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Target Betting Review

Created by Mark and John, Target Betting is a sports betting system that claims show users how to bet on a variety of sports in order to generate a consistent profit.

What is the product?

Target Betting is a sports betting product that according to the creators is able to show users how to bet on a wide variety of sports with each one appearing to have its own method. These look at Football (which is where Target Betting started out) as well as Snooker, Greyhound Racing and even Baseball. Interestingly Mark and John also make reference to Target Betting being used for NFL and Rugby however neither of these is listed in the sales particulars. In terms of how Target Betting actually works, there is very little of the sales material dedicated to this. The only thing that Mark and John have to say on the matter is that it is based around consistencies however quite what this means contextually isn’t explained, something particularly frustrating when you consider that they slam the notion of patterns in betting. As well as the rather distinctive lack of information on Target Betting as a product, there is also a lack of any numbers or figures. What there is available comes courtesy of a published testimonial which claims a strike rate of 76% over 7 months. As well as the information for finding your own bets if you opt for the top tier package of Target Betting then you will also get access to selections directly from Mark and John. Read more

Instant Blog Empire Review Robert Issell

Seemingly created by Robert Issell, Instant Blog Empire is a product that claims to offer a complete package in terms of getting started with a profitable WordPress blog.

What is the product?

Instant Blog Empire is a comprehensive guide to getting started with your own WordPress blog with a focus on making it profitable. There are a number of different aspects to Instant Blog Empire that come together to make what is sold as a complete blog creation package. This includes a large quantity of videos that cover a number of topics ranging from registering a domain to installing WordPress and using the format for your website. There is also a PDF that contains information pertaining to the monetisation of your blog which is the part that most people will be interested in. Instant Blog Empire also shows you how to go about selling your blog too. There are also a massive variety of tools provided with Instant Blog Empire  and these range from WordPress plugins to over 100 themes as well as “thousands of private label articles”. Read more

The Pasang System Review Streetwise News Alex Sealby

Created by Alex Sealby (a self-confessed pen name), The Pasang System is a method of making money online that is offered through Streetwise Publications.

What is the product?

The Pasang System is one of the latest offerings from Streetwise Publications that claims to be able to offer substantial monthly income, allegedly taking just minutes of your time each day. Alex Sealby (for want of a better name) says that The Pasang System simply requires logging into a website, doing some basic math and you can start profiting instantly. In fact, he compares the method to having your own top secret online ATM.  The Pasang System comes as a manual that shows you where to go, what you need to do etc. and most importantly details the algorithm that Alex Sealby says will allow you to use The Pasang System. Read more

Greed Machine Loophole Review Streetwise Publications

Created by Anthony Davis and sold through Streetwise Publications, Greed Machine Loophole is a product that claims to show how to exploit a loophole to get free money from companies.

What is the product?

Greed Machine Loophole is advertised as a method to unethically but legally steal money from the same big companies that have so often got one over on the little guy according to Anthony Davis. In fact there is a lot of talk about this kind of set up and how large companies are robbing you blind while they make more money than ever before. This certainly makes for interesting reading but it does not make a product. Anthony Davis then goes on to claim that Greed Machine Loophole is like a bank of safety deposit boxes that are all set to open at certain times or dates during which you can raid them for cash. Naturally this doesn’t allow you to actually gain any insight into how Greed Machine Loophole really works. Of course there are further metaphors with Anthony Davis comparing Greed Machine Loophole to companies giving out money to certain customers for free. However the fact is that this exercise in analogical description seems to have much more in common with a copy writer with an over active imagination than anything that I would define as real. Read more

PIE Trading Strategy Review Streetwise Publications

Created by Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert, PIE Trading Strategy is a low risk, options based trading product that is currently being advertised and pushed by Streetwise Publications.

What is the product?

PIE Trading Strategy is a one day trading course provided by Profitable Investment Education, a company founded by Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert to teach their trading strategy to others. The centre of PIE Trading Strategy is what you are trading as this does involve options trading. Most traditional traders will likely be wary of options as there can be massive risks involved however with the right approach, you can also use options as a method of minimising risk as well. Essentially you are not buying anything with options so much as the option to buy or sell at a certain price at a later date and it seems that this is key to Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert’s trading method. Read more

Blast 4 Traffic Review

Blast 4 Traffic is an online company that offer its users access to an allegedly massive list. By placing solo ads, they will email their list with your product.

