    I am asking as a few people want to know this it seems….including some friends of mine.

    • Tim Lowe says:

      Yes BUT you do have the know the basics, obviously!

      Plus we don’t sell the indicator on its own so you would still have to pay the monthly fees, even if you ignored the training and support.

      Almost everybody will eventually want to know more because humans are inquisitive so don’t write yourself off on learning more!

      Tim Lowe

    • Tim Lowe says:

      Sorry, didn’t answer on % gains. The indicator alone will give you a strike rate of 10%-15% LESS than doing everything else we might teach.

      Tim Lowe

  72. steve says:

    will the software work on a basic laptop?


    • Tim Lowe says:

      Yes PC NOT MAC unless you run emulation software.

      Tim Lowe

      • Tony says:

        Saturday, July 13th.
        Just bought the system but in my eagerness I didn’t think about using it with my mac. (I don’t have a PC since it broke beyond repair.) I know that one can use Metatrader on a mac but obviously not with Tradesafe. Any details on how to get around it – you mention ’emulation software’.

  73. joe mcdermott says:

    Hi tim

    i recentley got a email from a learn to trade company inviting me to a seminar in my local town.
    would this be to do with what you are intending to teach us? they also say they have a 87% strike rate overall, am i a bit confused or is this a completely different thing.

    regards joe

    • Tim Lowe says:

      Hi Joe

      Same marketplace I believe, Forex market but different teachers and methods. Probably a firm called ‘Knowledge to Action’. I gather they are quite good and the seminar is free, however I gather they sell you a multi-thousand pound seminar whilst you attend the free part.

      Tim Lowe

  74. chris says:

    Hi if you want to get the refund within the 30 days how do you go about it

    • Tim Lowe says:

      You need to email [email protected] within the 30 day period. Please be careful to do so well in time as the whole system is automated so you get month 2’s videos and so on exactly 30 days after you first subscribe and are charged automatically on that day 2 by your bank, not by my company.

      Tim Lowe

  75. Vince says:

    Only slight problem I can see is that if one you paper trades for the 30 days then one has to assume that “real time” will be exactly the same. You will be outside the guarantee period when you go live. You should take Mr Lowe comment with regards using real money as definite. It is a very different feeling when the money is actually yours!
    I have also experienced systems that seemed to indicate good profits in test mode but did not when live!
    This is not a criticism as I haven’t tried this yet but it is worth bearing in mind. You will have to be unemotional and disciplined.

    • Vince,

      No promoter can control other people’s feelings, that is a personal responsibility, surely, and is not a problem, as such. It is about personal control.

      You have made other postings which are just negative, and designed to put people off, without merit, which have not been approved for the reason that they are incorrect. We leave that type of talk to other forums, and websites. We focus of facts.

      The paper trading is advised for 2-4 weeks, so if this works for you after 2 weeks, and you feel confident, then you still have 2 weeks left of the guarantee to trade live without risk.

      From what we have read, this offer is about as close to covering your back as you will find with an offer such as this, and finding unnecessary negatives to pick holes will not be tolerated, because they are not there to begin with.

      There is no risk in the first month, fact, and therefore if you demo mode for 2 weeks, then try live for 2 weeks, you are still not risking anything, not a penny.



      • Vince says:

        First as it my second post I can hardly be accused of a –
        “other postings which are just negative”

        I also deliberately said -“This is not a criticism as I haven’t tried this yet”

        • Vince,

          You made 2 other posts yesterday, one at 11.29 am, and then another at 1.20 pm, not approved ( although they are in the admin area ) both of which were designed to discourage people from joining Aitradesafe, with scare-mongering, and both of which were most definitely criticism, and for something you have not even joined.

          Please stick to facts.

          Thank you


  76. chrissy says:

    joined the programme yesterday and hoping it does what it says on the tin, ive downloaded the templates as instructed and read the quick start manual an viewed the videos. Ive not seen in anything ive read how to actually get started using the demo in practice mode. The manual an videos show you how to trade and what parameters to use but they dont seem to walk the complete novice by the hand. I have 30 days if i work this out cool if i dont then i will ask for a refund.

    • Patricia says:


      I am watching this scheme so I will be interested in your experiences.

      Please keep us informed on how it works out for you.

      Not quite as straight forward as the ad. suggests?


  77. Steve says:

    I am very interested in joining the programme, but am concerned,not by the cost, but how much time is required to study and learn he techniques. My current job contact ends on 31 May and I am seriously considering taking the summer to learn this and other trading techniques. Are people able to learn this whilst holding down a full time job?

    If I do order now can I delay the first month to start on 1 June?

    Appreciate any replies

    • Tim Lowe says:


      I’m sorry no you cannot order now and delay the start as everything is automated. May I suggest simply ordering when you are ready.

      Most of our customers do have full time jobs and fir this around their work. Of course it takes awhile to leran things and it will be slower at firts but I think it is worth persevering.

      Tim Lowe

  78. chrissy says:

    Just viewed the video were you are shown how andy users the IATradesafe software to trade, now i would say i am an intelligent person, i have a degree in psychology and i build websites, but the way andy describes his actions and why, he may as well be speaking Mandarin Chinese, sorry but this course in my opinion is not for the novice who has never traded before. If you have traded in the past then yes this is for you.I have a feeling if i do not grasp this within 14 days I think i will be asking for a refund sooner than i thought.

    • Patricia says:

      Not quite “so simple a 12 year old could do it” then.

