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Andy Ireland’s AITSCC Method


Andy Ireland has been trading on Forex for many years. In fact he makes his living from it, and when somebody is prepared to show you how they make their living, then you had best sit up and take notice.

What is the product?

The product is called Andy Ireland’s AITSCC Method – A Forex Trading method

What is is all about?

Well, if you have not heard of Andy Ireland before, then he has been teaches his Forex trading skills for many years. In fact you may already have heard of his AITradesafe methods, in which Andy has created a ‘trading school’ for those wishing to learn his techniques, and strategies of profitable online trading.

This new product is something Andy has only just decided to bring out, called AITSCC Method, which is a new technique he has developed where profitable trades can be made when a particular publication has been launched in the States. Andy has learned how to read where the market is going to go during this ‘news’, and on the back of this, he has created a pin-point-accurate blue-print on how to make quick, and easy profits. In fact, Andy states that this money can be made inside 8 minutes.

OK, so what is the cost to start this?

The cost of the month trial is just £69.95, and inside this month Andy promises that you can make as much as £1165.

Is there a money back guarantee?

As with any product that Andy is launched in, he is so confident that you can achieve similar results, that he is offering a cast iron money back guarantee. Therefore, in the even that you do not make the suggested profits, you will receive you money back.

Sounds good, where can I start?

The website the promotion is being launched from is called:




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