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A Minus B Gambling System Review Agora

Created by David Houghton and currently being offered through Agora Lifestyles, A Minus B Gambling System is a guide to a specific method of betting on the German Stock Exchange.

What is the product?

A Minus B Gambling System is a guide to a method of betting on the DAX or German Stock Exchange. Whilst there is a lot of talk about betting A Minus B Gambling System could arguably be seen as a trading method as well. A Minus B Gambling System is sold as simple to use and easy money requiring just 5 minutes of your time each day allegedly. The methodology is sold as being incredibly simple as all you have to do is look at two websites make a calculation (basic subtraction) and if the criterion is meth then you place your “bet”. In this regard, A Minus B Gambling System seems to have more to do with binary options than what I would consider traditional betting or trading. By following the method that A Minus B Gambling System shows you David Houghton says that you should be able to obtain an average strike rate of between 70% and 80% which actually seems to be pretty genuine for a change. Read more

Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing Review Betfan

Created by Betfan with selections coming from the eponymous Dr Boom, Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is a new horse racing tipster service that offers specialised selections that you only pay for if they win.

What is the product?

Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is a tipster service that allows users access to professional without having to take out any lengthy and costly subscriptions. The service is operated by “Dr Boom” and is rather unlike Betfan’s usual offerings. Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is based around very selective betting, so much so that you shouldn’t really expect more than a selection every few days on average. This is mainly down to the selection process. Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is based around horses that have been primed for a certain race, for example they may have been entered before into races that are a bit too long for the horse (which alters the handicap for said horse). Dr Boom is then notified of these races through his contacts with various trainers which he then sends out to Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing users. This also means that most selections that Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing send out will be value selections with no bets to date having odds of less than 2.0 however many do go higher than this. Read more

The Sports Guru Review Betting Gods

Offered under the Betting Gods tipster group, The Sports Guru is a sports betting tipster service that offer tips for a huge range of sports from across the world.

What is the product?

The Sports Guru is a sports betting tipster service that is rather broad in the number of sports that it covers but seemingly contradictorily in so much as they are all rather specialised selections. As touched upon The Sports Guru covers a huge number of sports ranging from American staples like baseball and football to more common examples like golf and tennis and in a first for me, selections for speedway racing, a type of motorbike racing. Selectons are sent out on an almost daily basis with bets advised as win bets and accumulators in the main with some bets also advised as each way. In terms of the selection process there is very little information provided however Betting Gods do make reference to all selections being “very well researched” suggesting a combination of form examination and statistical analysis. Read more

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