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Boomerang Betting Review Barry “Boomer” Meadow

Created by Barry “Boomer” Meadow, Boomerang Betting is a horse racing tipster service that uses a variety of bet types in order to generate profits.

What is the product?

Boomerang Betting is a new tipster service (less than a month old) that is named for the alleged fact that any money that you invest in Barry Meadow’s tips will always come back to you. The service is a rather typical one whereby selections are sent out to subscribers on a daily basis, usually before 11am. The selection process is looked at a little bit with Barry Meadows saying that all of Boomerang Betting’s tips come from his own personal process. This involves looking at varous factors that influence a race. These range from things like a horses for to their previous finishing positions as well as external factors such as the track. The end result is then compared to the price and if Barry Meadows sees value, then he sends out the selection to subscribers. Read more

Early Warning System Review Guy Cohen

Created by Guy Cohen, Early Warning System is a Forex trading system that allows you to copy his advice and make what he calls quake trades for massive profits.

What is the product?

Access to Early Warning System is handled via a private member’s site where Guy Cohen actually hosts the system. The system itself is rather interesting to read about with the many comparisons to earthquakes (a crude metaphor at best) however there are questions as to whether or not it actually has any real depth. For example at the core of Early Warning System is the notion of P-Waves and S-Waves (primary and secondary) which on an earthquake are tiny tremors that notify you before the main quake hits. Guy Cohen claims to have found a similar pattern in trading which means that he can identify when an upswing is going to happen before it does with Early Warning System allegedly using “1 billion “ individual pieces of data which are converted into the alerts that he sends out.

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Instant Blog Empire Review Robert Issell

Seemingly created by Robert Issell, Instant Blog Empire is a product that claims to offer a complete package in terms of getting started with a profitable WordPress blog.

What is the product?

Instant Blog Empire is a comprehensive guide to getting started with your own WordPress blog with a focus on making it profitable. There are a number of different aspects to Instant Blog Empire that come together to make what is sold as a complete blog creation package. This includes a large quantity of videos that cover a number of topics ranging from registering a domain to installing WordPress and using the format for your website. There is also a PDF that contains information pertaining to the monetisation of your blog which is the part that most people will be interested in. Instant Blog Empire also shows you how to go about selling your blog too. There are also a massive variety of tools provided with Instant Blog Empire  and these range from WordPress plugins to over 100 themes as well as “thousands of private label articles”. Read more

One Point Profits Review Sean O’Brien From Betfan

Created by Sean O’Brien in conjunction with Betfan, One Point Profits is a new tipster service that has been designed to be easy to follow offering a simplistic service.

What is the product?

According to the sales material for One Point Profits, Betfan have been inundated with requests for a simple to follow tipster service that doesn’t have a complicated staking system and is based on simple level stake betting. They then go on to say that when they encountered Sean O’Brien, they knew that he was the right tipster for the job. With that in mind, One Point Profits is a very typical horse racing tipster service offering back to win bets only on a one point staking system. According to Betfan, Sean O’Brien has been a professional punter for over a decade with a previous career as an accountant, something that he says serves him well when calculating his ratings. Unfortunately, this is about all that Betfan and Sean O’Brien have to say about the selection process. Because One Point Profits does use a single point staking system it represents significantly less risk when compared to some Betfan products however it is worth keeping in mind that a very disappointing strike rate of just 16.15% means that this isn’t the be all and end all. Read more

Second Chance Review Streetwise News

Created by Brian Robson in conjunction with Streetwise Publications, Second Chance is a guide to picking your own football selection for the upcoming season.

What is the product?

Second Chance is a book authored by Brian Robson that shows you both the methods that he says that he uses to make money through sports betting and Betfair as well as his own personal ratings for the 92 teams in the top four Leagues of English Football. These ratings are at the centre of Second Chance as Brian Robson says that all you have to do is add up the ratings of two teams to see if they match the criteria for betting on. If this is the case, then you simply follow the trade on Betfair and cash in when the bet swings in your favour and you are in profit. Because of the in game betting nature of Second Chance this does mean that you will have to be at your computer in order to really use the system. Alternatively, you can get the Second Chance Gold Package which comes with a robot that will do all of this for you (for a small monthly fee). Streetwise Publications also say that Second Chance can be used as a straightforward win betting system using a simple tweak that Brian Robson claims to have discovered. The whole thing is sold as being “laughably easy” and that following the guide means that anybody can profit through football betting. Read more

Mad About Footie Review Liam Brunt

Created by Liam Brunt, Mad About Footie is a new sports betting tipster service that provides subscribers with value football selections.

What is the product?

Mad About Footie is something of an enigma frankly. Liam Brunt does very little to provide any real information about the service and his selection process however I shall look at what I can. First and foremost, Mad About Footie is about as typical a football tipster service as you can get with Liam Brunt seeming to put the focus on UK and European games. The selection process is however missed with absolutely no information forthcoming about this. In fact, the closes that Mad About Footie comes to divulging information is a statement that Liam Brunt has been making money through football betting for 4 years as well as an allusion to value in terms of the bets that are used. This is a key part of Mad About Footie as the service will offer selections for single bets, both backing a team to win and draw, as well as half time predictors and backing both teams to score. Read more

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