One Point Profits Review Sean O’Brien From Betfan

Created by Sean O’Brien in conjunction with Betfan, One Point Profits is a new tipster service that has been designed to be easy to follow offering a simplistic service.

What is the product?

According to the sales material for One Point Profits, Betfan have been inundated with requests for a simple to follow tipster service that doesn’t have a complicated staking system and is based on simple level stake betting. They then go on to say that when they encountered Sean O’Brien, they knew that he was the right tipster for the job. With that in mind, One Point Profits is a very typical horse racing tipster service offering back to win bets only on a one point staking system. According to Betfan, Sean O’Brien has been a professional punter for over a decade with a previous career as an accountant, something that he says serves him well when calculating his ratings. Unfortunately, this is about all that Betfan and Sean O’Brien have to say about the selection process. Because One Point Profits does use a single point staking system it represents significantly less risk when compared to some Betfan products however it is worth keeping in mind that a very disappointing strike rate of just 16.15% means that this isn’t the be all and end all.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Betfan are selling One Point Profits on only two subscription offerings which are a 90 day subscription at a cost of £90 or a 6 month subscription at a cost of £150. There is the usual lack of a money back guarantee with Betfan simply stating that they do not generally offer refunds on their products although they will review any requests that they receive. In terms of the profitability, One Point Profits has made a reasonable enough 180.4 points of profit to best odds however if you look at Betfair SP which is closer to what most punters can likely expect, this falls to just 62.18 points which is still a profit, but a long way from what one would expect.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I don’t believe that One Point Profits does provide value for money for reasons that I shall explore below.


There are a number of issues that I have with One Point Profits but perhaps the most obvious is in the false value of the cost. The fact is that because you have to pay for One Point Profits on a monthly basis there are plenty of Betfan tipster services that have outperformed the service over a much longer timescale that work out cheaper. That is only looking within the Betfan group as well which is generally a rather expensive option.

Whilst I can see what Betfan and Sean O’Brien have tried to do with One Point Profits, I simply don’t see how it works, especially when put next to its contemporaries which is a shame as the idea is a good one. The other main reason I wouldn’t personally invest in One Point Profits lies in the fact that because you are tied into it for so long, I would want to see how it performs over the next three months as well.




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