SportSure Review for Tim Lowe

What is Betfair, and how will I make profits with SportSure?

Betfair is considered to be one of the biggest online betting exchange in United Kingdom, as well as the largest online betting exchange in the world. The betting company now controls over 90% of entire global market today.

Tim Lowe now promoting his latest training course which is called SportSure. At Betfair, every trader can directly bet against any other trader instead of betting on the bookies. Hence, all workable systems provide options for both traders backing and laying. Backing means betting for anything to happen while laying means betting in opposite until there’s something to take place.

Are there any limitations?

There’s no limitation on the specific amount that you can bet in the exchange market, and all the money is being held by Betfair until such time that the result is already known to everyone. Betfair charges a certain amount as a commission on every winning trade as well (the commission usually ranges from 2 to 5% based on the total amount of the bet), on the other hand, there will be no commission for losing trades.

Benefits of Betfair Trading

Betfair Trading also provides plenty of benefits compared to betting with the bookies. All the traders may select their personal odds and don’t need to opt for fixed odds from the bookmakers. Bets are accepted if it can already be matched with the bet from another trader, which is usually identified through the Betfair platform.
Betfair also has in-play betting, which is important to make sportsure work.

In-play trading is important for the majority of profitable Betfair systems. Like for instance, options to back and lay until the entire event is finished, and not just trading on the outcome before the event starts. This means that a successful trader can react to what is happening live, and not just wait to see the eventual outcome. For example, if the result is not going your way, you can manipulate your trades to ensure further profit, or restrict any losses. This is a major advantage over traditional bookmakers.

Is Betfair Tax Free on the Profits From SportSure?

‘Gambling/Trading’ in the UK is currently tax free, and has been for many years. The main reason for that, is because if gambling/trading was to attract tax, then there is the other end of the spectrum of traders potentially claiming back taxes on losing trades, so currently the UK government do not apply tax to such practices.

Getting Started with Betfair and SportSure.

To trade with Betfair as well as SportSure, all traders need to begin by creating their own account, and then depositing enough funds in order to cover all the bets that they made. Betfair Trading generally keeps accurate documentation about the betting history of every customer and is very aware of each ever trader’s information.
They run a tight ship, and are an extremely professional organisation.

So what is the SportSure Training Course?

SportSure is a new training course, that has been created by the well-known marketer Tim Lowe, and is being taught by experienced traders: Pauline Wheeler-Reid, and Tony Langley; both very experience traders, who use Betfair as their primary source of income. Pauline and Tony have now devised a training course where they will offer to train every aspect of their know-how with new subscribers.


Brought to you by:

Tim Lowe                          Paul Langley                  Pauline Wheeler-Reid


Pauline, and Tony have vast experience when trading on Betfair, and make a considerable income doing so. The new SportSure programme is a monthly training course, where you will be taught the exact strategies that Pauline and Tony have been using themselves. The idea is that on a monthly basis you will learn more
of the strategies that work, and add to your armory the full spectrum of what works on Betfair.

Does SportSure come with a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, as with most of Tim’s products, SportSure will give you the type of money back guarantee that will first see if the results are to your liking, and if you are not satisfied, then as long as you have adhered to the simple conditions, there is a period of guarantee.

Sounds good, I am interested. Where can I find more information?

The following website:




  1. Herts says:

    Can somebody please tell me where I can find the pdf document from this sportsure product?? I subscribed this morning, and all was going well until I tried downloading the first months file. My computer says it is downloaded but I cannot find it anywhere on my pc. I download another book last week actually and that went missing on my pc too. Any help would be appreciated??

    • Michael Hallam says:

      I had to laugh when I read that, as that used to happen to me when using FireFox.

      What you should do when downloading ebooks, or PDF documents is choose your desktop for the download to appear.

      You will find that the manual is in your download folder.

      I am using XP, but if you go to Start > My Documents > Downloads folder, it will probably be in there.


  2. Herts says:

    Thank you Mike. The file was exactly where you said it would be. How silly does an old fool feel now. I really appreciate the help. My other book that I downloaded last week was in there, too!

  3. Tech0 says:

    Will this actually work?

    I have not used betfair before, but I know a few pals who do. After reading the sales blupb a few times it seems that you actually have to be sat in front of your screen at the actual time of the match?

    Could somebody please confirm that?

  4. Johnny says:

    Well, so far a profit was certainly made with this. There was a game on Bengal vs Dempo which made a profit. It didn’t for me as I was paper trading, but that was a result suggest by those at the sportsure site, and it won. There are a few more recommendations today for matches so Ill be testing those too. Not bad so far. I will probably test on paper for a week or so before using real money to make sure it continues to work.

  5. Duran says:

    Are there anyone who is making this work yet?? I want to try it but it would be more reassuring if others were making it work??

  6. Walker says:

    Am I right in thinking that the first method is to double my bank in the first month?

    Trading on betfair is not new for me, and I dont think there are any methods out there that most dont know but what I do find helpful is watching videos doing it live. I am the type of learner that needs visuals, so this is helping me.

    I’ll be sticking with it for now. My bank is up by a few percent, but I am also hoping the next modules have higher profit percentages.


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