      Shame, the if something looks to good to be true………


      • chrissy says:

        No a 12 yr old wouldnt stand a chance with this, i think whoever made that comment needs to rethink that one.Once again ive gone through the manual which ive printed and put into a folder, ive viewed videos relative to my time on the programme and i must say its bloody hard going. As far as the videos are concerned you may as well just be sitting in a room with andy watching him trade, he has to keep so concentrated he doesnt talk most of the time and when he does he doesnt make sense.
        The quick start manual doesnt really explain it like you where teaching a complete novice, you sort of have to work it out for yourself.
        Im getting disheartend very fast now,it seems this course is not what its advertised to be.
        Not enough information to help the blind to forex see.

  79. VJ says:

    Just wondering how much time do we usually need to spend daily looking for the right signsls yo enter and exit the trade. And how often do we get these signals daily?
    As I am working full time mon to fri, can devoting few hours every day on evenings be wnough to make pips?

    • Tim Lowe says:

      A few hours every evening will be fine to make good returns. My best advice is to try it for 30 days and see, as you have nothing to lose.

      Tim Lowe

  80. ezymillions says:

    I bought the AITradesafe system and I have managed to download the GKFX Template successfully and I have also downloaded the AITradesafe template but when I go back to click on the GKFX template nothing happens the message I get is waiting for update. I have tried to re download the AITradesafe template again with no success. I have also tried to restart the computer but am still not getting anywhere. Please help as I woul like to start learning ASAP. Thank you.

    • Tim Lowe says:

      May I ask you to please use the dedicated AITradesafe helpdesk as Andy is available there specifically to help you. This site is not ‘ours’ and is purely an independent review site.

      Tim Lowe

  81. CB says:

    Hi Tim

    I am seriosly considering this program but I live in australia what are the ramifications of using this program while living outside the u.k. ie can I still use GKFX brokerage & is my 300 still guaranteed, is there any other downsides ?


    • Tim Lowe says:

      You can still use GKFX but you would need to ask them about the gurantee as I don’t know and their site is not clear on the subject. My guess is that they have a different offer for Aus.

      Tim Lowe

  82. chrissy says:

    Im getting frustrated with this course now, its not for the novice and its not spelt out clear enough, so if youve never done forex before you will struggle big time.(unless your a 12 yr old i guess)
    Ive emailed admin and they are about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike so it looks like i defo will be getting a refund and moving on.

    • Tim Lowe says:


      Yous say you have emailed ‘admin’, however admin is exactly what they do so no surprise that they cannot help with trading queries. You have unlimited access to ask Andy questions by asking questions on the dedicated helpdesk.

      I have to say that there are literally hundreds of people saying how easy this is so maybe you have missed some crucail thing that Andy can help you with on the helpdesk.

      Tim Lowe

      • chrissy says:

        Hundreds of people saying how easy it is? They must be the lucky ones who can decipher a badly written course…and there lies the problem, this course seems to be written for people who have had some experience or who have read a little about forex.To the newbie this course is like handing over a dictionary in the vulcan language and saying “there you go get on with it”
        I agree andy means well trying to teach and help people earn money but maybe if he laid the course out as if he was teaching a classroom full of kids, yes use parrot language thats how the newbie will master anything he learns .

        • Tim Lowe says:

          We’d love to help you to understand it and honestly believe that the course does explain everything.

          Andy is more than willing to go through with you all that you think is confusing or missing and if it needs it to modify the course. He had a University lecturer assist him with the layout and content so he feels it is spot on but is always looking to improve.

          Tim Lowe

    • Tim Lowe says:

      Just to put the other side of this point, I copied this from the makemoneyforum.co.uk

      I “signed up” with Andy’s program a month ago,read the Quick Start Guide several times whilst just watching the screen to see how it ticked. As Tim Lowe stated, you can learn more by “doing,” and by having the Demo account to use mistakes cost nothing, and if you can work out what went wrong you will learn a lot.

      The second monthly payment has just gone out of my account, but I have NOT traded every day – I was away for a week of that time, and certainly not traded every day in between.

      Several comments above ask for results, and I appreciate Dave’s detailed account of his progress, well done !

      My progress? Demo account only, Trading at £2.00 a pip throughout –

      Best Trade = £161.90 Worst Loss = -0.20p. Profit –
      GAIN =£379.95

      I’m no brain surgeon either, as some commented above, but I will say –

      1. Give your self time to understand how the screens “TICK.”
      2. Watch the Webinars. the Q-A sessions are very useful and the info.
      3. Only trade when there is Movement (sounds obvious)pick your graph!
      4. Use the Demo A/C to “experiment – don’t worry about mistakes.
      5. Don’t trade when you get tired – mistakes happen !
      6. Take Andy’s advice “Trade what you see, not what you think.” and stick to the Rules.

      CONCLUSION – I am a learner with next to little previous knowledge and have lost a lot of money with so called “Opportunities”

      This is the best thing since the proverbial sliced bread, for me, and over £300 profit in 2 1/2 weeks is the best “profit” I’ve ever made off a Computer screen. O.K. -I’ve got to take off the £89′s !!

      Do make use of the Money back guarantee and give it a whirl, – “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”


      Good Luck !

      Rating: 4.6/5 (5 votes cast)

      • chrissy says:

        i was expecting a reply like this to bolster support for the course..

        • Chrissy,

          Not every person who tries the course will find it for them. But one thing I can tell you, is the amount of people who are watching this thread is extremely high, and unless people were making this work for them, then this thread would soon know otherwise,

          If you are not happy, and are struggling to understand the course, either ask for support from the promoters or ask for a refund.

          I could not get skiing at first, when all around me, even elderly people and 3 year old children were whizzing past me on the slopes. it took me a good few years to understand what it was, and it was only through practice that I am now up to an acceptable level.

