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Couch Potato Millionaire Review

Created by Harry Considine, Couch Potato Millionaire is a product that teaches users now to make money online selling high street products.

What is the product?

Couch Potato Millionaire is a product designed to teach users how to set up an online business selling products from the high street online. The method is actually reasonably simple and involves listing products on eBay for more than you can purchase them from in stores, although it is not quite this black and white (and Couch Potato Millionaire really covers the nuances). Harry Considine says that he stumbled upon the system after questioning a character he refers to as “The Geeky Kid” who was allegedly the creator of this money making method. Harry Considine says that he was blown away by the income potential given the effort involved and ultimately evolved it to Couch Potato Millionaire. As well as Couch Potato Millionaire you also receive additional bonus content in the form of the method “The Geeky Kid” used to pay off his student loans in 6 months. Read more

Spicy Auction Templates Review

Created by Andrew Minalto, Spicy Auction Template is a website that provides users with a large number of templates for eBay listings as well as a few additional resources.

What is the product?

Spicy Auction Template is a website that contains over 800 different templates to make your eBay listings stand out from the crowd. These templates are spread over 37 categories to allow you to use the right template design for your listings. Andrew Minalto says that the fundamental idea behind Spicy Auction Template is that by having better looking listings you are able to increase your sales which is a pretty sound principle. Spicy Auction Template gives you more than just the templates though with Andrew Minalto offering users a number of additional extras. Included in this is are a number of training videos on implementing Spicy Auction Template’s designs and how to best use them. There is also information on carrying out your own image hosting for listings as well as a full forum in the member’s area in which you can discuss anything related to your eBay business. As a final bonus Andrew Minalto draws on his considerable knowledge and understanding of running an eBay business to bring you “20 never before released auction insider’s strategies” which he claims will save you hundreds of hours. Read more

Fresh Store Builder Review Carey Baird

Created by Carey Baird, Fresh Store Builder is a piece of software that automates the process of creating a store for selling through Amazon’s affiliate program.

What is the product?

Fresh Store Builder is a simple to use application that allows you to fully customise and create your own Amazon affiliate store. For those who aren’t familiar with Amazon’s affiliate program, you can earn a percentage of sales (usually up to 15%) that are made through your store. All other aspects of the transaction (such as shipping, handling etc.) are all handled through Amazon. By using Fresh Store Builder you can make your store look how you want changing colours, layouts and fonts to suit your business. You can also choose what items you want to sell with Fresh Store Builder allowing you to pick your own list out or alternatively, you can use keywords and have related products automatically listed. Another neat feature of Fresh Store Builder that helps to keep this as an automated business is that your store will automatically show the details for the product as they are listed on Amazon. This means that things like prices are automatically updated and you aren’t required to keep this up to date. As well as the software itself, Carey Baird gives away a number of bonuses with Fresh Store Builder including full training on using the software as well as access to a member’s only forum. Read more

60 Day Blueprint Review Andrew Minalto

Created by Andrew Minalto, 60 Day Blueprint is a product in which he provides users with one on one tutoring on how to start a business selling on eBay.

What is the product?

60 Day Blueprint is a chance to get one to one training from Andrew Minalto, a well known eBay seller. When you sign up you get 9 weeks of training with each week comprised of a one hour training session. The opening week is classed as an introductory session whereby Andrew Minalto should run through everything with you after which things take a more structured approach. Over 8 weeks 60 Day Blueprint will roughly comprise finding a profitable niche (from a list of 50 pre researched niches or with Andrew Minalto’s help in researching a niche of your choosing), identifying suppliers for said niche and considering things like shipping companies, how much stock you should carry etc. before moving on to marketing and listing your products. 60 Day Blueprint  comes with a host of additional aspects such as 10 months of email support after your one on one training has ended, a full suite of design including a logo, business cards and a letterhead. Much of what is taught throughout 60 Day Blueprint  is based on the experience of Andrew Minalto  which is frankly rather considerate. He has launched a number of eBay related information products including a website Andrew Minalto as a 60 Day Blueprint purchaser as well as any future products that may be released. Read more

Simple Spare Room Profits Review Patricia Higgins

Created by Patricia Higgins, Simple Spare Room Profits is a guide to importing items and then reselling them on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

What is the product?

