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200 Pips Daily Profit Review Karl Dittmann

Created by Karl Dittmann, 200 Pips Daily Profit is a forex trading indicator that shows users trades to make to earn 200 pips per day.

What is the product?

200 Pips Daily Profit follows a pretty standard set up for a forex indicator. Users will be notified whenever a trade is identified through a visual and audio cue as well as an email being sent out should you be away from your computer. Karl Dittmann has designed 200 Pips Daily Profit to be as flexible as possible which means that it is allegedly capable of trading on any currency pair within the M15, M30, H1 and H4 timeframes. 200 Pips Daily Profit also uses the Meta Trader 4 platform in order to open it up to as many people as possible. In order to make 200 Pips Daily Profit more user friendly, 200 Pips Daily Profit automatically applies stop loss and take profit automatically. Whilst Karl Dittmann claims that 200 Pips Daily Profit uses a proprietary algorithm that uses “super powerful mathematical analysis”, the basis is actually in a more traditional scalping method that is allegedly perfect for trading in volatile conditions. Read more

Lotto Crusher Review Everett Thompson

Devised by Everett Thompson, Lotto Crusher is a secret formula that he claims will be able to help you predict lottery numbers.

What is the product?

Put crudely, Lotto Crusher is a formula created by Everett Thompson that is based on preceding draws. Lotto Crusher shows you how to implement this formula when choosing which numbers are likely to come in. The actual formula was developed based on the selection process that 27 multiple lottery winners used. This information was in turn extracted by Everett Thompson tenacious pestering if you buy into his rather convoluted story (which starts with him being held at gunpoint by a convenience store clerk for winning so often). He claims that by combining the methods into Lotto Crusher he has been able to perfect their methods. Read more

Lay the Draw Review Steve Davidson

Offered by Steve Davidson, Lay the Draw is a Betfair trading robot that has been designed to allow you to set your own parameters for betting under certain conditions.

What is the product?

As is hugely implied by the name, Lay the Draw is a robot that has been designed to allow you to automate the process of lay betting on football games drawing. Lay the Draw comes as downloadable software which Steve Davidson says is only compatible with Windows computers. Lay the Draw allows you to set a number of figures such as how much profit you want to make or how much loss you are willing to incur before the software will trade out for you. Further to this Lay the Draw can also be instructed to place a backing bet should the results not be going your way according to Steve Davidson. Lay the Draw is a Betfair API product which allows the software to directly connect with your Betfair account which makes this a requirement. As well as the robot, Lay the Draw also comes with a guide designed to help you to select which games will be most profitable. Read more

Carl’s Winning Tips Review Carl Hepworth

Created by Carl Hepworth, Carl’s Winning Tips is a horse racing tipster service that offers independent selections directly to your email.

What is the product?

Carl’s Winning Tips is a horse racing tipster service that offers its users daily selections for horse races across the UK. Carl Hepworth says that he will typically submit 2-3 selections to subscribers. Selections will also carry details of staking which will be 1 or 2 points to BSP (averaged at 4.1 to date). Since May 2013 Carl’s Winning Tips has encountered an average strike rate of 34.73%. The selection process for Carl’s Winning Tips is kept very much under wraps which is disappointing with the closest to an explanation being that old staple that having tried a number of different approaches and systems bought off other tipsters, Carl Hepworth decided to make his own. The result was Carl’s Winning Tips. On top of this Carl Hepworth claims to have over 12 years of betting experience. Read more

Unity Racing Club Review Betfan

Provided as a part of the Betfan Stable of tipsters, and operated by a tipster known simply as Matt, Unity Racing Club is a horse racing tipster service that uses a high risk high yield set up.

What is the product?

Unity Racing Club is an email based tipster service that provides tips almost daily to its subscribers. Tips are for horse racing with bets being comprised of a combination of single, each way and double bets. According to the proofing that Betfan provide, Unity Racing Club has achieved a strike rate of 33.92% with odds going as high as 5 points. Matt will typically send out between 2 and 4 bets per day with selections coming from a combination of experience and dealings with a network of informants. Matt claims that he has followed horse racing for most of his life, even living in famous horse racing areas (where his network was first established) and has even made sold horses as a private agent. Read more

The Tipping Machine Review Theo Kournis

Created by Theo Kournis and based on a system created by his quantitative data analysis company Quantalyst, The Tipping Machine is a daily horse racing tipster service.

