Chris Cobb Reviews, AIS System, and are the scam reports real, or fake?

Chris Cobb is the product owner of “Chris Cobb automated income streams”, and the review we are about to do is about this product. Chris has not had the best of time with his customer reviews, some calling him a scammer, etc. So what is all the fuss about?

What is Chris Cobb automated income streams?

This course arrives in monthly parts, and is designed to teach you all about internet marketing, and making money from online products. We are actual owners of this products, after we failed to cancel a subscription we had, and the modules kept on coming, so we do have experience of Chris’s products.

Does automated income streams work?Automated income Streams AIS System

Well, our personal view is that the course is MASSIVELY padded out, and Chris never fails to stop telling you how much money HE has made in this business, and usually ends a module by explaining this, his money, the cars, etc that he has, or had made, but the quality of the automated income streams leads a lot to be desired.

A lot of the content is very old now, and most people buying such courses do so to learn about what products to sell, and how to generate traffic, but, sadly, this course dramatically lacks in enough detail to explain either; we thought it very timid, to say the least.

For example, when the much awaited ‘traffic’ module arrived, and started explaining about Google Adwords, instead of stealth ways to generate traffic sources a professional marketer should know, we were VERY DISAPPOINTED, and don’t forget, this was towards the end of the automated income streams module course, which was almost £25 per month.

Did the automated income streams course give any benefit?

As with most paid-for products, our feeling, and experience shows that there is similar information available online for FREE, which does not have to be paid for from so-called guru’s. Therefore, no, we have to claim that compared to the price paid for the materials, the benefit was lacking.

So should I buy automated income streams?

Our advise would be NO, there are far cheaper ways (mostly free) to obtain similar information. Chris makes the bulk of HIS money because he has built up a list of enquirers on an email database, in which to promote to, so the chances of somebody new creating similar is extremely low, to none.




  1. James says:

    I used to subscribe to, and similar really, no real value to the monthly books that used to arrive. I got suckered into a cheap first one, then waited for the monthly editions hoping some useful info would arrive. It never did so I cancelled.

  2. James says:

    Forgot to say, Chris Cobb also used to send me emails for seminars, 5 grand a piece, so glad I didn’t buy into the marketing, because the reviews were never great either.

  3. sam says:

    hes sounds just like a certain…Mr A Reynolds!

  4. Sarah says:

    I was (removed) by Chris Cobb several years ago. Paid him £2,000 for training, was unable to contact him via Email, wrote lots of Emails with lots of enquiries, but to no avail, had no telephone number for him. He basically left me dangling, I was very very disappointed with him. I would never use him again. I guess that’s how he made his millions by (removed) vulnerable people.

    (unfounded comments removed by admin)

  5. Chuck says:

    I subscribed to this course some years ago now but cancelled it in the 3rd month I think it was. This was due to what the author of this article states – the modules tell you nothing of practical use and it is just Chris telling you how great he is.

    For some reason I then paid Chris $500/month for “exclusive coaching” but it soon became apparent to me that Chris only knows how to make money online by selling others how to make money online information. His coaching videos were awful – things like “how to set up a WordPress blog” whilst his 2 dogs had a fight in the background.

    There used to be quite a few sites showing people’s real experience of Chris when searching for things like “Chris Cobb Scam” in Google but appears a company called Chilling Effect has been used to remove this. I suspect it was because of Chris not being able to attract enough new customers to his “systems” to maintain his lifestyle he likes to brag about so much.

    My advice is to stay well away from Chris and people like him like disgraced internet marketer George Brown which this site has already covered. You won’t make money online following them but you WILL save money.

    After years at this I am convinced that almost ALL people that make real money online make it by selling others “how to make money online” information.

  6. Mari says:

    I have tried Chris’s system too, and would say the same, nothing new or nothing you cannot find for free.

  7. Jim says:

    I ordered this UK Millionaire Mentor business opportunity which made various promises regarding, training, capture pages, traffic, email promotions and list building, a 500 leads to start your list off, a 1-2-1 meeting with the Boy Wonder himself All this for only £2,497.00.

    I paid on 21 May 2014 on paper this looked like it was a great ‘work from home opportunity’ to subsidise my pension.
    The meeting was scheduled for 6th June 2014 at my home. Up until this point I had not received anything apart from a receipt.

    As arranged Mr Cobb arrived at 9am and we proceeded with the days so called “Full System Training” – mainly my setting up Clickbank and GetResponse accounts. A domain name was registered by Mr Cobb in the name he mentioned this would be hosted on his server. There followed a series of copy & past sales letters into the @ the GetResponse mail account. I don’t know about system secrets, I’ve been told this info is available via a Google search.

    Everything seemed ready for the 500 leads (promised)going into the account set up @, remember, Chris Cobb owned the domain name.

    Come 5pm we were ready to stop and Chris Cobb produced a couple of sheets of paper that looked like Certificates. He mentioned he should have shown me them earlier but he had forgot…

    One headed Certificate Of Entitlement for: “my name” to a private 1-2-1 training Session Agreement to proceed:

    1st paragraph stated: I have listened to Chris Cobb for the first hour and I agree to proceed with the full 1-2-1 Private training Session and Joint Venture projects. etc. etc.

    4th paragraph stated: I also understand that the full system training, information, secrets and systems that will now be divulged to me make this a non-refundable event and I am happy to proceed. etc. etc.

    The second certificate was headed Money Back Guarantee : “My name” Terms & Conditions:

    1st paragraph stated: I have signed the agreement to proceed document and I understand this training is no longer refundable. etc. etc.

    I was horrified! He hadn’t forgot to show me this at all. This was deliberate!! I had been had!!! Wide eyed and helpless, I felt sick to my stomach.