          Surely learning, and spending the time to learn about increasing your finances is worth the effort.

          Please ask for the support you need via aitradesafe, as the promoters will be able to see what you need.



        • Tim Lowe says:


          Well with all due respect I am hardly going to agree with you am I?

          Tim Lowe

  83. Eve says:

    Please don’t laugh but this is a serious question.

    Can a woman do this?? All sounds great but I always think this pe of thing was more for me?

    Evette x

  84. Harvey Parker-Fitch says:

    I don’t know that much about Forex, but I do recognise that to ‘stay the course’ its not about how many pips, nor how much money one makes – its all about how well one manages risk.

    It is generally recommended that the MAXIMUM risk on any one trade should be NO MORE THAN 2% of the bank. I know trailing stops CAN help to mitigate risk, oftentimes the most risky time of the trade can see the stop getting dangerously close, and so the ‘safety net’ of a trailing stop doesn’t help the risk.

    On this assumption to use a pip value of £2.00 with a stop of 10pips, 10 X £2.00 = £20 would require a bank of £1,000 and the risk would be no more than £20.00.

    A 20 pip profit would show a profit of £40.00, but what is more important is that it is a 4% increase of the bank.

    Lets now look at the results applying these rules to a bank of £300. Working to a stop of just 10 pips, the pip value is 0.60p which is equal to a 2% risk and, if successful, equals, working to a 20 pip target, a 4% increase, a 20 pip profit, on £300 figure is £12.

    Overall, as some correspondents have stated profits of 250pips + working with a bank of just £300 at 0.60p is good, but if the stop does not reflect 2% risk, then surely this is a recipe for disaster.

    Clearly, to turn £300 into £3,500 in the space of 30 days less 8 days worth of weekends, looks a dauntingly impossible feat.

    • Tim Lowe says:


      Whether your maths is right or wrong doesn’t really matter as I am afraid you have missed an essential point.

      There is zero risk to the bank no matter if you put 100% of it on one trade. This is because for 30 days the broker underwrites your £300 and will top it back up to £300 should you lose money.

      We make it very, very clear that this is an aggresive trading plan for 30 days but only whilst there is zero risk, after that we return to more conservative risks in line with your expectations.

      The idea is to get people off to a good start and with a decent bank that they didn’t have to put in which helps enormously with their psychology.

      Tim Lowe

    • Harvey Parker - fitch says:

      Hi Doubters and Sceptics!

      I have just completed my first week with Andy.

      He has the patience of a saint. He is a plain talker and calls a spade a spade. Admittedly, I have been in Forex for 4 years,I HAVE been on some of the flashy ‘Trading Workshops’…and some absolutely shocking ones…and, to their credit, some actually honoured their ‘money back guarantee’ I have experimented and wasted £££ with ‘Robot Traders’ and had the pleasure of a ‘private mentor’ for 2 years so I AM familiar with the mechanics of trading.

      But something wonderful happened this week…MY FIRST WEEK with Andy has realised a 28%, thats NOT 2.8% its TWENTY EIGHT PER CENT increase on my ‘Live Bank’ For me, this is frankly AMAZING!

      Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I’m sure that if Andy was around four years ago, I too, would probably have been as doubtful and sceptical as some of the correspondents here.

      Frankly if I HADN’T been lied to, ripped off and cheated I would NOT be praising ANDY IRELAND….he is a breath of fresh air in an industry that concentrates only on selling the sizzle and not the sausage, in my opinon he is a one off.

  85. Howey says:

    Wish me luck, I’ve taken the plunge! Thanks for all the advice.

  86. Cliff says:

    I’ve just taken the plunge and am really enjoying learning about something new with a healthy chance of making some money and learning a new and exciting business!

    The negativity from a number of people on this site is staggering. Their stand point is SO negative I doubt they will ever really succeed at anything in life because their mind-set is so far off base!

    I know Tim Lowe from afar as he ‘pesters’ me every so often with various ideas that he has or is about to bring to market. If I had had the money available I would have ‘joined up’ on a number of occasions. Tim Lowe I believe has integrity. I understand, that he researches and develops products super thoroughly before launching them. He has NO interest in a failing product and the associated knock-on effect that would surely follow.

    To be honest, I would have lost my temper with some of the closed-minded individuals on this thread.

    I, and many others, appreciate the opportunity to be able to engage in something exciting, potentially very profitable and fully doable at a low entry cost.


    Thank you Tim / Andy.

  87. chrissy says:

    The opportunity is fantastic. The way the course is written and projected as a teaching is rubbish unless you have past forex experience.

    • Chrissy,

      Come on, that is your opinion. Everybody has different learning levels, and learn in different ways. Some learn by doing, and take it in better that way, rather than reading.

      We also offer opportunities that work, and come up against the same; in that people learn in different ways, and get frustrated sometimes. We are all guilty of that.

      I know you have purchased, have you tried the trading yet?



      • chrissy says:

        if i sat down and taught you something say for example how to build a website from scratch and get it online all within 30 mins something you have never done before, i would teach you step by step and explain everything i do in a video whilst showing you. I would not explain in the way that i do it when im building the site as i would would miss crucial info out that would lead to you making mistakes. And yes im using the demo trader but finding it hard to decipher instructions from the video.

        • It might be the case of you asking Andy Ireland for some bespoke help. He probably would oblige.



          • chrissy says:

            I did and it was as clear as mud.
            Look the opportunity here looks great im not knocking that at all.
            The way the it is taught is imo not good enough for a forex novice to grasp.
            Ive done courses on subjects that were alien to me, but because i was walked hand in hand every step of the way through the way it was all put across i learn and can now do what i learnt as second nature. Basically the teacher used the principle as i explained in the last post.
            This course does not teach in that way , guess work is needed as to how andy arrived at a certain point.

