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Created by Kevin of Horse Racing Rates, Greyhound Lay Top Form Software is a piece of software that makes selections of greyhounds to lay against.

What is the product?

Greyhound Lay Top Form Software comes in the form of a piece of downloadable, Windows compatible only, software that identifies lay betting opportunities. As the name suggests Greyhound Lay Top Form Software covers greyhound racing with the software simply requiring the click of a button to scan all UK and Irish race cards for that day (this can be one from 12am UTC). Whilst the details of how selections are made is kept secret, there are some hints involved. Kevin says that in his 10 years making this kind of software he analyses betting systems before automating the process. It is also apparent that Greyhound Lay Top Form Software is based around assigning dogs their own ratings and working out the likelihood of a win. Given the fact that the maximum odds for Greyhound Lay Top Form Software are 4.0, it also seems unlikely that you are laying on rank outsiders who you will struggle to lay.  This kind of thing is rather common for systems from Horse Racing Rates however. At this point it is worth stating the obvious and saying that Greyhound Lay Top Form Software is a lay betting system so an account will be required with a betting exchange with Kevin advising Betfair. In terms of results, there is limited information available however based off this Greyhound Lay Top Form Software has achieved a strike rate of around the 83% mark.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Typically Greyhound Lay Top Form Software sells for a one time cost of £39.99 which actually only buys you a license for 12 months. At the time of writing this there is a 7 day free trial available though. There is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place. In terms of the profit potential there is very little claimed and not a lot of evidence to go off. This makes it rather difficult to work out. A recovery staking system is recommended however so the losses that you encounter should ultimately not jeopardise your bank too much.

Does the product provide value for money?

This is a rather difficult thing to gauge. Whilst I am not sure that it is bad value, I do however think that there are better lay betting systems on the market.


There are some issues with Greyhound Lay Top Form Software that really need to be considered before you buy into it. The first is the strike rate which isn’t terrible per se, however there are lay betting systems that do better in that department. The second and arguably more pressing is the number of bets that you have to lay if you want to maximise profits. In 3 days Greyhound Lay Top Form Software produced 69 selections which if you were to back at £10 each means an outlay of £690, by no means a small number. That aside, Greyhound Lay Top Form Software hasn’t done too badly with a losing streak of 3 which with the right staking plan shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This makes it something of a personal choice but I think I’d be inclined to take advantage of the trial and make a decision from there.



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