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SMS Tipster Review Andrew Mount

Created by Andrew Mount, SMS Tipster is a combined sports betting and horse racing tipster services that offers tips to users directly via SMS.

What is the product?

SMS Tipster is a multi faceted tipster service from Andrew Mount that claims to offer its users daily horse racing and football based selections. These are sent out directly to email and (as the name of the service suggests) via SMS. SMS Tipster is an independent tipster service  and there is very little information provided about anything frankly. The roots of SMS Tipster allegedly go back to when Andrew Mount would send out tips to his various mates who would report back on their winnings. Read more

Elite Marketing Pro Review Tim Erway

Created by Tim Erway, Elite Marketing Pro is a product that claims to offer a way to make guaranteed money online through a number of marketing methods.

What is the product?

Fundamentally Elite Marketing Pro is a suite of tools that are designed to help you with marketing etc. It includes staples like capture pages, pop ups and a “traffic getting content marketer tool” that appears to find content for your website. Elite Marketing Pro also comes with a blog hosting platform as well as a number of training resources. In theory by bringing all of this together you could use Elite Marketing Pro to increase traffic, lists etc. however really, Tim Erway makes everything sound incredibly simplified and dumbed down choosing to overlook the work that is necessary and this makes Elite Marketing Pro seem like a solution to everything however as I shall explore below, this is rarely the case. Read more

Tennis Cash System Review Chris Campbell

Created by Chris Campbell, Tennis Cash System is a sports betting system that allows you to identify tennis games that will allegedly guarantee you a profit.

What is the product?

Tennis Cash System comes as a complete betting system that can be accessed online or for a premium, you can have a paper copy sent out to you (it is worth noting that this is the only way to get the complete results for Tennis Cash System). Like I have mentioned Tennis Cash System is a self selection system which means that you will have to do some of the work however Chris Campbell says that finding selections for Tennis Cash Systems should take you no more than 90 seconds per day. Read more

Stop at a Winner Bot Review Steve Davis

Created by Steve Davis, Stop at a Winner Bot is a piece of software that uses multiple strategies to identify horse races where there is a potential for profit.

What is the product?

As touched upon, Stop at a Winner Bot is a downloadable trading bot (not that this is unfortunately only compatible with Windows) that uses a number of strategies selected by Steve Davidson to trade profitably. There are a few factors that come into each strategy but fundamentally they are based around backing favourites at certain odds. Because it is a trading bot you will require an account with Betfair however Steve Davis does say that Stop at a Winner Bot is capable of trading below the minimum stakes. There are 5 strategies that you can implement with Stop at a Winner Bot which are essentially as follows. Read more

Couch Potato Millionaire Review

Created by Harry Considine, Couch Potato Millionaire is a product that teaches users now to make money online selling high street products.

What is the product?

Couch Potato Millionaire is a product designed to teach users how to set up an online business selling products from the high street online. The method is actually reasonably simple and involves listing products on eBay for more than you can purchase them from in stores, although it is not quite this black and white (and Couch Potato Millionaire really covers the nuances). Harry Considine says that he stumbled upon the system after questioning a character he refers to as “The Geeky Kid” who was allegedly the creator of this money making method. Harry Considine says that he was blown away by the income potential given the effort involved and ultimately evolved it to Couch Potato Millionaire. As well as Couch Potato Millionaire you also receive additional bonus content in the form of the method “The Geeky Kid” used to pay off his student loans in 6 months. Read more

Value Football Betting Review Kevin Laverick

Created by Kevin Laverick, Value Football Betting is a sports betting tipster service base around identifying value bets for football games.

What is the product?

Value Football Betting comes as a piece of software that Kevin Laverick claims is able to show users the best value bets on Betfair. Despite this comment Value Football Betting is also advertised as being able to work on any bookie however realistically I would expect to use a Betfair account with Value Football Betting due to how it works. Essentially Value Football Betting looks at the various games that are playing out on a given day and then uses a database of statistics to identify the best possible bets. Read more

How to Make £1000 per Day Before Breakfast Review

Created by Terry Wilson, How to Make £1000 per Day Before Breakfast is a complete guide offered through Streetwise Publications that shows you how to start your own home business.

What is the product?

How to Make £1000 per Day Before Breakfast is a physical guide to starting a business from your own home that according to Terry Wilson will help you to make a rather substantial income. According to the sales material for How to Make £1000 per Day Before Breakfast, Terry Wilson stumbled upon a second hand book at his daughters jumble sale that was previously owned by a successful businessman. Because this is copywriting world, this businessman had helpfully highlighted all the parts that Terry Wilson needed to start being his own boss after walking out from his typical underpaid underappreciated set up that copywriters love. Read more

Fluid Bet Review Grey Samuels

Created by Grey Samuels, Fluid Bet is a webinar that shares his various betting tips and systems.

What is the product?

According to Grey Samuels Fluid Bet is able to use its software to predict betting outcomes with a 92% accuracy rate. There are also appears to be several combinations of different betting systems that are designed to complement the selections made by Fluid Bet. Unfortunately there is very little else made available during the several hour webinar which is an immediate cause for concern. Read more

My Lucky 15 Review Betfan

Created by Martin and offered as a part of the Betfan stable of tipsters, My Lucky 15 is a sports betting tipster service that covers a number of sports with a focus on football.

What is the product?

Martin has built My Lucky 15 around the type of bet that it is named after. This means backing a number of different bets per bet with a view to making high profit wins. I’ll start by explaining what exactly a Lucky 15 bet is as this is not just key, but central to the service. A lucky 15 bet involves placing 4 single bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold bet. This means that in theory, even if some aspects of you bet lose, you can still potentially win however this is rarely the case. Where it really works for My Lucky 15 is that when there are wins, they tend to be very much on the big side. As a service, Martin says that he will try to offer users selections daily however this isn’t always possible. Read more

Robert Rider VIP Membership Review

Created by the eponymous Robert Rider, Robert Rider VIP Membership is a product that provides training for and also helps you to start an online business.

What is the product?

Robert Rider VIP Membership is made up of two aspects. The first is full training on how to make money online using four different methods. These are comprised of information marketing, affiliate marketing, “the easy path” and self publishing. These each put a focus on a different way of making money with the training allegedly showing you the best way of implanting these techniques. The second core aspect of Robert Rider VIP Membership lies in assistance with creating a website and managing this so that your venture will become profitable. Much of the information that is provided through Robert Rider VIP Membership comes from Robert Rider himself who claims to have made a substantial income through these methods. Read more

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