  88. chrissy says:

    You ask for help and you just get told to view the videos, no direction as to what video they just seem to want you to spend time searching through them untill you find what your looking for.
    Decision made im asking for a refund after 7days!!! that says it all really.

    • Paul Carr says:

      Wow, you must be the most negative person I have ever heard. You sound like a child who can’t get her dolls head to turn the right way!!!!! Stop moaning, get your refund, then lets get back to sensible debate here, because I am definitely interested in taking this up.

  89. C.L. says:

    Well said Paul.

    Chrissy have you actually asked for specific support regarding a question? I had NO experience in forex and i have picked this up. what is so hard to understand about placing an order 3 pips away from the trigger candle when 4 lights are the same colour??? it is explained what a candle is, it is explained what a pip is, it is explained how to open an order and how to close an order. It is explained how to use the software sufficiently enough for us to make a trade. So what dont you get is beyond my comprehension. STOP MOANING AND SPEND THE TIME LEARNING!

    I have contacted Andy and had my queries fully answered. Your posts are giving people the wrong impression and it seems you are not going about things the way the course asks us to. I am enjoying this course. Andy makes no bones about not being a teacher and asks we take account of that. his honesty is refreshing but here you are making him sound like an ogre and refering to his project of helping people as ‘rubbish’. That in itself is rude. With any course some people may never ‘get it’. maybe you should try and help yourself as Paul says and get a refund so we can all get back to an unbiased reveiw. I read your a psychologist. maybe that is what is preventing you seeing the wood for the trees!

  90. chrissy says:

    If questioning the fact that a course is not as easy for the newbie as the sales patter suggests and alerting people to that fact before they buy makse me a negative person then i must be just that.

  91. Andy I. says:

    hi Chrissy, please can you send me a support ticket and make yourself known to me in that ticket. i have had no requests for help from a chrissy you see but i guess your username may be different. i have read your emails on here and i felt so bad about your posts i have scoured support tickets last night but dont find any which may fit the bill as to being from you. please send me a ticket and let me know exactly what you need to understand.



  92. Olly says:

    Nice to see Andy here. I have been putting off joining this for a few weeks, and it is always interesting to see other people’s thoughts. One thing I will say, regarding some of the negativity, is that surely you have to try it before judging? and if you have tried it, then you are in the thick of it, so you cannot revert back to sales page quotes because you acted on it? Now it is a case of accepting the help that is available. I am hoping to join this week, once I have been paid.

  93. Catherine says:

    So I bought the package 2 weeks ago. I was really excited to start the process. Downloaded all the software and installed and ran as expected. Printed off quick start and read through it several times. Feeling I had an idea of what to do I sat at my pc all day watching and waiting ( in demo mode). So I work out of the office 2 days a week giving me 3 days and evenings free to practice. I have spent all my free time trying to make this work. I have watched 3 webcasts (recorded not live) and picked up some information there. I have also sent 3 support tickets and had them answered. My problem is this. When I follow all the signals and then lose I want to make sure what I did was correct. Ie I have understood the information I have learnt. I asked if I could send in a screen print so Andy could see where I entered the trade and what happened but he said no.
    So within 2 weeks I have made 4 demo trades I have lost 2 and won 2 the problem is the losses far exceed the profits. But I don’t know if I’m doing the entry / exiting correctly or not. Also with regards the webcasts they are not structured and clearly have people on different weeks so going forward that gap will increase. To sustain training for people on all levels you would have to restrict entry to certain weeks so as to be able to progress all students.
    Put simply I’m not sure I can make money from this yet. I have another 2 weeks of perseverance before deciding on whether to refund or not. I have to say I have learnt lots and have quite enjoyed it but whether I can afford to go further if I can’t make profits in demo is another matter!

    • chrissy says:

      Thursday 24th feb video an introduction to the the software is a complete waste of time, you cant see any actions andy is doing on screen because there is a box entitled “instant poll” smack bang in the middle of the screen for the whole of the video.

      • Chrissy,

        Andy Ireland has already asked you to send him in a ticket, identifying yourself, so that he can HELP you.

        Your constant negativity is not helping anybody. And if you do not accept the help that is offered, then nobody else will be able to offer assistance.



  94. Gunners says:

    8 days ago I joined and although I did understand the concept, the rules, and the signals, it is the exiting a trade I am stuck on. I am also watching the webinar/s but I need to know how to tighten up so I can extract more profits (I am in profit so far on demo), but it is the losses that can be quite high. If some clarification can be given for exiting the trade, whilst tightening at the same time to increase where profits can be obtained as well as decrease potential losses, then this could be a real winner in my mind.

  95. Andy I. says:


    Andy here. I cant understand all of this negative stance Chrissy.

    I cannot see that you have sent any support tickets in. i cant find a single one. I have even contacted several members today ( spending 3 hours looking to see who may fit as i am trying to help you) to see if you are one of them, but no, you arent. Again send me a ticket and make yourself known, please i want to try and help.

    Even after i post here this morning you do not appear to have asked for help but say my course is rubbish.. I find that hurtful and I really dont think it is fair to class my work as rubbish when you utilise 20% of the offer. I am trying to help you and i dont wish to alienate you but but are moaning about a lack of support? And as for a 12 year old doing it, yes it has happened.

    Chrissy please let me help you if you need it. If you dont want to ask for support fine, but tell people here that you havent done it rather than try to make your opinion the one thats correct.

