Review, Darren Beynon Scam?

If you have received a letter through the post today regarding CoffeeBreakRiches, then you are in the right place for reviews of this kind. Darren Beynon runs Coffee Break Riches.

Our websites discusses a variety of different opportunities, and we debate what works, and what does not work.

CoffeeBreakRiches is our opinion is not worth considering.

Basically the website sends you to a programme about fitness and weight loss, both of which are HIGHLY saturated markets, and it is asking you to start a minimum subscription to sell weight loss products for £39.00 per month, in an industry you probably are totally unfamiliar with.

On initial investigations it looks very much like a multi-level marketing system, which in itself is not a problem, but weight loss is HUGELY competitive, and there are far easier ways to make money online than the CoffeeBreakRiches.

If you are interested in seeing what income options DO work, then please visit the following page on our website:

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  1. Simon says:

    That was quick. I only just got the letter through the door about this coffee break riches thingy, went online to check and found your website.

    Thanks, you have saved me a few quid there.

    Weightloss?? No thanks. It looked like forex on the letter.

    Thanks again guys.

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