    This Chris Cobb is still advertising just 1 spot left! Warning!! He’s not the honest chap he makes out, more a scam artist. I cancelled all involvement with him, because things promised weren’t forthcoming and asked for a refund. But of course he’s saying “no” using the paperwork he conned me into signing. I felt I had no choice signing because he had already banked my money.

    So what about “Deceptive Claims regarding Products/Service” – according to The Police he has not committed a crime but a ‘scam’ would appear to have been perpetrated..? I would be very interested to hear back from anyone who’s had similar experience.

  8. Jim says:

    I would like to hear from anyone else who has experienced the dark side of Chris Cobb’s business tactics?

  9. Yvonne says:

    Chris Cobb has (defamation removed) me out of nearly £400 many years ago.
    I would stay well clear of him. Even though I asked for a refund
    I never got one.

  10. John Smith says:

    I watched the first 2 videos, despite how quick he talks, and the text runs past, I spotted 3 spelling mistakes. I didn’t subscribe – all his energy seems to be expended making himself believable. He isn’t.

  11. Ann says:

    Thans for the information.
    I almost paid thank God I did not have my card here.

  12. Maureen Atherton says:

    After watching theVideo of AISSystem I registered and gave my bank details. The price of the course was given as 47 Dollars but on the registration page the only indication was for £1! I could not get back to the place where I was sent originally and there is no other contact. I am a British pensioner and I feel there is a (defamation removed) underway because there is no confirmation of my order. What can I do ? Maureen Atherton. [email protected]

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hi Maureen,

      You should have contacted your bank immediately, and explained what has happened, and see if they can stop any payments going out.

      We have copies of the AIS System, and there is very little value in it, if at all.



  13. Mike Nobbs says:

    I have been involved with Chris Cobb since October 2016 on his AIS System and currently working my way through the numerous webinars and training videos.

    Unfortunately for me, I did purchase a course with an American internet marketing company he is involved with for £1,700.00. At this moment I am undecided about who Chris Cobb really is, genuine or not. before I go any further, I’d really appreciate some unbiased advise and any feed back on him. I do not want to or can afford to be one of those gullible fools who ends up with empty pockets and broke!!!.

  14. Winston says:

    I came across this Chris last year. He was advertising his business on FB and setting up a free seminar. I attended this seminar then was sold a weekend workshop at another hotel. Because I was and still am desperate of getting out of the job I’m in I bought it at a claimed discount price. (Another tactic these people use) The workshop wasn’t even that good. You get assigned this online so-called coach called Michael Oliver, who I have to say is the most unpleasant man I’ve come across. At the seminar Chris talks about Getresponse and funnels, then he goes on about MOBE and why we should join. At first I was paying him $48 a month for his AIS system. This is like four modules for for months. Then when I looked I noticed I got charged for a fifth month with no new model. i challenged him on this and he said he wasn’t sure there was a fifth module. I asked for a refund and got it. He did little to help me set up my income stream with some so called site. The other mistake I made was signing on to Mobe where he encourages you to get a credit card. I paid and didn’t get no further help from him or this company at all. He introduced me to Aspire another network but I didn’t spend any money on that. Then he moved on to this school and getting you to promote it. I listened to the webinars but didn’t give up any more money.

    He’s an affiliate of MOBE too and companies like that rely on a pyramid scheme where you need to find customers by buying traffic. This Michael Oliver should also be avoided, he is extremely rude and uses tactics to get you to buy into all of this nonsense. You will get no results because despite them claiming that you can make money the market is already too saturated.

    Another thing is you need to have traffic (customers) which is something I knew nothing about at the time. He didn’t tell or teach me how to promote my links. I bought traffic from some woman who works for this company. I told Chris of this and was asking me questions and somehow managed to get her removed from MOBE. When I asked why he wouldn’t explain.

    Chris offers his own traffic system by showing these pages, when he sent me to one I selected $250 then asked him about it. He told me it didn’t work and the lowest he had was $500. So why did he send me a link site that had one for $250 and it doesn’t work?

    I would say to avoid this man and MOBE. They’re not out to help people at all. They just make money from you and leave you in the lurch once they have your money.

  15. C says:

    I was about to purchase his course, but thought [for once!] let me do some Due Diligence [DD] first and came across this site.

    A BIG THANK YOU! 🙂 is in order. from stopping me making a rather ‘unwise’ decision!


  16. STEVEN wright says:

    Chris Cobb, another aqaintance of andrew reynolds, no further comment really other than to say don’t waste your money with him, you would be better off and with better odds putting your money on a horse at your local betting office !

  17. gareth price says:

    Stay well away from Chris Cobb – be AWARE !

  18. Martin says:

    Hi if anyone has any information on this guy it would be appreciated, ie place of work etc

  19. Lawrence says:

    I am considering whether to go with this AIS Stream course as a potential new business. I am concerned at the lack of people who independently publish their success in this style of business. We are told that some people make up to 6 figures per month, yet it is only the mentors who make these claims.
    Surely the best way to encourage potential associates and to categorically prove that these claims are completely legitimate, would be to to set up a bespoke blog and forum. Then everyone who has achieved success and those who have not, can post comments to put people’s minds at rest as to the authenticity of these various systems and opportunities.
    Those who have achieved success, could then pass on their skills and positive experiences to others who have had a bad experience. This would surely be of great benefit to the legitimate Business Gurus! It could also help avoid searching the Web, trying to find negative and positive views.
    Also, just because some people fail when starting a new business venture, it doesn’t mean that everyone will fail.
    Thanks and kind regards, Lawrence

  20. Nate says:

    Has anyone got contact details for Chris Cobb?
    Has anyone got Chris Cobb address?

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