    Also no, it isnt right to say the sales patter is misleading and your trying to help others avoid it when you only skim read it. You have your opinion and fine, but it does not help others. Perhaps they may find it easier than you, as others have!.

    Sorry to be terse but i am upset; my integrity and work is being diminished by somebody who hasnt utilised my service correctly and
    as the tone of some posts above suggest, please be positive and SEND ME A TICKET FOR THE HELP YOU NEED!

    Catherine, we have now defined the live trade sessions so as to help all comers. One session will be beginners, another day advanced. As chrissy points out, in a course we need to do it in bitesize chunks; but in an ever changing, dynamic subject we also have to accept the need for adaptation. I know i have the knowledge but i know i am not a teacher and thats why this is ‘our course’ not just mine. Ask me and i will try to deliver what we want at that time…can anybody who is on the course help me out here and tell people how much effort and time i put into the webs…?

    I always ask which way we want the next webinar to go so as to ensure we are getting the correct info across.As i say this is just as much your course as mine. As a human entity i really cant do anymore, other than tell you what i do, if you are able to see what i do in the markets, you will get there.

    We all have to realise, we ourselves have to put the effort in and believe we can do it just as Michael Johnson said in my last post.

    last time i say this, Im real, what i do is real, you can find me online, just google, so i will not defend myself anymore. if you want help i promise i will do that! what more can i offer. If you cant be bothered to do that Chrissy, then get a refund!

    please all have a good break,make the most of it and remember, life isnt short, its how we choose our time in the long life we have.



  96. Andy I. says:

    hello, this one is to Catherine,

    it is about the screenshot. i didnt say no because i meant no you cant, i said no you cant because the support ticket simply wont allow you to post a screenshot. sorry for the misunderstanding.

    if you need to check any trades then firstly please look at page 29, the tick boxes. if every box is ticked then you know the trade is relevant. if they are ticked you feel still didnt go your way let me know and i will help you.

    i hope that clears the screenshot matter.

    the webcasts have taken a bit of a change of direction in some ways. they were origianlly to show me trading .but i have taken it upon myself to also try and answer questions if nothing is happening trade entry wise.

    so no, no real structure but all within the course.

    sincere regards


  97. Andy I. says:

    and finally, out of 11 emails i have sent to people today, and going through nearly a hundred support tickets, posting on here several times but still i have not one piece of direct contact from Chrissy. I have spent nearly all day trying to sort this. you have seen the posts Chrissy as you have replied twice here today, but are determined to ignore them. as paul carr says and cl you are just negative full stop.

    whoever you are Chrissy, and im beginning to feel a set up, please contact admim and they will happily arrange your refund. I feel I have taken up far too much time trying to help somebody who doesn’t want to be helped and thrown this thread of course. I am sorry you feel the way you do but this negativity just isnt helping the people who want to try and make this work.

    i am not beating myself up anymore to try and help you. im bushed, you win,please leave

    • Don’t beat yourself up over it, Andy.

      You cannot help people who don’t help themselves, we all know that.

      There are a lot of people here willing this to work, and who appreciate the help, and support.



  98. Alan Smith says:

    I am in my first month with Andy, and find him a real genuine guy.If ever i have a problem, i send a support ticket and he answers that same day.He is very thorough and patient in his webinars and i am definetly in for the long haul and i have no doubt that by the end of it i will be a proffesional trader.Like i say in Andy we trust.

  99. Andy I. says:

    just taken a quick look at this,

    Alan,many thanks and yes, we will get there, I will be with you.

    take care


  100. Ozzy says:

    It is inspiring to see somebody so passionate about their product as Andy is. I am lookin forward to giving is a go this week, and looking forward to the challenge and training.

  101. franki says:

    Hi i joined the programme 7 days ago, so the last week ive had the quick start manual printed off (read it and highlighted bits i needed too) and got stuck into the videos. This coming week i will start to master the software through my demo account. Im no stranger to making money online, not enough to quit my day job which i absolutley hate but enough to let me go out and buy anything when i need it. but ive never tried forex so im a complete novice and looking forex to hopefully a regular monthley income which will allow me to quit my job and be able to do as i please on my terms. Im not an idiot and i dont expect to be able to do that for at least 12months.

  102. GT says:

    I’d love to do this but am absolutely broke.

    I’ve waited two weeks for a refusal from my local credit union who initially said they’d lend me the money to get started.

    I’ve got no way of finding the first months payment but will enjoy reading this website which gives me hope and an incentive to keep on keeping on.

    Good luck,

    GT :O)

  103. franki says:

    Hi if admin or Andy Ireland is reading could you explain why my card has been refunded when i never asked for a refund i just enquired about contacts details for a refund if i decided on getting one after 30days (So i would know who exactly who to contact)
    Here is the email below to prove ve not asked for a refund

    AITradeSafe Admin ([email protected])

    Add to contacts


    To: franki .

    Hi Franki,

    Thank you for your email, I can confirm that we have refunded your full payment of £89.95 back on to the card with which you paid. Please allow a few days for this to show in your account. We can also confirm that we have cancelled your subscription so that no further payments will be charged to your account.

    Admin team

    On 29/03/2013 20:01, franki . wrote:

    Hi who do i contact for a refund ?
    is it this email or another ?
    pls advise


    • Hi Franki,

      Tim, or Andy’s team will probably look into it, and respond directly.

      Although what it does show, from a review point of view, is that there are no problems getting refunds should a customer decide to do so, after trying it for a month.


      Admin (not aitradesafe Admin, I might add)

  104. franki says:

    Yes its all sorted now, just a misunderstanding but yes it does show that people who think its not for them will have no worries about being refunded.

