Andrew Reynolds Reviews Cash On Demand. Scam, or Does it Live Up To The Hype?

The name Andrew Reynolds has been around for many years, and reviews are aplenty. If you have been looking to generate income from the internet, then you will probably have seen the products, Cash On Demand for example, is one of Reynolds main products. Does it work?

We at look to dispel the myths surrounding online opportunities, and we always offer unbiased information, and reviews on what does, and does not work, so that our members can avoid the obvious scams out there. Let’s see if we think Andrew Reynolds and his products can help you.

Who is Andrew Reynolds, and What is Cash On Demand?

Andrew Reynolds is a marketer of products that claim to make money. It is that simple. Whether those products make money is an entirely different question. Andrew will tell you a story about his humble beginnings, and how after not being satisfied with his ‘lot’ decided that he wanted to make some serious money, and then jetted off to America to a seminar; learned how to make money, etc. etc.

The fact is, that Andrew Reynolds managed to obtained the rights to various video courses, in which he then went onto sell to customers mainly in the UK, under the business Manhattan Direct. The subject matter of the vidoes? You guessed it: Making money.

Does what Andrew Reynolds teach actually work?

Well, anything can work if the right person is trying to gain results, can’t they? The problem as we see it, is that if the actual person who is selling the products to business opportunity seekers have not themselves made some money using the same advice, then it kind of becomes the blind, leading the blind, surely?

Let’s face it. Everybody wants to make extra money, and if you are presented with a professional sales letter, written by the people who know how to persuade others to make a payment for goods, or service, then this becomes a very enticing business to become involved with. This is the whole ethos of the majority of ‘biz-opp’ marketers. They sell what people want to buy, and in this instance the product is ‘how to make money’. If the promoter has made their OWN money using the sames methods suddenly becomes a secondary question, which is fast forgotten about in the midst of the professional sales letter.

What about Andrew Reynolds and his Cash On Demand Subscription?

Cash On Demand

Cash on Demand is about ‘finding a niche and filling it with a product’. The cliche is massive online, to the point that although it is so obvious, actually taking advantage if it, has been forgotten.  There have b

een countless marketers who have sold similar, and will continue to sell similar, especially now the internet has blossomed into a marketers dream. All Cash on Demand has done, is stretched the principle out to very many modules, that are now sold on a monthly subscription. Similar information can be found for free, if the researcher genuinely LOOKED for it.

Sure, the principles work, but it is nothing new. It is similar to the old adage of ‘find a problem, then creating the solution, and becoming wealthy in the process’. BUT, this does not mean that you will become successful in creating an income on such obvious principles. In fact, the chances of doing this are minuscule, BECAUSE, if you, as a human being do not possess the actual acumen to generate a business, or have enough desire to make money, then no matter how many manuals, or modules you read, it simply will not happen.

Are you saying Cash on Demand does not work?

We are not saying that, but we ARE saying that Cash on Demand is nothing new, and in our experience, the chances of you succeeding using the modules will entirely depend on you as a person. If you have enough desire in your life to make a sincere decision to make money, then you will make it irrelevant of how many ‘golden’ modules you have read from the latest ‘guru’. Think about it, genuinely; If you really HAD to make money, then you could. If you had a loved one who absolutely depended on you making a certain amount of money, for their welfare, or well-being, then do you feel you would be able to do it? Of course you would.

Making money is an extremely emotional subject, because when you break it all down, the level of income you can achieve, will directly result in the level of your life-style, security, and the life-style of those you love and represent. And therefore, the next time you read one of the sales letters offering to make you £$X per month/year, just sit back and really assess if you have what it takes, or if you have enough genuine desire to make it; because if you don’t, then you won’t – it is that simple.

Would you recommend Andrew Reynolds and his products?

We personally feel, that although the principles are nothing new, and probably do work, that they are global principles. The same information can be found much cheaper elsewhere. Maybe not the same modules, but the principles of finding a niche and filling it, most definitely can be found cheaper than spending a monthly amount to gain, and wait for, access to a product such as Cash on Demand.



  1. Carl says:

    Been there and got the t-shirt with andrew reynolds, bought 13 modules of cash on demand, and still did not make any money. I sold them all on ebay in the end. Carl.

  2. Poulson Publishing says:

    To the above poster, it is correct. I also purchased some of the manuals about cash on demand off ebay for a greatly reduced price. If you are interested i would purchase from there instead.

    I never thought they were much benefit to me personally as the content was extremely basic, and the internet has moved on somewhat since they were written.


