Early Warning System Review Guy Cohen

Created by Guy Cohen, Early Warning System is a Forex trading system that allows you to copy his advice and make what he calls quake trades for massive profits.

What is the product?

Access to Early Warning System is handled via a private member’s site where Guy Cohen actually hosts the system. The system itself is rather interesting to read about with the many comparisons to earthquakes (a crude metaphor at best) however there are questions as to whether or not it actually has any real depth. For example at the core of Early Warning System is the notion of P-Waves and S-Waves (primary and secondary) which on an earthquake are tiny tremors that notify you before the main quake hits. Guy Cohen claims to have found a similar pattern in trading which means that he can identify when an upswing is going to happen before it does with Early Warning System allegedly using “1 billion “ individual pieces of data which are converted into the alerts that he sends out.

From here Early Warning System utilises a spread betting approach to trading which you will have to enter manually (despite the alerts being “automated” the actual trading is still in your hands). When Early Warning System sends out an alert Guy Cohen will however advise you on the trade that you should be aiming to make including things like stop losses. Early Warning System doesn’t appear to be a high volume trading system with Guy Cohen referencing just 4 of his “B-C” (blue-chip) trades for 2015 so far. Also included with Early Warning System are a massive number of different bonuses all of which relate to Forex trading and the methods that the system uses.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Agora Lifestyle are currently marketing Early Warning System and based off their copy, the system should usually sell for £494 however at the time of writing you can get a 50% discount bringing the price down to £247. There is also a 35 day money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with the system. In terms of income, the profits are showing as a 449% return all the way up to 1,214%. On top of this, the latest mailshot for Early Warning System claims an astonishing 8,022 pip profit from the most recent trade.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I am not sold on Early Warning System enough to say that it warrants the price for reasons that I shall explore below.


There have been a number of different products released by Guy Cohen all of which follow a very similar set up. With Early Warning System, these are referred to as waves, something that is remarkably similar to the “secrets” of Darvas Box trading that he “unlocked” with his last product, Flag Trader.

This is a well known method of trading that looks at volume and value of shares (P-Waves) and then trades based on what happens after this (S-Waves). There may well be some differences between Early Warning System and Flag Trader but I wouldn’t expect too much. The fact is that in my opinion, paying for a system that isn’t new and you can teach yourself simply isn’t a sound investment. I’d avoid Early Warning System.




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