    Update- im starting to get to grips quickly with the AItradesafe software, all i need to do is have a bit of luck and start winning lol good job im on a demo account for now. hehe

  105. Craig says:


    I am very curious about this software and purchasing a subscription – am I right in saying that it must be completed through use of a credit card?

    Also, how quickly would a complete novice such as myself be able to pick this up and start making a living off this, say I was trading for an average 6 hours per day, using £1 pips?

    • franki says:

      Yes credit card mate, if its not for you they will refund you within 30days, I only asked for a contact mail address in case I thought its not for me, and they gave me a refund, which I didn’t want but ive sorted in now.Im a novice ive had this software for 2 weeks, took me a while to get there, you get £5000 in a demo account, was £130 down after 5days of learning to use the software, day 6 and I clawed back £82 within 2 hrs. Im learning fast but I got lucky too I think…onwards and upwards I hope .

  106. franki says:

    Enjoying the course big time but getting a little confused as to the fact the software alerts me to a possible buy but at the end of play its really a sell and visa versa, too regular for my liking to be honest.

    • Andy I. says:

      Hi Franki, sorry to have to post this but please ensure you have read and understood all the information at your disposal. the Alert has been explained in detail in the FAQ section as to why it does this. can you please take a look in there. many thanks Andy

      • franki says:

        Ok andy will do, btw you have been very helpful each time ive sent a ticket to you through the aitradesafe website.
        Im getting my head around how the software works I went from a -£190 to -£23 in 3 days with the intial £5000 demo money so I guess im getting mu head around this at last 🙂

  107. GT says:

    Is this turning into another one of those dreams which after a few weeks just slowly drifts away?

    I hope not.

    Keep posting guys.

    GT :O)

    • Andy I. says:

      gt, this has always been sold on the fact it is a 12 month course. dreams driftng away?. far from it. people are spending time learning after the realisation it can work.

      i can assure you that initial posters here are no longer posting as much as they would rather be taking control of their future.


  108. Paul says:

    Posts have certainly decreased GT. Makes you wonder

    • Hi Paul,

      Posts are usually at there highest level at the time of promotion, and as it is nearly 2 months since the launch, a drop off in posting is natural. As with any promotion, unless new launches are made, then existing customers will be getting on with their purchase.



  109. franki says:

    Here is the blog address of….. (Content removed, we won’t be advertising other blogs, thank you..)

  110. Ben says:

    Hello everybody. i am looking for some advice on the aitrade system On another forum/blog Andy Ireland the forex guy is helping the blog owner, and he still not make any gains. Can somebody, anybody please let me know if this works or not. There are conflicts everywhere I read.
    On the ad blurb is shows just watch the lights and if that is the way it works why does it seem that nobody is making money with this? If people were making all this money then surely people would say so. I have not read anywhere else as yet that they have made real money and most people are saying it is very up and down and I really want to see people say it works for them. Nobody is really saying this, why?
    Andy himself is coming across as sincere. It’s just that he seems to be putting out fires from people saying they are having problems and not making any money.
    Ben flatt. London.

    • Andy I. says:

      ben, the blog poster himself admits to not always having followed the rules.

      yes of course the bad points get published and that takes up my time. Why do i try and put these fires out? not to defend my method, i dont need to. it provides a good income for me and mine, but it is to try and help those struggling see the light. this is easy-but not simple.

      once you strip away ones ego and take a breath, take time, it becomes a lot clearer. of course trading works, its this countrys biggest asset!

      patience and discipline are utmost.

  111. Patricia says:


    I don’t think the question – does it work or not – can be answered in reality. It will work for some and not for others. On one blog I’ve been following the chap only made a decent profit on his first week. Since then, as he has developed more “skills” he seems to have gone backwards. However, to be fair, was he not following the rules when he thought he knew better?

    I find it very difficult to believe the 4 lights would show anything other than a trend. And that was a trend that was already in the past. Like waiting for a No 10 Bus but they only have the numbers on the back! You only know you have missed it when it has already passed you. It would still be up to you, with a good slice of lady luck.
    After all, if it was that easy, why do financial organisations spend millions on bespoke computer systems.
    It still a relatively new “opportunity”. Wait a few months and see.

    • Andy I. says:

      hi Patricia, the 4 lights take away the guesswork. i can assure you that i have several people making profit using this method, including myself. but as with any method, it can be down to how it is applied.

      you are slightly misguided in the way banks do things. bespoke systems are meant for their own prop traders. i can assure you i have been told by several ex city and bank traders that my method works equally as well, and the knowledge i give, the banking staff may not have. maybe the reason why i have made money in up and down markets and the banks sent us into a crisis..

      if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.
      patience and discipline is the key patricia. if you have any questions please send me a support ticket.

      today i have met with several people on the course. all doing well and one chap, with no trading experience, able to make over 200 pips a week. how, by being realistic and putting effort into using the method.



  112. Alan Smith says:

    Ben, i am in my second month and know far more than when i first started. There are trades now that i would not take where as in the first month i would have done.Although waiting for the four lights is the main factor as you learn you find there are other factors to consider.I say give it a try,you are guaranteed £300 back in the first month from the brokers and Andy will refund your first month subscription back if you think its not for you.I also would advise you not to go live until you receive your second module.Iam still on demo and just keep practising and slow but sure i am starting to get winning trades more often.Hope this helps

  113. franki says:

    Im also trading on a demo account, im not convinced yet that the software does as it says on the tin as I lose more than I win but having said that , Im only on first month so until I learn more in months 2 and 3 ive decided not to open a live account until that time and I would have had 8 to 12 weeks practice on a demo account whilst at the same time monitoring the softwares effectiveness.