  3. paul walsh says:

    My friend bought Andrew Reynolds course.
    I looked at the video with him and realized you could get this stuff off the internet for nothing. So anyone out there thinking of buying it, don’t waste your money.

    Paul Walsh.

    • Darren Carr says:

      Hello Paul. That is the trouble, this stuff seems old hat now, and the basics of what is being taught by Andrew Reynolds in these course are being given away by bloggers for free.


  4. John R says:

    It always raises the question in my mind, if these people are making so much money so easily from these schemes they are selling, why do they need to make more money selling the ‘how to’ information?

    If it were me, I’m afraid I would albeit selfishly perhaps, keeping the secret all to myself and making even more money, without feeling the need to sell my methods!

    I’m not saying for a moment no-one ever has made their fortune from these schemes, but I think two sayings should be remembered by anyone thinking of spending their hard earned cash on any of these schemes:
    1. “You get nothing for nothing!”
    2. “If it seems too easy, it probably isn’t!”

    I have lost a considerable amount over the years following these “get rich quick” gurus and have’t yet done much with them except line the guru’s pockets!


    John R.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comments, and welcome to the website.



    • Steven Scappaticci says:

      Because it seems the more they have, the more they want.Or they don’t have anything at all.Which is why they’re trying to sell their stuff to others to make money.That’s human nature I guess. I bought the Andrew Reynolds course(all 12 modules) and some of the stuff can be invaluable to your future success if you apply the principles. The rest of it is just garbage to fill up the pages.

  5. Andrew says:

    These people make money by selling you the “How To” rubbish, they wouldn’t make a penny by listening to their own advice, complete rubbish. See through it folks!

  6. Gary Woollard says:

    I have taken on board the above comments, I must say that I have every confidence in the system. I know it works because I have seen Andrew live at entrepreneurs boot camp 2009 and I have shook his hand. Okay it has not made me a fortune YET, However! that is my own fault because the solutions that you have to find first is obtaining a regular income through the so called employment system first before you embark on any ventures such as Andrew’s.

    There are 3 lessons to be learned here folks.

    Belief is the truest word in English Dictionary here. Andrew is a self made millionaire, and the first lesson one should learn here is the famous quotation ‘ALWAYS LEARN FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL’

    The second and third lesson are all to do with mindset.

    Mindset is a very powerful tool and will get you to where you want to be, but it does take a daily focus. The second lesson I want to share with you is to do with positive and motivational training. What you need to do everyday and I mean this everyday is picture in your mind what it would be like if you never had to worry about bills making that heavy thud upon your doormat. How would you feel if when you opened those bills you had a bank balance that would take care of them always.

    The third lesson and last but not least is this.

    I currently work as a part time retails sales demonstrator, my work is varied, one week I can be offering food samples in one of the big 4 to the public and the next I could be demonstrating mobile phones, fridges, washing machines or even power tools. One day I took an exercise which was totally self invented. I was due to food sampling at a very large Asda store in Bristol and I invented a short formula which was DETERMINATION + APPLICATION = SUCCESS. I Kept saying that to myself in my mind at least 5 times consistently in every hour. My day changed dramatically, my sales figures did too and I the feeling I had was tremendous.

    I hope this has been very useful information for you folks.

    Gary Woollard

  7. TD says:

    I did not make a penny using this system. What I did create was a large debt which will have to be paid off next year when I will have no option but to cash in my pension to cover it!
    I told Andrew Reynolds office about this. They were not interested, with no mention of a refund. In fact, Reynolds continues to send me written literature about new schemes. Quite audacious I think!

  8. Frank Pittal says:

    It’s a week now and I’ve studied the course watched the DVD’s read the manuals it looks appealing but I must admit I still have no idea if it works but one thing I can tell you I’ve learnt a hell of a lot and I mean just scratching the surface I’ve read cash on demand manual cover to cover I’ve read copy this idea I’ve watched The £500,000 challenge DVD as how I pulled in £50 million also millionaire secrets it all looks so easy and I await the modules I’ve read the above forum notes is it a scam or not? All I can tell you in 1 week not even started yet I have negotiated permission to have the rights for one project free the second project I have lined up I have bought the domain name and made some positive enquiries for a product to sell exclusively which is a sure fire winner!! All this in one week even made contact with a local fulfilment house putting things in place and guess what? I still have not a clue how it works but for 42 years I’ve been a dell boy ducker and diver market trader made loads of money selling bullshit dressed up as a quality item with this system I see great potential but let me tell you only time will tell but if I’ve done these 3 things in under a week what can I achieve when I finished the modules yes it’s a gamble but life is a gamble but let me echo the words of Andrew Reynolds ‘You have to stack the cards in your favour’ and being a barrow boy all my life it’s time for a change I don’t gamble any more I stopped on Horses dogs and casino’s I’m clean for 6 years it’s been an addiction that cost me a lot I only gamble now in business I’ve taught myself Ebay and took advice and its been a sure fire winner it’s put me on another level to the extent that I don’t get up 5 am anymore to stand in all weathers come home making little or no money after expenses This if handled correctly can be a success the last blog summed it up beautifully it’s all down to the individual and his or her mindset Determination- Application – Success a winning formula !! In all honesty with an open mind and positive thinking you can make anything work with being positive and all I can say if after this opening week I’ve achieved 3 things by listening and learning for you see The only way to change something is by doing something different only time will tell if this works or not structure and success is a winning formula but if u don’t try u don’t get my advice give it you’re best shot!!

