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Chris Beek Syndicate Review

Chris Beek has previously owned horse races and operated syndicates. At the moment he is arguably most well-known for allegedly owing people money for questionable investments.

The current allegations against Chris Beek are namely down to him owing several thousands of pounds to a number of people. Some are still actively chasing him for this whereas there are others who say that they have been able to get their investments and profits back from him (albeit with some difficulty and persistence).

Much of this controversy seems to stem from Chris Beek’s sale of his stable of horses in 2012. This would appear to include the same horses that investors had invested in through Chris Beek’s syndicate of owners which he called Racing Club. This syndicate had 15 horses on its books and was said to pay 0.2% of winnings back to each person that signed up, however this must have ultimately proven unsuccessful hence the sale. Read more

Cash Extractor Review

Developed by Shawn Casey and Brian Koz, Cash Extractor is a product allegedly generates websites and content that are designed for affiliate marketing.

What is the product?

Cash Extractor is a piece of software that Shawn and Brian claim, at the push of a button, can generate websites based around a chosen niche with 30 pages of articles related to the content. Each article is said to be unique which apparently helps in terms of search engine optimisation. This is one of those cases where nothing is mentioned about how this works which given the claim that Cash Extractor generates unique articles for every user (who can create an infinite number of websites, each with 30 pages) raises certain questions in our opinion. Read more Same Scams and Reviews as Warrior Forum?

For those of you who are familiar with the Warrior Forum, you may also have come across, which has surfaced as a very similar website, and with virtually the same WSOs.

Now, as we all know, The Warrior Forum has become a newbies nightmare, with sellers deliberately using manipulation techniques to attracts sales, and therefore, it is highly possible that both of the forums are connected by ownership, which could also mean that the same practices are in place to trap potential buyers. Read more Reviews Scam or genuine, Betfair software

Does Betnetwork really provide the profits it advertises? Or is it just another automation that will get your bookie accounts banned. There is no doubt that money can be made using Betfair, but not all the offers you may received are to your advantage.

The Betnetwork promo video seems to show one bookmaker in particular offering large profits, and that are RARE, which leads to our suspicions about this product. Read full details on what we think about this service. Read more Forum Reviews, WSO’s, The Real Deal or Just a Scam? Read This

Everybody in internet marketing will have heard of the Warrior Forum, right? of course, but we believe that there is more than meets the eye with their forum, and WSO’s, that should put you immediately on your guard.

We all want to get on in business, but you also need to right information, and services to help you succeed. We believe the can be a serious can of worms if you are not careful.

If you have ambitions to start a business then read this now.. Read more Reviews Scam Websites Warning

Is now becoming a scam haven for people selling to the gullible, and unwary? If you are looking to buy a website business, then be very careful what you believe in and who you trust, because you might just find yourself getting bitten for thousands of ££’s.

But please be careful what you buy into…If you have been looking at starting a business from home, then no doubt you have seen the popularity of, which is fast becoming known as the venue for buying, and selling websites. But should you use caution? We believe you should, and here we tell you why. Read more

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