    • Andy I. says:

      Franki, if you are not convinced then maybe you are subliminally hindering yourself?

      several people are making profit from this and looking to the future months where they will learn more. I have met with people today and the overiding factor with this is a positive attitude towards it.

      take the time and i will ensure we all get there.


      • franki says:

        Thanks Andy, a lot of the time the software advises a possible buy which turns out to be a sell and visa versa, this could be down to bad luck/ bad timing on my part , that’s why I said im not going live until im sure im doing everything correct and I see the software perform as im hoping it will. Im not subliminally hindering myself, im just very careful in all my business ventures.

        • Andy I. says:

          hi franki. please ensure you have read the FAQ section on the alerts. and then please post back here your findings.

          i suspect you may be misinterpreting what the alert is for. regards


          • franki says:

            Yes I get that andy and I follow the AItradesafetrade entry rules as provided in the qs manual.
            I always though you didn’t have to buy to sell or sell to buy as all you are doing is betting on the price either rising or falling.

            I go by the lights as instructed. if they are all green yet I see the price fall are you saying when one lamp goes red I should consider a sell?

            Still im enjoying learning all about trading and really do want this to work so I don’t have too 🙂

  114. Andrew says:

    I personally take a longer view of this than I think most people have. I have also been reading on another blog that seems to have been specifically set up, and people are asking for refunds left right and centre, maybe so but maybe also tha the advertising was not as specific as it could have been but one thing is for sure, one month is not long enough to get any benefit from this I don’t think. This is a learning process and am willing to learn from Andy. I think he is genuine, and I think he knows too that the advertising made it sound more simple than it is. More training is needed with this, which Andy gives us. I don’t think it would be for everybody because not everybody is willing to learn or willing to pay to learn, but all I know is that if Andy makes this work then at some stage what he knows will be passed to us learners and it will click.

  115. Alan Smith says:

    Well said Andrew hear hear

  116. Brotek Cards says:

    Sounds good, and the comments by andy who I assume is the owner are good explanations. Very tempting to try this system now. I’ll have another check over the details before jumping in.

    (Link removed by Admin, please refrain from dropping links, thank you)

  117. Cain says:

    Am I right in the thinking that I just need to follow the coloured lights and act accordingly. I have tried other indicator template structures in the past without success but they did not come with guarantee. Do I need to be at laptop for this all the time or can it be done on an android tablet and still work the same?

    • franki says:

      No its not just a case of looking for green or red lights as the sales pitch would have you believe, there is a lot more to it than that. I use a laptop so can not comment on android or tablets sorry.

  118. Andyi says:

    Hi franki, the sales letter isnt incorrect. It is a matter of looking at the red or green lights. In order to enhance our understaning of trading we cover other aspects i note in earlier posts you say you were having issues. Maybe this simple misunderstanding of the lights is one of them. Let me know in a support ticket if that is the case

  119. Paul says:

    All gone a tad quiet now which I am afraid does not do anything for confidence. Don’t tell me…all been on holiday and all the rest busy making big bucks… yeah ok… so no newbies of late then? Sorry but I think I will pass this one

    • Hi Paul,

      It is natural that the bulk of comments come when a product or service is launched.

      It is unnatural to expect participants to give a running commentary on their progress, unless asked to do so.

      Why don’t you take action and try yourself. It has no risk, after all.



    • steve says:


      I am on the aitradesafe course, personally I think you are wise to pass this opportunity if your looking for the masses of people on this course to stand up and say they are making a fortune. problem here is the advertising of this course by TIM made it look simple and it is not. you need to take your time and learn and understand the system, demo account until your confident. On listening in on the webinars it comes quite clear that 50% of the people can not take on board simple action explained to them. these people ask the same questions over and over again. 50% of the webinar is directed to people who simply can’t read the quick start Guide lines. you will get someone live trading after their first week after being told many of times not to. then complains he has lost money!

      I would imagine only 10% of people on the course will actually be successful if that, 50% being accounted for above, other reasons would include some will never be able to understand or follow the rules or be prepared to learn how to trade properly. people will automatically bame the tools when things go wrong thats why they end up on sites like this.

      You don’t need a 12 month course to show you how to press a button when you see 4 lights and press another one when you see one of those lights go out. I am here for the long haul I believe in Andy and his methods.

      I took Tim’s advertising claims with a pinch of salt, I took him up on his money back guarantee to take a look what was on offer, in my month trail I liked what I saw and heard and committed myself to the 12 month course. I suggest you do the same what do you have to lose? seams you cant be bothered to do that to find out for yourself.

      I have said this before on this site but it amazes me how many people actually believe the Holy Grail exists. Could you imagine what state the country would be in if there was such a thing that would easily make you guaranteed money by pressing a button when 4 lights appeared? the fact is our economy would come to a grinding halt while everyone packed up their jobs to get rich press buttons on their pc.

  120. Paul says:

    Simple. I have been following this forum for a while regarding this scheme. As far as I am concerned the jury is out until I feel that this may have it’s merits. from the mixed views I have read so far the jury is still out. I am afraid I do not subscribe to your reply that participants would not give a commentary unless asked to do so. the nature of the beast is that if something really is that good they would wish to shout about it and share the joy”…especially to participants already using this forum.

    I just feel that when the likes of Dave C go quiet and we get no more positive feedback then things just aren’t as rosy as they are made out to be.

    Just my opinion..that’s all

    • Hi Paul,

      We have been running websites like this for about 15 years now, and unless people are asked to write, then they tend not to, UNLESS a promotion is being rolled out by a promoter.

      We get a lot more comments on our own products, because we receive a lot of emails, and testimonials, etc, and therefore we ASK customers to participate, and share their experiences, which of course helps everyone else.

