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Trendsignal Review Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee

Created by Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee, Trendsignal provides users with a complete training program as well as the required tools to become a successful Forex trader.

What is the product?

At its core Trendsignal is a training course however there is a little more to the product that this. Everything is based on Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee considerable experience in trading which amounts to around 47 years in the field. The training itself is a combination of various methods of teaching including a complete training manual as well as seminars  and workshops that users are invited to. Trendsignal also provides extensive one to one training in which one of Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee’s team will help you to build your own personal trading plan as well as providing full mentoring services through interactive support. Read more

5% of a Million System Review Streetwise News

Created by David Wallace and offered through Streetwise News, 5% of a Million System is a guide that shows you various resources to become an international broker.

What is the product?

5% of a Million System is something a bit different and if you believe the hype from David Wallace will help you to set up your own international business from home. This is handled as a brokerage agent for a number of different items and commodities in niches that 5% of a Million System will help you to find. According to the cop, David Wallace came up with the initial idea for 5% of a Million System after seeing how an arms dealer was able to make £20 million setting up a transaction. This thought was then further cemented when a friend commented that he was paying an agent 5% of the value of his £1 million Portuguese villa. Read more

Wayne Bailey Racing Review

Created by Wayne Bailey, Wayne Bailey Racing is a horse racing tipster service that specialises in providing subscribers with daily lay betting selections.

What is the product?

Wayne Bailey Racing is a lay betting tipster service that provides selections for horse racing for races staged around the UK as well as Ireland. One of the big pulls of Wayne Bailey Racing is the name attached to the service as Wayne Bailey holds and has held a number of high prestige jobs related to betting and Betfair in his native Ireland. He is a writer for the Irish Independent’s horse racing section and has previously held the title of editor for Betfair’s Irish blog as well as being an accredited trainer for the firm. In terms of his tipster service, Wayne Bailey Racing draws heavily on this knowledge which is then combined with a special rating system that looks at jockeys. Read more

Form Wins Service Review Tim Westbrook Tipster

Created by Tim Westbrook, Form Wins Service is a horse racing tipster service that offers its subscribers daily selections for races across the UK.

What is the product?

If you believe the copy, Form Wins Service is a tipster service that can produce a consistent profit with none of the hype that you would usually expect. In some ways, this seems to be the case. Form Wins Service has been operational for 16 months with Tim Westbrook claiming that in this period there have been 4 losing months with a maximum loss of 18.63 points. The selections are sent out to Form Wins Service subscribers daily (as mentioned), typically in the early morning. The selections themselves come courtesy of a personal form ratings system that Tim Westbrook says that he has in place. This form based approach isn’t anything new however and there are plenty of services using the method with mixed results. To talk numbers, Form Wins Service will send out an average of 3 selections per day (all of which are back to win bets) with staking recommended at 1 or 2 points. Form Wins Service has a strike rate of 31.66% which with average odds of 5.69 BSP isn’t bad at all. Read more

Speedy Equines Horse Racing Review

Created by a tipster who goes by Sandi, Speedy Equines Horse Racing is a horse racing tipster service that provides a subscription based as well as a free service to users.

What is the product?

Speedy Equines Horse Racing is a tipster service that provides selections for races both in the UK as well as Ireland (with Sandi saying that the speciality is becoming Irish racing). Speedy Equines Horse Racing is not a daily tipster service as Sandi says that she prefers to send out selections when certain that they stand a chance of winning. In terms of what this selection process entails, Speedy Equines Horse Racing is based around Sandi’s analysis which looks at a number of factors. These include the form of horses and trainers, the course, distance and going as well as a number of additional statistics. This means that the selection process for Speedy Equines Horse Racing allegedly takes several hours per day and is based on information compiled over a number of years. Read more

Tony Langley Football Hedging System

Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System is the newest release from internet marketer Tim Lowe that has been produced in conjunction with his close friend Tony Langley.

What is the product?

The system is an entirely new method of trading on betting exchanges and offers a guaranteed, no risk method of making a decent income, Tax Free and on the side. Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System is available in a number of packages (each of which are priced differently) that provide different levels of service. All packages give you access to a special members only website which gives you everything that you need to know about implementing the methods that Tony Langley teaches. These are a combination of videos and step-by-step tutorials and show plenty of examples of Tony trading. You will also receive the full support of the man behind Tony Langley’sFootball Hedging System as well as his personal selections on which games you should be looking at (at a small additional premium). Read more

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review Anton Louis Kraly

Created by Anton Louis Kraly, Drop Ship Lifestyle is a product that teaches users everything that they need to know in order to start their own business running an online store.

What is the product?

As far as training products go, Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of the more complete examples that I have seen. Anton Louis Kraly presents a number of videos spread over 7 modules that show you the various methods that he has used throughout his various businesses and how you can do them too. One of the things that works particularly well about Drop Ship Lifestyle is that what you are being taught through the course is not what the majority of drop shipping products I have looked at before, i.e. a somewhat grey area involving Amazon and other sites such as eBay. Read more

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