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Tams Racing Tips Review

Offered by Pro Betting Club, Tams Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster service that provides email selections to subscribers for races across the UK and Ireland.

What is the product?

Tams Racing Tips is a service that offers subscribers daily for UK and Irish horse races. The number of daily selections can vary from one all the way up to four with bets taking advantage of a variety of odds, some going above 15.0 BSP. When combined with some more measured selections Tams Racing Tips has achieved an average strike rate of 30% with a win streak of 3 and a loss streak coming in at 15 losses. Whilst there are no details on the promotional material about the selection process behind Tams Racing Tips, it seems likely (based off of Pro Betting Club’s statement that the unnamed tipster spends up to 5 hours per day making selections)  that there is a lot of form and statistical analysis although this is only speculation. Read more

In the Know Review BetKudos

Offered as a part of the Betfan stable of products, In the Know is a horse racing tipster service that uses last minute selections to provide the most up to date data.

What is the product?

In the Know is something of a different tipster service to many that I look at in that it provides only occasional tips (around 4 per month), typically sent out an hour before the race begins via SMA. According Betfan this is because the tipster behind In the Know makes his selections based around last minute information about the runners in a given race. With a strike rate of 45.67% for combined win and place bets with some very good odds getting into double figures (according to BSP) there may well be something to this. This is further evidenced in the fact that In the Know has not had a losing month since June 2014. Read more

The Racing Insider Review Jenny K/Daniel Soulsby

Created by Jenny K/Daniel Soulsby, The Racing Insider is an email based horse racing tipster service that provides subscribers with daily selections.

What is the product?

The Racing Insider is a fairly typical horse racing tipster service on the surface of things. It offers up to 5 daily selections (usually sent out before 11.30am) direct to you email. The tips that The Racing Insider offers vary from 4/7 right up to 25/1 although the highest winning bet appears to be a 12/1 choice. This all comes together with an alleged strike rate of 32.96%.  The interesting part of The Racing Insider comes in looking at how the service works. The Racing Insider is allegedly authored by one Jenny K, an ex-backstretch worker who has over time developed an extensive network of informants that notify her how horses will run, etc. The Racing Insider is also linked with one Daniel Soulsby, a well known Clickbank marketer. It could simply be that he handles marketing for The Racing Insider on behalf of Jenny K, but I feel that this does need to be highlighted. Read more

Fold 4 Gold Review Betfan Stable

Offered as part of the Betfan stable of tipsters, Fold 4 Gold is a tipster service covering a number of sports and long shot bet types.

What is the product?

Fold 4 Gold is something of a unique proposition in the tipster world as the service is designed in a way that you almost anticipate losing. What Fold 4 Gold does is provide selections for horse racing, football and other sports. The bets supplied are built around things like accumulators, multiple fold bets and lucky 15’s with other examples cropping up. This service was launched by Betfan with a view to offering a more “exciting” alternative to the usual more measured tipster services on offer. Betfan further go on to say that this allows Fold 4 Gold to appeal to more casual punters. Whilst the selection method isn’t covered in any real detail Betfan elude to bringing together some of their best tipsters although the results aren’t exactly indicative of this as I shall explore below. Read more

Tom Nelson Racing Review Betting Gods

Created by the eponymous Tom Nelson, Tom Nelson Racing is a horse racing tipster service provided under the Betting Gods umbrella that uses a unique staking system.

What is the product?

Tom Nelson Racing is a horse racing tipster service that provides subscribers with daily horse racing tips. Tom Nelson Racing covers UK and Irish races with an average of 2 selections being made available each day, usually before 10am. Bets are either win or each way and use a staking plan that involves betting anywhere from 2-6 points on a bet depending on how sure Tom Nelson is that a given bet will come in. Although this does sound rather risky, Tom Nelson Racing has achieved a strike rate of 44.02% since its launch in July. Whilst there is no information provided about the selection process for Tom Nelson Racing, what appears to be apparent to me is that most of what makes up the profits for Tom Nelson Racing is the staking system. Read more

Make Cash Monthly Review

Created by “Jean”, Make Cash Monthly is a product in which users are provided with a money making website and taught how to leverage it to earn an income.

