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Mobile Car Valet Franchise Review

MCV or Mobile Car Valet is a UK based company that offer franchisees an opportunity to buy into 28 years of experience in the mobile car valeting sector.

About The Company

Mobile Car Valet are a specialist company providing a mobile valeting service for almost any vehicle from cars to caravans and even planes. Started by Terry Smith in 1986, Mobile Car Valet have since been competitive in the mobile valeting market and have grown exponentially since then. Mobile Car Valet are currently undergoing expansion having opened up franchises in Ireland and must be doing something right as they seem to retain many of their franchisees. All of Mobile Car Valet’s services are designed to appeal to both the private sector as well as businesses. The franchises themselves are offered a large operational area which in turn allows franchisees to grow their business into a multi van operation. Read more

Kleeneze Review MLM

As one of the largest multi level marketing companies in the UK, Kleeneze represent a chance to start your own business in recruiting new members and selling their products.

About The Company

Founded in 1923, Kleeneze have been a long term adapter of the multi level marketing format. Since their inception Kleeneze have expanded hugely and helped pioneer this method of marketing, culminating in helping found the Direct Selling Association in the 80’s (an organisation dedicated to ensuring that ethical business practice is partaken in the industry). Since the boom of direct marketing in the 80’s and 90’s Kleeneze have continued to grow to become one of the biggest names in multi level marketing. Read more

iAmAnalyst Review

iAmAnalyst is a web based binary options trading product. As it is web based it allows users to operate it through mobile devices and tablets as wells as PC’s.

What is the product?

iAmAnalyst is a piece of binary options trading software that utilised a web based design. This has allowed iAmAnalyst to put a marketing focus on tablet and smart phone users. The system is claimed to be easy to use and fully automated. It is based on an alleged 2 years of research and testing and was built by a taskforce of software developers and designers as well as analysts and brokers. It is claimed that the system doesn’t use any confusing charts and indicators but with no other information as to how it works I find this to be more unsettling than reassuring. Read more

Copy, Paste, Profit Review

by Sharon Fussell, Copy, Paste, Profit claims that users can earn a second income using arbitrage selling between Amazon and eBay.

What is the product?

Copy, Paste, Profit comes in the form of a training manual that is supported by “onscreen” video tutorials and access to Sharon Fussell’s support and resource website. Also provided is a free bonus report that according to Sharon Fussell will help you to generate further profits with Copy, Paste, Profit. The system itself uses arbitrage selling which Sharon Fussell claims is entirely different from drop-shipping although she doesn’t explain how it is. To me, the two processes are identical. That aside the system is reliant on selling books although there doesn’t seem to be any reason that a savvy user could apply the same principles to other markets. Read more

Forex Crystal Review

Forex Crystal analyses Forex markets in real time to predict market movements with an alleged accuracy of over 90%.

What is the product?

Forex Crystal is essentially a piece of software that the creators claim works by analysing the foreign exchange in real time, using specially developed code that predicts market trends that produce an alleged accuracy rate of 90%. The system is designed to be user friendly with the creators claiming that the system tells users when to buy and sell as well as when to remain neutral. This is the part of the system that Forex Crystal say is different to any other system, in so much as Forex Crystal monitors when the market is flat. Read more

Place Master Review

Created by Karl Zanft, Place Master was the winning system in Matt Houghton’s T-Factor, a competition to find the top unknown tipster in Britain.

What is the product?

Place Master is a tipping system users can subscribe to. Each day subscribers will receive 6-7 selections as made by Karl Zanft. Along with the selections will be details on staking that allegedly helps maximise profit whilst minimising loss. Place Master seems to be based on a combination of experience as a bettor and form analysis. Unfortunately there is a lack of further information available on how the system works. Read more

Three Key Football Review

Created by Steve Davidson, Three Key Football is a betting system for selecting football wins.

What is the product?

Three Key Football is a system that involves backing favourite teams on a double or treble basis. This allows you to offset the usually low odds involved when dealing with any favourites. Also provided is a staking system that is developed by Steve Davidson. Three Key Football actually comes as an eBook that is also backed up by two free to access websites. Steve Davidson claims that Three Key Football will allow users to take maximise the profitability of this system. Read more

Curation Fire Review

Created by James Carter, Curation Fire is a plugin designed to provide users access to a broad variety of content for curation for their WordPress website.

What is the product?

As described above Curation Fire is a plugin for WordPress blogs and websites that is designed to streamline the process of obtaining content. This content curation searches various websites including YouTube and Slide Share. James claims that the product will search all the websites the plugin is attached to and will show all the relevant links in a list format. From these search results a simple click of a button will generate a headline which links back to the original content and a description or excerpt directly into your websites content section. Using this system whole articles can be generated in a matter of minutes although it is worth iterating that this does not generate original content. Read more

Cash Extractor Review

Developed by Shawn Casey and Brian Koz, Cash Extractor is a product allegedly generates websites and content that are designed for affiliate marketing.

What is the product?

Cash Extractor is a piece of software that Shawn and Brian claim, at the push of a button, can generate websites based around a chosen niche with 30 pages of articles related to the content. Each article is said to be unique which apparently helps in terms of search engine optimisation. This is one of those cases where nothing is mentioned about how this works which given the claim that Cash Extractor generates unique articles for every user (who can create an infinite number of websites, each with 30 pages) raises certain questions in our opinion. Read more

SEO Enigma Review

Created by John Shawcross and Anton Nadilo SEO Enigma is a search engine optimisation (SEO) training course.

The course provided by John and Anton is a PDF document that allegedly will teach you mastery over SEO. The course is broken up into modules and advanced modules. The core modules are about the basics of SEO, mainly for standard internet browsing (i.e. on a PC/Mac). These cover everything you would expect like how Google’s algorithms work, making your website “look natural” etc. The advanced modules cover more niche signals like optimising your site for local and mobile SEO. Read more

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