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Created by Brian Robson in conjunction with Streetwise Publications, Second Chance is a guide to picking your own football selection for the upcoming season.

What is the product?

Second Chance is a book authored by Brian Robson that shows you both the methods that he says that he uses to make money through sports betting and Betfair as well as his own personal ratings for the 92 teams in the top four Leagues of English Football. These ratings are at the centre of Second Chance as Brian Robson says that all you have to do is add up the ratings of two teams to see if they match the criteria for betting on. If this is the case, then you simply follow the trade on Betfair and cash in when the bet swings in your favour and you are in profit. Because of the in game betting nature of Second Chance this does mean that you will have to be at your computer in order to really use the system. Alternatively, you can get the Second Chance Gold Package which comes with a robot that will do all of this for you (for a small monthly fee). Streetwise Publications also say that Second Chance can be used as a straightforward win betting system using a simple tweak that Brian Robson claims to have discovered. The whole thing is sold as being “laughably easy” and that following the guide means that anybody can profit through football betting.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Streetwise Publications have released two different versions of Second Chance. The first is the standard version which contains the guide and costs £257. There is also the Gold Package which comes with everything necessary to automate Second Chance with a Marketfeed Pro Bot which costs £395. For the first 100 buyers of the Standard Package they will be upgraded for free however it appears that if you want to make long term use of the automatic betting this will cost £14 per month.

There is also a 180 day money back guarantee in place however this is conditional and based around you showing that you have not made a profit from the service. In terms of the amount that you can expect to earn, Brian Robson says that £90 per day is doable however he doesn’t state what kind of stakes are needed to get this. Streetwise Publications are also selling Second Chance on the back go the service making £25,000 although there is no specified time scale.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally, I don’t see anything about Second Chance that really represents value for money.


Streetwise Publication talk a lot about how successful Second Chance is as a system but not surprisingly there is no real evidence to back this up and one of the only references to actual testing is backtesting which is far from a proven method. There is also in my opinion a question over just how well Brian Robson’s ratings will hold up as the new season progresses. This could arguably lead to false flags or bad selections. All of this with a price tag that is in excess of £250. This is simply too expensive and high risk for my tastes and with little to back up the claims, I’d recommend avoiding Second Chance.




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