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WinEachWay Review

WinEachWay is a horse racing betting system that covers flat and hunt races. The system is claimed to have been profitable for 12 years.

What is the product?

WinEachWay comes as a system with the (unnamed) creator also offering his selections as well. The system itself comes in PDF format which is standard and this offers insight into making selections and the fundamentals involved. For the first month users also gain access to selections through a special members area which is optional as a subscription sign up once this time has passed. Selections aren’t daily and seem to favour horses that have “value”. This value is based on a formula that the creator of WinEachWay developed in his time involved in betting on horse racing. This ultimately means backing horses that will lie with a tendency to longer odds. Bets can be placed for win or each way depending on the style of betting users engage in. Read more

341 Winners Review Ben Watson

Created by Ben Watson, 341 Winners is a horse racing tipster service that offers 3 selections daily and has a basis in allegedly slightly dodgy methods.

What is the product?

Creator Ben Watson starts by discussing being roped into a group of horse racing professional bettors who employed “dodgy” methods to earn their wins. After several were supposedly arrested, Ben Watson reverse engineered the process and the result is 341 Winners. 341 Winners is so named as each set of tips come with 3 different horses, one back to win, one each way and an outsider to place. These combined bets allegedly keep 341 Winners in the black. Selections come from Ben Watson’s network of informants (which he claims goes right to the top) as well as his studying of form. Read more

£50,000 a Year System Review Update Streetwise News

Created by John Harrison and offered through Streetwise News, £50,000 a Year System is a horse racing betting system allegedly developed by an ex supermarket employee.

What is the product?

£50,000 a Year System is a horse racing betting system that according to marketer John Harrison was developed by a now retired supermarket worker George. The system is reliant on a secretive piece of paper which allows users to make profitable selections in just an hour, 2 at the most. This is all well and good but the really worrying part of £50,000 a Year System is that there are no published results. Proofing is something that I would expect from any service related to gambling and this is very conspicuous in its absence. There are no examples or win rates either which is suggestive of a deliberate effort by John Harrison and Streetwise news to obfuscate information. Read more

Instant Domain Sniper Review Richard Fairbairn

Created by Richard Fairbairn, Instant Domain Sniper is a product that allows you to search for domain names and check their availability as well as data on the domain name.

What is the product?

Instant Domain Sniper is a piece of software that is both Mac and Windows compatible that has been created to allow people to find domain names quickly and efficiently. Instant Domain Sniper achieves this by allowing users to search based around a keyword or niche (courtesy of the “bonus” products, Key Word Sniper and Suggestion Sniper). You can also use Instant Domain Sniper to search directly for a certain domain name. The core of Instant Domain Sniper is the data that it provides on any domain names that you search for including things like the amount of searches that keywords related to that domain get, the traffic you can expect to generate and even what page of Google your new domain will end up on. As well as the aforementioned bonus products, Instant Domain Sniper also comes with First Rank Formula, a guide to getting ranked as high as possible on Google. Read more

Simple Spare Room Profits Review Patricia Higgins

Created by Patricia Higgins, Simple Spare Room Profits is a guide to importing items and then reselling them on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

What is the product?

Simple Spare Room Profits is a DVD guide spread over 10 DVD’s. Creator Patricia Higgins has split Simple Spare Room Profits down into 2 different modules, one dealing with the eBay side of the business model and the other dedicated to showing you what items to import, where you can buy them from etc. in order to maximise profit. Named for the fact that Patricia Higgins allegedly runs her business from her spare room, Simple Spare Room Profits is touted as something of an introductory guide to getting started with an eBay business. Whilst Simple Spare Room Profits recommends certain products and niches (many of which come with information on suppliers), many of which seem to be pretty low priced with a focus on volume sales. That having been said what you are taught in Simple Spare Room Profits can be applied to any kind of products. Read more

Tip Trader Software Review Glenn Cooke

Created by Glenn Cooke, Tip Trader Software is a piece of software that can allegedly analyse the betting market to provide the best bets at the best odds.

What is the product?