What is the product?

Blast 4 Traffic is a solo ad service that places a huge emphasis on the size of their mailing list. In fact, they go as far as to say that you can reach in excess of 70 million people. This number isn’t quite representative however as this is based off you sending out a daily email to their 2.3 million subscribers. For those who aren’t familiar with solo ads and how they work, it is a service rendered where you pay for a company or person to send out an email on your behalf to their mailing list. Read more

Value Football Betting Review Kevin Laverick

Created by Kevin Laverick, Value Football Betting is a sports betting tipster service base around identifying value bets for football games.

What is the product?

Value Football Betting comes as a piece of software that Kevin Laverick claims is able to show users the best value bets on Betfair. Despite this comment Value Football Betting is also advertised as being able to work on any bookie however realistically I would expect to use a Betfair account with Value Football Betting due to how it works. Essentially Value Football Betting looks at the various games that are playing out on a given day and then uses a database of statistics to identify the best possible bets. Read more

Copy Paste Business Review Radu Hahaianu and Ankur Shukla

Created by Radu Hahaianu and Ankur Shukla, Copy Paste Business is sold as a complete business in a box that allows you to enter the SEO and design markets.

What is the product?

Copy Paste Business is composed of two different aspects. The first of these is the website that you get access to which is the customer facing part of the business. To be fair to Radu Hahaianu and Ankur Shukla, the website that Copy Paste Business offers is of a decent standard and lists the services that your customer base would want in an efficient and user friendly fashion. These services include things like SEO, design for Social Media accounts and even things like content creation and social media management. All of the costs etc. can be altered in the admin section of your Copy Paste Business website. If for any reason you are struggling you also get full training on how to use Copy Paste Business. The second part of Copy Paste Business is getting the work done for you. Radu Hahaianu and Ankur Shukla provide a list of contacts who can carry out the tasks that you offer, allegedly at a tenth of what you charge for the service. This means that all you have to do is send over the order that you receive to Copy Paste Business’ recommended outsourcing sources. There are other features that Copy Paste Business implements as well such as allowing testimonials and a number of additional bonuses to help you get started. Read more

Instant Payday Network Review Jeff Buchanan

Created by Jeff Buchanan, Instant Payday Network is a product that advertises itself as a new way of making money online.

What is the product?

Instant Payday Network is something of an enigma with Jeff Buchanan claiming that this is a way of making easy money on autopilot. Whilst Instant Payday Network is advertised as being a simple process that involves completing offers in order to gain credits that you can exchange for cash. In actuality, most of Instant Payday Network involves referring other people once you have earned your first commission (something that Jeff Buchanan seems to have built Instant Payday Network for). This is all handled through which is also the website that Instant Payday Network redirects to (under Jeff Buchanan’s referral link). Each referral pays the same as exchanging a credit for a referral. I also noticed that on the few other sites that Instant Payday Network links to, each time you are sent to an affiliate link. Read more

Spicy Auction Templates Review

Created by Andrew Minalto, Spicy Auction Template is a website that provides users with a large number of templates for eBay listings as well as a few additional resources.

What is the product?

Spicy Auction Template is a website that contains over 800 different templates to make your eBay listings stand out from the crowd. These templates are spread over 37 categories to allow you to use the right template design for your listings. Andrew Minalto says that the fundamental idea behind Spicy Auction Template is that by having better looking listings you are able to increase your sales which is a pretty sound principle. Spicy Auction Template gives you more than just the templates though with Andrew Minalto offering users a number of additional extras. Included in this is are a number of training videos on implementing Spicy Auction Template’s designs and how to best use them. There is also information on carrying out your own image hosting for listings as well as a full forum in the member’s area in which you can discuss anything related to your eBay business. As a final bonus Andrew Minalto draws on his considerable knowledge and understanding of running an eBay business to bring you “20 never before released auction insider’s strategies” which he claims will save you hundreds of hours. Read more

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