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AdvantEDGE Review Charlie Burton Currency Trading and Forex Course

Created by Charlie Burton, AdvantEDGE is a new forex trading system brough to the market with the aim to teach new customers how to trade the currency markets.

What is The Product

The product is a teaching, and training course that is given in monthly increments, and including videos and teaching from Charlie Burton. Also included in the payment, is software that allows to you trade Forex an an automated basis. AdvantEDGE is advertised as one of the easiest ways to make money, and with users just selecting, and opting to use the included software, profits can be made. On top of this, the course teaches more advances method of making profits. Read more

Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy Review Canonbury Publishing

Created by Rich Fitton and currently being marketed by Canonbury Publishing, Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy is a method of trading on Forex that the creator claims is based on what is happening now.

What is the product?

Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy is being sold as a simple to execute trading method that will allow users to make a substantial income from a computer. The question that needs to be addressed is whether or not this is really the case. The service is operated by Rich Fitton, a Forex trader who has released other products before now that have met a mixed reception. In terms of what Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy does, it is a rather interesting notion that is based around looking at what markets are doing rather than trying to figure out what they are going to do. Read more

Index Wizard Trading System Review – Ian Williams Streetwise News

Created by Ian Williams, Index Wizard Trading System is a method of Forex trading that can allegedly provide users with a solid income. It is being offered at the moment by Streetwise Publications.

What is the product?

If you buy into Streetwise Publications sales pitch (something that I would always do with a healthy pinch of salt) then Index Wizard Trading System will unlock the same trading methods used by an “eccentric (but scarily successful) trading genius”. This is none other than the creator of Index Wizard Trading System, Ian Williams. As a product there are 4 main elements to Index Wizard Trading System. These are a hard copy of Ian Williams’ methods, a piece of software that automatically trades for you on the same principles, video updates from Ian Williams as well as support from the creator himself. Read more

Early Warning System Review Guy Cohen

Created by Guy Cohen, Early Warning System is a Forex trading system that allows you to copy his advice and make what he calls quake trades for massive profits.

What is the product?

Access to Early Warning System is handled via a private member’s site where Guy Cohen actually hosts the system. The system itself is rather interesting to read about with the many comparisons to earthquakes (a crude metaphor at best) however there are questions as to whether or not it actually has any real depth. For example at the core of Early Warning System is the notion of P-Waves and S-Waves (primary and secondary) which on an earthquake are tiny tremors that notify you before the main quake hits. Guy Cohen claims to have found a similar pattern in trading which means that he can identify when an upswing is going to happen before it does with Early Warning System allegedly using “1 billion “ individual pieces of data which are converted into the alerts that he sends out.

Read more

The Big Drop Review Jim Rickards

Written by Jim Rickards in conjunction with David Stevenson of Agora Lifestyles (who are also the publisher), The Big Drop explores the economic future of Britain and relevant investments.

What is the product?

The Big Drop is a follow up book by well known author and global finance expert Jim Rickards. The book is something of a follow up to his previous best sellers, Currency Wars and The Death of Money, both of which provided a look into a possible economic future. The Big Drop also explores this but the focus is more on Britain as opposed to the United States. The focus is on an upcoming event that could destabilise the pound and how this would have an impact on British financial markets. To be fair to Jim Rickards, all of this is an interesting proposition and it is clear that this is a topic that he knows well and is well researched. Read more

Trendsignal Review Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee

Created by Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee, Trendsignal provides users with a complete training program as well as the required tools to become a successful Forex trader.

What is the product?

At its core Trendsignal is a training course however there is a little more to the product that this. Everything is based on Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee considerable experience in trading which amounts to around 47 years in the field. The training itself is a combination of various methods of teaching including a complete training manual as well as seminars  and workshops that users are invited to. Trendsignal also provides extensive one to one training in which one of Jerry Miller and Adrian Buthee’s team will help you to build your own personal trading plan as well as providing full mentoring services through interactive support. Read more

Forex On The Go Review Ross Mihal

Created by Ross Mihal, Forex On The Go gives its users access to a number of different trading strategies brought together into a single manual.

What is the product?

Forex On The Go is essentially four different trading methods, each of which is based around its own time frame and currency pairs etc. however all have one thing in common which is that Ross Mihal refers to them as “set and forget”. Whilst I cannot go into too much detail about the strategy itself, Forex On The Go is allegedly grounded in trading strategies developed during the 90’s that are still used today by various major institutions. The first of these is the “main” one and this is based around opening trades on a Monday morning over a one week time scale. Read more

PIE Trading Strategy Review Streetwise Publications

Created by Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert, PIE Trading Strategy is a low risk, options based trading product that is currently being advertised and pushed by Streetwise Publications.

What is the product?

PIE Trading Strategy is a one day trading course provided by Profitable Investment Education, a company founded by Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert to teach their trading strategy to others. The centre of PIE Trading Strategy is what you are trading as this does involve options trading. Most traditional traders will likely be wary of options as there can be massive risks involved however with the right approach, you can also use options as a method of minimising risk as well. Essentially you are not buying anything with options so much as the option to buy or sell at a certain price at a later date and it seems that this is key to Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert’s trading method. Read more

The Diff Code Europe Review Marting Carter

Created by Marting Carter, The Diff Code Europe is a trading signal that the retired city trader says uses differential trading.

What is the product?

The Diff Code Europe is a simple to use trading strategy operated by Martin Carter. With The Diff Code Europe, all you need to do is log on to the member’s area each day to obtain signals to trade on (with stop loss take profit information as well) and then place the relevant trades. These signals come from a unique algorithm devised by Martin Carter which is based around differential trading (looking at the difference in price of two markets), The Diff Code Europe specifically uses the French Stock Exchange and the German Stock Exchange as these are allegedly some of the most stable markets in the world (CAC and DAX). According to Martin Carter, The Diff Code Europe is based heavily on the same trading methods that he devised whilst working as a city trader. The focus of this trading was to create a low risk strategy rather than just “gambling” with people’s money. Read more

Thousand Dollar Days Review David Sampson

Created by David Sampson, Thousand Dollar Days is a binary options trading product that claims to use experienced traders to guarantee profit.

What is the product?

Unlike your typical binary options trading product, Thousand Dollar Days is not a piece of software. Instead, creator David Sampson says that he personally works with his team of 25 traders (including 4 other founding traders who have been together since 2008) to trade daily with a view to making a considerable income. With Thousand Dollar Days you too can benefit from the trading that the Thousand Dollar Days team carry out by having your trading account linked to their master account. This means that any trades that David Sampson and the Thousand Dollar Days team make will also be carried out on your account as well. Trades appear to be a $25 value based off a “live” results page that is shown (which also show a claimed win rate of 97% based off their “results”).  As is typical for this kind of product you are highly restricted as to which binary options broker that you can use. In the case of Thousand Dollar Days it is Big Option however AA Option have also been the recommended broker in the near past. Read more

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