What is the product?

The Tipping Machine is a horse racing tipster service provided by Theo Kournis that specialises in providing statistics based daily selections to subscribers. The selection process for The Tipping Machine comes mainly from the analysis carried out by Theo Kournis’ company Quantalys who allegedly check results via third party platforms. This means that the selection process (whilst not detailed) likely stems from statistical analysis. The service provides around 5 bets per day (usually sent out around 12 noon) with odds ranging from evens all the way up to 100/1. Prices are advised at Betfair starting price and stakes are level for all bets. Over the last 12 months, The Tipping Machine has achieved a strike rate of 30.57% on average. Read more

Gratips Review Theo Kournis

Created by Theo Kournis, Gratips is a website that offers a number of different sports betting and horse racing based tipping services.

What is the product?

Gratips offers two things to users. The first is a number of different tipster services but for the purposes of this review, we will be looking at the general Gratips tips that are made available. The way Theo Kournis handles this is actually very interesting, especially when compared to most standard tipster service. They are sold in bundles of 100 tips with the selections coming from the various tipsters that Gratips employs. Based off what information that is available it appears that Gratips has achieved a strike rate of 43%. It is difficult to discern the selection method for Gratips because they come from so many different sources. On the plus side this does bring a few advantages. For example the number of sports that Gratips covers is substantially more varied than a typical tipster service which focuses on just the one sport. Read more

Sven’s Road to IM Success Review Sven Hyltén-Cavallius

Created by Sven Hyltén-Cavallius, Sven’s Road to IM Success is a course that will show you a number of techniques to help become an internet marketer.

What is the product?

Sven’s Road to IM Success is a training course authored by internet marketer Sven Hyltén-Cavallius. Over the course of the seven module training programme you will learn a number of different techniques and methods that internet marketers employ. Many of these are built upon his allegedly substantial experience and time working in this field. The modules that Sven’s Road to IM Success covers includes a number of different subjects such as starting a sales funnel, generating traffic for your website and the like. Of course all of Sven’s Road to IM Success come with names like “Scaling it up with a monster sales funnel” and the like. As well as the core modules, Sven’s Road to IM Success comes with a number of bonuses such as written templates etc. to help you to get started with your new business. Read more

Odds on Ron 2 Review Paul Thistlewood

Created by Paul Thistlewood, Odds on Ron 2 is a piece of betting software that is the electronic equivalent of the original Odds on Ron betting system.

What is the product?

Paul Thistlewood released iteration one of Odds on Ron a few years ago and since then the system has gone on to receive generally favourable reviews. Now the system has been programmed into Odds on Ron 2, a piece of software that simplifies the process of picking selections massively as the programme does most of the work for you. The original system involved backing horses based around a specific bookmakers odds on certain races. Odds on Ron 2 has automated this process so that selections are generated for you making Odds on Ron 2 a much more user friendly option than following the original PDF. Whilst there are unfortunately no published results, one of the testimonials for Odds on Ron 2 claims that the software was picking bets with a 70% win rate. Read more

The Jack Turner and AW Tips Review

Created by Jack Turner, Jack Turner AW Tips is a horse racing tipster service provided courtesy of Brian Stott. The service offers selections for all weather bets.

What is the product?

Jack Turner AW Tips is a horse racing tipster service that specialises in finding selections for all weather horse racing. Based on the knowledge the eponymous Jack Turner, the selections appear to be form based. Selections are provided most days via email and will contain information on the bet as well as the staking which will be either one or two points. Jack Turner AW Tips is an all weather service which means that selections will be available year round although the volume of tips may not match up to some tipsters that look at a variety of disciplines. In the time it has been active, Jack Turner AW Tips has achieved a strike rate of 42.95% according to Brian Stott. Read more

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