Tip Trader Software is a downloadable piece of software from Glenn Cooke that allegedly has a team of tipsters working with him to find the best bets available. Tip Trader Software does this by looking at a huge variety of factors including the form and weight of both horse and jockey for a race as well as weather conditions and the conditions on the track itself. This combined with the 30 years of experience that the Tip Trader Software tipster have according to Glenn Cooke should provide a formidable tipster experience. Bets are delivered directly to Tip Trader Software which also comes with a professional member’s area as well as full email support. Interestingly you supposedly have to create an account through online bookmakers Winner (something that actually set alarm bells ringing as I shall explore below). Read more

Market Hacker Pro Review Max Munroe

Created by Max Munroe, Market Hacker Pro is a forex trading robot that is designed to allegedly “rob” large companies legally.

What is the product?

If you read the copy for Market Hacker Pro, it is an amalgamation of a thriller novel and a forex trading robot. The focus in all of the sales material is that Max Munroe has created a product that he compares to putting a gun to the heads of CEO’s of companies such as Porsche and Cadbury and demanding their secrets. In actuality Market Hacker Pro is a forex trading robot offered through Agora Lifestyle that makes forex trades based around spread betting. Provided on a USB pen, Market Hacker Pro is designed to be compatible with Meta Trader 4 and trades on 6 currency pairs, all with a focus on the US dollar. Allegedly the information that identifies trades comes from a place where encrypted information from large companies is uploaded which is then hacked by Market Hacker Pro and used to benefit you. This is despite the fact that Market Hacker Pro trades currency pairs, not company stocks. Read more

Silver Lotto System Review Ken Silver

Created by Ken Silver, Silver Lotto System is a system that has been devised to allegedly improve your chances of winning on the lottery.

What is the product?

Silver Lotto System comes as a downloadable guide spread over 52 pages. The actual contents are relatively simple and are mostly built around the idea that certain events and sequences are less likely to happen. This is however false as the odds for a lottery are designed to entirely reset once a ball has been removed. That means that whilst (as Ken Silver points out) 1,2,3,4,5,6 have never been selected as winning numbers, the odds are still the same as 7,13,20,29,34,41 coming in (a little over 1/13,000,000). Essentially Silver Lotto System follows a rather potent example of gambler’s fallacy. Ken Silver says that as numbers are typically spread out, this is a pattern that should be looked for and bet around when in actuality it is all a huge coincidence. For what it is worth, Silver Lotto System provides systems for all lotteries except for two 90 ball examples in Italy and Malta. Read more

i-BET Review

Providing daily emails detailing tips for horse races, i-BET is one of the most exciting horse racing tipster services currently on the market.

What is the product?

i-BET is a horse racing tipster service that provides users with daily sections for UK races. The number of bets provided in a day can go as high as 100 which means that i-BET is a time consuming product however all the bets are designed to provide the best possible value. As well as the email service, i-BET users also gain access to the member’s website which includes a forum for members. Emails contain the usual information such as the horse, race and time, but also prices that you should aim to get. This is very important information because of how i-BET works (which I will look at later). Once you receive the information you log in and check which bets you placed and if you were able to get the recommended price. In order to apply to receive i-BET’s tips you must send an email to [email protected]. Read more

Back the Best Review

Back the Best is tipster service that specialises in providing email based selections for flat horse races. It is operated by an unnamed tipster duo.

What is the product?

Back the Best provides users with an average of 1-2 selections per day. The tipsters behind Back the Best do however state that this isn’t a guarantee and that some days there may be no tips whilst other days may have 3-4. This is because Back the Best is a selective service that focuses on selecting value bets. Whilst the exact selection process isn’t detailed, it would appear that Back the Best draws heavily on form and statistical analysis. This is backed up in a statement made by the tipsters behind Back the Best where they state that they do not makes selections based on insider information, nor do they have any connections with stables. Back the Best follows a 2 point per bet staking system with both points staked on a win bet or 1 point each way for each way bets. Whatever type of bet is recommended, Back the Best will notify you in the email. Read more

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