Instant Blog Empire Review Robert Issell

Seemingly created by Robert Issell, Instant Blog Empire is a product that claims to offer a complete package in terms of getting started with a profitable WordPress blog.

What is the product?

Instant Blog Empire is a comprehensive guide to getting started with your own WordPress blog with a focus on making it profitable. There are a number of different aspects to Instant Blog Empire that come together to make what is sold as a complete blog creation package. This includes a large quantity of videos that cover a number of topics ranging from registering a domain to installing WordPress and using the format for your website. There is also a PDF that contains information pertaining to the monetisation of your blog which is the part that most people will be interested in. Instant Blog Empire also shows you how to go about selling your blog too. There are also a massive variety of tools provided with Instant Blog Empire  and these range from WordPress plugins to over 100 themes as well as “thousands of private label articles”.

According to the creator (Robert Issell registered the Instant Blog Empire website so I presume that it is him), all of this allows you to very quickly make blogs that will instantly start making money. Furthermore, Instant Blog Empire  comes with full PLR rights for all the various products that you make use of when creating your blogs meaning that you can sell them on yourself creating a sort of “business in a can”.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Robert Issell is selling Instant Blog Empire for a one time cost of $39 which is about in the ball park for this kind of product. Also provided is a full 30 day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with Instant Blog Empire  however as the transaction is handled via JVZoo you have to get this from the vendor directly. In terms of the income potential, Instant Blog Empire  is sold on the back of “$47, $97, $197, $247 or more” instant profits however I’m rather doubtful about this.

Does the product provide value for money?

There is rather a lot on offer with Instant Blog Empire and as such, I feel that it probably does represent value for money to the right kind of user.


If you know the first thing about internet marketing then you can forget about Instant Blog Empire straight away. Whilst Robert Issell hasn’t put out a bad product by any stretch of the imagination there is a lot of “101” level work here. That isn’t to say that Instant Blog Empire is bad though. In fact, if you are getting started then Instant Blog Empire represents a pretty decent opportunity to just dive straight into internet marketing as it comes with everything that you’d need.

There are a few minor issues don’t get me wrong. For example, some of the articles are shabby and the themes that Instant Blog Empire comes with aren’t exactly mind blowing but for less than $40 you have a pretty good idea what you are getting yourself into.





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