      As this system (AITradesafe) is not our product, we can of course not ask participants.

      I also think that another main difference here, is that the promoter of AIT has live webinars with the author every week, and therefore the vast majority of claims, questions, and the likes gets asked directly, and live to them.



  121. Alan says:


    first time here after receiving the mailshot about a week ago. I’ve studied the information and it looks promising. As far as I can tell there seems minimal risk as regards taking a trial.

    I may well give this a go, though I’ve not made a firm decision as yet. My main concern is that many people on this blog have failed to follow up with a review, despite having ‘bought in’ 2-3 months ago. I may be wrong but this isn’t altogether encouraging. …

    At present I am trialling ‘bonus bagging’ and it is working out very well so far. Profits are not large but the risks involved are as near to zero as you can get.

    Anyway I shall follow this blog with interest, and wait for some first hand reviews before making a final decision…

  122. Vivien says:

    Well i couldn’t resist and joined up using my credit card which i’m trying not to use.
    To all the naysayers please be quiet as you nearly ruined my chance of success to come.
    i’m just a normal newcastle girl whos’e wanting to get on in life.

    I’m a big believer in whatever you purchase does work you just have to work hard at it until you succeed and keep going over material over and over again till it eventually clicks.

    i bought this last night and went through most of the material which didn’t take long and andrew is very clear on what to do its so unfair that people are slating him and yes a 12 year old can go through the steps and get it right first time to be quite honest i thought it was so bloody simple,i think the only problem a newby would be confused about is getting around the platform which in one sitting becomes very easy,my advise would be to go on the internet and have a look at ig index free videos of using a platform as they are all pretty much the same also it helps to get a bit knowlege of the candlesticks by watching the free videos on babypips.but you dont seem to need to do this with this course.

    I’m not an experienced trader i am just starting out but have watched lots of videos about the stock market and now feel i’m ready and so excited to start trading my demo account when it opens tonight.

    Andrew has live sessions and i got through half of the first one but from what i seen people are making money as he has chat where anyone can talk or even chat amongst themselves.i will be an evening trader probs from 6pm till 9.30.

    Andrew is funny and you get a warm feeling from him and feel that i will be able to ask even the most stupidest question if needed.

    i would strongly recommend anyone to just try this as you have nothing to lose and dont let other people put you off the chance of success.

    • Eugene says:

      Hi ALL
      Like others I am interested but I don’t have a clue regarding trading although it claims a 12 year old can do it. I would be keen to listed to testimonies of newbies

  123. jerry says:

    The publicity for this seems to have died down. How is everyone doing?

  124. Stuey says:

    I am just about to start this. After reading a fair amount about it. I am hoping I can fi it in around my day job.

  125. Dawn says:

    I am looking to maybe try this, but I would like to hear that it has worked for people, can anybody please vouch for this working for them and did you make any losses before making the profitable trades?


    • Andy I. says:

      Hi Dawn,

      i can vouch for it working. and yes i had a lot of losing trades in the beginning and still do get them. but the course goes on to show you how to manage these.

      i can honestly say that the majority of people who joined are still with me after all this time and are asking they be allowed to continue after the 12 month course finishes, so i guess i must be doing something right.

      it comes with a cast iron 30 day money back guarantee so you stand to lose nothing but your time. i hope this helps you.

  126. Joe90 says:

    It would be nice to get a reply from Vivien, as she has had over 2 months to try this out, whats your verdict Vivien ?

    • vivien says:

      Hi Joe
      Just realised you left a message.
      I’m doing ok up to now with the tool we are given it seems to help alot.
      like most i seem to drift away from the rules but still getting there,i’ve been on my demo for a while now which is great as trading with £50 per pip,it seems to move 4 points and i’m done for the day,i have now reduced to £1 per pip as can learn better without thinking about the money instead i think about the pips,i use my other platform ETX for guidance alongside GKFX.i’m unable to make it on his live webinars but do watch the recordings,but all in all it seems to be a nice little tool to work with,hope this helps

  127. JJR says:

    In for a dollar, in for a pound. I have subscribed, and looking forward to starting this now I have read the initial bumpth.

  128. Gerry Lewis says:

    Hi there,
    I’m seriously thinking of jumping into this, but I have a question regarding the £300 which is ‘underwritten’ by the broker. Tim LOwe mentioned in an earlier post that the £300 would be ‘topped up’ even in the event that the whole amount was lost on a single trade. Presumably, the ‘top-up’ would not occur until the end of the 30 day period of live trading? Otherwise, it would be possible to simply use the money again within the guarantee period.
    Perhaps either Admin or Tim could calrify?

    Thanks & regards

  129. Chris Blake says:

    I am interested. Just a few questions if I may.

    1. Not counting the £300 start up what is the ideal start up bank size and what % per trade of the trading bank do you use?
    2. I read somewhere that the template works for multiple timeframes and for all different markets but i wondered whether it was actually designed and perhaps worked better for one in particular like the EUR/USD?
    3.What is the smallest amount you can trade per point/pip with GKFX? Thanks in advance. C

    • Andy I says:

      sorry for the ‘very’late response but i thought i would to answer this question for any others.

      1. well this is a good question. it all depends how much you want in return really but a good bank size would be £2k-£5k
      2. the template is designed to work on all the major pairs in forex, along with gold silver brent crude. The EURUSD is a good pair because the spread is very low so if trading above £10 a pip it can save you money on the spread.
      3.the smallest amount is 50p per pip.

  130. besty says:

    Is this closed now then?? Shame I was very interested. I have dabbled a bit of forex but never really had a serious go.

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