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Direct Pay System Review No Competition Marketing

Offered through No Competition Marketing, Direct Pay System is a marketing platform that also offers users a commission for referrals.

What is the product?

For all intents and purposes Direct Pay System is sold as a suite of marketing related products ranging from pre-written copy and emails to membership site solutions and even somewhat obscure methods of marketing, namely SMS messaging and written mail. These are described by No Competition Marketing as “high value products” and that they are designed to “help entrepreneurs become successful”. Really though this side of Direct Pay System seems to exist mainly to supplement the main purpose which is a considerable referral scheme. In fact, over the course of an hour long Webinar, Direct Pay System talks mostly about how you can make money through said scheme. Interestingly from what I have seen much of the aforementioned marketing products are geared towards selling Direct Pay System as a product as opposed to genuine marketing tools. With that in mind I shall now look at the set up for Direct Pay System which once again puts an emphasis on the resale aspect and referral commissions. There are 4 packages available, Lite, PRO, Platinum and Warrior Elite. Each of these provide you with differing levels of access to the marketing materials as well as determining what tiers you can resell. Read more

Coffee Millionaire Review Robert Dudley MLM

Created by Robert Dudley, Coffee Millionaire is a website that allows you to sign up as an agent for invite only multi level marketing program Organo Gold.

What is the product?

Essentially Coffee Millionaire is a website that Robert Dudley uses to recruit new people into Organo Gold, a multi level marketing product that involves selling coffee and a number of health products. These are all based around the spores of Ganoderma lucidum, a type of fungus used in traditional Chinese medicine and that is currently doing the rounds as a health and wellbeing product. Organo Gold is a pretty typical multi level marketing scheme and doesn’t really do anything that is overly new or ground breaking. In terms of Coffee Millionaire, if you are interested in joining Organo Gold,. Coffee Millionaire represents a pretty decent way of getting in. Read more

4 Corners Alliance Group Review David Harrison

Created by David Harrison, 4 Corners Alliance Group is a multi level marketing company that distribute books on various ways of protecting and investing wealth.

What is the product?

4 Corners Alliance Group is a relatively new multi level marketing company that was founded in March of 2013 by David Harrison with the intention of distributing books through a newly created network. The books that are sold through 4 Corners Alliance Group cover a number of different subjects related to making money ranging from investing in commodities to dealing with taxation. Everything that 4 Corners Alliance Group sell has been written by David Harrison with alleged financial expert Jim Yarborough. The marketing strategy for 4 Corners Alliance Group is very typical of a multi level marketing set up with a strong focus on profiting through your downline however to credit David Harrison, unlike most multi level marketing products that are operated online, all your commissions come from sales which means that 4 Corners Alliance Group should be a sustainable model in the long term. One of the ways that 4 Corners Alliance Group does differ from most multi level marketing products is that David Harrison has put a strong focus on using the internet to market rather than more traditional methods. Read more

Forever Living Review MLM Rex G. Maughan

Founded by Rex G. Maughan, Forever Living is a multi level marketing company offering opportunities to join their sales team. You will be selling products related to the health and lifestyle markets.

About The Company

Forever Living have been operational since Rex G. Maughan started the company back in 1978 in Scottsdale Arizona. Since then the company has seen stable growth (mainly in the US) until it now sits as a global company offering their services across the world. Whilst not quite up there with the household name multi level marketing companies, Forever Living achieved a respectable revenue of $2.5 billion in 2010. Forever Living continue to grow through recruitment of new sales people. Read more

Mobile Car Valet Franchise Review

MCV or Mobile Car Valet is a UK based company that offer franchisees an opportunity to buy into 28 years of experience in the mobile car valeting sector.

About The Company

Mobile Car Valet are a specialist company providing a mobile valeting service for almost any vehicle from cars to caravans and even planes. Started by Terry Smith in 1986, Mobile Car Valet have since been competitive in the mobile valeting market and have grown exponentially since then. Mobile Car Valet are currently undergoing expansion having opened up franchises in Ireland and must be doing something right as they seem to retain many of their franchisees. All of Mobile Car Valet’s services are designed to appeal to both the private sector as well as businesses. The franchises themselves are offered a large operational area which in turn allows franchisees to grow their business into a multi van operation. Read more

Avon Review MLM

As one of the 10 largest cosmetic companies in the world, becoming an Avon representative allows you to work for yourself whilst having a huge company backing you.

About The Company

At over 125 years old, Avon is without a doubt one of the most established cosmetic companies in the world. By using a multi level marketing model for distribution this has allowed Avon to become a household name with the company claiming that one in three women being reached by Avon and 6 million women seeing an Avon brochure every 3 weeks. Read more

Herbalife Review MLM

Herbalife are a US company that use a multi level marketing distribution method to sell their own branded health products and supplements.

About The Company

Herbalife are one of the largest distributors of health supplements in the US with sales exceeding $2.5 billion. The company was founded on the back of a weight loss product (which still remains a core part of the Herbalife business) in 1980 and since then has continued to grow and expand in this product niche. Herbalife are huge sponsors of various sports teams, events and personalities with arguably the most well known in the UK being footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Read more

Amway Review MLM

Amway are a US based multi level marketing company that now operate in over 100 countries. They specialise in supplying their customers with “lifestyle” products.

About The Company

Amway started in 1959 and since then has gone on to become arguably the largest and most successful multi level marketing company in the world. With annual income in the tens of billions and millions of distributors working across the globe and a huge range of products available, Amway represents an opportunity to become a part of a massive corporation whilst working for yourself. Read more Review

Created by Heiko Häusler, Thomas M. Duda and Tobias Knoof, provides a combination of products in a multi level marketing format.

What is the product?

Honestly, figuring out is something of a chore as there seems to be rather a lot of conflicting information provided by Heiko Häusler, Thomas M. Duda and Tobias Knoof. First and foremost they say that is a blogging platform which is stated in the “about” section. They then also advertise as being made up of a multi level marketing aspect and a traffic generating aspect. Unfortunately neither format is really explored enough to extract information. What is pushed very hard is that you can use to “go viral”. This is apparently done by following the same principles that make up any viral content. Unfortunately, Heiko Häusler, Thomas M. Duda and Tobias Knoof don’t actually explain how to achieve the process, but instead settle for presenting the process as some kind of factual representation of what to do. This was rather disappointing. Then there is the multi level marketing side of which doesn’t actually explain what you are selling simply stating that it is high ticket items at costs of €1000 to €5000. All of this is rather mysterious and slightly suspect to me. Read more

Momentis Review MLM

Based out of the US and Canada, Momentis are a large multi level marketing company that specialise in providing energy packages to customers.

About The Company

Momentis was founded in 2010 by Andy Williams, a man with a background in the multi level marketing field having worked in the industry since being 19. Since then Momentis have become something of a multi level marketing powerhouse. Momentis appear to be linked with US energy company Just Energy, something which is backed up by the fact that Momentis itself was built on the back of energy deregulation in the US. A model that they seem keen to utilise in the UK as well. Read more

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