Simple Spare Room Profits is a DVD guide spread over 10 DVD’s. Creator Patricia Higgins has split Simple Spare Room Profits down into 2 different modules, one dealing with the eBay side of the business model and the other dedicated to showing you what items to import, where you can buy them from etc. in order to maximise profit. Named for the fact that Patricia Higgins allegedly runs her business from her spare room, Simple Spare Room Profits is touted as something of an introductory guide to getting started with an eBay business. Whilst Simple Spare Room Profits recommends certain products and niches (many of which come with information on suppliers), many of which seem to be pretty low priced with a focus on volume sales. That having been said what you are taught in Simple Spare Room Profits can be applied to any kind of products. Read more

The eBay Income System Review Stephen Lennox

Created by eBay seller Stephen Lennox, The eBay Income System offers a step by step blueprint that teaches users how to make money selling on eBay.

What is the product?

The eBay Income System comes in a video format, each of which instructs you on a different aspect of establishing and running an eBay business. Stephen Lennox covers a host of subjects in The eBay Income System from staples such as how to market your products and identifying niches, right through to the obvious things like setting up an eBay account through to the more advanced buying in bulk abroad. All of these are based on Stephen Lennox’s experience which based off his case studies certainly seems to be impressive. One of the main appeals of The eBay Income System is that it shows you how to start out on a low budget, even with little or no experience. Read more

Find. Bid. Flip. Review Ben Doyle

Created by Ben Doyle, Find. Bid. Flip. is a training guide to starting a business buying and reselling products on eBay.

What is the product?

Find. Bid. Flip. comes as a combination of a written guide and video training authored by Ben Doyle, a successful eBay entrepreneur and co-director of a company that specialise in helping businesses to leverage eBay as a sales method. Drawing heavily on his own experience Find. Bid. Flip. is a step by step guide that teaches you how to start a business buying second hand goods, altering the marketing of the product and making money from this. Examples provided by Ben Doyle are predominantly fashion based where he has bought vintage clothing that has been labeled generically. He then re-lists the products with improved photos, descriptions etc. and selling them as vintage. Find. Bid. Flip. also provides users with tools and resources to help them in running their business. Read more

Product Arbs Review

Created by Oliver Goehler, Product Arbs is a website that highlights products that are for sale on Amazon cheaper than they are selling for on eBay.

What is the product?

Product Arbs works by essentially helping users find products with a disparity in price across two websites (in this case it is as mentioned above Amazon and eBay). Users list the product on eBay at an increased price and then when an item is sold, buy that product at the lower price and have it shipped to your eBay customer. This sounds much more complicated than it is and really is a variant of a traditional merchant role. In terms of what Product Arbs does, it is a website in which Oliver Goehler has compiled a series of over 1500 products that currently allow for his users to do this. On top of this the list is claimed to be constantly updated so you are in the best position to profit from this. Read more

Quick Start Guide to Online Selling Review

Written by Amanda O’Brien, Quick Start Guide to Online Selling is a comprehensive guide that teaches how to create an online eBay/Amazon business.

What is the product?

Quick Start Guide to Online Selling is a PDF guide to setting up a successful online business using both eBay and Amazon. Really Quick Start Guide to Online Selling is built on the simplest of premises i.e. buying low and selling for a profit, but Amanda O’Brien goes deeper than that. She talks you through all aspects of setting up the business from getting the right products through to marketing them not just on eBay or Amazon, but social media websites etc. Amanda O’Brien has put the culmination of her trading time into Quick Start Guide to Online Selling and this is reflected in the quality which is generally pretty high. Read more

DS Domination Review

Created by Roger Langille, DS Domination uses drop-shipping to generate income through eBay.

What is the product?

DS Domination claims to teach users the best ways to profit by using drop-shipping. For those who may not know drop-shipping is the process of selling a product to a customer then arranging for your supplier to send it directly out to your customer. The examples given on the sales site are given as selling on eBay and buying from Amazon or Walmart. As well as the “core” business, DS Domination lets users generate additional commission for signing up new users as affiliates. There are also a series of ongoing sales contests with a host of bonuses supposedly available to the top sales people. Read more

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