Mad About Footie Review Liam Brunt

Created by Liam Brunt, Mad About Footie is a new sports betting tipster service that provides subscribers with value football selections.

What is the product?

Mad About Footie is something of an enigma frankly. Liam Brunt does very little to provide any real information about the service and his selection process however I shall look at what I can. First and foremost, Mad About Footie is about as typical a football tipster service as you can get with Liam Brunt seeming to put the focus on UK and European games. The selection process is however missed with absolutely no information forthcoming about this. In fact, the closes that Mad About Footie comes to divulging information is a statement that Liam Brunt has been making money through football betting for 4 years as well as an allusion to value in terms of the bets that are used. This is a key part of Mad About Footie as the service will offer selections for single bets, both backing a team to win and draw, as well as half time predictors and backing both teams to score.

One of the bigger aspects of Mad About Footie however is the accumulator betting which Liam Brunt makes quite a big thing of. All bets are advised to be backed to level stakes with Liam Brunt saying that he has typically bet £10 per point (although he is allegedly upping this to £25 for this season). Outside of this it is very difficult to look at the numbers as Mad About Footie provides no proofing whatsoever which means there is no way of calculating a strike rate, something that Liam Brunt doesn’t offer information on either.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There are two options when you sign up for Mad About Footie. The first of these runs until December 31st and will cost you £19 (plus VAT) for this period. Alternatively you can get the whole season for just £29 (plus VAT). Both options are sold through Clickbank so there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. In terms of the income potential, Mad About Footie is sold as making over £21,000 last year however this is based on £50 stakes that Liam Brunt himself didn’t place. The actual points profit was 423.79 points for the season allegedly.

Does the product provide value for money?

Despite a low sale price I don’t believe that Mad About Footie does provide value for money for various reasons.


There is a lot about Mad About Footie that I would probably label a little bit suspect but I will stick to the major examples. First and foremost is the fact that the website was only registered a few weeks ago. The second issue that I have actually surrounds the pricing plan as it seems very coincidental to me that both services last longer than the 60 day money back guarantee (a method that has been used by unscrupulous marketers to get users to carry on till after the refund policy ends). Finally and without a doubt the most important is the lack of evidence that Mad About Footie can really deliver.

There is no proofing and no details on the selection process, all of which make me question it further. That having been said, Mad About Footie is cheap enough if you do wish to give it a punt, especially with the money back guarantee, however I wouldn’t personally waste my time.




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