What is the product?

Make Cash Monthly involves Jean having her team create a website that is allegedly optimised to be accepted for AdSense and Clickbank use. As well as providing the website itself, Jean says that there is a team behind Make Cash Monthly who are on hand to provide advice on keeping your new internet business profitable. This includes a number of services including linking your page up with 300 plus websites to help with SEO. Obviously the financial aspect of Make Cash Monthly comes courtesy of Clickbank and AdSense and involves people going from your website to another and then generally speaking, making a purchase from them. Because Make Cash Monthly is a “business in a box” type product it should be ideal for beginners however I feel that Make Cash Monthly glosses over the work involved in running a website that makes money in this way. Read more

Legit Online Jobs Review Ross Williams

Created by Ross Williams, Legit Online Jobs presents subscribers with information on a number of opportunities to work online.

What is the product?

Legit Online Jobs is a product that provides users with information and tools on how to find jobs online. This is done via a database that appears to be exclusive to Legit Online Jobs which shows various advertised opportunities. These are in varied fields from writing projects to coding and even translation work. Whilst there is no word from Ross Williams on the sources for this database I am inclined to believe that it takes information from Craigslist as well as a number of websites that specifically recruit for this kind of work. Much of the work appears to be one off chances with some occasional opportunities for something more frequent. As well as the database, Legit Online Jobs also gives you access to a section on making money by taking surveys and (rather oddly I feel) a guide to making money by trading on eBay. Read more

Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy is a trend based online trading application that allows users to log in and view current trends for several different currency pairs.

What is the product?

Forex Trendy is presented as a website that users can log into to look at not just the latest trends, but also receive automatic notifications when certain trending patterns are occurring. This is all handled via a complex algorithm that Forex Trendy males no effort to explain or outline. Realistically though, Forex Trendy is based on such a fundamentally basic principle that it is questionable how much this matters. Forex Trendy is designed to illustrate trends for 34 different currency pairs with alerts coming when certain trend patterns (for example triangles, flags and wedges) are identified. If  you are new to forex or aren’t certain on what the various terms mean, Forex Trendy comes with a 30 page ebook that offers an introduction to trading strategies based around these trending patterns. Read more

Auto Binary Signals Review Roger Pierce

Created by Roger Pierce, Auto Binary Signals is an online app that generates signals for users that allegedly show the markets movements.

What is the product?

Auto Binary Signals is an online signal generator that provides users with advice on which way currency pairs are likely to as well as including a percentile representation of this happening. This comes from creator Roger Pierce’s own experience in training but also from 5 different indicators that Auto Binary Signals uses in tandem to analyse said percentile chance. This is all brought together with Roger Pierce’s own risk management system to maximise profitability of Auto Binary Signals. The system is claimed to notify to you of trade opportunities wherein there is an 80% or higher chance of the trade coming good. Once this has been ascertained you are then supposed to call or put the trade with your chosen binary options broker. This is backed up by a full training guide for Auto Binary Signals as well as a bonus member’s area which includes access to daily market analysis. Read more

Rank Cracker Review Matt Woodward

Created by Matt Woodward, Rank Cracker is a piece of software that provides you with the same backlinks that your competition use and how you can replicate them.

What is the product?

Rank Cracker is a simple enough tool that has a job to do that it does well. Rank Cracker is a piece of software that will scan a list of a websites backlinks, it will then take the list of said links and ultimately show you what services are required to use said backlinks. If for some reasons there aren’t any backlinks available Matt Woodward says that Rank Cracker will try to find an email link instead. The core idea behind Rank Cracker is that by copying the backlinks that other websites use you can get similar rankings to them on Google. Rank Cracker will identify a number of different programs that will help you to copy the same set up for your own website. Read more

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