Boomerang Betting Review Barry “Boomer” Meadow

Created by Barry “Boomer” Meadow, Boomerang Betting is a horse racing tipster service that uses a variety of bet types in order to generate profits.

What is the product?

Boomerang Betting is a new tipster service (less than a month old) that is named for the alleged fact that any money that you invest in Barry Meadow’s tips will always come back to you. The service is a rather typical one whereby selections are sent out to subscribers on a daily basis, usually before 11am. The selection process is looked at a little bit with Barry Meadows saying that all of Boomerang Betting’s tips come from his own personal process. This involves looking at varous factors that influence a race. These range from things like a horses for to their previous finishing positions as well as external factors such as the track. The end result is then compared to the price and if Barry Meadows sees value, then he sends out the selection to subscribers.

I have touched upon the fact that Boomerang Betting uses a number of different bets, so much so that you will require an account with a betting exchange as Barry Meadows will send out lay bet and place tips as well as back to win and each way. Staking is recommended at 1 point per bet unless you are betting each way in which case you should bet 2 points. Aside from this there isn’t much else to say about the service. There are no claims of success or a strike rate and I am not too surprised to find that there is no proofing supplied either.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There are two ways that you can buy Boomerang Betting. The first of these is a monthly subscription which will cost you £20 for 30 days or a quarterly option where you pay £30 for 90 days (note that neither of these prices include VAT). There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place whichever subscription you opt for as Boomerang Betting is sold through Clickbank. In terms of the income potential, curiously Barry Meadows mentions nothing really about how much Boomerang Betting can earn you. The only thing that he does say is that he is able to live comfortably off his winnings.

Does the product provide value for money?

I see little about Boomerang Betting that I would deem value for money, even with a relatively low cost.


There is a lot about Boomerang Betting that simply strikes me as rather odd for a tipster service. Perhaps the most obvious thing that is missing is the profits of the system. This is worrying as to me, it strongly suggests an untested system, something that is more than adequately backed up by a complete lack of proofing.

The fact is that there is no evidence whatsoever that Boomerang Betting does anything that a tipster service is supposed to do and that simply isn’t good enough. Personally I find the whole product to be a little suspect and as such I would personally avoid it.




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