  9. STEVEN wright says:

    I did subscibe to andrew reynolds cash on demand scheme a few years ago now and to be honest although it exposed the basics of internet marketing setting up websites and producing products which would sell to people is a very grey area indeed. The costs involved are quite prohibitive for most people when you link some of the costs to the pay per click system for websites and to be frank i’ve have never known anyone who has paid these reported sums for information from the kind of websites andrew reynolds promotes. People do not part with two or three thousand pounds for a box of cd’s and a download on how to make money on-line this is total nonsense and i have some doubts as to whether andrew reynolds has made the fifty million pounds he says he has selling information products on-line. Andrew Reynolds cash on demand scheme is something he apparently constantly promotes, the content hasn’t altered since i foolishly subscribed to it and i see that in the last year he published a book on the subject, has anybody actually bought it out there ? I’ve been invited on several occasions to the seminars he promotes but to be honest i can think of nothing more boring than attending one of these and certainly see it as a money making exercise for the other people he brings along who sell there cd’s etc to numerous gullable people. To sum up, if andrew reynolds has made the sums of money he says he has those days are over, people have become wiser to information products on-line and the evidence that andrew reynolds and his colleagues are now scratching around for income is in the amount of sales letters that come through your door every few weeks from him. My advice to mr reynolds is that you should be satisfied with your fifty million and retire in luxury somewhere which would then relieve those of us who receive your sales letters from ‘ NOT RECEIVING THEM ‘!

  10. Bishell says:

    I have enrolled in some of these products.some of the dvd’s do not play I have tried them on a number of players and still not worked. I think it is because they are copies. They seem informative but don’t seem to get to the nitty gritty of earning any money. The monthly instalments seem dragged out and all are so expensive but referred to as if they are peanuts.

  11. Bill says:

    Love him or hate him Andrew Reynolds has made more money doing what he does than most can ever dream of making. I envy him and I think the question shouldn’t be is it a scam, it should be have you joined all the dots to make it work. clearly it does work because the man has become a multi-millionaire by operating the system over many years…
    I just wish I could get my head around it….
    Mr Reynolds if you’re out there please show me how….

    • Martin Castle says:

      Hi Bill
      I have dabbled in Andrew Reynolds products,followed to the letter and made no money at all. I and attended his seminar in Brighton fortunately on a free ticket, and during that seminar the penny dropped on how Andrew Reynolds has made his money. He constantly talks about the funnel system where you sell someone a product and then they are in your funnel, so you continue to offer them products at increased cost which they purchase because they have been sucked into the funnel.
      Lightbulb moment Andrews funnel was right there in front of me, all of the attendees who had paid to attend and were lapping up the free offer that sucked them in yet again to the main bait of the expensive purchase that then everyone in the room would be selling the same products across the internet which totally dilutes your chance of success.
      My opinion a just seeks out gullible people who spend money they cannot aford in some cases as mention in one of the above posts

  12. John says:

    I signed up for a course at his seminar in Brighton. He wanted a cut on everything I sold. We were told by D V D what to do and I did it at £118.00 per month. I ask for some of the £10.000 I had spent. I was told no way, I got no money but if I made £100.000 he wanted £30.000 of it. Sooner or later the people will find out.When I pressed him I got threatened with solicitor.

  13. juliet says:

    wealthy then why not lited on times rich list??? ring any alarm bells???

  14. Mike Francis says:

    These Guru go to America buy a ready made untested course with copy wright ownership and sell to you for thousands.If they try the business first and then provide real bank statements as proof then maybe , but all you see if powerpoint with made up figures like what david Anderson does.

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