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Belvoir! Letting Agents Franchise

Belvoir! Letting Agents are one of the largest and most established franchise opportunity if you wish to get involved with the property letting market.

What is the Business?

Belvoir! Letting Agents operations extend to 160 offices within the UK. This means that should you purchase a Belvoir! Letting Agents franchise you are buying into a nationally recognised brand that may not be a household name yet, but is certainly well positioned to achieve this. Belvoir! Letting Agents has a pretty firm pedigree as a franchise opportunity having been voted Letting Franchise of the year for 2010, 2012 and 2013. As well as the brand, Belvoir! Letting Agents provide extensive training which I shall now look at. Read more

The Profit Box Review

Created by Richard Bullivant, The Profit Box is a blueprint for selling niche products and collectibles online.

What is the product?

The Profit Box is a subscription based service provided by Richard Bullivant in which he teaches you how to sell online profitably. The Profit Box is a “blueprint” product which is supported by training videos from the creator. The Profit Box fundamentally follows the oldest of trading philosophies of buy low sell high, in this case targeting less competitive niches. These niches are updated monthly with Richard Bullivant advising The Profit Box subscribers of new opportunities. He claims that The Profit Box is so easy to make money for because of the lack of competition (something that I shall look at later). The items that you are selling are available from a number places and may involve purchases from the high street or even other online retailers. Read more

Grandpa’s £50k Internet Secret The Review

Created by Oliver Goehler, Grandpa’s £50k Internet Secret is a training program on selling certain niche products online.

What is the product?

Oliver Goehler claims that over the course of Grandpa’s £50k Internet Secret, he will teach you about some top secret products that he personally sells online. As well as showing you where to sell your product and what to sell, Grandpa’s £50k Internet Secret also teaches you how to get other people to carry out work for you. This is where the information runs dry as Oliver Goehler is almost comically secretive about Grandpa’s £50k Internet Secret. He reveals next to nothing which is suggestive that this is something that is rather simple and people may already be aware of, especially when you consider that he says that there are already people actively trading these same products in the same way (seemingly through Amazon). Read more

How to Buy & Sell Blogs and Websites for Passive Profits Review

Created by Yaro Starak, How to Buy & Sell Blogs and Websites for Passive Profits is a training program that teaches users about reselling blogs.

What is the product?

How to Buy & Sell Blogs and Websites for Passive Profits is a PDF guide in which Yaro Starak recounts his own experiences in this field as well as explaining how and why he did certain things. This is all presented in an easy to follow format that whist not step by step, none the less clearly illustrates what your next move should be and how to do it. This is no doubt in part down to the 9 years of experience in blogging and selling blogs that Yaro Starak says that he has. The actual steps are fundamentally simple comprising the acquisition of a site, increasing the traffic and profitability and then selling it on. As well as the main product Yaro Starak provides a number of different bonuses that tie in with How to Buy & Sell Blogs and Websites for Passive Profits. Read more

Blog Traffic for Beginners Review

Created by Yaro Starak, Blog Traffic for Beginners is a guide aimed at teaching new bloggers how to generate traffic for their site.

What is the product?

Blog Traffic for Beginners is a training course that puts a focus on blogging and how to get people to visit your site. The course by Yaro Starak comes in the guise of a PDF document and like the other products of his I have seen, it is well written. More than this though it is a surprisingly informative combination of autobiographical anecdotes, case studies and advice. Provided with the main course are 3 different bonuses each of which users of Blog Traffic for Beginners will likely find interesting and helpful. The course is of course based on Yaro Starak’s experience of which he alleges to have 9 years of experience in the blogging field. Read more

Facebook Ultimate Marketing Video Training Review

Created by Dave Nicolson, Facebook Ultimate Marketing Video Training is a training course designed to teach users how to market products on Facebook.

What is the product?

Facebook Ultimate Marketing Video Training comes over 20 videos which are further broken down into 4 modules. These offer something of an idea about how to implement what you learn but this is far from a step by step guide. These start with an introduction to Facebook marketing then looking at how to brand your product and generate traffic finally ending with creating content. All of these sound good but Facebook Ultimate Marketing Video Training only really provides an outline than anything specific. The videos run for about 2 hours and really are best suited if you have had no previous experience with marketing and Facebook. Read more

Autoblog Samurai Review

Created by Paul and Sidd Ponna, Autoblog Samurai is a piece of software that is designed to automate the creation of content for your WordPress or blogger blog.

What is the product?

Autoblog Samurai is allegedly able to automatically create content for blogs based around a chosen niche and keyword. Paul and Sidd Ponna claim that this content is optimised for search engines to get your rankings as high as possible. On top of this Autoblog Samurai is claimed to be able to generate content not just in English, but 20 other languages as well. All of this sounds great but I am concerned that there is a lack of evidence of explanation as to how this works. I would expect at the very least an example of an article that Autoblog Samurai created but this is conspicuously absent. As well as the blog creation aspect of Autoblog Samurai Paul and Sidd Ponna allege that their software can link up all of your affiliate accounts as well. Read more

Spot Winners Review

Created by Andrew Chadwick, Spot Winners is a horse racing tipster system that offers subscribers daily tips direct to their email.

What is the product?

Spot Winners is a tipster service for horse racing. Andrew Chadwick will typically send out up to 4 selections each day. The odds on these winners are claimed to be kept as high as possible with winners being “big priced”. Spot Winners claims to have a strike rate of around 40% which is primarily comprised of win bets. In terms of how selections are made, there is a convoluted story in which Andrew Chadwick met a pro bettor who employed him to place bets on his behalf (allegedly of up to £70,000). Whilst working with this bettor Andrew Chadwick obtained permission to sell his selections in the form of Spot Winners. These selections are based on a network of informants that Andrew Chadwick’s shadowy partner has. This network allegedly includes a significant number of owners, trainers and the like. This means that Spot Winners information comes from those who know the horses best. Read more

Click Bet Profits Review

Created by Nigel Armitage, Click Bet Profits is a piece of software that allegedly uses a secret formula to generate horse racing selections for users.

What is the product?

Click Bet Profits is a downloadable program that draws on creator Nigel Armitage’s own formula to generate selections for horse racing. The system allegedly uses information on the form of the jockey and the horse as well as examining their partnership. Nigel Armitage also says that Click Bet Profits draws on Racing Post ratings, odds and track and weather. This all sounds comprehensive and like a system with potential. There are a few hindrances though that are very off putting. These include a number of cumbersome upsells and claims that you have to deposit through, an online bookmaker (something that isn’t actually required). Read more

Lay the Dogs Review

Operated by an unnamed tipster, Lay the Dogs is a free service that provides greyhound racing selections for lay betting.

What is the product?

Lay the Dogs is a lay betting service for greyhound racing. The tipster behind Lay the Dogs is anonymous but the claimed results are pretty reasonable. There are usually anywhere between one and 6 selections made daily with Lay the Dogs producing average odds of 6.34 and a substantial 82.81% strike rate. There is nothing about how Lay the Dogs selections are made but given the fact that receiving selections is free, it isn’t the biggest issue. There is also staking advice provided which will ultimately make a huge difference as to how much Lay the Dogs will earn you. As Lay the Dogs is a lay betting system this will mean you need an account through a betting exchange such as Betfair to make it work. Read more

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